Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stinky Grooves 18.11.08

I Got To Get Away – Dave Barker (Nuphonic)
Mash You Down – Cornell Campbell (Soul Jazz)
Mother Liza – Fe Me Time All Stars (Pressure Sounds)
Supernatural High – Chronic Sonata (Tip Of The Iceberg)
Eye Of The Dub – Richard Phoe ft Tippa Irie (Phoe Love)
One Two Order – Tarrus Riley (VP/Deadly Dragon)
Hustle Hard – Busy Signal (VP)
Nine Night – Busy Signal (Birch Productions)
Trading Places – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Nylon Riddim – Shane Brown (Jukeboxx)
Head Hang Low (Depth Charge Version) – The Oscillation (DC Recordings)
Daylight Robbed Her – Tom Tyler (DC Recordings)
Head Hang Low - The Oscillation (DC Recordings)
Shipwreck Glue (Architeq Rmx) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Shipwreck Glue (Kelpe Extraversion) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Ganja – The Bug featuring Flowdan & Killa P (Ninja Tune)
Witness The Day – Moody Boys (White)
Friction – Caper (Studio Rockers)
Murda Skank – Taz (Ramp)
Tempered – Rustie (Kapsize)
Marsh – Starkey (Planet Mu)
Never Mine – Short Stuff (Berkane Sol)
Aqua e Nieve – Radiokijada (Month Of March)
Labyrinth – The Alps (Type)
Open Valley – Hatchback (Lo Recordings)
AM:FM - Richard Sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood)
Lights Camera Action – The Knux (Interscope)
The Style Economy (It’s Fake!) – Coco Solid (Coco Solid)
Life In A Cage (Electric) – The Knux (Interscope)
Heat – Madlib (Stones Throw)
Boundless Boundaries – Onra (Favourite)
Random Selection – Ras G (Poo Bah)
The Valley Of Love – Onra (Favourite)
Abyssinia Rising – Lightning Head (Lion Head)
Dejala Corre – Bando Los Hijos De La Nina Luz (Soundway)
No Hay Nadie Como Tu – Calle 13 (Sony International)
Township Funk _ DJ Mujava (Warp)
Profondita (Padded Cell Edit) - Richard Sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood)
Blue Lipps (Idjut Boys Re-Edit) – Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Cut It Upwards – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Version #2 – Clause Four (DC Recordings)
The Immortal Squirrel – Alexanders Dark Band (DC Recordings)
Graffitti Girls For Life (Instrumental) – Coco Solid (Coco Solid)
Stop Parching Yourself (Fulgeance Remix) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)

All about the Toiger,(Translate on Friday at Fu & Zen) or the Liger or the Lager this week....

Will be pinging the playlist up here every week, and also sticking a track from the show up. This week has been a veritable DC Recordings-fest, AND the blog hasn't really begun until we've had a little Depth Charge morsel or two, so it's the the dubbed out, and as ever decidedly dub-ious, discoid delights of 'Blue Lipps'. This is a re-edit by North London, delay-dealers Idjut Boys, who have had their evil ways with a good chunk of the DC back-cat (and some exclusives) on the Japanese only release 'Death Before Distemper 3 - A Fistful Of Ferrets'. The more generally available 'Death Before Distemper 2 - Revenge Of The Iron Ferret' is doubtlessly amongst my picks of the year, and a very different kettle of fish. Being a mix CD the end of this Depth Charge classic is abrupt, so you'll just have to buy the whole superb thing from Phonica... like I did.

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