Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is utterly brilliant... take 10 mins

This has made my day. A shade under 10 minutes of brilliance, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy. 'Amazing limp'.
Incidentally the album is pretty darned good, like all of Eno's stuff I'd ask for 6 months of absorption before giving a verdict but I have to say at this stage..I'm impressed.

Aromatherapy is on tonight at the Ginger Minx, doe feel free to come down and enjoy the tunes, drinks and ting.


  1. Made my day too Cheers Jim Grant NP

  2. cheers yer Generalness
    must be about time for you to take a trip up to Auks, eh?
    Hope alles gut with you and yours and you are keeping it tight in Taranaki