Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Stinky Grooves 25.05.10 and some rhythmic reasoning from Styrelsen


As Mi Forward - Busy Signal & Million Styles (Necessary Mayhem)
Money Friend - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
45 Special - Little John (Necessary Mayhem)
Land Of Promise (ft Dennis Brown) - Damian Marley & Nas (VP)
As We Enter (RCN Rmx) - Damian Marley & Nas (VP)
Equality & Sub For All (Wrongtom Rmx) - Pama International (Rockers Revolt)
Better Whine - Ikaya
Abrazame (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Los Rakas
El Congelador - Dany F (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Too Early - Sandro Delapedro (SDsoundcloud)
Donador De Organo En Tumbia - Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (Contra Discos)
La Incomfortable (Shakalakazoo Rmx) - The Binary Cumbia Orchestra (SHKLKZOOsoundcloud)
Kingston Logic vs El Marranazo - Terry Lynn (ADSoundcloud)
Wa Do Dem (Andres Digital Cumbia Rmx) - Eek A Mouse (ADSoundcloud)
Dance To My Beat Guacha - P Killa Bwoi (Cabeza!)
Tumbia Del Mar - Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (Contra Discos)
Afro - Clause Four (Fye)
Push On - Christopher El'Truento (Hip Drop)
The Look - Houseshoes (All City)
Ancient Treasures (Instr) - Paul White (One Handed Music)
Tocata Y Fug - Fusioon (Finders Keepers)
Jungle Fever - Afrosound (Vampi Soul)
Combate A Kung Fu - Wganda Kenya (Vampi Soul)
La Trompeta Loca - Wganda Kenya (Vampi Soul)
Aki Special - Prince Nico Mbarga (Rounder)
Ibhithi Wobble Remix - Doma Tornados/Jumping Back Slash (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Fantastique (Doma Tornados Rmx) - Dany F (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Coffee - Swindle (Planet Mu)
Tango - Guido (Punch Drunk)
Love You To Life (Digital Mystikz Rmx) - Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
The Machine - Loungeside (Core 2.1)
Paa Rett Sted Til Feil Tid - Dennis Jr (Akustikk Recordings)
Give Me The Love - Space Invadas (Invada)
Anchor Records - Paul White (One Handed)
Drunk Girls - Wooden Shjips (DFA)
Iron Man - Soreng Sani (Finders Keepers)
Dub Fai Kui Gun - Soreng Sani (Finders Keepers)
Por Las Viejas Calles (Backstreet Luv) - Control (Finders Keepers)
Zorongo - Alfonso Santisteban (Finders Keepers)
La Verdad - Soldedad Miranda (Finders Keepers)
The Crawling Thing - Alphabethead (Hip Drop)
Belisha Beacon - Funki Porcini (Ninja Tune)
Guiyoe - Konono No 1 (Crammed)
Quoi - Styrelsen & Chords (Styrelsen)
The Fallen Siren - Culoe De Song (Mule)
Luna - Geiom (Soul Motive)

Bit done in today after finishing off the Mulatu review finally and what turned into a fairly serious day of show prep and marathon music checking. That may also have accounted for a show that was at times little more than a dismal series of cock-ups and snafu's, luckily the music was on point, even if I wasn't. There's a few links to investigate on the playlist for the keen and I can't help but think that's healthier than just pinging a track up for folks who are just too busy or lazy to move that mouse and clickulate.
However because I'm soft as shite, here's a right little ripper for you. Swedish duo Styrelsen are Vladimir Vassilev and Joel Carlsson (whose cumbia tunes are invariably fire and also does the excellent Emayo Cutz blog) and another feller Chords who is also a rapper (though not here) by all accounts, and who I don't really know jack about. Hanyways it's on an Afro/funky (in both the old and the new meaning)/played and programmed/whatever you want to call it/very modern kind of type buzz... but one that manages to avoid the usual cliches, and that kind of sneaks up on you from behind until you're asking yourself what the bejeezus that vibes riff is thats running around your head a day later is... it's this track.
Enough of my yakking, on with the music. This is a 192 up for a week, do your ears a favour and invest in proper oper quality..eh!

Buy the 'Peace, Drums & Understanding EP' including 'Quoi' from Juno or iTunes etcteration..



And Aromatherapy will be whafting its' wondrous way as ever this Thursday at the Ginger Minx, last week was the first really quiet one we've had - hardly surprising given the manky monsoon and dismal deluge we've been going through but it would be good to see a few folk enjoying the free-range fires, brilliantine barkeepery, vital vittles, awesome ambience not to mention a whole bunch of tunes that I'm not able to play on the radio yet... and the rest..Phew..and its free, what's not to like.
Also coming up next week at the Ginger Minx is this grand fusion of the forces as the three ex-pat dodge-ateers bring the butter and aren't fussed about the crust - CLUB SANDWICH!!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mulatu in Melbourne with The Black Jesus Experience- a few words


You would think by now that I would have learned that I shouldn't promise anything on the blog, yet I keep doing it in some vague hope that it will make more accountable..at least to myself. So I did promise a review of the Mulatu's Australian appearances, and I've given it a fair bit of thought (not really too much of a fan of reading or writing live reviews for various reasons) without any concrete action.

There are very few living artists I can think of who would tempt me across the Tasman these days, aside from RTM gigs I have been getting pickier and pickier overall, and that suits me just fine. However when Mulatu told me he was going to be playing at the Melbourne Jazz Festival while interviewing him for this very blog last year, rational thought went out the window. After establishing that getting him over this way wasn't looking likely, it was a simple stumble through plane tickets and alerting fellow Mulatee's in Melbourne to the ticket release etc.

When a bonus performance in Fed Square was announced a few weeks for the Saturday afternoon, well things just kept getting better and better. That three song workout was sublime, though noticeably a touch nervier and less assured than Monday night's full set. The Black Jesus Experience became just the third international band band to get Mulatu's seal of approval (alongside The Heliocentrics and Boston's Either/Orchestra) to back him, after he checked them touring Ethiopia last year, and actually asked them, to do him the favour of playing his music. With three months of practice (it's all about the threes innit, he played three shows in Melbourne..spooky) and the assistance and direction of the Heliocentrics multi-instrumentalist James Arbon they, they were comfortably tight, on the Saturday and fully blistering on the sold out Monday night show (with an extra performance tucked in for those that were beaten by the uptake for the original appointment).


My insurmountable enthusiasm about not missing out on this show meant that we actually ended up with front row tickets pretty much right in front of Mualtu. Usually I'm not keen on the first few rows, the sound is rarely at its best, the view can often be similarly restricted and there's a ton of other reasons it's best left to rabid devotees and those who want to be close. In this case the sound was absolutely fine, and the experience of being so close to the action and being able to see musicians expressions and the minutiae was absorbing. Hearing Mulatu hum as he played the vibes, or seeing him slightly sticking his tongue out on the tricky bits was priceless, so were the occasional looks and chats exchanged by the band members as they nailed it time and time again.

RRR's DJ Johnathan Alley kicked the night off with a relaxed set of vital roots, afro gear and whatnot before The Black Jesus Experience opened up with a brace of their own songs, including vocals from Enushu Taye and MC one sixth. When Mulatu appeared, made a beautiful humble introduction and they all launched into Dewel with it's slithering horn lines and resoundingly funky rhythm, well lets just say that special doesn't begin to cover it. For what must have been the best part of regulation time with no stoppages, they fired through a set that took in material from Mulatu's recent recordings (Cha Cha, Chik Chika) his New York period (Dewel in a version that I preferred to his take with the Heliocentrics, and the song he introduced so touchingly - Mulatu) and that classic Golden Age business (the rest).

Mulatu predominantly veered between the vibes and his trusty snares, with just one song at the keyboard and a blinding conga solo that justifiably drew much appreciation. His mana and charisma were well evident throughout, and it was a privilege to see him smiling to himself, playing away obviously getting a huge charge from hearing his music being played so passionately in this furtherest of spots. Picking members of The Black Jesus Experience out for special mention would be cruel as every single player was on the money, with no overplaying or superfluous fluff throughout. It was pure quality seeing how well James Arbon fitted in and vice versa, and if the rumours of a rematch later this year prove founded then I think we must ensure at least one New Zealand date.

There's a great interview here on the ABC site here, which I can't embed but does include footage from the Federation Square gig too. This is well worth watching. There's a video of them rehearsing at The Horn (where you can eat Ethio nosh and check The Black Jesus Experience weekly) also from the ABC (bless 'em) here.
Setlist and players below. Props to the Melbourne Jazz Festival for making this happen and doing it right, and Peter Harper from The Black Jesus Experience for the info, set lists, and some righteous saxophone and whatnot. The shots from the venue are from The Black Jesus Experience myspace, please do check them out and friend 'em up.


Alto Peter Harper,
Trumpet Ian Dixon,
Drums Pat Kearney,
Bass CassaWarrior,
Percussion Souren Chakerian,
Keys Thai Matus,
Guitar Nash Lee,
Tenor etc James Arbon (Heliocentrics)

Vibes, Keys, Percussion Mulatu Astatke

1: BB
2: The Sun, The Moon, The Truth
----Mulatu introduced ---
3: Dewell
4: Yekermo Sew
5: Mulatu
6: Cha Cha
7: Netsanet
8: Chik Chikka
9: Yegelle Tezeta

10: Yekatit (Encore).

The three albums below are all readily available though Strut (Border locally) they are all essential, get to it.



Stinky Grooves 18.05.10 updated and Cumbia vets represent


Donador De Organo En Tumbia - Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (Contra Discos)
Baile Tumbia - Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (Contra Discos)
Abrazame (Uproot Andy mix) - Los Rakas (dutty artz)
Hold Ya (Nikki Remix Yuh) - Gyptian & Nikki Minaj (VP)
Hold You (Version) - Gyptian (VP)
Nonsensical (Uproot Andy Dub Mix) - Forro In The Dark (Shock)
Colegiala Pon De Floor (Copyflex Mixup) - Copia Doble Systema vs Major Lazer
Step Up In Dem Face (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) - Burru Banton (Cabeza!)
Dun Dun (Frikstailers Rmx) - Los Rakas
Hair Dresser Shop - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Clarks - Vybz Kartel, Popcaan (Tads)
Clarks Again - Vybz Kartel (Head Concussion)
Clarks 3 (Wear What Yu Want) - Vybz Kartel
Land Of Promise (ft Dennis Brown) - Damian Marley & Nas (VP)
Fire Version - Turbo Belly
MmmHmm - Flying Lotus feat Thundercat (Warp)
Recoiled - Flying Lotus (Warp)
Zodiac Shit - Flying Lotus (Warp)
Love You To Life (Mala/Digital Mystikz Rmx) - Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Disappearing Reappearing Ink - Desto (Ramp)
Tango - Guido (Punch Drunk)
Woke Up Early - Guido (Punch Drunk)
Protecting Hands (Isan Rmx) - Clouds (Deep Medi)
Art & Cash (SBSTRK Rmx) - Modeselektor (Get Physical)
Quoi - Styrelsen & Chords (Styrelsen)
Guiyome - Konono No 1 (Crammed)
Baobab Connect - Chief Boima (Dutty Artz)
Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje - DJ Mujava (Out Here)
Ibhithi Wobble Remix - Doma Tornados/Jumping Back Slash (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Too Early - Sandro Dalepedro (SDsoundcloud)
Pueblo Muerto (ft Scott Klas) - Los Macuanos (LMsoundcloud)
Cumbia Alegre - Pacho Galan (Disco Fuentes)
Cumbia En La Luna - Rufo Garrido y su Orquestra (Discos Fuentes)
La Mazamorrera - Pacho Galan (Disco Fuentes)
La Danza De Los Mirlos - Afrosound (Disco Fuentes)
El Corrido de Chico B - Diego Bernal (Exponential Records)
Blue Neon - Diego Bernal (Exponential Records)
Moon River - Funki Porcini (Ninja Tune)
Coffee - Swindle (Planet Mu)
Miss Teardrop - Felix Leband (Compost)
Again (Scratch 22 Rmx) - Electric Wire Hustle (S22soundcloud)
Grape Juice City - Ratatat (XL)
High Steppin - KPM Peoples (KPM)
The Sidewinder - Matthew Cang & Eddie Chin (KPM)
Heavy Duty - Artus Kass
Fond Memories - KPM Peoples (KPM)
East Goes West - Edward White (Chapel)
So Divine (Aladdin Story) - Rolling Stones (Universal)
It Is Meant To Be - Tame Impala (Modular)

Man I get more response to not writing or posting anything than when I do! Actually any and all responses are much appreciated and I'm grateful when anyone pipes up, 'cepting spam and haterade.
This week a couple of tracks that end up in what I like to call the CumbVin (that would be vintage cumbia) section of my music library which has been fairly neglected in representation as far as the blog goes. I'm not quite sure why that is, because the last few years have seen this particular category growing at a prodigious rate round my gates. As soon as I made the link between the killer tunes that our old mucker Burnt Friedman used to haul over from Atom Heaart's gaff in Chile (to be far there was a fair few reggae sides going back the other way) when he stayed with us in the late 90s'/early 00s' - and the Discos Fuentes label (who have heaps on iTunes by the way, lose yourself and don't be put off by the covers!) ... well I was off.

I could go on and on about the wonders of the Colombian label (and the Soundway Colombia comp is a cracking place to start, if you haven't already checked it) or how discovering its unfathomable treasures has probably been the nearest I've come to the feeling of first launching into Studio One and the epiphany that that was. So you know, its big.
Here's a couple of crackers to whet your appetite and as I said easily available from iTunes and all over so... no excuses, limited time 192's it is.
I managed to find the pic of Pacho Galan and crew below, which isn't the one on all the endearingly nasty Discos Fuentes covers, but Rufo Garrido seems a hard feller to track down photographically - too busy heading to the moon and making silly noises methinks.

Buy Pacho Galans indispendable historia here
Buy Rufo's lunar cumbia at here



And Aromatherapy is on as ever from 8.30 Thursday night at the Ginger Minx, thought I'd give you a break from the Magic Trees...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Stinky Grooves 12.05.10 & Busy Virgo in the Stalag 1750

Dun Wid Dem - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Skull Inna Belly - Demarco (Jukeboxx)
Criminal Lawyer - Bugle (Jukeboxx)
Bam Bam - Assasin (Jukeboxx)
Call The Hearse - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
High Grade - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Ghetto - Romain Virgo (Jukeboxx)
Mi Homeland - Tarrus Riley (Jukeboxx)
Far East Dub - Penthouse All Stars (Penthouse)
Hold Yuh - Gyptian (VP)
Abrazame - Los Rakas (LosRakasbandcamp)
MIEL - LosRakas (LosRakasbandcamp)
CentroAmerica (Dj Ranks Rmx) - Los Rakas (LosRakasbandcamp)
Bedroom Bully (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) - Shabba Ranks (Cabeza!)
Lots Of Herbs (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) - Junior Kelly (Cabeza!)
Land Of Promise (ft Dennis Brown - Nas & Damian Marley (VP)
Still Splendid - Lotek HiFi
Zions Gate - John John (John John)
Love You To Life (Digital Mystikz Rmx) - Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Shades Of Blue - Guido (Punch Drunk)
Cat In The Window - Guido (Punch Drunk)
I'll Stay - James Blake (R&S)
MmmHmm - Flying Lotus ft Thundercat (Warp)
Coffee - Swindle (Planet Mu)
Hot!!!! - Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (free at XLR8R)
Turbo + Cumbia = Tumbia - Turbo Sonidero Futuristico (free at XLR8R)
Cumbia Del Sal - Cumbia En Moog (Vampi Soul)
Marado Dios - El Hijo De La Cumbia
Stylo (disqueDJ Guarapero Rmx) - Gorillaz
Let's Go Trippin' - Balkan Hot Stepper (BHSsoundcloud)
No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Rmx) - Paul Weller (Universal)
Blind Alley - Emotions (Fantasy)
Again (Scratch 22 Rmx) - Electric Wire Hustle (Scratch22soundcloud)
Mandy - Ratatat (XL)
Techno Rumba (DJ/rupture & Matt Shadetek Rmx) - Cheif Boima (Dutty Artz)
Forest Of Evil (Dusk) - Demdike Stare (Modern Love)
Ibhithi Wobble Rmx - Doma Tornados (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Dutch Boyz Dancefloor (The Canyons Rmx) - Return To Sender (OTPX)
41 Mojitos Poolside Dub (Canyons Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Jeffery's Storm - Tame Impala (Modular)
The High Chaparal - Los Holys (Plustapes)
Tango - Guido (Punch Drunk)
Purple Splazsh - Actress (Honest Jons)
Art & Cash (SBSTRK Rmx) - Modeselektor (Get Physical)

Best intentions and all that, I really did intend to update last weeks utterly knackered post...AND do a little review of the two incredible performances we saw by Mulatu Astatke and Melbourne's own Black Jesus Experience...but things took over. A much needed tidy up of the Traktor banks and iTunes stereophonic sprawl, actually ended up taking several days of fairly intense, predominantly dull listening, deciding, tagging etc etc. It threw me and it had to be completely sorted by today for the show, so promise to have that Mulatu review up in the next week...promise!
This week have a little nibble on that latest from Shane Brown and the Jukeboxx camp who've done over the Stalag in a way that's kind of hard not to love. What else needs to be said about this timeless, evergreen rhythm...nowt really. With a full complement of predominantly quality vocalists (though I wouldn't have minded hearing Ward 21's TNT ladies over this too) this is basic rhythmic arithmetic in the very best way possible. Have a graze at my pick (today at least) of the 3 Busy cuts on there (his name is no joke business), and also check out Romain Virgo who continues to impress. This will all be available on iTunes etc so check it when it hits..




Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stinky Grooves 04.05.10 & nowt else for now....

Boogaloo - Mulatu Astatke (Strut)
The Way To Nice - Mulatu Astatke (Strut)
Drunk Socks - Clutchy Hopkins (Ubiquity)
Miss Fatty Rmx -Tjf Sound Dubplate - Mykol Orthodox (Cabeza!)
Ghetto Living (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) - Burru Banton (Cabeza!)
Lots Of Herb (Mykol Orthodox Remix) - Junior Kelly (Cabeza!)
Bedroom Bully (Mykol Orthodox Remix) - Shabba Ranks (Cabeza!)
Abarajame (El Remolon Rmx) - Illya Kuryaki
Si Tu Quiere Mambo - Voltio
21X3 - Tego Calderon ft Three Flow
Oitavo Ydyay - 509-E vs The Binary Cumbia Orchestra
Still Splendid - Lotek HiFi
South Camp Road Rock - Skin, Flesh & Bones (Chalwa)
Above & Beyond Dem - Nate Mars ft Jahdan (Blip Switch)
Murderation - Gyptian ft Barrington Levy
Hold Ya - Gyptian ft Nikki Minaj (VP)
Hold Yuh Rmx - Gyptian ft Mimms (VP)
Abrazame - Los Rakas
Clarks 3 (Wear What Yu Want) - Vybz Kartel (Not Nice)
Crack Fever (BB Edit) - High Priest
Black Prince & Princess Dub - The Force Of Music
No Tears To Cry (Leo Zero Rmx) - Paul Weller (Universal)
Tremel (Jamie xx Rmx) - Glasser (Young Turks)
Do The Astral Plane - Flying Lotus (Warp)
Woof Woof (Hudson Mohawke Rmx) - Dan Deacon (Amazing Sounds)
Techno Rhumba (DJ/rupture & Matt Shadetek Rmx) - Cheif Boima (Dutty Artz)
Jeeps - Onra (All City)
And The World Laughs With You - Flying Lotus ft Thom Yorke (Warp)
Purrple Splazsh - Actress (Honest Jons)
Coffee - Swindle (Planet Mu)
Dissapearing Reappearing Ink - Desto (Ramp)
A Statue That Is Permanently Unveiled - Dam Mantle (Halleluwah Hits)
Art & Cash SBSTRK Rmx - Modeselektor (Get Physical)
Techno Rumba (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Chief Boima (Dutty Artz)
Fantastique (Fata Kiefer Rmx) - Dany F (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Mugwanti/Sgwejegweje _ DJ Mujava (Out Here)
Broken Memory - Desto (Ramp)
Space Dock - Trans AM (Thrill Jockey)
Aching Nodes - Tokimonsta (Alpha Pup)
One More Chance - Al Campbell (Soferno)
Heavy Weight Style - Mikey Dread (DATC)
Rocking Warrior - Augustus Pablo (Chalwa)

I'll be back to tidy this up in the next 24/48. absolutely cream crackered right now after having my ears massaged and my mind blown by Mulatu in Melbourne last night, and traveling and ting. Will wrote some hoo-ha about that real soon(ish). Aromatherapy as usual on Thursday at the Minx, and I have some fiyaaaaagh for that.
I neeeeeeeeeed sleeeeeeeeeep
laters and apologies for the scanty nature of tonight's post, show has taken all me energy..