Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stinky Grooves 03.05.11 & release the tension with Den5hion

I've Got The Dub - George Faith (Pressure Sounds)
Long Enough - Candy Mackenzie & The Upsetters (Pressure Sounds)
Kiss Me Mix - The Upsetters (Pressure Sounds)
Righteous Rocking - The Upsetters (Pressure Sounds)
The Promoter - Busy Signal (Cashflow)
Pon Dem - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Badda - Agent Sasco (Big Ship)
Dem Only Can Talk - Elephant Man (Big Ship)
Wuker - Knycky Cordner (soundcloud)
Cumbia In Da Ghetto (el Arquitecto) - Vetiver Bong (bandcamp)
Karamelo Santo (DJ Karim & El Hijo De La Cumbia Rmx) - Damas Gratis (soundcloud)
Prubea Muralla - AltoPeru Sistema Sonoro (soundcloud)
No Te Bancas El Ritmo - AltoPeru Sistema Sonoro (soundcloud)
Transtorno Mental - Den5hion (soundcloud)
Micro (Den5hion Rmx) - Den5hion (soundcloud)
Rusetron - Den5hion (soundcloud)
Aqua Fresca - Hugo Blanco y su Conjunto (Discos Fuentes)
Simmi Dance - The Panthers (Sublime Frequencies)
Hussani Lal Qalander - The Blue Birds (Sublime Frequencies)
Bhairvi - The Panthers (Sublime Frequencies)
Koucheh - Googoosh (Caltex)
Yeh Aaj Mujh Ko - Tafo Bros. (Disposable Music)
6ix - MRR-ADM (Now Again)
11even - MRR-ADM (Now Again)
2wo - MRR-ADM (Now Again)
Fountains Of Paradise - Appleblim & October (Schmorgasbord)
Princess In A Mercedes Classe S 280 - Andy Moor & Anne James Chaton (Unsounds)
El Moreno - Mexicans With Guns (Innovative Leisure)
Don't Fight It - Africa Hitech (Warp)
Not Entertainment - Bachelorette (Particle Tracks)
So Long, Suckaz - Daniel Savio (free album)
Goners - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Don't Want You No More - Os Chinchilas
Spray - The Alps (Mexican Summer)
Cold Hands - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Blanket - Bachelorette (Particle Tracks)
Bright Shadows - Tokimonsta (Brainfeeder)
Turkish-Ish - dEbruit (Civil Music)
Neon Red Sign ft Cha Cha - Kode9 & Spaceape (Hyperdub)
Generous Spectre - Bachelorette (Particle Tracks)
Bangin Beauty - Sidecar Tommy (bandcamp)
The Queen Of The Game Mix 6 - Dolomites (soundcloud)
Olorsound - ???
Yo Estiy Loko (Rmx) - Latin Crew ft Julio Voltio (Live Music)
Colegiala - DJ Quien (soundcloud)
Sabor A Gaita - DJ Negro (Bersa Discos)
Devotion - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Flashing Before Your Eyes - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)

Not really at 100% tonight, as happens from time to time, so no long winded, mainly pointless rambles or late night verbal violence from me.
I knows you likes a tune, so there's one below from one of the many Mexican cats who are doing it proper Den5hion. Check his soundcloud, go on a journey..see you next week or at the Minx on Thursday for Aromatherapy.

Micro (den5hion remix) by den5hion

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