Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scratch 22 'Cold Hands' video debut tomorrow night

Not only are them youthful sprites Homebrew showing off their fancy schmancy Chris Graham directed video tomorrow night (see flyer below) at the Hollywood in Avondale, with Scratch 22 getting his VJ on (thats video jockey not a shorted name for ladies parts) but he will also be premiering the video for 'Cold Hands' made by resident Mr 22 artwork don, Bob Van Der Wal. It's a sight to see, and the whole evening sounds like a right hoot, sadly I'll be fulfilling my duties at the Ginger Minx so no show from this quarter but may I strongly suggest attendance for a proper eye full of the good stuff...... How you get tickets seems a bit enigmatic but call it an intelligence test and get your blag on, or head down the KA for a touch of the R Kelly's (an after party that is (no cupboards) (no golden showers)).... bracket overload, over and out.


  1. How do we get TIX? Pleeeeeeease. I'm blaging!

  2. Hey Matthew
    I wish I knew, have put out my enquiry feelers and will post in these comments if i find a clue to this mystery
    if it was me i'd just turn up with my most persuasive powers in tow