Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stinky Grooves 29.06.10 and some madness from Das Yahoos


Basta Ya (Todos Somos Inmigrantes) - El Remolon ft Lido Pimienta (ZZK)
Quimey Neuquen (Chancha Via Circuito Rmx) - Jose Larralde (ZZK)
Il Clan Dei Sicillani - Ennio Morricone (Cam)
Femme Fatale - Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw)
Observe Life - Michael Rose (Dug Out)
Observing Dub - Lee 'Scratch' Perry (Dug Out)
Run Come Rally - Dadawah (Dug Out)
Zap Pow In Zion - Zap Pow (Black Spade)
Cumbia De La Playa - ?
Amore De Mis Amores - Nixtamal (Cabeza!)
Alguien Dijo Vino - Trapiggio (soundcloud)
Amelia - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Liga De Sabor Tropical - El Remolon ft Fantasma (ZZK)
Animal - El Remolon (ZZK)
The Beauty Within - Dead Prez
Hot Gal A Road - Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
Yaya (Chief Boima Rmx) - Mr OK ft Larose (Malacism)
REFOREV - Kid Cudi (UMG)
Rainbow- Ghost (Musicforheads)
Buena Malicia (Los Amparito Rmx) - Carla Morrison (soundcloud)
Mabala - Das Yahoos (Strut)
Modulo Lunar - Los Beta 5
The Struggle - Maxxi Zeus (International Feel)
Bobby's Revenge - Soft Rocks (Lo Recordings)
Before I Move Off - Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
Rattling Cage - Forest Swords (No Pain In Pop)
Hundertwasser - Kwes (Young Turks)
Steelz - LHF/Amen Ra & Double Helix (Keysound)
Untitled - Joe (Apple Pips)
Maroon Chant - Gemmy (Ear Wax)
City Walls (Gemmy Rmx) - Dubkasm (Sufferahs Choice)
Moses (Forsaken Rmx) - Dubkasm (Sufferahs Choice)
Digest - Joe (Apple Pips)
Hurricane Blues - Cosmic Revenge (Fortified Audio)
Paulie - George Lenton (Wicky Lindows)
Honey Cream Dub - Black Devil Disco Club (Lo Recordings)
Deportes - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Mumbai 2 Step (rehashed) - (Mas Cultura Music) (bandcamp)
Me Gusto (Sonora Refix) - Mexicans With Guns ft Chico Mann (Innovative Leisure)
Sabali (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Amadou & Mariam
Fix - Martin Kemp (Blunted Robots)
Carbonated - Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
Chrome Optimism - Dubblestandart ft Lee Perry & David Lynch (Sub-Atomic Sound)

Here's an odd one from the somewhat misleadingly titled Afro-Rock Vol 1 which has recently seen a repress courtesy of those generous groove diggers at Strut. To be honest this comp has been put in the shade a fraction for me, as it's not new material, and when there's crazy refound treasures like Strut's trio of Soweto compilations (which are uniformly awesome) and so much other African tackle about, well I slept on this track for the second time around.
It's a shady one, no country of origin or dates (as far as I know, the downside of being looked after with gems such as these in a promo style and fashion is I never get to see the sleevenotes etc) but it's a deadly dose of dubbed out funk that needs no introduction or additional info.

So here it is at lo-qual for a limited time, Afro Rock Vol 1 i s readily available from here on disc or here digitally ( Conch site seems to be down right now - but check them!) so get busy with your pounds, pence, dollars and cents.


Aromatherapy will be conjuring up its vaporous vibes as ever this Thursday from around 8.30, and I'll be spinning at Barrio on Saturday from 10pm - 2.30am. What that? Where that? you say. Well tis me old mucker Roger Perry's bar and it is a most convivial hideaway on the right end of Ponse On By Road (next to Sawadee, by the Crummer Road lights if you know what I mean). Come check it out, they have the vibes, I have the tunes…what more need be said???


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stinky Grooves 22.06.10 and some Uruguayan undulations of a most pleasing kind

**** HOLD THE PRESS ****
Don't forget Aromatherapy at the Minx on Thursday or The Turnaround's 8th Birthday on Friday at Bacco..... do I have some tunes for yoooooooooooooo....
Toot toot
****PSA OVER ****

Sunrise - Monkey Sequence
Estrella - Tom Eno (Jack To Phono)
Carruseles - Afrosound (Vampi Soul)
Seventy-Two nations - Dadwah (Dug-Out)
Observing In Dub - Lee 'Scratch' Perry (Dug Out)
El Ascensor - Los Corraleros De Majugal (Vampisoul)
Amor De Mis Amores - Nixtamal (Cabeza!)
La Ku Kuk Kumbia (Willow con K TNT Mix) - Tinitus & Willow
Funkun - Tinitus & Willow (OuzoMusic)
Hang On (Kinky Electric Noise Chicha Rmx) - Unitone HiFi (Round Trip Mars)
Valicha - Los Destellos
Por Que No Me Das - Pepito Quechua
Sueno Hippie - Los Beta 5
Yaya - Mr OK ft Larose (Masalacism)
10 out of 10 - Badness, Gappy Ranks, Maxwell D
Respek I-Spek (Appleblim & Gatekeeper Rmx) - Dubkasm (Planet Mu)
Todos Tus Muertos vs Kode 9 vs Badawai - Villa Diamante
Sorcerer (Version) - Higamos Hogamos (All Time Low)
The 3d Harmonic - The Oscillation (All Time Low)
Path Through The Cathedral - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Buddy - Wooden Shjips (Sick Thirst)
Bloody Rockers - Joachim & Rolf Kuhn (Finders Keepers)
No Need To Run - Kwes (Young Turks)
Symbolism In Transition - Deepchord Presents Echospace (Modern Love)
Mayor - Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
Carbonated - Mount Kimbie (Hot Flush)
Automaton - Lorn (Brainfeeder)
Maroon Chant - Gemmy (Earwax)
Zion Land - Dadawah (Dug Out)
Fly Away Version - Ras Michael (Zion Disc)
Man From Wareika Dub - Rico (Ghetto Rockers)
K Dub 10 - Jah Wobble & Nippon Dub Ensemble (30HZ)
Chicken Riddim - Q Jay & The Sons Of Thunder (Fun In Your ear)
Elisa - Laurent Lomande (Honest Jons)
Klim - Jean Mpia (Honest Jons)
Bino Boton, Bosele - Adikwa Depala (Honest Jons)
Moni, Moni Non Dey - Boniface Koufoudila (Honest Jons)

In the face of seemingly endless internet and network palavers I'm going to be posting this from the studio again to be on the safe side, so apologies for the threadbare nature of this post. Fortunately it's musically fully stuffered with a track from Uraguay's finest (OK I confess I'm not entirely sure I've ever played a track from Uraguay before.. which is a damn shame on this evidence) and a link to an entire EP/albumette of said excellentness for free.
It's cumbia Jim, but not as we know it, or at least not as we've heard it for a while. Heavy on the glitch and not afraid to freak the fuck out, this release has been growing on me like some genetically mutated ivy of late. Once again I can loudly proclaim my ignorance from the nearest virtual rooftop, I don't know what colour socks they wear - but I do like these tunes. Perhaps have a nibble on the little gem below and then pull out your spork for a beaty banquet of the whole deal from Ouzomusic.


Clickers aqui to get the whole EP fandangle for free from Ouzomusic, can't say fairer than that.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stinky Grooves 15.06.10 and some bloody rockers...seriously

More Jah Songs (RSD Rmx) - Dubkasm (Planet Mu)
Manhattan Timeslip Intro -B - Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Level Crossing - Joe (Hessle Audio)
Sweet Tooth Dub - Jazzsteppa (Studio Rockers)
Change Right Now - Mavado (Big Ship)
Not A Love Song - Vybz Kartel (Not Nice)
Shadow Of Death - 77Klash
Hot Gal A Road - Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
How Yu Bad So - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Summ'n A Gwan - Bounty KIller & Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Watch Over Me - Romain Virgo (Jukeboxx)
All Who Nuh Kno - Bunji Garlin (Jukeboxx)
Let Dem Know - Buju Banton (Jukeboxx)
Freedom To Dub - Penthouse All Stars
City Walls (Gemmy Rmx) - Dubkasm (Planet Mu)
Moses (Forsaken Rmx) - Dubkasm (Planet Mu)
10 Out Of 10 - Badness, Gappy Ranks & Maxwell D
Blue Steel - LHF/Low Density Matter (Keysound)
Foundational Dub (Headhunter Dub) - Dubkasm (Planet Mu)
Luna - Geiom (Soul Motive)
You Don't Wash (Dub) - Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Moment In Blue (Ikonika Rmx) - Ital Tek (Planet Mu)
Set Phazers To Stun - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
What It Is - Wooden Shjips (Sick Thirst)
Bloody Rockers - Joachim & Rolf Khun (Finders Keepers)
Godfather - Omar Khorshid (A Chahine & Fils)
Time + Space - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Future Echo - The Oscillation (All Time Low)
Jeremy's Storm - Tame Impala (Modular)
Iron Deck - COS/MES (Lo Recordings)
Sexy Boy (Toy Selector Raverton Rmx) - Air
Cumbia Theme (Cumbia Cosmonauts Rmx) - Lewis CanCut (Scattermish)
Al Calor De La Cumbia - NiXTAMAL (Cabeza!)
Valicho - Los Destellos
Alguien Dijo Vino - Trapiggio (soundcloud)
Shoodikids - Norse Horse (Family Time)
Cumbiar - Knight Magic
Bobby's Revenge - Soft Rocks (Lo Recordings)
After The Gold Rush - The Time And Space Machine (Tirk)
Qissat Hob - Balig Hamdi (EMI)
Solenzara - Omar Khorshid (Sublime Frequencies)
Ommil Habiba - Omar Khorshid (Sublime Frequencies)
Fula Fula - Konono No 1 (Crammed)

The briefest of briefness tonight, I'm writing this beforehand because I will be watching the World Cup straight after the show… sleep is highly over rated.
Trackwise there will be something below that I may or may not elaborate on at a later time (actually sleep is under-rated, doing an all nighter to watch the England match was the dreariezzzzzzzt idea I've had in some time!) I'll whang that up during the show, the choice will be as the forces of the night dictate.
Coupla things… That wiry rascal from the West Coast Scalper's … album is a top tipple of the dark stuff that has had a good run of the decks round at the Stinky gates over the last 6 months. I believe I may have blabbed about it enthusiastically round this way in the past. Hanyways he has a video, a new one and it's good. So check him below and you know .. leave a salacious comment or something.

On the not too distant horizon, approximately Friday week, there shall be much merriment, laughter and what have you when the Turnaround celebrate their birthday with the bomb line-up. Joining Cian, Manny and the Submarinator will be that man Killamanraro and the right honorable Scratch 22 alongside Dylan C. I'll be flnging 'em down from 12 till 1am and it's the Turnaround and it's their birthday so it will be special. Details below..

And this weeks track is from the excellent BYG Deal compilation which came out some while back through the generous folk at Finders Keepers. I know nowt about this track apart from it rocks, and not very gently. What more do you need to know, you can buy it direct from source on the format of your desire at Finders Keepers.


and AROMATHERAPY will be giving all and sundry an extended Bisto aaaaaaaaaah moment this Thursday as ever from 8ish/9 till 11ish/12 kind of style, free and very warm!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stinky Grooves 08.06.10 & some mad Mid Eastern gat spankeration

(3 days to go, then game over ...or game on)

As Mi Forward - Busy Signal & Million Stylez (Necessary Mayhem)
London - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Better Medz - Tony Curtis & Mister Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Jam 1 Riddim - Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
My Walk - Bunji Garlin (Jukeboxx)
Summan' A Gwaan - Bounty Killer & Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Let Dem Know - Buju Banton (Jukeboxx)
So Clean - Wayne Marshall (Jukeboxx)
All Who Nuh Kno - Bunju Garlin (Jukeboxx)
Shadow Of Death - 77 Klash (Trouble & Bass)
10 out of 10 - Badness, Gappy Ranks & Maxwell D
Space Dance - Rude Kid (No Hats, No Hoods)
Steelz - LHF/Amen Ra & Double Helix (Keysound)
Black Eyed Susans - Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Beenie Eyes - Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Manhattan Timeslip - Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
You Don't Wash (Dub) - Kode9 (Hyperdub)
Luna - Geiom (Soul Motive)
Get Low (Chico Ye Rmx) - Lewis CanCut (Scattermish)
No Need To Run - Kwes (Young Turks)
Cherry Moon - Lorn (Brainfeeder)
Wrong Place - Lorn
Somewhere Else - Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program
Rasquet El Fada (Dance Of Space) - Omar Khorshid (Sublime Frequencies)
Sawah (The Wanderer) - Baligh Hamdi
Dance of The Rice Tresher - The Leon Symphionette (Weltraum Disc)
Jaaneman Jaaneman - Charanjit Singh (Weltraum Disc)
Cumbia Pop - Los Beltons (Vampisoul)
Lobos Al Escape - Los Orientales de Paramonga (Vampisoul)
El Lobo - Wganda Kenya (Soundway)
Guajira Sicodelica - Los Destellos (Vampisoul)
Unicornia (Micachu & The Shapes Rmx) - Connan Mockasin (Phantasy)
Runway, Houses, City, Clouds - Tame Impala (Modular)
Drunk Girls - Wooden Shjips (DFA)
Rachel - Sleigh Bells (N.E.E.T.)
In & Out The UK - Kwes (Young Turks)
Heart (Daedelus Rmx) - Baths (Anticon)
Dust Storm - Clubroot (Lo Dubs)
Sweet Tooth Dub - Jazzsteppa (Studio Rockers)
Mushrooms & Roses - Janelle Monae (Bad Boy)
Every Breath - Paul White (One-Handed Music)
Professional Criminals - Paul White (One-Handed Music)
Wake Up Fucked Up - Lorn
Cumbia Theme - Lewis CanCut (Scattermish)
Ta Travudia (Trapiggio Ciones Rmx) - Rootsman (soundcloud)
Cumbia Rockers 9 - El Sonidero Quilombo (soundcloud)
Roots & Reality (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) - Bounty Killer (Cabeza!)
Juego De Shabba - Joelito
Nonsensical (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Forro In The Dark (Nublu)
Mumbai 2Step (rehashed) - MasCultura Music (bandcamp)


I could have just about done a (I think rather entertaining) whole show of Middle Eastern madness and awesome Arabian styles tonight, but as ever that would have excluded far too much other essential quality tackle. So just a little.... for now.
To continue on that thread and trust me I will be ( gear up listeners because I've been feeling a small obsession coming on with this for a minute), .. here's a primer from the uncredibelievable Omar Khorshid. You can find out more about him here and here and here and here so I'll save my tapping fingers and let you sniff out them links but what you really, really need to know is there is a raft of his material out there, and every album I have by him has delivered at least a fistfull of scorchers... at the very least!

The Sublime Frequencies comp is an ideal kick off (they're out of stock right now but I'm sure resourceful types can resource resourcefully) and don't even start me about some of the other treats in this vein I have stored up for the weeks to come, all hibernational like, for these wintery eves.
Would love to put a buy link but i can't find anywhere that isn't sold out.. there's a reason for that! Check the usuals (Juno, Boomkat, Rush Hour, Turntable Lab etc etc) in a week or two and see if they've got a shipment of goodness 'pon the way. In case you hadn't picked up on it, this gear sends me, big time.



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stinky Grooves 01.06.09 & fresh freeness & ting


Ta Travudia (Trapiggio Ciones mix) - Rootsman (soundcloud)
Travudia del tormento - Trapiggio Vs Simon Diaz (soundcloud)
Cumbia Theme - Lewis CanCut (Scattermusic)
Abrazame (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Los Rakas
Too Early - Sandro Delepedro (soundcloud)
As Mi Forward - Busy Signal & Million Stylez (Necessary Mayhem)
Summn' A Guh Gwaan - Bounty KIller & Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Hair Dresser Shop - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Still Splendid - Lotek HiFi
Hurbs (ft Vader) - Badness (Lava Unit)
ES'kabani - GUMSHEV (Adult Swim)
All-Talk - Kid Cudi ft Chip Tha Ripper, Christian Bale
Papermill - Madvillain (Stones Throw)
Da Veteran - Grand Daddy IU (Marco Polo mixtape)
Ancient Treasure (Paul White's Assumin Rmx) - Paul White (Now Again)
Anidea - Guido (Punch Drunk)
Tomorrow - Lorn (Brainfeeder)
None An Island - Lorn (Brainfeeder)
Meow Hear Me Roar - We Like Cats (Marriage Records)
Funny Cats - Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
iHop - Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Summer Fields - Badness (Lava Unit)
Space Dance - Rude Kid (No Hats No Hoods)
La Tromptea Loca - Wganda Kenya (Vampisoul)
Golden Boys - Golden Boys (Vampisoul)
El Lobo - Wganda Kenya (Soundway)
Can Of Drink (Sonido Del Principe Rmx) - Lewis CanCut (Scattermusic)
Techno Rumba (DJ/rupture & Matt Shadetek Rmx) - Chief Boima (Dutty Artz)
Pa'La Mamasitas (Sonora Rmx) -Isa GT (soundcloud)
Cumbia Theme (Cumbia Cosmonauts Rmx) - Lewis CanCut (Scattermusic)
Fantastique (Doma Tornados Rmx) - Dany F (Hipi Duki Muzik)
La Incomfortable (Shakalakazoo Rmx) - Binary Cumbia Orchestra
Sabali (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Amadou & Mariam
Me Gusto (Ghosts On Tape Rmx) - Mexicans With Guns (Innovative Leisure)
Drunk Girls - Wooden Shjips/LCD Soundsystem (DFA)
Runway, Houses, City, Clouds - Tame Impala (Modular)
Solitude Is Bliss (Mickey Moonlight Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Fula Fula - Konono No 1 (Crammed)
Don't Huzzle For Love - The Apostles
Spottie - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Choice Cuts)
Tebi Majko Misli Lete (To you mother my thoughts) - Branko Mataja
Tricked - The Meditations (Scandal)
Tricked Version - Ansell & The Meditations (Scandal)
Chicken Riddim - Q Jay & The Sons Of Thunder (Fye)
Wa Do Dem (Andres Digital ReEdit) - Eek-A-Mouse (soundcloud)
Equality & Sub For All (Wrongtom Rmx) - Pama International (Rockers Revolt)
Three Pan One A Murder - Rupie Edwards (Upsetter)
Three Pan One A Dub - Rupie Edwards/Lee Perry (Upsetter)
Restoration (Four Tet Rmx) - The Acorn (Bella Union)

This week I have the links to your happiness, and this post of bountiful goodness is a bit overdue. First up you have to check this utter gem of a mix from the Cumbia Cosmonauts. They are a Melbourne outfit who are going places (ie Europe, in the not too distant future) and have enjoyed a fair bit of airplay on Stinky Grooves courtesy of their slow burning original 'Incoming' track (predsiposed towards that as we used to be on a mighty fine label called incoming!) and remixes of Tremor and Radiokijada, a fine pedigree indeed. I linked up with one of the spacebound lazy cymbal merchants, the delightful Moses Iten aka DJ Saca La Mois, one of Melbourne's most crucialest crucial spinners of fine music, on our recent Trans-Tasmanic sojourn and he gave me fair warning of this mix. However I wasn't prepared for the proper oper rerubbery and allsorts thats going on courtesy of him and Soup, I suggest you buckle up!



This comes via the most often excellent Scattermusic blog who should be subscribed to or at the very least perused frequently. They have more freshness on the way with Lewis CanCut's 'Neon Saxophone' EP which they were kind enough to give me early access to, and hence was all over the show like a rash tonight. The Cumbia Cosmonauts mix was the obvious go-to from my rabid persepctive, followed naturally by the S.D.P. rub.. but truth be told, there's not a duffer in sight and they've all found a well deserved home in the Traktor audio black hole. This is supposed to be dropping right about now (June 1) but in the meantime check this track, which I actually didn't play tonight but rocks like a crusty denim waistcoat on steroids.

Lewis's podcast/mixempeetree thingummyjig which you can check here is well worth a gander too..

Fling Hipi Duki Muzik into the search box at the top of this page and you'll come up with a huge chunk of the playlists from since the blog began... let's just say I'm sold. Their latest from Medellin, Colombia's Danny F veers over the doofometer on the Stinky spectrum in general but typically boasts a Doma Tornados remix that is a right grower. You can cop the whole EP for free so get to it if you fancy a bit of cumbia-tinged, minimal dancefloor tackle.


And Hipi Duki Muzik have been buuuuuuusy. They've also flung down the latest in their SoundAmerica series Volume 13, and this is a scorcher. Los Espiritus are StinkInc favourites Lido Pimienta and Antonio Jiminez (Maria y Jose) on a sneaky side collabo fandangle. Given their futuristic (yet soaked in tradition) and ruthlessly adventurous own musical projects, the trad nature of this mix might surprise, but it will not disappoint.

SOUNDAMERICA VOL 13 - Selected by Los Espiritus


I had planned a couple more tips for here and a bit more of a whaffle but it's late and I'm done, happy hunting... a ling. Oh and the picture at the top is taken by a lion who wandered off with one of them fancy wee remote control cameras fancy wildlife photographers use.

Oh and double don't forget AROMATHERAPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE on Thursday (last weeks was an early burly belter) and on Saturday all roads lead to the Minx for Club Sandwich with Geezer Guy, Cian & yours truly. Sure I'll be blabbing about that (and maybe whanging up the other gear that I haven't had time for tonight) later this week...