Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stinky Grooves 27.01.09 avec le Fugeance, das Rhythm & Sound and va Bug & Warrior Queen...stackered!

Flying – The Bug feat Ricky Ranking (Ninja Tune)
Insane – The Bug feat Warrior Queen (Ninja Tune)
Things Change – Warrior Queen (Soul Jazz)
Mind How You A Talk – Riko Dan & The Heatwave (Heatwave)
Spliff Tail – Busy Signal (Jukeboxx)
Priority – Assassin (Jukeboxx)
Warzone – Peetah (Jukeboxx)
Love Is Lovely – Beenie Man (Jukeboxx)
Not For No Chain – Collie Buddz
Dem Nah Have – Bling Dawg
Nah Ansa – Busy Signal
Walk Wid Dem Casket – Mavado & Flex
A Fine Line – Luke Vibert (Speed Of Sound)
Revenge Of The Nerds – Fulgeance (All City)
Low Club Anthem – Fulgeance (Musique Large)
Tk 3 – Hudson Mohawk (Warp)
The Illumanoids – Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Ghost Feeder – Aracadion (DC Recordings)
Never Tell You – Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman (Burial Mix)
Never Tell You Version – Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman (Burial Mix)
Spend Some Time – Rhythm & Sound feat Tikiman (Burial Mix)
Calypso On-Seng – Dubdub On-Seng (Japonica)
El Borrachito – Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Un Sobado Por la Noche – Manzanita
Tres Pasajeros – Chciha Libre (Barbes)
Over Here – Shackleton & Peverelist (Skull Disco)
Clunk Click Every trip – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
The Lie – Zomby (Ramp Recordings)
Lips (LV Rmx) – Micachu
Tk 2 – Hudson Mohawk (Warp)
Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Rmx) – Kanye West
Conservation Of Momentum – Euler (Codek)
Hagler – Jay Electronica feat Che Grand
Move On – The Kickdrums ft Joel Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce da 5’9” & Crooked I
The Mayor – N.A.S.A. ft Ghostface Killah, Cool Kids, Scarface & DJ AM
Come Closer (Kicks & Clasp Edit) – Onra (Favourite)
Ride My High (Joakim Edit) – JJ Cale (Dirty)

Plucked from the carcass of this weeks show is a saucy slab from French meatbaker and beatmaker, Fulgeance. There's so many young doods coming up with their own fermentation of 'le wonkee ip-op' that it's getting hard to keep up. Fulgeance, who really came to my attention with his superb remix of DC Recordings artist Kelpe, has definitely got his own funky and frantic flavour, and I've been getting a lot of milage from his Musique Large releases. This little nerdualating noodle of niceness comes from All City's highly recommendable 7" series, that also featured our Parisian ami Onra and many other Akai adventurers with a skip or ten in their step. Have a listen, fall in love with the intro and general wobblyness and then go buy while you still can..That's an order! 
(buy) from Boomkat or All City

And NZ bloggees don't be forgetting this weeks overly-laden live largeness from the Bug, Warrior Queen, Rhythm & Sound and Tikiman..... it's going to be enooooooooormous.
that tune! POISON DART

lots of really bad sounding live vids of Tikiman and R&S on yoohootube, but sod the images and soak up this instead. Those first couple of 10"s sounded frighteningly wicked tonight. Reminded me of when Burnt Friedman would come up to do live sets on Stinky Grooves and Tranquility Bass and we'd just run endless Burial Mix 10"s and related gear for an hour or so after Burnt's own mindblowing singingely supersonic sets.....thems really was the days/daze.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

49-30 of 08's finest.... getting serious

And on (and on) it goes. I have long since realised that I bit off more than was easily chewable with this list, but in the words of Magnus Magnusson (the first celebrity Icelander) 'I've started, so I'll finish'! There were plans for doing similar with the album list but I fear that if I went down that road the best of 08 could be running till the end of '09. The hope was to have this all sauteed by the end of Jan but Wellington (and more precisely THE bleedin BUG!!) are calling and I reckon the top 30 should be up here by this time next week, definitely, maybe..... hopefully.

49 The Rope Tightens...But The Bough Breaks - Shackleton (Skull Disco)

See this post. I could have filled this list with Shackleton triumphs of the last year from remixes to original tracks but this dark, dank and deadly track from the 'Soundboy's Suicide Note' EP was a must.

48 The Mission - Stephen & Damian Marley (Tuff Gong)
Alongside the very similar, and also excellent, 'One Loaf Of Bread' this was a testament to the '..... & Sons' power shift that has been going on in JA music with Bob's nippers smashing it over a rhythm from the Jammy's legacy. 


47 Spliff Dub (Rustie Remix) – Zomby (Hyperdub)
See this post
and this post for Rustie.


45 Miracles – Mala (Deep Medi)
There is a depth to every track that Mala releases, that guarantees they are always regarded as standalones. After a very quiet year from the DMZ camp this multi-leveled, unfathomably deep gem slipped out at the end of '08 putting everyone on notice.

44. Minimoonstar (Shackleton Rmx) - Ricardo Villalobos (Perlon)
In all honesty it could just as easily have been the blinding original from the Chilean groundbreaker, but Shackleton's mix was another sign of his growing prowess outside the restrictive mores and bpm straightjacket of the dudestep world. Villalobos continues to remind me of the fertile early-mid 90's period when Burnt Friedman/NUF, Porter Ricks, Basic Channel et al drafted new templates for techno tones.
its cheap here (buy) it!!!

43. I Heard Wonders (Weatherall Vocal Mix) – David Holmes (Mercury)
There has already been much waxing lyrical about the largesse of the one lone swordsman on this list, but how about Holmes. Getting Alan Vega in for lyric writing is a stroke of genius, singing the songs himself could have gone horribly wrong (yet doesn't) and both the original and remixed version of this are sublime, timeless pieces. The 7" with this mix is still available but one would imagine there aint many left, get to it!!

42. Go Round Payola - Jahdan Blakkamore (Dutty Artz)
As mentioned before....big things in 09.
See this post. 

41. Ghost Note (Mark E Rmx) - Holy Jungle (Golf Channel)
A real, epic standout from the slo-mo shufflers scene amongst so many trifling, and frankly pointless, discoid dirges. This is right up there with Quiet Villagers in the school of not doing too much but doing it exceptionally well, always with a dab hand on the fx box. The mp3 doesn't do the subsonic majesty of this slightly slept-on, 12" justice - the wax is still havailable.

40. Township Funk - DJ Mujava (Warp)
Yes, yes this appeared in everyone's top lists, and so it should. That it should end up on Warp is appropriate, as this really does sound like LFO taking a dip in a South African dancehall. The rest of Mujava's tackle (that I've heard) doesn't seem to have the x factor of this gratuitously remixed  and remodelled cut, who cares this is more than enough.

39. F.U.R. - Black Acid (Fitzrovian Phonographic)
Richard Fearless has always been a step out of time, getting lumped in with dubious scenes like big beat (gawd help us) and electroclash (I can barely believe I typed that term) when the reality is he has made consistently engaging and untypical music for many years. In cahoots with members of Coyote, NYMPH and others (I could have sworn there was some A Place To Bury Strangers link but I'm wrong, I think) he has formed some unholy alliance in Black Acid and this gritty r'n'r grind which came in typically stunning artwork  from Fitzrovian Phonographic, is tonal tease that is screaming out for a follow up.
Below is the cover though black on black on black makes for a serious eye test!


38. Don't Unless - Romain Bno (Les Edits Du Golem)
So many edits this year, so few worthwhile. This fruity six pack of 50's and 60's re-shines was way above average and frankly foolish. Hurrah for that!
See this post.

37. Done Wid War - Busy Signal (Busy Signal Productions)
Posterations all over the place about Busy here at Stinkinc. This festive little boomshot from the Alliance camp lays on the fromage with a trowel, but what sort of a cold hearted cad couldnt find a place in their heart for this?? You can find his links and whatnot all over this blog like a rash...

35. Code For The Streets – 77 Klash (Klash City)
The man responsible for Turbulance's classic 'Nortorious' and other fine tunes is poised for greatness. Interviewing him (via email) for Real Groove he was a proper gent and  a decidedly smart cookie too. Do smart cookies really exist? If so are there dumb ones? So many questions.
No need for me to put this up as the good folk at RCRDLBL have it here for you freely and legitimately like. Killer tune, NYC fire.

34. Clunk Click Every Trip – Peverelist (Punch Drunk)
Another end of year belter from the Bristol camp and a record that seesm to take on a different form every time you play it. A lot of the 2562, Headhunter etc technoeystep malarkey that people got all hot and bothered about this year was pleasant but failed to fully float my boat. Tracks like this need no justification and the b-side reminds me of the days of 'ambient dub' (apologies for the number of naff genre titles in this post) which is A-OK in my booklet.

33. Bosques Via Temperley - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
For the amount that I've played and listened to it this year, the new school of cumbia gear coming out of Buenos Aries and the ZZK camp is probably underepresented. The vocal version of this featured on the excellent ZZK compilation (Digital Cumbia Vol 1), and the instrumental on its accompanying 12", both are scorching. The Chancha Via Circuito album should be on the way to me as I type, and here's hoping that this fertile scene gets the releases and distro it deserves in '09, I'm loving this multidirectional gear.



32. The List – The Knux (Interscope)
Hip Hop album of the year no doubt for me and it's criminal that lazy-ass journalists flung this in with the hipster rap dumpster. I'm not a man taken to rahing on about riffs, but it's pretty damn decent when some of the best ones of the year came from a couple of New Orleans brothers now living in Hollywood. With this track it's the very Peter Hook-esque bassline that should be taken in for questioning,  because it's pure murderation.... launching this song into one of the great album openers of the year. (Doff of the cap to KH and Dart on this for the early listenings, you blessed us!)
(buy) in NZ

Below are the vids for 'Cappucino' and 'Bang Bang', which are two of my least favourite tracks from the album as it goes...but I'm not risking a 'The List' mp3 because it's Interscope and it's bound to cop flack.

31. Bad – Kode9 & LD (Hyperdub)
One of two excellent singles from the Hyperdub head honcho, who didn't miss a beat with his label, this year, pushing boundaries with every release. Apparently this is 'funky' or some other foolish genre name (it's the post for that, dont you know), well it is genuinely funky and quite remarkable, marking Kode9 out as a leader amongst  so many followers..... once again.

30. Vampire Blues - Wooden Shjips (Sick Thirst)
This Californian 4 piece have wormed their way into my affections with a sledgehammer approach to psychedelic caterwauling, that takes no prisoners. This was a tour only 7" that can still be found (if you're quick) and most of all the Neil Young cover reminds me of the Cramps at their finest. In this day and age that is something to be treasured! I'm not quite sure why, but man I love this band, what they do aint so new but they just seem to nail it time after time,  and anyone who's prepared to indulge in a seriously headfuck version of Rabbie Burn's 'Auld Lang Syne' (and then give it away on their website) is seriously in my good books!


59-50 the list trundles orn

59 Nautilus – Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
I have long harboured the softest of spots for the Vikingular vibes of leading nincompoop of Nordic niceness, Rune Linbaek. Many years ago I kicked off a mix CD for Remix mag with his Junta Jaeger, which is a masterpiece of sludgey discoid majesty, that I still fling in the box from time to time. The Bonat Synthesizer EP, for his own Drum Island label, snuck out towards the end of '08 and is similarly top notch. I suspect will this also have a flextended shelf life round at chez Stinky and environs.

58 Forest Ghetto - Dub Delay Band (Tracky Bottoms)
I know next to nothing about the somewhat unattractively named outfit, on the brilliantly tagged Tracky Bottoms. Forest Ghetto was the initial standout for me, but all three tracks have something unusual and excellent going on. It's pretty hard to find now, but the link below should be good, if you're quick.

57 A Milli – Lil Wayne (Cash Money)
Enough has been written about this artist and this song, but it's undeniable... and to not have it in the list would be frankly foolish.

56 A Manha Na Praia - The Alps (Type)
See this post for Alps guff and links.

55 Iceblock - SSR (From The Crate)
This was a delightful surprise from Auckland guitarslinger for all sorts of folk, Jeremy Toy, who comes on all shoegazi (his own term, from memory) for the mysterious S.S.R. You can check the moody blurred 'Iceblock' on his myspace (below) and I suggest an beady eye be kept on future activity from the S.S.R. camp.

54 Crying Blood (Andrew Weatherall Dub) - VV Brown (Island)
I had a ramble about this 10" here and slung up the vocal version, here's the Weatherall dub which isn't available on the 7" that has followed the sold out ten run. Large.

53Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) – Primal Scream (B Unique)
And there will be more Weathearall to come..... This sublime, somewhat nostalgic mix was only available with the ludicrously priced (50 quid) 'Beautiful Future' vinyl, limited edition, set, which was seemingly specifically designed for folk with more money than sense. I'm all for stimulating the market, and squeezing us last few foolish vinyl customers reasonably dry, but that amount is outrageous, and outside of the highly desirable, unavailable elsewhere 12" of this mix, you're paying for art prints and fancy packaging palaver. What a wanky waste of a good mix, and way to make music unattainable to your average sadass. Enjoy the mp3.

52 Le Valse De La Vie - Jean Marie Aerts (False Tuned)
This veteran Belgian guitarist unleashed a pearler of a 12" for Tikiman's label that won me over with it's general Sergeness on this track, and an unusually high strike rate elsewhere. Oh and the 'blah blah blah' bits, get me big time.
This is another one I only have digitally by pulling it from one of my stinkmix cds, so apologies for any abrupt endage and stinking stings, c'est lavvy.
(False Tuned web)

51 Shoot Out – Mykal Rose
The exception that proves the rule, one of the great autotune tracks in a year of sooooo many lame ones. Like others in here it may technically be an '07 track but until I have a proper copy in my grubby mitts.. it doesn't really exist for me.


50 Wickedness - Cult Of The 13th Hour (Soul Jazz)
Interviewing Kevin Martin about the Bug album last year, Cult Of The 13th Hour came up in the conversation and he expressed disappointment that the identity of the Co13H (that's quite a nifty 'table of the elements' kind of abbreviation right there) had been blown by a couple of British record shops. I was tickled by the thought that he imagined people might think this could be anyone but him and Spaceape. Both of these fellers have sonic signatures a mile high and fire for your soul, an album would be most welcome.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stinky Grooves 20.01.09 & blinking blinging blogger dawgishness

Mash You Down - Cornell Campbell (Soul Jazz)
Lean Boot - Richie Davis (Unity)
Sensi Addict - Horace Fergusin (Soul Jazz)
Sensi Addict - Mikey Murka (Jahtari)
Arcade Addict - Disrupt (Jahtari)
Herb Tree - Collie Buddz
Bad Man Going Cry (Fadah P Rmx) - Lady Saw (Big Yard)
Bust your Windows (Tony Kelly Rmx) - Jazmine Sullivan ft Cecile
Slept With Your Sister - Sadiki
Swagga Juice - Bling Dawg
Madd (Instr) - Leftside
Ganja - The Bug ft Flowdan & Killa P (Ninja Tune)
Better Will Come - Marlow, Bongo Chili & Dan Man
3K Lane - Jakes vs Joker (Hench)
The Phantom - F (7Even)
Dripping Like Water - Zomby (Ramp)
Popcorn Andino - Chicha Libre (Bazrbes)
Cumbia La Cachaca - Mario Cavagnaro y su Sonora Sensacion (Sonido Martines Presents)
El Milagro Verde - Los Mirlos (Barbes)
Thien Duyen Tien Dihn - Hung Cuong & Mai Le Huyen (? Vietnam)
Keeping You Company - Herb Ohta
Where Would You Be - Yaw (Chisoul)
A Fine Line - Luke Vibert (Speed Of Sound)
Brother - Smashproof ft Gin Wigmore (Move The Crowd)
Good Night (Plain Pat Rmx) - Kanye West
Trans Atlantic Slave Deal - Saigon
Brooklyn - MC Lyte
Live Your Life - Busy Signal
World War 3 (The Takeover) - JJ Wizzle
Bloggers - Bling Dawg
Alliance No Run - Prince Pin
Talk Of The Town - Tifa & Natalie Storm (Ward 21)
Respect - Ward 21 (Ward 21)
Look So Hot - Beenie Man (Ward 21)
Hop Off - Vybz Kartel (Ward 21)
Fresh (Remix) - Leftside/Mr Evil ft Kardinal Offishall
Ruff & Bad - Buju Banton (Gargamel)
No Man To Me - Cutty Ranks (Gargamel)
Jet Blue Riddim -Gargamel Crew (Gargamel)
Mirando (Animal Collective Rmx) - Ratatat (XL)
Palmares - Filastine (Soot)
Beyond The Summer - Cro-Magnon (Lastrum)
Fist Of Facts - First Strike (Claremont 56)
Sweet (Quiet Village Rmx) - Pacifika (Six Degrees)
Sweet (Unitone HiFi Dub) - Pacifika
Ja Helo - Filastine (Soot)

Well there was nae doubt, no chin stroking and a complete absence of soul searching as to what tune would end up in this post tonight. I've always got a bit of a soft spot for Bling Dawg (despite, or maybe partly because of, his riddiculous nomenclature), tonight there was a healthy showing of worthwhile bashmenteering biz (though I had to trawl through endless ravey-wavey rubbish to find the gooduns) but mostly of allness the tune is called 'Bloggers'! Well.... you've got to, haven't you!
Hanyways the title alone wouldn't have got it in, it's a little scorcher by itself. All in all, it just makes me think that if it's done right the Alliance album, which is due this year could be danger. They have the production and vocal talent  to rip through the opposition, and who knows it might even stop Vybz's perpetual moaning for a minute, he really is making himself into the JA 50 Cent with his constant beefing and bleating at his former crew. So long as the record isn't all warring nonsense, and Bounty Killer doesn't get too caught up in his fishy pursuits it should be one hell of a release!

(Alliance4life) Top notch unofficial Alliance site

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stinky Grooves 13.01.09 and a little Zomby untruth

Wow Its Now - Luke Vibert (Speed Of Sound)
Rubiscube - Fulgeance (Musique Large)
One Ting (Dabrye Rmx) - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Sleeping Bear Lament (James Pants Rmx) - Architeq (Tirk)
Concertina Turner - Luke Vibert (Speed Of Sound)
200 - Diplo (Big Dada)
Powder Room - The Knux (Interscope)
Follow The Leader - X Rabit & DMC$ (Big Dada)
Geek To The Beat - Zion I (Gold Dust)
Cruise Low - Thunderheist (Big Dada)
Graffiti Girls - Coco Solid (Coco Solid)
I Got Da Feeling - Sweet Tee (Soul Jazz)
Slept On Tony - Ghostface Killer (Def Jam)
Bombs - Onra (Favourite)
Wise Up - Busy Signal
All About My Money - Busy Signal
I Slept With Your Sister - Sadiki
I Fucked Your Girl - Busy Signal
Brooklyn - MC Lyte
Tickle Me Dub - Stromba (Fat Cat)
Sweet Love For Planet Earth (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Fuck Buttons (ATP)
Spread The Hot Potato (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Radical Majic (Rotters Golf Club)
3 'Dudes' On A Harbour - Rune Lindbaek (Drum Island)
Hai Samurai (Pilooski Edit) - Tony Carey (Dirty)
Green Ranger - LV (2nd Drop)
The Lie (LV Rmx) - Zomby (Ramp)
Bad - Kode9 & LD (Hyperdub)
Brooklyn Anthem - Shadetek ft 77Klash & Jahdna Blakkamore (Sound Ink)
Go Round Payola - Jahdan Blakkamore (Dutty Artz)
Payola Riddim - Sahdetek (Dutty Artz)
Indian Summer - Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Lamento En La Salva - Los Mirtos (Mixtape)
Popcorn Andino - Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Aki Special (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Uproot Andy
Brooklyn Cumbia - Uproot Andy
Incoming - Cumbianauts
Septic Skank - Stromba (Fat Cat)
Fuersattel - Boozoo Bajou (K7!)
Memories - Noel Ellis (Light In The Attic)
Kingstep (Unitone HiFi Dub) - Overproof Soundsystem

And this weeks morsel-ette is not quite the track that I played, it is instead the original of  'The Lie' rather than the stonking LV remix that I spun with much delight this evening. I'm not sure if I'm down with Zomby's rave influenced tackle but he is certainly stirring my pot with his recent 12"s on Ramp and Hyperdub. This scorcher made a big initial impression and hasn't let up, it just gets better...Enjoy.


Thursday, January 8, 2009

69-60 of '08

Has been busy, and this post is well overdue, but I think this week could be even worse. Flying Lotus was ridiculous last week, I can't remember the last time a DJ turned my ears out like that....Hanyways on we go..

69. Last Days Of Magic - The Kills (Domino)
Rawking gear probably doesn't get as much shine as it should on this list with the year's radio  playlists dominating the saucy source-ology. However this a track that simply couldn't be denied...monstrous!
(buy) 7" from Domino, and cheap as chups.
(KillsTV/bloggy type thing)

68. W.C.T.B.L. – Pilooski (Blue)
We have spoken about Pilooski before, please do refresh your memory tanks right ear. This Northern Souly stomper gets razored to buggery by the French fandangler, hurrah. 

67. Royal Flush - Big Boi, Andre 3000 & Raekwon (LaFace)
Away from all the heated discussions about trouser tightness and levels of the hipsterati hiphoperation, Big Boi reminded us what it's all about dropping a depth charge of a single,  utilising the Isley Brothers 'Voyage To Atlantis' and his own considerable lyrical largesse. Admirable back-up from his copie and his right Raeyal Cheflyness but BB owns this one.

66. Router/You & I - Pangeaea (Hessle Audio)
Impossible to pick between sides, this 12" is the full package. Thrashed to within an inch of its life on Stinky Grooves, and justifiably so..

65. People So Evil - Busy Signal (VP)
Nah, I'm not even going to link to the multiple Busy posts, consider Stink Inc a shrine to Mr  Gordon if you will.
busy loaded

64 Den Of Drumz - Badawi vs Kode 9 (ROIR)
I still reckon Kode 9 got a right raw deal, when the first Burial album overshadowed the superb Memories Of The Future. His instrumental remix of Badawi is a scorching standalone, that is downright scary on a big rig. 


63. Death Is Not Final/T++ Remix - Shackleton (Skull Disco)
Another impossible to separate doubled headed 12" of magnificent doomlyness. The 'Soundboy's Gravestone Gets Desecrated By Vandals' double-disc has both of these unfathomably deep tracks on it and the 12" is still havailable, no excuses................
(Skull Disco web)


62 Day'n'Nite - Kid Cudi (10 Deep)
Links to the mixtape, and more on the Cleveland Kid and serial list offender, a few posts down. Couldn't resist sticking New Jersey dubstepper Widdler's take on it, he's got a new 12" on Thorpe's Studio Rockers label which I'm currently a-waiting on.


61. CCTV – LV & Dandelion (Hyperdub)
This should be a statutory lesson for the BBQ dub crowd, carrying all the mellow vibes but real bite and purpose throughout. Proper oper stuff, and LV's recent remix of Zomyby's 'The Lie' and other bits and pieces rate him as a bit of a potential player for '09. 

60 Calypso-On-Seng - Dubdub-On-Seng (Japonica)
see this post

the rest soon, but don't hold your breath......