Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stinky Grooves 01.05.12

Herbie - Lady G (Chiney K)
Blood Stain - Cutty Ranks (Chiney K)
Mr Pol-Lu-Titician - Bounty Killer (Chiney K)
Mi God Mi King (Papa Levi Tribute) - Chiney K (Chiney K)
Had Enough (Remix) - Gappy Ranks
Sundown Riddim - MAFFI (soundcloud)
Dutty Cartoon - Agent Sasco (Board House)
No Man Guinep  - Agent Sasco ft Lady Ali (Board House)
Mr Shopkeeper  - Agent Sasco (Board House)
A Who  - Shaggy (Board House)
Joe Grind - Chino  (Board House)
Original - Kahn, Baobinga & Rider Shafique (soundcloud)
Skies Over Cairo (Adrian Sherwood Remix) - Django Django (Because)
Wish You Better - Shackleton (Woe To The Septic Heart)
Touched - Shackleton (Woe To The Septic Heart)
Dedicated To (Intro) - Home Brew (Young, Gifted & Broke)
Alcoholic - Home Brew (Young, Gifted & Broke)
Listen To Us - Home Brew ft Tourettes, Esther Stephens & Matthew Crawley (Young, Gifted & Broke)
5ree Thinkers - Open Mike Eagle (soundcloud)
For My Upstairs Neighbour - El-P (Fat Possum)
Sign Here - El-P (Fat Possum)
Briefcase Found - S.Maharba (bandcamp)
I Felt Fuzzy - Kelpe (Svetlana Industries)
TOODOO (feat. Carmen Castro) - Mr Oizo (free)
Dispet Anthem (ATCR Bubble Rmx) - Dipset (soundcloud)
Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Primal Scream (Ministry Of Sound)
Studio 23 - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Flow River Flow - - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Russian Dolls - Nicola Jaar (Clown & Sunset)
Breathe - Saan Barratt (bandcamp)
Standard - Vessel (Left Blank)
 Medicine Man (Benny Tones Rmx) - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
SOID - Gulls (Boomarm Nation)
LO HI - Peaking Lights (Weird World)
Merge Vessel (Left Blank)
Music For The Quiet Hour Pt 2 - Shackleton (Woe To The Septic Heart)
Malandrozo Cumbia Dub - Chancha Via Circuito (Norte Sonoro)
Watching and Waiting For You To Begin (Leyland Kirby Rmx) - John Cale (Double Six)
Evian Christ (Thrown like Jacks) x Velvet Underground (Venus in Furs) - ひとみ
Raven - Actress (Honest Jons)

There was that much heat tonight I'm surprised that we didn't have to bring the tunes to the station in a freezer truck. Definitely a bunch of stuff I'm looking forward to spending some more time with (especially the unremittingly moody new Shackleton sides) but one I can recommend off the bat is the EP below - 'A Six Pack & A Dream'. It's an on his lonesome production from our mucker Saan Barratt - better known as the feller who did all the music for Tourettes' 'Tiger Belly' last year or The Vietnam War's bass player ...or several other most excellent things. We played the insistent instrumental 'Breathe' tonight but in all honesty it's hardly indicative of an EP that laughs in the face of categorization and cocks a snoot at your mealy mouthed genres and labels - it's an every track for themselves affair, and availing yourself of it's charming charms is as easy as following the bandcamp link below and name your price...g'waaaan.

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