Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stinky Grooves 30.12.08

The Lie – Zomby (Ramp)
Give Me Up (LD Rmx) – Sully (2nd Drop)
Clunk Click Every Trip – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
New Life Baby Paris – Mala (Deep Medi Music)
Brrrrrrappi! (Quiet Storm Rmx) – Dachambo (Jetset)
Shipwreck Glue (Kelpe Rmx) – Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Mutual Affection – In Flagranti (Codek)
Bonat Synthesizer – Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
Do The Math – Bounty Killer & Busy Signal
Judas – Bounty Killer
All About My Money – Busy Signal
Go Round Payola/Instr – Jahdan Blakkamoore/Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Epic Mardre – Mungolian Jetset (Lunar Flicks)
Epics & Donuts (Mungloina Jetset Rmx) – Altz (Lastrum)
Das Feur – Holger Hiller (Dirty)
Blue Lipps (Idjut Boys Edit) – Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Dripping Like Water – Zomby (Ramp)
Green Ranger – LD (2nd Drop)
Bad – Kode9 & LD (Hyperdub)
Homeless (Quarta 330 Rmx) – Cardopusher (Hyperdub)
Gather – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Rmx) – Martyn (3024)
Spread The Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Radical Majic (Rotters Golf Club)
The Legacy (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – E.S.C. (Rotters Golf Club)
Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Primal Scream (B Unique)
Conservation Of Momentum – Euler (Codek)

long tracks, short playlist..time of the year

For the final burnt offering to go with the last playlist of the year here is a scorching rave-fairground-meets-bashment track from Jahdan Blakkamoore's 'We Are Raiders' EP, which really should have been amongst the EPs of the year post. With weighty geezers like DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek and Stereotyp behind him Blakkamoore is a name you're going to be hearing a lot more of in '09, doubtless. It's available on vinyl, extended CD and there's no excuses ........
(buy) the wax

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Woofah Worrying & Rhythmic Reading

Out on the streets in Blighty and surrounds, or by ye olde fashioned wonders of mail elsewhere, issue #3 of Woofah dropped in the mailbox just before Xmas. If you haven't already familiarised youself with said publication, you can get a general idea about it at their site, but like all the best mags/zines/printed whatevers, you need to hold, absorb and read it to fully get the picture. Reggae, grime and dubstep is the stated brief, and it's handled impeccably by people who know and care. Dare I even say that this issue is better than #2, and the design is spot on. 
Of particular note is the article about the Kingston asylum Bellevue and its musical connections (what next Madden's, the undertakers referred to lyrically for decades?), as well as in-depth pieces on the Bomb Squad's dubstep fascination and the perennial pounding of Mr Twilight Circus Ryan Moore, and plenty more. You only need to check the list of contributors (most of whom run top notch blogs) to know that the writing is generally excellent, even if the reviews do stray towards the ebullient and insider-y at times, it's refreshing to see some genuine passion. 
You can, and should, buy it here, painlessly paypal style and fashion.

I strongly suggest you get to it quick smart, before they're all gone...Top Songs of 08 malarkey up next from me.

90-80 finally...

90. Special Request - Chronic Sonata (Tip Of The Iceberg)
See this post, go on have a gander.

89. Rockers Delight - O.S.C. (Steps In Time)
Babylon System's Roommate and Antiserum from San Francisco make up O.S.C. and this simple but scorching 12" lit me decks up something chronic this year. With the likes of Rusko eschewing his reggae roots for some kind of bassline arms race with Casper, and technoid noodling taking centre stage elsewhere, it has surprisingly mainly been left up to the yanks to keep the fire burning on reggae soaked dubstep biz. Sure this pushes the obvious buttons, with Scratch samples and whatnot, but them buttons do need some activation from time to time, so respect to the septics. 

88. Hustle - Collie Buddz (Columbia)/Que Lloren - Calle 13 (Sony BMG)
Exposing just how foolish the idea of a list of loved tracks like this being in any way robust, here's a meaningless tie. Truth be told the 100+ tracks were divided into three rough chunks, and the ranking from then was arbitary at best. So honkamuffin Collie Buddz' easy singjay style works a treat on Barrington/Junjo's 'Prison Oval Rock', while Puerto Rican brothers Residente and Visitante take a pop at reggaeton royalty Queen Ivy (and others) on 'Que Lloren', swimming against the regressive tide in that particualr style of music over the past 12 months. Reggaeton's year can best be summed up by Daddy Yankee's lame endorsement of John McCain, not the sort of thing you'd expect from the likes of these politically switched on geezers (who actually had Reuben Blades guesting on their latest) or their compardres Voltio and Tego Calderon.
(buy) Calle 13's 2008 album 'Los de Atrás Vienen Conmigo'


87. Luddite Dub – South3rn (Clandestine Cultivations)
See this post...

86. Timekeeper - Clouds (Ramp)
A scorching 12" with a remix from Ras G that is so genuinely unhinged, it took a few plays just to get my head around the beat. Well miffed that I cannot find an mp3 to this anywhere though I know had it at some point, if I start getting into even partially digitizing stuff for this list I'm going to be in big trouble. 

85. In Your Eyes - Sanchez (John John)
A classic rhythm (Love I Can Feel/ Tempted To Touch), from one of the great studios and lineages (right royal Jammy's & Sons Esq) with one of the most distinctive voices of modern reggae, it's a slam dunk. Sanchez undoubtedly can cheese the fuck out, but get him on the right track and he's unstoppable, and as for what he does to the ladies when he appears on stage in JA, well that is an experience in itself. As a bonus you're getting the full Sanchez version and then a quick disc flip, before the Mighty Asterix takes over and lets off the Dionne Warwick. This was taped (thanks Anand and Vanita) at the tail end of a cracking session with the Newtown Sound/Nice Up kids down in Welli in '07. Levels are a bit straight off the desk, Asterix is sans FX and like I said this is late into the session.... so it's rough and ready. As I have commented before, Asterix is the only MC who has ever fully harnessed the pungent power and that's how it's been since we first linked the best part of 20 years ago. I'm really looking forward to our next assignment supporting the Bug in 3 weeks, and then getting a run on Vital Soundsystems' scoops at the Cuba Street Carnival in February.
Sanchez in red.
His Mightyness in green.

84. Heaven At Night - Kid Cudi (10 Deep)
The hip-hop credits this year were shared by newcomers The Knux and Cleveland's Kid Cudi. We'll be hearing more about both of them further down the list, so I'l leave the talking to Cudi and this Andy Kaufman inspired stroke of genius on top of an irresistable beat from Nosaj Thing.
(Download) the whole mixtape from here for nix..

83. Buff Nuff - Roots Manuva (Big Dada)
My God this sounds good on a large system, Toddla T outdid himself with this one. More to come from the District of Rodney down the list.

82. Electric Love – Coco Solid (Coco Solid)
I have already rahed and rae rae'd about the wonderfulness that is Coco Solid here

81. Rude Effort - Bullion (One-Handed Music)
There was a whole heaping helping of wonky hip-hop beaty biz this year and this feller from Acton, who previously stuck his head above the parapet with a Beach Boys/J Dilla mixtape, nailed it with both sides of a vital (and now sold out) 7". Tis Bionicaly Bullionic.
(buy) think the 7"s are done but this is the stinklink to digital relief.

80. Trading Places - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)/ Drop Bombs (Loudmouth Rmx) - Mz Brat ft Griminal
See this post for 'Trading Places' and this'un for some chat and links about Loudmouth's superb remix of Mz Brat & Griminal.

Top 100(ish) Songs of '08 ....100-91

And so it begins. As much time as I've spent going through playlists, reviews, piles of discs, crates and the rest, it's a very unscientific process and the numbers or rankings are pretty meaningless in all honesty. I've already remembered some stuff I've overlooked, so there will inevtably  be omissions and what have you. Some 10's will have more tracks to try, some less, avoiding anymore attention from the pullers down of posts is a must right now. I'll be trying to fling the next 10 up within a day or two, and so on, till we get to the albums. Enjoy.

100.  What Im Gonna Do – Bugle (Daseca)
This boy can whine (and I'm not talking about dancing) on some tracks, but when he's on...phew. There's a lot of aaite but ultimately average sub hip-hop rhythms running around JA these days, Daseca ALWAYS shine.

99. Usain Bolt Nuh Linga - Elephant Man
The tribute track came almost as fast as Bolt's record breaking Olympic fun run, and it's unspeakably fine to see Jamaicans having something positive to cheer about. However by the end of the year its back to business as usual with Ice, the originator of the Gully Creepa dance favoured by Bolt after demolishing the opposition, shot and killed in Kingston. Of course that bit of news ends up in the national press. Plus ca change.
This is a good bit of written Bolt Olympic commentary from them that were there.

Usain Bolt Nuh Linga - Elepehant Man
Nuh Linga (Original) - Elephant Man
Gully Creepa - Elephant Man

98. Soft Cheese – Natural Yoghurt Band (Jazzman)
Soft but definitely not sloppy, this 45 (the b-side of the nae bad 'Voodoo') from Gerald Jazzman's eponymous label is a scorcher. First introduced to me by that man Grant in New Plymouth ( I believe they call him The General or suchlike) on a scorching night, mid-WOMAD at some bar gig that turned out real nice with Cian also on the decks, and not a little bit of sessioneering amongst some hearty back-to-backery.

97. Gemini - Del Shannon (Dirty Edits)
Check this post
The late, great, oft slept on and somewhat troubled Del Shannon. There's a lot more to this man than just 'Runaway'!

96. Fuckaz – The Bug ft Spaceape (Ninja Tune)
Wrote a lot about the Bug for various mags and whatnot this year so I shall not ramble too much, but man it was good hearing this track blasting out on the bFM playlist (without a single complaint I believe) like a righteous burst of wake up-ness to all and sundry. In case you didnt know (NZ readers) the end of January is looking seismic, with The Bug and Warrior Queen visiting at the same time as Rhythm & Sound with Tikiman (if he's still allowed to be called that), personally i cannot fucking wait!! The word on AK is at Bacco Room on 31st, I've been asked to play, not sure who else, should be a stonker but I cant find a flyer anywhere. Here's the Welli haps (respect to Nice Up) .....

95. One Two Order – Tarrus Riley (VP/Deadly Dragon)
When he's not submerged in Dean Frazer's occupationally hazardous saccharinicity or veering too far down the mild side, Jimmy Riley's son is right on the money. This little gem from the 'Parables' album was put out on 7" by Deadly Dragon (check this post) and VP, so no audio!
(buy) the 7" from Deadly Dragon
(buy) Parables

94. Last Saloon Swagger - Forsaken feat Joker and Ben Blackmore (Soul Motive)
A record that mentions swagger that isn't lamo-ip-op boasting, and a dubstep concept 12" to boot. There's more Joker on the way down the list, but nothing quite like this Wild West themed business from Bristols out-westest one-off combo. The Soul Motive label has kicked off hard, and the cover, with a fair steed borrowed from the local constabulary, is a welcome change from the usual dryballs dubsteppery malarkey.

93. For Hoped - Black Devil Disco Club (Lo Recordings)
Yet more pulsing nonense from the BDDC, marvelous.

92. Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) –Le Sarge On Board (Rotters Golf Club)
Frustratingly the vinyl of this has yet to be unleashed on Weatherall's Rotters Golf Club, and unable to hold out any longer I relented and bought the sappy mptrees from Bleep. This is from the 'Andrew Weatherall vs The Boardroom' release which is another indicator that the sly prince of Slough is on some of the best form he's had for years. Keep an eye on the Olfactory One Hundred for more of his superlative '08 mixes.

91. Tempered – Rustie (Kapsize)
Check this post, more Rustie to come....  as we proceed.

Mas countdowneration in the next day or so.....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


As a bit of warm up to the upcoming and thoroughly scary (and time consuming) 100 renkingest tracks and probably around 40 or so olfactory albums, of 2008 here's an allegorical toe in the water with my top 5 EP's (or EP type things) of particular noteworthiness. Aside from the fact that this helped whittle down my 100 songs list from its 20+% over-budgetness, all of these five have remarkable quality control, to the extent that I could have picked pretty much any track from each. Undoubtedly two of the most mostest EPs that emerged in 08 were from The Naked And Famous, but I have excluded Round Trip Mars gear from these here charts because it's hard enough slimming these lists to a mildly managable amount, it's a bit like choosing between children, and kinda weird because I listen to RTM stuff more than anything else through its various stages. Hanyways on with the particular order, was hard enough getting em down to this.

Various - Bersa Discos Volume 1 (Bersa Discos)
Based between Buenos Airies and California (San Diego from memory), the Bersa Discos crew of Oro 11 and Disco Shawn have represented solidly with four vinyl EPs of flambeed nuevo-cumbia. This first'un is the pick of the bunch for me, even though it faced stiff competition from the ZZK 12", that accompanied their sterling compilation dealing in similar hooha. El Hijo De La Cumbia has an ostentatious name that he more than lives up to, and Daleduro dishes out the damage relentlessly. The wax understandably looks somewhat sold out, but it's still available digitally (see below) for people with fingers and ting.
(Buy the mptrees)


Uncle O - Uncle O (I'm A Cliche)
Uncle O sounds like somewhat of a legend amongst the musical denizens of Paris. He's put together excellent comp series like 'Champion Sound' and 'Shaolin Soul', and he brings a whole heap of flavour and veteran vibes to the nine, all too brief, tracks on this release for Cosmo Vitelli's shockingly good I'm A Cliche label. There's delicate electro, gentle doof and Kraftwerkian machine doodles as well as a whole heap more high grade malarkey. 'Avalanche' thoroughly absorbed me for a while, what a tune!


MRR/ADM feat Malcolm Catto - ? (MRR/ADM)
MRR - ADM are Mike Raymond Russell and Adam Doug Manella, also formerly known as MHE recording for the Sound In Color label. On this 10" they're joined by British sticksman/ex-Mo Wax artist/current Heliocentric and noted record collector Malcolm Catto for half of the tracks,  apparently alongside some other folk. It's all a bit sketchy, as the truly exquisitely packaged, red vinyl 10" release comes with pretty much zero information bar 'featuring Malcolm Catto'. Who cares it's spooky, soundtracky, synth-laden psychosis of top-shelf calibre, and the kind of freak shit that could only come from California and Gaslamp Killer associates. Now very much a collectors item (check Discogs for a gulp) it was one of the years most expensive small purchases (from Melbourne's top ranking Northside Records) and worth every cent.
(DirtyDrumswebsite) Apparently it's them, they keep it shady. Two drum kits to bang out on your keyboard..tis fun.

MMR - ADD - TWO (Approx Title)

It's true that I'm a longstanding, unabashed J Saul Kane fanboy, but it is undeniable that DC Recordings have had a sterling year, possibly their best ever. Tom Giles' EP under the Clause Four moniker was one of many highlights, stretching out the possibilities of wonky, glitchy beats biz into all sorts of areas. This 12" was justifiably stuck to the turntables for a good spell this year and it's one that just gets better with repeat plays, as ever the artwork from La Boca is extraordinarily good. More please.
(Buy) while you can...


Shocking Pinks - Emily (DFA)
I think the 'Emily' EP would have to be be my pick of the bunch, though the vinyl version doesn't actually feature the title track in any form. The choice of remixers is almost spotless, and it's the sort of double 12" package that recalls the glory days of that divine vinyl indulgence. I'll be going into the Large Hadron Collider of a mix from Expanding Head Band in the 100 tunes palaver coming up but, aside from Nathan Fake's somewhat meh remix, it's all quality. Lee Douglas takes 'Cutout' to the outer stratosphere on his lengthy workout, while Detroit's Echospace/Deepchord again distinguish themselves from the post Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound crowd, with a brace of unfathomably deep belters. I'm hoping that Mr Harte is over the health issues that kept him from the last SP gig in Auckland, the set they played on the genius pre-BDO, line-up with SJD and The Clean at the dirty old KA last January was ear-crumbling fire indeed.
(Shocking Pinkspace)


We'll be starting on them bigger lists real soon...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stinky Grooves 23.12.08 & some festering festive Chicha Libre

Miracles - Mala (Deep Medi)
Triple 6 - Coki (DMZ)
Untitled Dub - F (7even)
Clunk Click Every Trip - Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Dream Cargo - LV (Hyperdub)
Nautilus - Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
Arc - Arcadion (DC Recordings)
Shipwreck Glue (Wes Coats Rmx) - Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Maja (Dub) - Cantoma (Claremont 56)
Bonat Synthesizer - Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
Lean Boot - Richie Davis (Unity)
Babylon In Helicopter - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Buss It Pon Dem - Jahdan Blakkamore (Dutty Artz)
Hustle - Busy Signal (Birchill)
In The Streets - New Kingston
Day'n'Nite - Collie Buddz
Day'n'Nite (Williamsburg Greenpoint Brooklyn Rmx) - Joel Ortiz
Day'n'Nite - Kid Cudi (Mixtape)
Man On The Moon - Kid Cudi (Mixtape)
Swagger Jackson's Revenge - Jay Electronica
The List - The Knux (Interscope)
Revenge Of The Nerds - Fulgeance (All City)
Spread The Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Radical Majic (Rotters Golf Club)
Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Le Sarge En Board (Rotters Golf Club)
Madre Epics Pt 2 - Mungolian Jetset (Lunar Flicks)
Don't Close Your Eyes - James Duncan (Round Trip Mars)
Cloud One - The Alps (Type)
We Ask You To Ride - Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain)
Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Rmx) - Kanye West
Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Rmx) - Martyn (3024)
One Ting (Dabrye Rmx) - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Drop Bombs (Loudmouth Rmx) - Mz Bratt ft Griminal
Hungry Ghost - Filastine (JFX Bits #3)
Bad - Kode9 & LD (Hyperdub)
Vancouver (2562 Rmx) - Martyn (3024)
Consume! Consume! Consume! - Cassette Boy (Barry's Bootlegs)
Sonido Amazonico - Los Mirlos (Barbes)
Popcorn - Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Sorry We Ripped You Off Wes, RIP - Cassetteboy (Barry's Bootlegs)
Vacilando Con Ayahuasca - Juaneco y su Combo (Barbes)

Wake me up when it's done....

This weeks wee morsel from the show is a cover of Jean Jacque Perrey and Gershon Kingsley's classic ballon-du-fromage 'Popcorn' by new school operatives dealing in old school vibes, Chicha Libre. Originally chicha is sufferers music from deepest darkest Peru (and surrounds) that takes a little bit of surfy psychedelic twang, and whacks it on top of a shuffling cumbia beat to sizzling effect. 'The Roots Of Chicha' was one of 07's utterly essential discoveries, and I've subsequently managed to track down a few other bits and pieces that only increase the fascination, but this modern take is so meticulously done and beautifully produced, it avoids the pitfalls that so often plague these kinds of projects. There's going to be a full chicha post soon, but in the meantime check this, and give some serious thought to investing in 'Sonido Amazonico', it's a stunner (NZ readers can find it at Marbecks).
(Buy) from the label direct, we love that, go on...
(Barbes Records Site)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Nouveau Duncaneering, you heard it here firstest


Here's a right proper StinkIncsclusive in the form of a brand new tune from James Duncan. It's taken from his forthcoming album which remains untitled, and sincerely worth drooling over in growing anticipation. There's a logjam of largeness on next years Round Trip Mars release 'schedule', (ok, it's a serviette with the names of five artists threatening to birth scrawled on it, and little else apart from question marks in the date/title/etc columns), and I'm hoping Mr Duncan's long awaited full length epistle will be first out of the starters gate. 
As those in the know can tell, it's a right different bag to the eclectic electroidinal tendencies of his superb 'Mirror Minor' EP, and trust me a couple of plays of this far too brief, smudged out woozterpiece will have you hooked. This track has been firmly frying my bacon, and cumulatively heading towards #1 on my current musical good look chart, (especially since Angus laid his magical mastering palms on it last night) but truth be told it's not even my favourite upcoming JD cut, thats's a thing called 'Cupboard's Bare' which according to me old iTunes is the most played song off the loptap Chez Stinky this year (with SJD, TNAF, Quiet Village, The Knux and Busy Signal all in close pursuit) and is simply, quite stupidly brilliant. We're feeling all uncommonly giving for some peculiar reason or season, so we'll be leaving this hexclusive gemlet up here for a minute, certainly at least until the new Round Trip Mars site is flung off into metaphorical orbit on January 1st 2009.

(Buy) Mirror Minor, it's still bloody brill.
(zSHARE link)


Gawd help us I shouldnt be encouraging this, but here's some more festering festive fare from these rhythmic reprobates...

Details on Cassetteboy, where to buy this dubious piece of yuletide yobbery etc is a couple of posts previous, lets not get

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday stench - Bratt, Busy, Poirier, K'naan


This was meant to be an attempt at a quickly assembled post with reduced verbosity, as such it's a fail..but relatively briefly.
Out of the gaggle of cheeky, and often cloyingly cute, Brit female MCs, Mz Bratt shines on this track with Griminal which is given a righteous rerub by Loudouth (who him? want to hear more!) There's a ton of attitude and some promising signs (on top of a storming cut) from a young lady with a sassy mouth who's still doing 6th Form, fingers crossed it doesn't all go soggy Lady Sov-y and some vinyl of this gets pressed up. As she mentions from time to time on the track her album is called 'Time Of The Month' (or will it be Munf?)...... genius!
What to say about Busy Signal, that I haven't already rah-ed on about on these very pages? Not much! You can find links to his myspace and web (and probably shoesize and favourite colour) elsewhere on StinkInc. I'm loving the Baddaz rhythm from Christopher Birch and crew, there's no doubt that Dave Kelly's 'Joyride' lit the spark but it's taken in a vital new direction, and I just wish (as ever) there were more worthy vocals. The jury is still out on Vybz', odd contribution the sung 'Me Never Born', maybe we'll run that later, but typically this is the one you just can't go past.
I run 50/50 at best on Ghislain Poirier's music, it's great to hear people flipping the dancehall (and related) script and opening the music out, but like a lot of his ilk it tends to end in the interesting, rather than essential, pile. This track is a peach though, with an almost Phelps & Munrovian malodorous melody running through it. In keeping with a lot of current biz, there's a strong Soca feel to the drums, and I'm not mad about that in the slightest. So long as we can leave the hyper-cheezy, Carnivalising vocals and synthi-melodies out of the picture, and soca doesn't just become another notch on the global tally of musics to be trifled with before the next bus/bandwagon comes along, all good. This comes on a free download comp from Lyon label Jarring Effects, which also has a pearler from Filastine, and a load of other stuff I probably need to spend some time checking out. 



(Download) fer free and donate mate....

And finally, I've had a copy of Somalian/Canadian MC K'naan's 'Troubador' album for a good minute and its been well frustrating, basically I'm under strict orders not to play it on the radio or out etc, and I take that serious, so let YouTube speak. There's some amazing gear on 'Troubador' (released in January in the States and recorded at Tuff Gong) and even some of the unashamedly pop hooha that grates at first, hasn't worked out so bad in the longer run. The album kicks off with an Ethiopian sample (Mulatu from memory, but don't quote me on that) and hits some real highs on 'I Come Prepared', and the track below 'Somalia', which is straight out edutainment on the currently newsworthy piracy (as in 'on the high seas') tip. Being as there's some sort of holiday on next week, I've also included 'So Baax'  his first, riddiculously slept-on single from the 2005 album 'Dusty Foot Philosopher' which has a boss rhythm from Track & Field., There's  another clip that you should just watch.
This aint going to be everyones cup of tea, some of his music certainly isn't mine but it's different and engaging, and on the right track this geezers fire. It also makes a change from all of the hipsterista-approved global gunk that litters blogs like saturday afternoon confetti (more dayglo kudoru trancehall with your tea, vicar?) K'naan's already done a whole heap of grind, and the outlook could well be rosy for him if he can stay away from the Ben Harpers of the world, and not become ghetto-ized as another token African artist, here's hoping.

(K'naan's Black History Month article)




Lots on the way and we will not be stopping for Xmas in fact quite the opposite, probably more posts. Especially as now that it sadly looks like I have all the rekids I'll be getting for 2008,  (still an outside possibility of the new Zomby 12"s and some other bass-laden bits touching down before New Year) it's time for some hearty charty, no-debate about '08 listology. I'm glad I held off on that, despite having to come up with my first list for publication six weeks ago, the PO Box has been blessed with newness from Mala, Coki, Peverelist, Weatherall, Rune Lindbaek, Arcadian, Mungolian Jetset and others in the last few days, and that is all in serious consideration for the '08  best-from-my-nest palvaeration. 

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Penthouse, no pavement..

Here’s a bit of a vintage Penthouse power punch. I'm looking forward to getting some order amongst the 45's and hauling out some more obscure cuts in the next couple of months or so, but for now it's a case of strictly dealing with what I have digitally.
Once more there's a couple of Jason excellent shots taken up at the Slipe Road compound and I've wanged in the Cocoa Tea at Portmore Sunsplash in 93 live pictures too that were taken down as well.

Above is Donovan Germain, the big daddy of Penthouse, around this time (early-mid 90s) it’s pretty fair to say that they were running things (alongside the likes of perennial Jammy’s and the less established Digital B, Xterminator and other come-uppers). Getting inside the fortified gates at Slipe Road wasn’t a given (as a clueless, arrogant American bunch of journos who seemed to be everywhere, but able to get into nowhere, found out) and grabbing anything more than a snap interview with an artist on his way up or down the stairs was tricky. However, after chewing the fat with Donovan for a good while, we were granted access to most of the Penthouse crew (Buju excepted) and on subsequent visits, in the next couple of years, he personally made sure I was promo’d up to the eyeballs, and looked after right. With a solid and colourful history that stretches back aways to the early 70’s he was a fascinating subject, mentioning a number of records he’d been involved with in NYC and JA years that I owned, but had never sussed as being connected to him.
The depth of talent in his studio at the time was ridonkulous including the Kelly brothers (Dave and Tony, who were still getting on then, and seemed like very switched-on gregarious geezers) and Andre ‘Rookie Productions’ Tyrell at the core, with Lenky beginning to come through particularly for his live and studio keys work. Donavan freely confessed that his role as producer those days was frequently little more than providing the finance and infrastructure, and often suggesting which rhythm would be good to do over, and who might work in combination etc. Looking at some of the inspired pairings that Penthouse came with at that time like Buju and Beres, Marcia Griffiths and Cutty Ranks, Buju and Wayne Wonder and endless other permutations, it was no small thing. Nor were the rhythm choices, with Penthouse frequently leading the charge on recuts of greats like ‘Nanny Goat’, ‘Movie Star’, ‘Heavy Rock’ and ‘General’, usually their licks sounded the toughest too with the Firehouse Crew and the likes of Danny Brownie, Sly and Mafia & Fluxy amongst the players of instruments. I suspect that many other producers we spoke to on that trip (and I’ll be posting about later) liked to overrate their role in things, but Mr Germain impressed as someone who had no need to do that, coming with a sharp outlook and onto-it disposition, Penthouse was a very professional place. He was also smart enough to encourage his young studio charges to come up with fresh rhythms to suit the bogling times, and we’ll be getting into some of them at a later date fer sure.


Penthouse is still running tunes (now in Ballater Av, Kingston 10) though its been a good while since they released anything apart from the odd tune, that truly floated my boat. I would have expected Germain to be one of the forward thinking guys who might have forseen the digital damage that was inevitable with JA music, but it doesn’t appear so. There will be more on StinkInc from Penthouse for sure, if and when the 7” overhaul gets done over Xmas I know there’s some less celebrated cuts due for a dusting off, in the meantime cop a little bit of the evergreen General rhythm (which ran for about a year) and a picked-out and pruned slice of Penthouse in session biz over 'Norwegian Wood/Darker Shade Of Black'.

(PenthouseRecordsspace) Official!
(Web) Excellent unofficial Penthouse site.


Always felt that Terror Fabulous never reached where he could and should have, we'll have more on him later.

(Buy) 'Celebration Vol 5', '5 Star General' is no longer available, though I'm sure it's not hard to track down if so inclined.

Meantime here's them Cocoa Tea shots again that got got by the web fascistas.

And seasonal bleatings from Noddy Holder and me...
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stinky Grooves 16.12.08

Cool Out - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Flying - The Bug ft Ricky Ranking (Ninja Tune)
CCTV - LV & Dandelion (Hyperdub)
The Untitled Dub - F  (7even)
Vancouver (2562 Rmx) - Martyn (3024)
Slept On Tony - Ghostface Killer (Def Jam)
Run (Rmx) -Ghostface Killer, Raekwon, Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Freeway (Def Jam)
Brooklyn Girls - Charles Hamilton (Interscope)
Rollin' (Remix) - Jackie Chain feat Kid Cudi (10 Deep)
Word? Aaite! - Charles Hamilton 
High Grade - Busy Signal 
Hustle - Busy Signal (Birchill)
Baddaz Version - Christopher Birch (Birchill)
From Afar - Busy Signal 
Mi Nah Look Nu War - Cutty Ranks 
Say What You Wanna Say - Mavado 
Judas - Bounty Killer
Peace Treaty  Put Off - Busy Signal
Drop Bomb (Loudmouth Rmx) - Mz Bratt ft Griminal
Witness The Day - Moody Boys (White)
Bad - Kode 9 & LD (Hyperdub)
Hungry Ghosts - Filastine  (JFX Bits #3)
3KLane - Jakes vs Joker (Terrorhythm)
Sabacco - Quarta 330 (Hyperdub)
Natural Selection (Flying Lotus Rmx) - Martyn (3024)
Revenge Of  The Nerds - Fulgeance (All City)
Chrome Plated Elbow (Grounds For Divorce) - Chrome Kids
Moonshake - Fulgeance (Musique Large)
The Legacy (Weatherall Remix) - E.S.C. (Rotters Golf Club)
Through The Robot Chicken Shed (Weatherall Remix) - Le Sarge En Board (Rotters Golf Club)
Epic & Donuts (Mungolian Jet Set Rmx) - Altz (Lastrum)
Tropical Waste (Idjut Boys Edit) - The Emperor Machine (DC Recordings)
Shine Again - The Knux (Interscope)
Man On The Moon - Kid Cudi (Mixtape)
Special Request - Chronic Sonata (Tip Of The Iceberg)
Incoming - Cumbianauts
La Danza Del Lorito - Los Mirlos
O Morro No Tem Vez - Tira Poeira

Seasons bleatings to all and one  

Good to have some freshness on the predominantly wobble free 70bpm malarkey, especially those new Hyperdubs, with the new and frankly flattening  Zomby 12" to follow in a couple of weeks, oooh wee. 
Have picked out the sublime cut 'Special Request' from Chronic Sonata for a bit of mp3 I-push-you-pull this week. Based in Toronto and NYC, I cottoned on to the trio of tweakerizers with their remix of  Subatomic Soundsystem's 'Our Father, Our King' earlier this year, which has enough of its own atmosphere to rise above the usual standard dub sludge and BBQ beats. Spotting this six track 12" in Turntable Lab I was blown away by this track 'Special Request' which, though it has the politeness that permeates/plagues the rest of the EP, has something special going on. Tip Of The Iceburg is apparently an offshoot of Brooklyn/Japan label Concent which is run Chimp Beams who have also done an alright track or two, enough of my yakking, on with the music.

(Buy) UK

Hopefully tomorrow a little Penthouse post, I'd only mess it up if I tired ... er tried to whang it up now. Uber and oot.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nipponese Niceness Pt 1

Here's a couple of records from people I know next to nothing about, which is often the way with Japanese gear, and in this over-saturated information age where every shred of everything seems to be accessible to everyone, a bit of mystery is not necessarily a bad thing. Both of these tracks slightly remind me, in different ways, of 'Sandanista'-era Clash, and I'm certainly not mad at that. Without the power of Japanese script and via a little stenchworthy sleuthing I have managed to ascertain that Dubdub On-Seng are Yasuhiko Tanaka aka Marron on guitar and vocals with Manabu Sakata taking care of drums, electronics, acoustic guitar, mukkuri (a tension jaw harp of the Ainu people of Hokkaido in Northern Japan, generally played by women... so they say) and vocals. At least that's what they were on their 2006 album 'Spring',  which is pretty standard fare, and not a patch on this steel drum fuelled gentle stomper. Buying this, alongside a pile of recent dancehall sevens, I couldn't help but notice that the 120ish militaristic drums are not so far away from a lot of the better gear coming out of JA, I'm definitely looking forward to lurching out, or in, to some Jam 2 or SSMG rhythms at some future engagement with this pan-tastic, distinctive depth charge designed for the deviant dancefloor. 

Conversely Dachambo have their own website and allsorts, and I kind of wish they didn't. The DJ Quiet Storm (great name, makes me think of Mobb Deep and soulful slow-jams from the white suit days of yore) remix of the curiously titled 'Brrrrrappi!' just sits on the right side of indulgent (especially in the guitar department), while the original definitely doesn't. The revelation that they're a jam band (uh oh) and a right bunch of far eastern hippies isn't too much of a surprise, yet I can still get with Quiet Storm's mix, especially when it slides into some sampled 'Swing Easy' towards the end. The vocal snippets are delightfully kitsch in the way that only Japanese reggae vocalists can get away with, and have caused me to wander around the house inexplicably muttering 'ragga lagga' (whatever that means) 'pam pam' etc for a couple of weeks. Luxuriate in these lengthy mp3's, then please click your way to a purchase. I have found Jet Set's service to be excellent (they also have their own label as well as three shops, check them out) and their prices pretty reasonable, but Juno are also good on the Japanese biz if you can handle the bill. 

(Buy) from Jetset
(Buy) from Juno
(Buy) from Jet Set
(Buy) from Juno

More oddities from up there to come....