Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Minute Larrikins for this eve - Block Party & Turnaround

Alrighty, busy old night around town tonight and one that demands a bit of the 'off the couchness' and maybe a touch of the 'on the brewness'.
Of course Block Party is kicking things off right at the Ginger Minx (117, Valley Road, pretty much corner of Dominion Road) from 4pm, when bFM will be doing their Friday Drive live and direct. At 7pm myself, Dave Seeka, and Scratch 22 will be taking over proceedings and running revolving 45/30 minute sets (in that order so I'll be playing 7 ish and 9.15ish before it all hopefully descends into a final fling of free-for-allness around 11ish) out in the alley on the Jagermesiter bus/hummer type arrangement. This should be excuses..see you there.

After a warm-up like that you know theres got to be more, and indeed there will be at the Turnaround who are maxxing their international status by following Gilles Peterson's exclusive visit last month with the truly brilliant DJ Kentaro tonight. If you missed him at Tiger Translate (or the heat and excessive strobes took the shine off) this will be unmissable. Its very very rare that a DJ has the terrifying turntabilist skills with the sensitivity of selector -this man does all that....
and then some!
Do not miss....seriously! flyer below and as a spesh Friday treat a limited, 192 DL of him rubbing some reggae up the wrong (right!) way from his excellent mixdown for Pressure Sounds 'Tuff Cuts'.


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