Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stinky Grooves 11.08.09 & some fierce francais from Christophe

I'm Still Waiting - Delroy Wilson (Pressure Sounds)
Young Girl - Juju ft Don Carlos
King Step (Unitone HiFi Rmx) - Overproof Soundsystem (Elephant House)
Violence In The Streets - Julian Marley ft Damian Marley
The General (Orig Instr) - Liondub (Liondub)
Walk Through Walls (LV Rmx) - Untold (Hessle Audio)
Moon Eclipse - Frosty
We Could Be Skweeroes - Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
The Coconut Kestrel - Neil Landstrumm
Helter Skelter - Zomby (Ramp)
Godzilla - Zomby (Ramp)
Lost At Sea - Truth (Aquatic Lab)
Officer Nuh Kill Him - Queen Ifrica
Living The Life Of A Gun - Tarrus Riley (VP)
Addis Abbababa Dub - Wackies (Wackies)
The Creeping Tings Of The Earth - Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Sneeze Off - Unitone HiFi (Round Trip Mars)
Kunat Kinte (DJ Kentaro Remix) - The Revolutionaries (Pressure Sounds)
Could You Be Loved - Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
Turk Mex - Gaslamp Killer (Brainfeeder Digital)
Indian Feeling -Tamborelli (Permanent Vacation)
Tremplin - C Perraudin (Permanent Vacation)
Skeleton Tiger (Canyons Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Selective Walking - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Murky Lambada - Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
Colours - James Duncan (Round Trip Mars)
The World May Shudder At My Joy (Sonic Boom Rmx) - Tim Love Lee (Tummy Touch)
ZAPPPPPP (Operation Exodus) - Clingtone (Clingtone)
IOIO - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
So Many Many Things - Make Do
Way You Make Me Feel - Guido (Punch Drunk)
Saturn's Reply - Jamie Vex'd (Planet Mu)
1001B (Panama Rmx) - Wax (Subsolo)
Layin In Bed - ? (War)
Grand Central Pt 1 (Deep In The Bowels Of House) - DJ Sprinkles (Mule)
Discosong (Pilooski Rmx) - Jarvis Cocker (Rough Trade)
Borracho y Despeinao - Doma Tornadoes
Norwegian Wood - JJ Band (Sonorama)
Sunny Road To Salina - Christophe (Dirty/Born Bad)
Inundare & The Moon - Rebel Peasant (Rebel Peasant)

Hokay this was the penultimate show for a wee while, I shall be driving the stenching grooves next Tuesday and then will be peesing orf for four whole shows which will be taken care of by the safe hands of Gin. Actually realising that there was only one more show after tonight for a wee while was a bit of a shock when it dawned on me yesterday, and despite mainly spending my day dealing with fuckery of various sorts, instead of getting knee deep in piles of files and downright dirty with the discs, tonight's show felt like it hung right (rather than to the right).
Hanyways will post news of a couple of northern hemispherical gigs up here in the next few days and expect me to be blowing my whistle at Carnival like a man possessed (does one still do that? am I truly out of step? is it strictly daggering and waving your weapon these days??).
So back with the show, sterling local contributions from Frosty (whose track enchanted me amongst so much mediocrity going through stuff this afternoon, even better I didn't know it was his till I HAD to check where the track came from - blind listening, a rare advantage to shabby file labeling!), as well as Scotty/Make Do and of course the RTM brigade (Messrs Duncan, Belt, Langeveld and Pinckney). Domesticology with no apology forthcoming or required... there! Loads of other goodness and I only got to play a couple from Zomby's new EP which is unbloodybelievable, and that Queen Ifrica tune is murderous and ... and I could go on.

This week I'm posting a treat, can't tell you much about the artist other than what I've gleaned from a quick scoot around the usual suspects. Christophe is described in the sleevenotes to the fantastically brilliantine 'Dirty French Psychedelics' as a 'master singer', and if that's what the Dirty lads of Paris say then I'll have to concur. He has a mighty track record (this cut is from 1970) and is still gigging today, not bad when it looks like he may be partial to the odd glass of red wine, a packet of Gaulloise and who knows what else too, so respect! He is also responsible for the first track on the comp which is a scorcher too, though very different. In all honesty there isn't a cut on this crucial compile that doesn't flick my settings to the 'le sizzle' mode, it's already made a sizable dent in the listening time at the stately stinky manor. Apparently he's also recently worked with Alan Vega, I can feel a mini-obsession emerging, watch this space kinda.

Thanks to the beneficial bountitude of my spar in music hunting up north (no not 'that' up north) I now have the vinyl and CD of 'Dirty French Psychedelics' and, completely out of character I'd recommend the digital disc. Not sure I could live without the wax now but the disc sounds magnificent and side-length of the vinyl version makes for a bit of a quiet and slightly compromised pressing. Having said that, aside from searching for somewhere to legally DL the tracks, I was not complaining with the voinyl versh I copped a month or two ago, just wary that I wouldn't play it out if there wasnt ample headroom etc. Blah blah... it's late, the track (192 kbps, trust me CDQ is the only way to go, this is a taste) and all the links a man, woman, child or music-seeking mollusc could possibly wish for are below (or a click away if you're on yer aahessess groind)

Buy 'Dirty French Psychedelics' on CD or Vinyl but check the postage first..Go on..I'm recommendualting the bejeezus out of this one...
Dirty Sound System etc and I mumbled about em here
Sooo many album covers on his myspace, this was my pick.


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