Sunday, December 5, 2010

Check for the 1st track from Invaderism - Unitone HiFi versus Coco Solid

It's on.... check the RTM site daily from now till Xmas for brand new exclusives and 'hidden gems' from the back cat - Downloads only available for two days so sleep and weep!
How about that cover??!!! We bow down to the design deadliness of the Besantron!

Any Aucklandateers reading might feel like heading down to Barrio from 4pm today where I'll be spinning a totally Tranquillo set possibly including some of the Invaderism exclusives, definietly featuring a whole heap of good gear!!


  1. Niiiiice. Cover. And first free tune.

  2. Are you sitting by the telephone waiting for someone to call you out for saying that Coco Solid track is "the most fully vocal tune (that we'll admit to)"?

  3. haaa guilty as charged Michael,and cheers for the vibes. Ta Mr Jahred, lovely to have you onboard.