Monday, March 1, 2010

LATE at the Museum & Geezer Guy off the bench

Sincerest apologies to anyone who showed up at Khuja expecting to get an olfactory dose alongside Mystro on Saturday night. Unfortunately I was beaten down by a most unpleasant cold/flu type scenario, which is ongoing, and forced me to have to pull out of that one. Big thanks to Mys and Mikki Dee for being so understanding, and going out of their way to find renking ring-ins, I hope it went well. I can't actually remember the last time sickness made me cry off a gig but it's a looooong time ago and was probably when I had pneumonia so this wasn't something taken lightly.
All being well I should be up to match fitness for tomorrow night's show and also this Thursday when I shall be forgoing Aromatherapy for a week in order to play at the Museum as part of their LATE series. I'll be joined by Emerald City displaying their whirledymusic wares and presumably a higher standard of conversation and whatnot than you get slanging the tunes out in any old bar. The Ginger Minx isn't any old bar, it's a lot better than that, and they're also the official Stinky Grooves sponsor, so I've lined up the indomitable Geezer Guy to play tunes and make merry on Thursday night in my place.. if you can't make the Museum or don't have $20 to spare then the Minx is free and you know that Geez has the handle on the tunes. Check him, I know I will be doing just that on the way home if times allow etc...

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