Friday, March 20, 2009

Heatwavin' Hooteanny


Most times it's hard enough to squeeze a half-legible post out of my own sorry self, let alone giving anyone else's trumpet a parp. However when the gregarious Gabriel from London nouveau-bashmenteers Heatwave slipped me a mail kindly asking if I could shine a light on their renkingly robust Rowdy Bashment 2008 mix.... well how could I resist?

For those that don't know.... more's the pity. Their own bloggy activities are often so in tune with my personal flavours that it's uncanny, last week I played Mr (not very retired) Vegas's excellent 'Herbman Hustling' remake, the next day it pops up here. I pick out the refreshing bounce of 'No Disturb Sign' (also on the welcome return of the 'Heavenless' rhythm) from Cecile's re-vamped 'Worth It' album as a must-play on Stinky Grooves, and before I even had the chance to run it, well looky here.

It was their stunning (and still superior) mix for the Blogarhythms series that spawned Soul Jazz's mighty 'England Story' comp, and even though I wish someone would put the END in blend, their Punchline label has always had enough of a different angle to maintain interest. Quite simply they've got it going on.

Soooo it's a privilege to be able to link you to this little dose of rawkus reggaematical business they have put together, called Rowdy Bashment 2008. Typically it's chopped up like a samurai swordsman going for a productivity bonus, untypically the selection is tighter than a weta's battyhole, reminding me of when mixtapes were actually something you bought from dodgy fellers on the street, and shady shops in Fulton Mall, and the like.

Enough of my endless drivel, hit the links below and cop 79 tracks in 74 minutes, plenty of these were picked out for Stinky Grooves over the last year or so, and many that I passed on rub up just right in the truncated terrordome that is ....... ROWDY BASHMENT 2008.

Get Rowdy Bashment 2008
here (direct from source) here (ZShare) or here (Sendspace)
tracklist inna telephone directory style and fashion here
check the Heatwave site


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