Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stinky Grooves 10.11.09 and rollin with all the Rrrrrrrrs


Big Big Pollution - Barry Brown (Kingston Sounds)
Unfair - Peetah Morgan & Busy Signal (No Doubt)
Garrison - Alborosie ft The Tamlins (No Doubt)
Welcome - Nitty Kutchie (No Doubt)
Who Dat - Richie Spice (No Doubt)
Ghetto Riddim - Kemar McGregor (No Doubt)
Vurderas - Flow Dan ft Killa P (Eskibeat)
Rise The Larma - Flow Dan ft Badness (Eskibeat)
Just Being Me - Skream (Southside All Stars)
Coalition - Tricky/South Rakkas Crew (Domino)
Air & Lack Thereof - James Blake (Hemlock)
Sunflower (Eero Johannes Rmx) - Reason Or Romanza (Civil Music)
Hardcore - Thavius Beck (Big Dada)
Iodine Poison - Freddie Gibbs
And The Beat Goes On - Thavius Beck (Big Dada)
Black Glory - Scalper
Grown Simba - J Cole
Fogged Spacesuit - The Clonious (Ubiquity)
Turn Me Ill (Marcwithasee Remix) - Micachu (Rough Trade)
My New Flumes (Instr) - James Duncan (Round Trip Mars)
Simple Headphone Mind - Stereolab & Nurse With Wound (United Dairies)
Blackwell - Beak> (Invada)
Heavy - Jonny Trunk (Trunk)
Decompression Introduction - Kelpe (DC Recordings)
7 Inch - Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins (Ubiquity)
Cumbia Bichera (Tremor Rmx) - El Remolon (Pueblo Nuevo)
Kuff Cumbia - Sabo & Casady (Bersa Discos)
Soundboy Cumbia - Sabo (Bersa Discos)
So Krispy (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Rmx) - Kinfolk Kiashine
Gotta Be Fresh (GRC Electro Cumbia Rmx) - Kidkanevil (First Word)
Sniper Sniper - A Cutty Ranks Tale (Markus Kienzl Rmx) - Talen (Mouthwatering Records)
Streetlife - Terry Lynn (Phree)
Wow (Modeselektor Rmx) - Siriusmo (Exploited)
O Dela - Kidid
Sweet - Unitone HiFi (incoming!)
Dub Appeal - Force Quit (Zungzeng)
Sometimes In Autumn (Shackleton Rmx) - Harmonia & Eno 76 (Gronland Records)
Aidy's Girl's A Computer - Darkstar (Hyperdub)
Purple Smoke - Black Chow (Hyperdub)
Megadrive Generation - Martyn (Hyperdub)
All Of This (James Duncan Remix) - The Naked And Famous (Round Trip Mars)
The Beach Era (Djef Rmx) - El Remolon (Pueblo Nuevo)
IK+ - Disrupt (Jahtari)
Bootie Beat - Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins (Ubiquity)
Mascaram Setaba - Mulatu Astatke with Ethiopian Quintet (Strut)

I had hoped to have my 100th post excitement up by now but it has been a week of it, and then some. I can however reveal that, while it may end up being post 101 or 102, it will be worth the wait and it's an interview with his mightyness Mulata Astatke, the father of Ethiojazz. It's actually all transcribed and just needs a little bit of work to be ready for your consumption and hopefully enjoyment (well it blew me away, man is dealing in concepts, big fucking concepts!). All being well it's only Part 1, with another bash at talking to the man coming up, there were some very testing circumstances with this one but I actually ended up with more than I suspected at the time, and it's downright fascinating.
Hanyways, a mixed grill as ever tonight, good to have some quality hip hop to play that isn't from the same old faces or rapildy familiar more recent ones, and great to have the right atmos to chuck in a track from Scalper, his album is going to blow some circuits next year, expect to hear more.
Tonight I'm going to slang you a couple without too much palaveration.
First up from Argentina and the much stinkrinsed ZZK camp El Remolon. I copped on this free digi-EP of his on Sunday when I was theoretically working but was actually too tired from the magnificent RTM trifecta of live gigs last week, and a stupidly early start on whopping the whinging Welsh (respect to their players, Prattland & the rest deserve to lose for another 50 years... and just might). So tooling around the internets instead of writing up a frothing review of the ridonkulously wide-screen and supremely selected '5 Years Of Hyperdub' for a leading national magazine, I ended up at the Pueblo Nuevo site. Mainly dealing in Chilean electronic gear I have to confess I sniffed around, skipped all that, and headed straight for the digital cumbia goodness. This EP is a good couple of years old and a bit patchy but the gooduns are awful good.



Eero Johannes Pitkanen is a ferociously talented feller from Finland. His 'We Could Be Skweeroes' track is one of my favourites of this year, even though it came out in late '08. I foolishly slept on it, because I hadn't heard a single skwee track that had provoked much more than mild amusent. Well thank the JoeFish's say I, for it is that elongaterated squire of Kingsland who tipped me in Eero's direction, and what a nod that was. Can't believe I haven't written about this wondrous sinewave-waif from Helsinki before, but I will undoubtedly be addressing that in the Top 100 tracks of the year, which is imminent and a tad scary, frankly. His 'We Could Be Skweeroes' album for Planet Mu is a riot, and positively ivy-like in it's growability.... it has slowly enveloped me, from the title track in.
I thought I would be swooping on the Blue Daisy remix from this release on Civil Music, but that wasn't really crisping my bacon. This however was musical marination that landed right at my station. As ever it's 192 biz and a week only, don't be a bore - you know the score, there's links below crying out for a little mouse movement to initiate some action of the buying and supporting kind....
This is the Planet Mu album...buy heem and revel in it.


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