Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stinky Grooves 31.03.09 and Zurita-ta-ta-taaaaagh

Herb Tree - Collie Buddz (Massive B)
Bleep - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Vampire - Chezidek (Massive B)
What You Fighting For - Burro Banton (Massive B)
Informer - Kharri Kill (Massive B)
Nothing Beats A Trail But A Failure - Bugle
Inna Life (Instr) - Bugle
Sweat - Untold (Hot Flush)
Voices From The Night - Late (Disfigured Dubz)
Black Sun - Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Zariak - Joker (Grime Forum Free EP)
Digidesign - Joker (Hyperdub)
Husslin' - Busy Signal (Birchill)
Tek Back Yard - Beenie Man (Birchill)
Selassie Love Wi - Vybz Kartel (Birchill)
Last Man Standing - Vybz Kartel (Tads)
Nuh Bwoy - Busy Signal (Star Kutt)
Nah Help - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Tease Treaty Off - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Hustler - Collie Buddz (Massive B)
No Disturb Sign - Cecile (Danger Zone)
Old Time Hustler - Mr Vegas
Herbman Hustling - RSD
Prophecy - RSD (Angels Egg)
Late Night Blues (DJG bootleg) - Don Carlos
Koto - RSD (Angels Egg)
Saw, Sine, Square - Late (Disfigured Dubz)
What If - Kito (Disfigured Dubz)
Otherside Remix (Earth Is My Spaceship) - Boxcutter (Planet Mu)
Radiant - Jamie Vex'd (Planet Mu)
Chainsaw Calligraphy - 16 Bit (Boka)
Arctic Company - Prov (Grime Forum Free EP)
Wot U Got 4 My Pocket - Mz Bratt, Badness & DEvelopment (Lava U/Nit)
2 Far Gone - Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Suicide Cumbia - Zurita
It's Bigger Than Cumbia - Sonido Del Principe vs Dead Prez
El Botellon - Uproot Andy (Bersa Discos)
Live From Tigre Lounge - Multau Astatke & The Heliocentrics (Strut)
Space Junky - Bosco Delrey (Klash City)
Seven Thousand Pound Bee - Cherrystones (Lo Recordings)
Through Your Mind - The Time & Space Machine (5D)
To All The Wizards In Lockdown - Richard Norris (Lo Recordings)
My Eyes Adore You - Betty Padgett (Luv n Haight)
Let's Dub It Up - Leo Hall (BBE)
Never Never Never - Betty Padgett (Luv n Haight)
Soulful Times - Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
This Another Festival - Jackie Edwards (BBE)

Who knows? Maybe it's an end of financial year frenzy, or perhaps it's the little box of 7" magic that arrived on the doorstep this very afternoon from the wonderful Jet Set records in Kyoto (and Tokyo... lets not get pedantic), but tonight's show felt like a scorcher. Though others, (like the increasingly pricey Soundquake), have larger catalogues, Jet Set always seems to have a couple of 45's I need that I can't find elsewhere, and their prices and service can't be beat. I know 7"s are getting harder to come by, and the vast majority of DJs are content to play sterile files,  but that just makes me want to ensure I can get every possible standout sizzler possible. Jet Set also have many local delicacies, like whanged out Nipponese sludgey disco and bizarre hoo-ha that can't easily be found elsewhere, and currently even a 7" from Macka Pee, (I was tempted....) Would the Wolverhampton wonderer and veteran UK DJ Macka B be happy about that?
There's a whole heap of tunes I could have pulled out for a week long run on StinkInc, but for sheer audio audacity it has got to be Zarita's crazy Cumbiafied take on Suicide's untouchable 'Ghost Rider'. It's one of those so wrong it's right kinda things, and given my resistance to much of this bish-bosh-bashed together type of tackle which can often be artless and assembly line ... well I dig it. I've had long bouts of intense Suicide listening over the years, and I'd consider this a song that is really personal to me, so South San Telmo's Zurita has pulled the rabbit out of the proverbial hat with his minefield gymnastics on this one. 
There's a free download EP (with a cumbiatronique 'Stopper' el masho on there for Cutty fans) that you can pick up legitimately freeeeeee here from the worth checking Cabeza!  bootleg net label, though nothing really comes close to the majestic madness and font of frivolous fun that is the Vega & Rev Argentinian away-day. This has been posted on Mad Decent and/or  some other big billing blog so no doubt everyone and your nan has it, but just in case, mp3 below (just click on the divshare logo to get to the mp3 btw, as some folks are seemingly not familiar).
We'll get some more cumbia hooha up here soon... and tomorrow I'll fling up a little double local stinkclusive.



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stinky Grooves 24.03.09 Aagh Ess Dee & Onn Raaar

King Step (Unitone Hifi Dub) - Overproof Soundsystem
1000 Mile Dub - International Observer
Jah Jah Harmony - Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
Natty Congo Rides On - Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
Shock Shenactadys - Simplicity People ft Tommy McCook (BBE)
What Is Man - Delroy Wilson (BBE)

King (RSD Rmx) - UB40
Wadada (Tom Watson Rmx) - Prince Fari/Dub Syndicate
Herbman Hustling/Heavenless Rhythm  - RSD
Murderer (Remix) - Beenie Man & Barrington Levy
Ninja - Unknown
This Is Life (Rob Smith Rmx) - Dubblestandardt
It Was Written - Chasing Shadows
Love Love (L-Que & J Red Rmx) - O.G.
Grumble About It - Wrexile
Rocking Down The House - Stagger
Raining ?? - Landlord & Evergreen
Trample - RSD
Good Energy - RSD (Punch Drunk)
Late Night Blues - DJ G
Und - Peverleist
Fallen Angels - Visionary
Rise Up (Rob Smith Rmx) - Henry & Louis (2Kings)
? - RSD (R8)
? (RSD Rmx) - Pinch
? - Monkey
***** ROB SMITH ENDS *****

Cha Cha - Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics (Strut)
To All The Wizards On Lockdown - Richard Norris (Lo)
Dreams - Onra (Favourite)
Ordinary Life - Smashproof (Move The Crowd)
Call To Arms - Harmonic 313 (Warp)
Township Funk (Ikonika Rmx) - DJ Mujava (Warp)
Nice Green - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Dutty Artz)
King Step (Unitone HiFi Rmx) - Overproof Soundsystem (Elephant House)
Gold Dust - Earl Sixteen (Roots Garden)
Herb Dust - Nick Manasseh (Roots Garden)
Done Upon The Rhythm - Jackie Mittoo (Jamaican)
House Of Love - Beat Pharmacy (Wave Music)

Rob Smith.... phew! What a great set and lovely geezer, I'm raring for tomorrow night (except I won't be able to ask him 'what's this one?' virtually every track). I may well  have missed and mis-titled a few tunes during his sublime, best part of two hour, set. I do remember one of his Punch Drunk 12"'s making an appearance, and I'm pretty sure there was another track from the Welsh wonder Monkey, I'll be keeping a firm eye out for his gear in the future and several others from Robs futuristic rub-a-dub rhythm riot. Big thanks go out to Tom for making it happen and chaperoning Mr Smith.
Up this week is Onra's drop dead gorgeous 'Dreams', a track that Rob was quite taken with incidentally. It's from '1.0.8' which is now available on vinyl (Boomkat had it as album of the week, nice) and though I've been fortunate enough to have been thrashing  it from when he was over in November, it's a record that continues to grow on me. More Onra in this post and that one, non excuses monsieurs et madames buy buy buy .
(Onraspace) where you can buy '1.0.8' digitally for a paltry €5...get to it!
(buy) the LP

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This Just In - Rob Smith (RSD/Smith & Mighty) on Stinky Grooves tonight!!!

It's past 12... so today is tomorrow, if you know what I mean, but I've just confirmed Rob Smith will be joining me on Stinky Grooves this Tuesday (24.03.09) to spin a few tunes (proper oper vinyl and CDs, no frippery from this leg-end) and have a little chinwag, in anticipation of his appearance at 4.20 on Wednesday, and around the country following that. I'm pretty picky about folks coming up on Stinky Grooves (mainly in respect of the many mighty artists, producers  & DJ's that have visited since the early '90s, we don't have no riff raff) and I'm really excited about having Rob going over the bFM airwaves.
 The 'Steppers Delight EP' is one of the all time great 12"s in my estimation and it was stuck in my box for literally years, I still haul it out, and every time it gets an airing it's as timeless and monstrous as ever. You can pick it up for a very reasonable price at Discogs, and working in Real Groovy at the time of its release I can testify to there being a good 50+ copies floating around Auckland, because that was hot cakes business back then (alongside all the good S.U.A.D. hoo-ha, klonk records and other malarkey Mr Buchanan and myself were similarly taken by.)
Some of the earlier 3 Stripe material is more firmly linked to its time, but no less potent and revolutionary, and the dubwise business of Henry & Louis has often floated my boat. With its phenomenal depth and the experience of all those years on the boards shining through, Rob's solo R.S.D. gear over the last few years has exposed the lightweightness of much of the sample-CD soundbite, dibby dibby dudestep action that litters the shelves these days. 

Unfortunately though I have much vinyl I don't have any R.S.D. digitally so let's settle for a trio of Smith & Mighty scorchers close to hand, and look forward to this Bristolian beat bandit getting his renk on in AK over the next couple of days.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Heatwavin' Hooteanny


Most times it's hard enough to squeeze a half-legible post out of my own sorry self, let alone giving anyone else's trumpet a parp. However when the gregarious Gabriel from London nouveau-bashmenteers Heatwave slipped me a mail kindly asking if I could shine a light on their renkingly robust Rowdy Bashment 2008 mix.... well how could I resist?

For those that don't know.... more's the pity. Their own bloggy activities are often so in tune with my personal flavours that it's uncanny, last week I played Mr (not very retired) Vegas's excellent 'Herbman Hustling' remake, the next day it pops up here. I pick out the refreshing bounce of 'No Disturb Sign' (also on the welcome return of the 'Heavenless' rhythm) from Cecile's re-vamped 'Worth It' album as a must-play on Stinky Grooves, and before I even had the chance to run it, well looky here.

It was their stunning (and still superior) mix for the Blogarhythms series that spawned Soul Jazz's mighty 'England Story' comp, and even though I wish someone would put the END in blend, their Punchline label has always had enough of a different angle to maintain interest. Quite simply they've got it going on.

Soooo it's a privilege to be able to link you to this little dose of rawkus reggaematical business they have put together, called Rowdy Bashment 2008. Typically it's chopped up like a samurai swordsman going for a productivity bonus, untypically the selection is tighter than a weta's battyhole, reminding me of when mixtapes were actually something you bought from dodgy fellers on the street, and shady shops in Fulton Mall, and the like.

Enough of my endless drivel, hit the links below and cop 79 tracks in 74 minutes, plenty of these were picked out for Stinky Grooves over the last year or so, and many that I passed on rub up just right in the truncated terrordome that is ....... ROWDY BASHMENT 2008.

Get Rowdy Bashment 2008
here (direct from source) here (ZShare) or here (Sendspace)
tracklist inna telephone directory style and fashion here
check the Heatwave site


If you'd like to send me anything for potential posteration right here, or radio/review/etc, then please do.  Just check the newly installed button to my dropbox at SoundCloud on the right, it's ridonkulously simple, and much less messy than  all that share this and that fandangle. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Something for the weekend, sir?


It's post-mania here at StinkInc and there's more... yes more ..to come.
Firstly, heralded by the previously unpublished shots from the 'Superman You're Crying' video shoot above, I think time for a wee rah about this Friday's SJD gig in the Famous Speigeltent, currently located in the non space that is the Aotea Square.
Last AK Festival a couple of years ago, Slowdeck and myself got a chance to check out Aronas in the historical poled construction and it was gently mindblowing, at the end of a Friday arvo to be sitting in an atmosphere drenched, 87 year old tent (down the bottom of town that time) with a couple of beers, hearing some genuinely next level, fiercely percussive, proper-oper jazz business. Piano prodigy Aron Ottignon has shifted his fierce fingers (and the rest of him, and band) over to the UK, and as this Guardian review shows, Slowie and myself aren't alone in nutting out over this band.

As ever, I digress. No Aronas this time at the Fest, but at the more suitable (kinda) hour of 11.30 PM, SJD and highly esteemed combo will be laying on a lengthy stroll through their musical hinterlands which I, for one, am double plus looking forward to. This is a perfect venue for some Sean Donnelley sophistication (and Daddy Dom wisecracks) and furthermore this will, almost undoubtedly, be the last SJD appearance in Auckland for a good, long while. The last time I saw 'em have a proper stretch out up at the Leigh Sawmill in November, with stoic and stunning support from Bachelorette, it was simply monstrous, I'm counting on nothing less than mind-melding magnificence. For a limited time, heres something relatively old (from 'Lost Soul Music') and something relatively new (from 'Dayglo Spectres') SJD-wise, alongside something relatively blue and deeply driving from Aronas. Hitch yerself to these tunes forthwith, and don't be afraid to use the links to support your stereophonic sport.

(buy) all shades of SJD gear from here or lots of other places
(Tickets) for Fridays Speigeleration
(buy) the reconstituted Aronas 'Culture Tunnel' CD from here, can't find any online NZ sellers..



Here's a short promo clip-ette made by Sean Grattan, and it would be churlish not to include the 'Superman You're Crying' video from 2004, which was extracted from the fevered imagination, production prowess and directorial deliciousness of Dominic & Simon Taylor. 


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stinky Grooves 17.03.09 & some Pritchard Mujaveration

Old School Hustling - Mr Vegas (Kilimanjaro)
Know Fi Love Dem Up - Josey Wales & Assassin (Big Yard)
Bad Man/La La (Fardah P Mix) - Lady Saw/Delfonics
Bad Man Goin Cry - Lady Saw (Big Yard)
Spliff Tail - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Priority - Assassin (Jukeboxx)
Warzone - Peetah (Jukeboxx)
Love Is Lovely - Beenie Man (Jukeboxx)
Dubwise Version - Shane Brown (Jukeboxx)
Dewel - Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics (Strut)
Cha Cha  - Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics (Strut) 
Calzado - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Genuino- Chyno Nino & Tego Calderon
No Disturb Sign - Cecile (Danger Zone)
Inna Life/Instr - Laden (Chimney)
Too Fast - Vybz Kartel (Don Corleone)
Dem Fi Know Dat - Cham (Big Ship)
Peace Treaty Put Off - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Dem Nuh Have - Bling Dawg
Push Bumper (Rmx) - Machel Montano & Busy Signal (Ruf Rex)
No Tracing (Pop Champagne) - Busy Signal 
Da Game Been Good To Me (Instr) - UGK (Jive)
La La La - Time & Space Machine (5D)
Time & Space Taxi - Time & Space Machine (5D)
When Doves Cry - Hollywood Mon Amour  ft Daneah (PIAS)
Yawn Yawn Yawn - Sth Notional (Claremont 56)
Rally Version - Nick Manasseh (Roots Garden)
Township Funk (Mark Pritchards Version Excursion) - DJ Mujava (Warp)
Time - Beat Pharmacy ft Damon Aaron (Wave Music)
Black Sun - Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Milk Thistle - Cardopusher (Lo Dubs)
Deathroll - Red Snapper (Lo Recordings)
Addis Black Widow - Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics (Strut)
The Edge (Skip On Beat Rmx) - Mophono (Space Gallery)
Space Junky - Bosco Delrey (Klash City)
Psychedelic Circus - Time & Space Machine (5D)
Major Blitzkreig (22 Inch Wife Rmx) - Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Texas Rangers - Zombie Zombie (Versatile)

I've got a right ripper for you this week that was originally destined for the previous post, before I got tangled up in me tangents and votnot. This track was remix/rinsed-dry by every Tom, Dick & Diplo-wannabe last year, and most of 'em just removed the brilliant simplicity and right-wrongness of a track that sounds like a bunch of different things, in one gloriously booming package. Township Funk feels to me like hyped-up dancehall beats meeting L.F.O.'s African cousins inna Pretorian pressure-cooker showdown - or something like that. It's phenomenal on a big system, yet it's also got a touch of the revenge of the ringtone. DJ Mujava has created a one-off crucial conundrum, and I had a blah about it here in the '08 list.

Stepping up to the unenviable task of officially remixing (rather than just retooling for scene gratification) is a former guest on Stinky Grooves (and what a set of subsonic stenchworthyness he flung down!)  - Mark Pritchard. The Harmonic 313 album 'When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence'  continues to grow in my favours but this is some other business, creating a differently conundrumonising cut of majestic proportions. Enough virulent verbosity, have a preview below and then invest in said 12", available locally through Border and in good vinyl vendors left, right and centre elsewhere.
(buy) waxilly or digitalistically from (beatport)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Messed-up mix-up, no blend.

With that pesky Top 100 tunes finally over, and a lesson learnt for this novice blogger, it feels like time for a few little low-stress posts, for a bit of balance. Well.... that's what I imagined, though typically it has got more complicated, divergent and long winded in the process.
There's been a few fresh gems touching down on wonderful wax this week, that have had me hanging around the decks like a man entranced. We spoke of 'Roots Garden Showcase 2' a week or two back, with the impossibly up-full Earl Sixteen cut 'Gold Dust' leaving purchase inevitable, well that and Nick Manasseh's veritably vital dub. None of the other vocals (Freddie McGregor, Danny Red etc) have really reached me in the same way, though somewhat predictably there's absolutely no complaint with any of the versions. With dub becoming an even more mis-used and overly bandied-about term (especially round these parts), it's refreshing to hear some proper modern tackle, from a man who knows his way around a mixing board, and has classical music training to boot.
That arrived with a bunch of cuts on Shane 'Jukeboxx' Brown's 'Dubwise' rhythm, which is a timeless treasure that is thankfully done justice with the quality of the vocal cuts. True to form it's Busy Signal's 'Spliff Tail' that has been getting the rub of the stinky green, but Assassin's 'Priority' is also a very tough contender, with Peetah's 'Warzone' and Beenie's 'Love Is Lovely' rounding out a package that is even stronger than the 'Nylon'. Particularly loving the little extended outro on 'Spliff Tail', and the version is sublime, but I aint posting that ... so buy a 7" or the series purlease.
(buy) or Beat Merchants would be the spot for local yokels
Signor Signal ponders...hmmm...find his myspace and web details all over this blog

Assassin looking windswept and interesting
Photobucket Photobucket


Picking up that handsome little stack from the fresh shipment of Ernie B-age at Beat Merchants,  it looked like I'm far from alone in rating this one, with Jukeboxx 7"s in almost every lucky customers pile. 
Another popular selection will surely be Lady Saw's 'Bad Man Goin Cry' which comes with a choice pairing up of the veteran outlaw Josey Wales and that man Assassin again on the flip. The rhythm is of course little more than a whopping great chunk of 'La La Means I Love You' by the Delfonics, as used by Ghostface to stunning effect on 'Holla'. It's a long time personal favourite in the utterly sodden soppy songs department round at Stinky Mansions, and potty mouthed Mz Saw is just the lass to give its some estrogenic sass. For good measure have a slurp on the sumptuous original and the late Alton Ellis's sweet version for Treasure Isle. I have a few more versions up my sleeve, quite a few more, but let's try and employ some moderation for once.
(buy) or BM in NZ
(buy) yourself a little OG la la on cee dee
(buy) the brilliant Impalaville mix CD by NYC legend Johnny Paycheck which includes this cut and 27 other crucial portions of musical comfort food (soul, latin, r'n'b and other pertinent late night riding joints) done up as a rocking radio show. This is a  big Sunday favourite round our gaff, seriously.. seriously.. worth checking.

(buy) the Alton Ellis  7" or
(buy) it on this crammed 3 CD Treasure Isle comp for a piffling price 

Right.... before I got off on that tangent, I had another tangent in mind which related to Assassin, an artist who just never seems to get the respect he should. As is witnessed on 'Priority', and his criminally under-rated and enjoyably wide-screen 'Gully Sitt'n' album from a couple of years back, he's often lyrically exceptional and far more flexible than many of his more celebrated contemporaries. I was supposed to interview him around the time of that album, but disappointingly it fell through. However moving further tangentially south I have been giving a bit of thought to the untouchable Madhouse supremo Dave Kelly and his spar Cham following an excellent post and robust discussion (which I chimed in at the end of) on wayneandwax. I had a natter with Cham from his Miami family home (replete with bawling pickneys in the background) prior to the release of the 'Ghetto Story' album, and after getting his diplomatic responses to the plethora of do-overs of the title track, and his less diplomatic but still well reasoned thoughts on Beenie and Bounty and their beef and grief towards him, the subject of Assassin came up. I rated his response, though I don't think it made it into the final piece.
"I've had people in JA say Assassin sound like you, people have wanted me to have beef with him, but yet still I've grown to know the individual and see that this kid has so much potential. We even recorded the man on two of our beats, we even called him on stage so people can see I aint dealing with none of that bad mind, trying to hold down someone. I reached out to Dave and told him, ‘we need to get this kid on a beat, give him some guidance’. I don't understand the beefing, when them talk about personal things in songs, that isn't lyrics, that isn't competition. If you want that lets make crazy, big tunes, see who can do that for 5 years."
Even though Atlantic made a hot mess out of promoting his album, and it suffered a mild case of Kardinalitus with it's overstuffed guest list, he's clearly on another path to those he came up with. His phenomenally successful working partnership with Kelly has resulted in an artist who can come up with something as gully and sincere as Ghetto Story or Conscience that hits like a scud at street level, yet also speak easily and knowledgeably about radio PD's, marketing and reading books to get his mentality on a different level.
He said a lot of smart stuff, and reading back through it, I particularly like his response when I asked him whether it was hard to contain himself to a few releases a year in complete contrast to almost everyone else in the JA industry.
"That’s the thing about it when I just started out because I had so many things to say it was a little hard, because you have so much inside you that you want to say two songs, three songs a day. Until I bought into the system, I saw that the system was really working,  separating me from the pack. At the end of the day what I got to realise was, I went to do a song for this producer and meanwhile I was recording he wasn’t even giving me pointers. Like nothing, he wasn’t even telling me to stop. When I finished recording I said to him ‘are you going to listen to it again to make sure it’s alright?’ And his remark was ‘nah that’s cool you were bought up by the great Dave Kelly’. That means if something gone wrong you’re not even going to hear, you’re just happy that you’ve got a Cham on tape and you can bargain a certain amount of money for that. So from thereon then I never even look at producers, whether they’re going to serve me good or not I just stick to the one because Dave is the type of guy who if I’m in the studio, and it’s not right he will send me home with it. No matter how famous or popular I got, that’s the same from day one. We do it again and again, until it right. Next producer’s not going to bother with that, he just knows it’s Cham, 'I know I can sell a couple of units, I can bargain X amount of money with a distributor for that'. I’m afraid of people hearing stuff out there that’s not up to the par that I’m really capable of doing."

There was a lot more worthwhile stuff and I would consider tidying up the transcript and posting the whole fandangle but I reckon thats more (like several thousand words) than most folks would want to read, let me know if you don't think that's so. So just to be contrary to what Cham just said I'm posting a brand new, non-Kelly, Cham track with him riding the young genius McGregor's 'Adovcate' rhythm. This ones a grower, unlike the clips below which were both instantaneous love at first site biz.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stinky Grooves 10.03.09 & a soupcon of Higamos Hogamos-ity

A Land For Renegades - Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
Infinity Plus One (Emperor Machine Dub) - Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Coombia Del Piano Triste - El Trip Selector (ZZK)
Speech Nah You Freedom - Bugle  (Chimney)
Nah Go A Jail (Remix) - Busy Signal ft Maino (Cipha Sounds)
From Dem Dis - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Tira Tu Paso (Step Out) - Mr Saiko ft Busy Signal
Payaso Pt 2 - Chyno Nino ft Tego Calderon
Gimme A Chance - Azealia Banks
Bout My Money - Joel Ortiz (Koch Records)
Sky Might Fall - Kid Cudi (GOOD)
Come Closer - Onra (Favourite)
Birds Of Prey (Fulgeance Rmx) - Architeq (Tirk)
Seven Thousand Pound Bee - Cherrystones (Lo Recordings)
Lovefingers (DJ Harvey Edit) - Silver Apples (Black Cock)
Starlight Noodle - Silver Apples
Jay Rules - Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
Psychic Harmonia 2 - Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
The Hidden Door - Belbury Poly (Ghost Box)
Flaash - Harmonic 313 (Warp)
Euros Vs Dollars (Pilooski Edit) - Octet (Dirty)
Double Dragon - Cardopusher (Lo Dubs)
Spaceman - Zomby (Hyperdub)
One Day - Sarantis ft Bunnington Judah (Senseless)
Ghostship - Beat Pharmacy ft Spaceape (Wave Music)
Strangers -  Beat Pharmacy ft Spaceape (Wave Music)
You Don't Know What Love Is - 2000F (Hyperdub)
Kingstep (Unitone HiFi Rmx) - Overproof Soundsystem (Elephant House)
Herb Dust - Nick Manasseh (Roots Garden)
Binman Dub - International Observer
Corn Man - King Tubby & The Observer All Stars (Greensleeves)
I Roy The Chiney Come Around - Derrick Morgan (Pressure Sounds)
Straight to I Roys Big Mouth - King Tubby & The Aggrovators (Pressure Sounds)
Straight To Derrrick Morgans Head - I Roy (Pressure Sounds)
Straight To Trico Lee's Head - King Tubby & The Aggrovators (Pressure Sounds)
Lifes A Gas - Black Mustang vs Kerrier District (Lo Recordings)
Uli, Mein Ponyhof Remix - Carl Craig, Moritz Von Oswald (Deutsche Gramophon)

In suiting what started off as a fairly dark and dank electroniqiod show this weeks pullout is a sly wee Emperor Machine dub of DC Recordings shiny new cab on the rank, Higamos Hogamos. This duo, made up of the exotically monikered Squire of Somerton and The Black Neon (ok Steve Webster and Toby Jenkins), are cooking a mighty mess of motorik mightyness in their synth splattered kitchen. Their debut EP featuring the ballbustingly brilliant The Illumanoids (which you can check out at the marvelous RCRDLBL) is troubling the vendors of superlative waxy black purchases around the glob, as I type. The album is mere weeks away (23d of this month) and it already has the makings of something that will cause me to drool like a fool. There's a lot of folks (the good, the sad and the insipid) claiming krautrock, scuffley shoegaze and noveau-school psychedelia as their calling cards these days, but these two shady fellows have got a solid dose of their own thing going on. 
DC just seems to go from strength to strength to the extent that they are getting downright scary.... what will they come up with next?? Can their superior weirdbeard electronics magnet continue to attract such fantastic filings... I suspect so and these dark times may be perfectly in-sync (or dare I say in-stink) with their stupefying stable. 
You can check about where their suitably fruity name comes from and their Fort Lauderdale past etc etc in the links below, there's a few other tracks floating around out there so search and should you respond favourably - pursue with every muscle in your body.

(buy) the first 12", NB This track is not on it but it does have a storming Depth Charge remix.
N.M.E. has a download of another remix here

Friday, March 6, 2009

At frikking last - the toppa top 10 of 2008... the odyssey ends.....

Well this has certainly been a lesson in biting off more than you can chew for the novice blogger, originally I intended to have this list over by the end of January. It's March. Next time something more manageable, or a lot more preparation. This albatrossesque list has kept me from doing a lot of other stuff on the blog (like whopping up some more posts with Jason's JA pics, getting round to half the things I've promised etc etc) especially because these posts have taken a fair bit of getting together, and my apologies for that. Honwards and cupwards from here on in.
divSHARE was playing up when I was finishing off this lengthy post, so there's also a link to the files on Mediafire on the titles of all the posted tracks. Let's get this done.

10. On The Rock – Mavado (Baby G)
Yet another that technically may have been an '07 release but really came through strongest in '08, especially helped by its Barrack Obama version for Green Lantern. Mr Brooks may have flopped out in his (somewhat ludicrous and not that entertaining) clash with Vybz Kartel at Sting, but on the right tune (and in the right key) he can be unstoppable. Written about the police bust of his birthday party this is a modern dancehall classic that I was compelled to play loudly and frequently for quite some time, much to the chagrin of my better half who is not such a big Mavado fan. Points and prizes to Jammy's and sons (Baby G in this case) for the mightyness of the Mission rhythm too, even if it is only a sliver away from the also excellent Shootout. Strangely I can't find the 7" available from any of my regular lurking spots but it's on a number of comps, so get yer google on.
Mavado sneakers, like you do.

09. Honey (Moody Boyz Remix) – Erykah Badu (White)
For one reason and another I feel a special attachment to this one and personally I rate it up there with the very best from Mr Tony of Thorpe. Curiously enough the original is one of my least favoured tracks on the excellent album it's taken from, though the video really made the song. I would chuck it up (ooh err) but you're not allowed to embed it, because you know promoting the music and stuff is a bad idea according to someone or other. The saucy, sold out white label 12"s were limited to a 300 run  however eagle eyed spotters can still find the 7", which has a very usable edit, though sadly no dub.
You get some interesting results when searching for moody boys. Here's the Tibetan moodmesiters.
The 12"
The 7"

08. A Trader Of Furs Living In Exile (Quiet Village Rmx) – Luger E-Go (Crue-L)
This could almost as easily have been the original A side version by Kenji Takumi, a subdued housing rumble with cat cries and depth.....deep, deep.. unfathomable depth. However there would be something severely amiss if there wasn't a Quiet Village remix on the top shelf of this seemingly endless listeration. I really like the way Quiet Village have followed two distinctive paths for remixes and their 'original' tracks.  It's their more modernist and relentlessly spaced out remixes that mow my musical lawn (not to denigrate the excellent 'Silent Movie' in the slightest). Speaking to Matt Edwards around the time of their album release he said that the latest material they were working on was more in the vein of their remixes, which will definitely keep my #1 fanboy enthusiasm flowing. Unfortunately this fortified fifth of an hour seems exceptionally hard to find now though Matt did mention the possibility of a QV remix album (well actually I hassled him about it, especially as I have already done my own double disc version in the Stinkmix series), in the meantime have a taste below.
07. Gullybrook Lane - Joker (Terrorhythm)
What to say about this HUGE tune? Joker simply makes tracks that sound like no-one elses, refuse to sit neatly in anyone's genre trap and appear to be flown in from some part of the future no-one else is imagining. I dont think I've heard a track by this geezer that hasn't blown me away yet, nuff said.

06. More Hardcore – Lenky Don (Starlight)
This was a big tune for me, and I'm still not quite sure how an American based artist (of T'n'T origins) managed to buck up on such a grimey rhythm before furnishing it with a phenomenal flow. I was so taken with it, I ended up hailing Lenky through the potty portal that is MySpace and interviewing him for Real Groove alongside the similarly forward 77Klash. Based on this track alone (and there's an as yet unfinished, autotune one-drop version that aint half bad too, and got folks asking when I ran it on Stinky Grooves) we ended up getting Lenky to do a vocal on a forthcoming Unitone HiFi tune, which is a potential right scorcher that was put down on a very, very hazy October morning in East Brooklyn. You'll be hearing it here first but in the meantime check this gem from a lovely geezer who is well worth keeping a proverbial eye on.


05. The Anthem - Onra (Favourite)
A monstrous slip of a tune from the French beat-homme with the Vietnamese heritage. We had a good old rah bout Onra here. Brilliant to see this has been issued on 45 especially as I think the vinyl album pressing is sold out and done. Don't want to make this the sycophantic section of the list but Onra is yet another luvverly feller.
(buy 7")
(buy album)
Onra and the Coke debacle with this song. From the excellent Pinglewood.
This is the new Onra album, is good.

04. Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Fuck Buttons (ATP Records)
Just listen as the Bristolian duo get their already monstrous tune gently doofed by the Son of Slough. Took me a while to track this down but apparently the linked spot below has it. Best of everything in one mix, genius stuff.
There could have been a whole heap more Busy throughout this list, as Joker is to dudestep, Signor Signal is to dancehall.... basically totally on another level. This tune astounded me...no drums, like none. And are they missed? Are they necessary? Not in the slightest. Apparently he wrote the basis of this rhythm (and there isn't much more to it than the basic basis) himself, even though it's credited to Shawn Scott and the mighty SSMG label. If that's the case (and I have no reason to doubt it) then I want to hear more from this prodigiously talented geez so long as it doesn't preclude him from cutting sides with his manager Shane 'Jukeboxx' Brown, Daseca or any of the little Jammy's. I have woffled on about the greatness of Busy here previously (about every 3d post) and no doubt will be doing again so let's leave it at that. Due to hassles has with takedown notices on gear that appeared on his VP album (you find it, I aint promoting it for them peoples anymore!) I've only posted 'Caan Beat We' which is his 2nd cut on the rhythm, and though it didnt cause quite the same splash it's no less of a farkin ripper.
(buy) 'Caan Beat We' from here 'Cool Baby'/'Kool It Baby' is no longer easily about.

02. The Crash Theme - Bot'ox (DC Recordings)
At the time when I was also foolishly proposing to do a top 30 albums of '07 'Death Before Disptemper 2 - Revenge Of The Iron Ferret' the DC Recordings comp was duking it out for the top spot. It's definitely one of my most played and loved albums for the year, especially as it stretched the definitions of the the DC organisation even further with impeccably picked-out and surprising tracks from non-label artists. 'Heal Us' from 69 Crayons was a proper little (actually quite big) hit on the 95bFM playlist and didnt make it in this list through nothing but my own stoopidity and trying to juggle priorities, but this atmosphere drenched masterpiece is truly the pick of the bunch without a shadow of doubt for me. Cosmo Vitelli and Julian Briffaz are Bot'Ox and there is an album on the way, how incredibly exciting that is. There's a real theme (beyond the automotive) and feel to their gear, and it's little surprise that DFA picked up their excellent Babylon By Car/Tragedy Symphony 12" for release, don't sleep on their 'Crashed Cadillac' track either (there are vinyl and mp3 links to buy at the Bot'Ox MoiSpace page below) there's absolutely no toxicity here. If you haven't heard this track, I urge and implore you to check the mp3, and then point your monetary device towards the nearest vendor of this compilation, which is more mint than an explosion at the Colgate factory.
Here's some blurbulation I wrote about this splendid record for the Listener.

01. The Healer - Erykah Badu (Motown)
Another tune that I got well obsessed with for a longggg period of time. In all honesty I've never been a big Erykah Badu fan, there's been tunes here and there over the years, this is some other business. From what I've heard Badu should also be getting credit on the instrumental alongside Madlib, but why quibble when the result is so unique and magnificent. Unfortunately I can't post the track or embed the vid, it shouldn't be hard to find out there if you somehow haven't already acquainted yourself with it. Fucking brilliant record!!
Even better (buy) this 12" and you have the instrumental..... what an instrumental!!
Me blahing on about Badu for the Listener
Living With Baduizm... seriously check this bit of Nah Right vintage pisstakery.

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