Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stinky Grooves 15.12.09 Gold Pandering to the Cabeza!


Hard Times - Buju Banton (40/40 Productions)
Not Goin Crazy - Buju Banton (40/40 Productions)
Nuh Fraid Of Them - Busy Signal
Must Come A Light - Busy Signal (Head Concussion)
System - terry Lynn (Phree)
Real Ghetto Gyal - Gappy Ranks (Necessary Mayhem)
Come Down (Instrumental) - The Grinch (Necessary Mayhem)
Pinchers - Bandelero (Necessary Mayhem)
Real General - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Hot It Up - Keida ft Maqueda (Keep Left)
Good Life - Mr Chop (Stones Throw)
Inside Pikachu's Cunt - Rustie (Warp)
Punta De Gente - Le Freak Selector (Cabeza!)
No Dicen Na - Los Rakas
Bremen OST (SDP Edit) - Stephan Bodzin
Prototype (Modeselektor Rmx) - Headhunter (Tempa)
Internal Clock - Monolake (Imbalance)
Output 1-2 - Joker (Tectonic)
No Security (Rustie Instr.) - Crookers ft Kelis (Southern Fried)
Fear & Loathing - Central Spillz
Slow Flow - Lady Leshur
Changes (J.Period Rmx ft M1 & General Steele) - J.Period & Nneka
Happy New Years! - Raekwon
Cumbia Mundial - Sonido De La Frontera
Himno Al Cucumelo - Elchavez (Cabeza!)
Yo Me Lllamo Cumbia - Sonidero Cordobestia (Cabeza)
SDP vs Moodyman - Sonido Del Principe
Outer Space - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
The Seed - Bad Energy (Bad Energy)
Equator Jam - Ghosts On Tape (Wireblock)
Outbreak - Subway (Soul Jazz)
H.A.L. (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Detachments (This Is Not An Exit)
Space Mountain - Fuck Buttons (ATP)
You Are The One - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
La Rata - Lido Pimineto
Himno al Cucumelo - Lucas Luisao ft Princesa (Cabeza)
Lamento En La Norte (Todo Sigue Igual) - Joel & Rebenga
Win-san Western - Gold Panda (Gold Panda)
Soundclash Pt 1 (Long Time Burning Mix) - Naptha (The Fear)
Soundclash Pt 1 (Grevious Angel Rmx) - Naptha (Keysound)
I Suppose I Should Say Thanks Or Some Shit - Gold Panda (Gold Panda)

Once again its been a straight week of non-posteration, and thats not about to change. For thems thats around I'm hoping for a bit of 'going post-al' over the Xmas break, but I can't see too much changing before then. I have another scorching interview on the way, fingers crossed that goes alright with no un-necessary Jamaican intrigue tomorrow morning. Part two of the Jahdan Blakkamoore interview should be appearing soonish, though Mulatu Pt 2 is more likely to be recieving a print welcome before it graces these environs. man's got to eat and all that.

Hanyways first a hot tip, head over to the mighty Cabeza! net label and check out their stupendous range of freely downloadable cumbia-mash gems. I've been running their gear on the show since release one, and they just keep getting better. The latest couple from Sonidero Cordobestia (Frikstailers on the hush) and a whole bunch of remixing folk on 'Tributo a Agrupacion Mamanis' are excess essential, this isn't a request...it's an order.. for your own good!
To complement here's a track from the hotly tipped for 2010 - UK geez Gold Panda. Amongst so much wonky weirdbeard dubious beat science this feller's gear has a certain timelessness that feels like a precious commodity across any style borderline right now. There's plenty about him all over the net so let your fingers do the walking. This track from very, very limited Before CDR is absolutely superb and for my money this is by far his best material yet, easily justifying the growing hype.
Consume then curate, test then tip..just buy the bloody thing, alright!


And don't forget 'b Street' this Saturday with The Naked And Famous, Kidz In Space and a whoooole heap more, all for free, taking over the Britmart and surrounds. I'll be playing from 10-1am at the A&M, I've been told it's a well pleasant spot and can't wait. Poster (couldn't find a bigger size so apologies for blurry blowupage) below. Tapes, International Observer and Pitch Black at Galatos (playing at 10,11 and 12 respectively) on Friday with the Turnaround Xmas bash downstairs where it all started in the Basement...dangerous times!