Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pre-Gaslamp Killer warmuperation AROMATHERAPEEEEE

You know the story Rory I shall be spinning only the finest at the Ginger Minx from 8pm on Thursday, after that it's up to Nelson Street for mas musical murderation.. Would be just peachy to see any Aucklandites or show listeners....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stinky Grooves 23.02.10, James Blake & Major Moji Moji

Buzzard & Kestrel - James Blake (Hemlock)
Bills Bills Bills (Harmonimix Remix) - Harmonimix (Harmonimix)
Starfox - Kuedo (Planet Mu)
Acid - Terror Danjah (Hyperdub)
Jahovia - Johnny Osbourne & Bitty Mclean (Taxi)
The General (Ticklah Rmx) - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Lion Dub)
Self Defense - Agent Sasco (E5)
Friends & Foe - Chase Cross (E5)
Give Thanks - Bugle (E5)
Good Enough - Major Lazer ft Collie Buddz & Lindi Orte (Mad Decent)
High Come Down - Ward 21 & Tifa (Ward 21)
House Top - Movado (Rose Gold)
Jafrican Ting - Busy Signal (Coppershot)
Bare - Busy Signal (Coppershot)
Hill & Gully - Chedda (Coppershot)
Jafrican Riddim - Coppershot (Coppershot)
Soul Raga - Mehrpouya (Finders Keepers)
Biya-Bar-e-Safar Bandim - Mohammad Nouri (Finders Keepers)
Bacchus - Galactic ft Allen Toussaint (Shock)
My Only Friend - Gonjasufi (Warp)
I'm New Here - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Nacido En Palanque - Luis Towers (Palenque)
Craftwork - Knight Magic
Moment Of Smoke (Villa Diamante cumbiastyle) - Daleduro
Cumbia Rockers 9 - El Sonidero Quilombo
Fin De Siecle - Daedelus (Brainfeeder)
Lock In The Lion - Airhead & James Blake (Brainmath)
The Bells Sketch - James Blake (Hemlock)
Give A Man A Rod - James Blake (Hemlock)
Vial - Breakage ft Burial (Digital Soundboy)
Brickabrac - Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
Sauerkraut - Prins Thomas (Full Pupp)
Motorcycle, I Love You - Moon Duo (Woodsist)
El Misterio Vuela En La Obscuidad... - Moji Moji (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Shallows - dj/Rupture & Matt Shadetek (The Agriculture)
Puerto De Oro - Fidel Nadal con Pablo Lescano (Nacional)
Horiz Kru - Don Froth (Funky Fella Crew)
Skylarking (Instro) - Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
The Infinites (Kwesachu Rmx) - Bomb The Bass ft Paul Conboy (K7)
10000 CC's - Don Froth
White Wish - Secret Circuit
Hell And The Lake Of Fire Are Waiting For You.... - Gaslamp Killer (HR Crew)

Well with such a supersonique swag of his fresh material permeating throughout the show it would be churlish to post anything but James Blake tonight. The South London producer, musician and vocalist who also lends his tweaked tonsils to the equally wonderful Mount Kimbie for live assignations, is shaping up to be a fearsome player this year.
There's actually two or three more of his that I wanted to run but... hey there's always next week. His 'Air & Lack Thereof' was undoubtedly one of last year's most mindblowing records that got stuck on my turntable for the longest time, and oh my good gosh .. did it sound positively extraterrestrial when the parent porking Gaslamp Killerrrrr dropped it on Saturday? Yes it did. Apparently it was the first track he wrote and it took him a year to work out how to approach and finish it...time well spent! Without wishing to place any kind of commentators curse on the poor lad, I'd have to say it's going to be a hard track to top, very hard. Fortunately his new releases, all three of 'em, are made of sturdy stuff.
There's a 10" with Airhead on Brainmath which contains the monstrous 'Lock In The Lion' and the not-that-much-less sublime 'Pembroke', you can expect to be hearing the latter next week. Then on (and under the name) Harmonimix, he has slipped out a couple of saucy edits, one of Lil Wayne's 'A Milli' (a track that I have real difficulty listening to now, can we have a moratorium on mixes of that and just an instrumental please?) and the other is Destiny's Child's 'Bills Bills Bills', which pays out and then some. It's kind of like a dainty English version of chopped and screwed Southern sludge - a strange relation to Bristol's G-Funk flavoured Purple how now Wow brown cow business. I may be talking shit but it's the kind of music that makes you do that (actually quite a lot of music makes me do that, as I realise everytime I review a record.)
Finally, and I have to say most impressively, there's the follow up to his debut on Hemlock which is a triple threat, plain and simple. The title track 'The Bells Sketch' is the obvious initial standout, and 'Give A Man A Rod' is well smouldering, but I'm going to fling up (at lo-qual 192, buy..when you can) the track that heralded the weekly ungodly mess tonight, 'Buzzard & Kestrel'. I'm digging the ampersand action, and I'm also rating the birds of prey theme, oh and the tracks a scorcher too. No buy links or cover yet as its not havailable but I will update the stinking linking when it's out (Samurai on the local tip).


And on the must check status my favouritest and most generous netlabel, Bareclona's (and Buenos Airies') Hipi Duki Muzik have been on their grind, fixing up the medicine once again. This time it's the turn of Moji Moji who make a superb score-esque, captivating racket on their webalbum 'Detroit De La Maire'. Post Rock would be the obvious bin to fling it in but that would be selling it a little short, it's beautiful stuff that steps outside of any templates or reliance on overly well flicked quiet/loud switches. There's four long and captivating songs (one of which appeared on the excellent and utterly essential ASADUKI compilation, Disc 1 here, Disc 2 here, legit and no charge) and they all scored big time with me when I kept on having to check what I was listening to while they were playing, as I was filtering things down to the essential potential ingredients for tonight's show.
It requires a bit of time and attention but this is priceless free music, check it.
DOWNLOAD the album direct from Hipi Duki Muzik

Here's what the fine folk at the label had to say
“At the very South exists a narrow strait called Le Maire separating Tierra del Fuego from Staten Island. 
This wild and untamed passage inspired Lucas Page a.k.a Moji Moji to write 4 songs that such as the geographical area do not leave one’s indifferent for being so charged by electric thunderstorms as well as silent poetry. 
“Detroit de Le Maire” is a crossing with no breaks, no beacon nor guide, naked faced to inclemency through a universe as secret as inmediate.A beam of light that illuminates and blinds. 
Some may call it post rock, others experimental. others simply intensity.”

Monday, February 22, 2010

The oedipal GLK in the AK ...Thursday & GP & the Minx & Mystro...gig mania..

Have to say it twas a bit of a lovely old weekend out at Splore. As usual there were scheduling conflicts, and with the full-nana mode of driving out there and back, some shit that was just too late (Instra:mental and D Bridge were the two I really wanted to check and couldn't) but there really was nuff vibes and plenty of tunes to be had for the discerning punter. Of particular note were Geezer Guy, Dave Seeka and Wendy Douglas who all fully capitalised on the excess niceness going down at the Rum Shack, and without a shadow of doubt the motherfucking Gaslamp Killer who simply incinerated the DJ stage on Saturday night.
Listeners to the show have been hearing this wiry haired wunderkid's productions and mixtapes for quite some time but that really couldn't begin to prepare anyone for the elephantine bass maneuvers, rawk smacks (bit of Endrix, bit of Sabbuf...larvly) and fully animated freakshow he put on to a ready, receptive and rammed crowd on Saturday night. With more than a hint of Animal from the Muppets in his stage persona he's a DJ who leaves you in no doubt as to how much he rates that tune.. and the next one... and the next one!
Now I know this is a busy week, stoooooopid busy - but if you are able, and do not go to check him on Thursday at Bacco, well I sorry for you. This is beyond a must, serious business. Of course with a little strategic planning you can come by the Ginger Minx first where I'll be dispensing liberal doses of Aromatherapy and a whiff of warm-up from 8pm on (flyer up manana) and join me in heading up the road for Gaslamperation and musical murder most foul on Nelson Street afterwards.


Also cutting a rug and making a date with the crates is the evergreen Gilles Peterson on Friday night when he'll be adding his hoo-ha to the always dependably sturdy Turnaround vibes. I wrote the flyer for this one, so at the risk of repeating myself.. in brief, it's been a veritable age since the man who probably has a sizable cardigan collection has done a proper oper club set down these ways and it's going to get heated Turnaround style and fashion. Smart money says get a ticket from Conch beforehand, and hope the night isn't too humid if you don't like it sweaty Betty.


And it just goes on with not one but two gigs Saturday night. First up (time unconfirmed thus far, keep you posted) is the Venice Beach Party at the Ginger Minx. Not quite sure where I place myself thematically with that one (have got mighty blasted at Venice Beach a couple of times so maybe it will be a wired West Coast wonakdelica showdown from me) but it's a lion-hearted line-up of right honourable residents with top ranking Raag, that man Seeka once again, Ben of Wah, Loki and Andy Beck all coming correct. Should be fire, and you know how it runs at the Minx - free on the gate leaving you with many pennies for making merry.


Then ... and finally for this exhausting schedule it's up to Khuja for a bit of back-up for me old mucker Mystro, another one who went down well on the weekend at Tapapakanga Regional Park. His regular decksman, the irrepressible Mikki Dee is unavailable so I'll be pinging down the tunes for Mys and I presume flexing some more. Not sure on details, and dont have a flyer for that.. so again, please check back.

PSA over. Got some killers for tomorrow night lined up already!!! Back to the prep.. prim prim.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

May I insist a sniff on this?

Gwaan, what else are you going to do on a Thursday? and the Ginger Minx is sponsoring the show now so it's like ... family.
Have some absolute snorters for this week!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stinky Grooves 16.02.10 and M y J, but not MJ


The General (Ticklah Rmx) - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Lion Dub)
The General (Ticklah Dub Rmx) - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Lion Dub)
Good Enough - Major Lazers ft Collie Buddz (Mad Decent)
Siddung Pon It - Tanya Stephens
Food Fi The Pot - Busy Signal (Penthouse)
Guilty Mouth - Mr G (Penthouse)
Duck Rhythm - Steely & Clevie (King Jammys)
Duck Rhythm - Steely & Clevie (Penthouse)
More Fire From Colombiafrica - The Mystic Orchestra (Riverboat)
Nacido En Palenque - Luis Towers (Palenque)
Poquito de Amor - Maria y Jose (Grabaciones Amor)
El Sonidito Rmx (Maria y Jose Rmx) - Hechiceros Band
Por Que Me Mientes - Barbero 507 ft Tsunami Ossua (Monobeat)
Cumbiar - Knight Magic
Kalima Shop Titi (Lagartijeando Rmx) - Poirier ft Boogat (ZZK)
Tamborito Breaks - Barney Iller
Half Colombian Half Mexican Bandit 2 - Toy Selectah
Chicha Love (Toy Selectah Rmx) - Los Chinches
Poppin Corn Guaracha - Spike Devil Disco
Chase The Cumbia Devil - Tupolev Soundcrash
Jewish Experience (Mexican Institue Of Sound) - Gershon Kingsley
Holy Are You - Rakim (Ra Records)
Me And The Devil - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Treacherous Disciple - Scalper (Like Water)
Changement - Debruit (Civil Music)
One Of these Days - The Q4
She's Gone - Gonjasufi (Warp)
Tricky Turtle - Blockhead (Ninja Tune)
Chemise (The Time & Space Machine) - Sorcerer (Tirk)
Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Rmx) - House of House (House Of House)
Peap Svm I Hsim I -Hrdvsion (Living Records)
White Wish - Secret Circuit
Timekeeper (Dave Aju Rmx) - Clouds (Ramp)
Un Dimanche Sans Fin - I Cube (Versatile)
Snake (Mexicans With Guns Rmx) - Oy (Creaked)
Maria Purisma - Maria y Jose (Grabaciones Amor)
Rotolock - Daphne Oram (Paradigm Discs)
My Way - jj with Lil Wayne (Secretly Canadian)
Voi Parlate, lo Gioco - jj (Secretly Candian)
Hamada -Easy & Centre Of Universe (Harmonia)
Automating - Darkstar
Skylarking (Instr) - Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Horiz Kru - Don Froth (Funky Fella Crew)
Starfox - Kuedo (Planet Mu)
Sketches (SBTRKT Rmx) - Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
If I - Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
Zx81 - D Bridge (Fat City)
Os Veix3 - Autechre (Warp)
Wild Things - Richard Sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood Cuts)
Diabolic Man Instrumental - Diabloic Man (Light Sound Dimension)
Run - Parallel Dance Ensemble (Red Bull)

51 tunes in 3 hours tonight which is a fair bash for a muggy old night in AK town. So much else that I wanted to play, including a bunch that I bought last night that simply got the snob amongst tonight estrellatatsique excellence.
I'm going to fling a track downstairs (as it were) but this whole album is available for nix, so take a taste but please do take the hint and check out the whole record.. it's a pearler. The work of mucho talented Mexican Antonio Jimenez 'Espiritu Invisible' is a right tardis of a record -there's a lot more in there than you first think. There's a whole heap of South American currents running through it, but in a very untypical way with African rhythms, indie, glo-fi (can't believe I just said that) and well contemp. electronic flavours, all battling it out with the kitchen sink and the crucifix.
I love it, even if I'm not doing a great job of describing it.
In the process of writing this I've decided it's mandatory to stick at least a couple of tracks up, as that will only give you the merest hint of the all-over-the-shop yet strangely coherent hoo-ha within. The artwork is worthy of the DL alone and check his Soundcloud page where I first bucked up on his gear, there's an altogether different new track streaming that he whanged up just today.
Download the whole album here or also FLAC style as well here


San Antonio by María y José

Poquito de Amor by María y José

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stinky Grooves 09.02.10 a bit of Busy and Aromatherapy at the Ginger Minx

Jah Children - Junior Kelly (Nowtime Sound)
Lots Of Herb - Junior Kelly (Nowtime Sound)
Herbsman Ride Again - Chezidek (Nowtime Sound)
None Of Jah Jah Children - Devano (Nowtime Sound)
Siddung Pon It - Tanya Stephens
Food Fi The Pot 2010 - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx/Penthouse)
I'm So High - Busy Signal (Payday)
The Lord Is Shepherd - Chase Cross (Payday)
Gyaad Dem Riddim - Kevin & David Daseca (Payday)
Jafrican Ting - Busy Signal (CMG)
Can't Count - Buju Banton (Pure Music)
Under Feet - Teflon (Pure Music)
Care Your Pickney -Captain Barkey (Pure Music)
Jacket - Agent Sasco (TJ)
Can't Knock Your Gal - Louie Culture (TJ)
G.A.L. - Buju Banton (TJ)
Don't Need Your Friendship - Bugle (TJ)
Don't Sign - Queen Ifrica (VP)
Chase The Cumbia Devil - Tupolevsoundcrash
Cumbia Rockers 8 - El Sonidero Quilombo
Tigeraso (Sondero Rmx) - Maluca (Mad Decent)
Ya Me Voy (Chancha Via Circuito Rmx) - Dona Marie
El Hijo de la Diabla (El Pollo Loco Rmx) - La Pollera Colorada
Poppin Corn Guaracha - Spike Devil Disco
Perikitus! - Pernett
Llorando Remix - Pernett
Comanche (Juke Boyz Rmx) - The Revels
Welt Am Draht - Pantha Du Prince (Rough Trade)
Un Dimanche Sans Fin - I Cube (Versatile)
Natty - DVA (Hyperdub)
Chasing The Midnight Moth - Illum Sphere (Fat City)
Quantum Leap - Slugabed (Planet Mu)
Stardustin' - Gonjasufi (Planet Mu)
Anything Worse - The Gaslamp KIller (Brainfeeder)
New York Is Killing Me - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Me And The Devil- Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Wu Tang Vs The Beatles Intro - Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
C.R.E.A.M. - Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
C.R.E.A.M. Instro - Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
Slang Editorial Instro - Wu Tang Vs The Beatles (Tea Sea)
Treacherous Disciples - Scalper (Like Water)
Noble Savage - Knowa Knowone
And Now - jj (Secretly Canadian)
Snake (Mexicans With Guns Rmx) - Oy (Creaked)
Paradise Circus (Breakage Rmx) - Massive Attack (Virgin)
Naked Mario Cart - RSD (Black Box)
Love For The Heads - Aiton (Abucs)
Shallows - DJ/rupture & Matt Shadetek (The Agriculture)
Forgive - Mala (Deep Medi)
Strengths In Numbers - Matt Shadetek (The Agriculture)

Soooo much goodness to kick off the Ginger Minx's sponsorship of Stinky Grooves tonight... it was a right bleeding treat. Avoiding the usual ramblage as my eyes are propped up with matchsticks and these morning aren't getting any easier this week, few words and a couple of tunes.
Busy Signal....him run things!
Loving 'Jafrican Ting', can't think of another artist able to pull this off.
'Food Fi The Pot' is timeless treasure
and 'Im High' speaks for itself... nuff said..
Three solid punches from Mr Gordon... what more needs to be said. Nae links as Busy's myspace is all over the blog and lord only knows where you'd find wax of these gemlets..Get to it.





Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's the ?????? at the Ginger Minx this Thursday 8-11 with moi.


Bit embarassing really but the question mark is because I've hit a wall coming up with a name for the new Thursday night slot at the Ginger Minx. I'll be running a fair swag of new (& old) cumbia and progressive Latin electronics, the usual JA related reggaematical business, a splash of the ip-op, some gentle doof, discerning doobstep and its mates... and you know ... the goodness. Any suggestions welecomed, even more welcomed would be a visit from anyone in the AK area. I'll be flinging down me files from 8-11ish, it's freeeeeeeeeee and a good place to be. Hope to see you there...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stinky Grooves and some Gaza Goodness


On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 1) - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Home Is Where The Hatred Is - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Me And The Devil - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
Dope Of Power Suite (Four Tet Rmx) - Doug Hammond (Heavenly Sweetness)
She Just Likes To Fight - Four Tet (Domino)
Jahovia - Bitty McLean & Johnny Osbourne (ROL)
Thank Yuh Jah - Vybz Kartel (NotNice)
Can't Stop Me - Busy Signal (Lifetime)
Murder - Busy Signal (Soul Vybz)
Rude Boy Town - Demarco (Soul Vybz)
Squeeze Off - Anthony B (Soul Vybz)
The Mist Riddim - Soul Vybz Crew (Soul Vybz)
Two Track Mind - Nocando ft Busdriver (Alpha Pup)
Treez - Ghostface Killer
Smokerface - Wiz Khalifa
Symphonies - Dan Black ft Kid Cudi (The Hours)
My Way -jj feat Lil Wayne (Sincerely Yours)
Kamera Song - Nite Jewel (Alberts Basement)
Wild Things - Richard Sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood Cuts)
Bei's Bossa - Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (Ubiquity)
El Hijo De La Diabla (El Pollo Loco Rmx) - La Pollera Colarada
Watch Dem - Sonido Del Principe ft Horace Andy
Cumbia Macabra - Sonido Desconocido II
Ya Me Vy (Chancha Via Circuito Rmx) - Dona Maria
Chase The Cumbia Devil - Tupolevsoundclash
Humano (Sonora Rmx) - Lido Pimienta
Cumbia Del Confort (Rmx) - Sonido Desconocido
Tenzado - Greena (Applepips)
Circles (Martyns Round & Round Rmx) - Detachments (This Is Not An Exit)
The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Actress Rmx) - Joy Orbison (Aus)
Un Dimanche Sans Fin - I Cube (Versatile)
Everything Will Be Alright - Golden Ages (Deerhaus)
Perikitus! - Pernett
Burn Brighter Flame - Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras (Macro)
Plastic People - Four Tet (Domino)
Loft At Sea - Sunburned Hand Of The Man (Smalltown Supersound)
Walking In The Clouds - Basement Jaxx (XL)
Remember - Lali Puna (Morr Music)
Behind The Stars - Pantha Du Prince (Rough Trade)
My Only Friend - Gonjasufi (Warp)
Whiskey Waltz - Bei Bei & Shawn Lee (Ubiquity)
The Greater Good (Fulgeance Rmx) - Jose James (Brownswood)
The Crutch - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
I've Been Me - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)
On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 1) - Gil Scott-Heron (XL)

Man what a week... Last Thursday's Daedelus performance at Whammy was truly fantastic. The club may have smelt and felt like an armpit, but all of the other senses were fully taken care of. So very very good.
Yesterdays premier NZ Laneways seemed to get a bit of stick from pernickety punters after the fact, which strikes me as rather churlish. Mind you I was able to sneak me and mine backstage for seats, eats, pleasant beers and all the niceties which certainly made a difference.
Musically it started well with a gusty gutsy performance early out for The Naked And Famous (who were positively commented upon in the Herald review), then The xx were subsonic, sublime and somehow able to make their moody mid-afternoon set work, despite the decidedly inappropriate timeslot. I've never failed to be stirred and shaken by a Dirty Three performance and that was no exception, nearly copped Warren Ellis's tambourine on the bonce from the side of the stage, but it would have been the most honourable tambourine related injury if it had stuck to its trajectory.
I was well dubious about seeing Echo & The Bunnymen without the mighty original rhythm section, I shouldn't have been. You'd have needed a heart of stone, not to be swept up in their timless vibes after they opened with Villiers Terrace and Rescue. It was all a bit greatest hits, and most of them came after I'd stopped going to see them or taking much interest first time around, but Will Sergeant and Mr McCulloch delivered - and the ring ins rang alright. Read some foolish review today that mithered on about the mid-song tangents into the classics, obviously written by someone who never copped 'em at their bleary and wayward best, I'd have been well miffed if it had been sanitised or less loose. I've got to see Mac and Al Green (not together!) having a stroll through the standards already this year, and I have to say it's alright by me!!
So tonights' show was in the usual weirdspace after a long weekend, just always seems to be that way. Getting the new Gil Scott-Heron album today in the most exquisite and heavyweight vinyl packaging was a real treat. I nixed the opportunity of initially hearing this at lower than optimum quality, and I'm double plus glad about that after reading the brilliant statement on the inner sleeve about listening to your 'investment' without distraction etc, and just hearing what a sonically rich (and naturally lyrically over-endowed) album it is to enjoy.
As soon as I heard the opening track with a monologue over one of my favourite pieces of music of recent years, 'Flashing Lights', I knew that was how tonights' show would have to start (and end). It's out next week and on the one 'proper' play I managed this afternoon, I'd say you'd be a complete ass not to buy several copies.
But I'm not going to run something from that, instead here's a little bit of Vybz. For once Addi Di Teacha is living up to his (nick) name and not using his inestimable lyrical powers to denigrate or dirty up but instead giving it a bit of ....aaaaah niceness, and I'm up for that.
Buy links for dancehall?! I wish. So this is a 320 proper ting a ling.


RIP Pauly - you were always alright to me and you'll be much missed....