Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scratch 22 'Cold Hands' video debut tomorrow night

Not only are them youthful sprites Homebrew showing off their fancy schmancy Chris Graham directed video tomorrow night (see flyer below) at the Hollywood in Avondale, with Scratch 22 getting his VJ on (thats video jockey not a shorted name for ladies parts) but he will also be premiering the video for 'Cold Hands' made by resident Mr 22 artwork don, Bob Van Der Wal. It's a sight to see, and the whole evening sounds like a right hoot, sadly I'll be fulfilling my duties at the Ginger Minx so no show from this quarter but may I strongly suggest attendance for a proper eye full of the good stuff...... How you get tickets seems a bit enigmatic but call it an intelligence test and get your blag on, or head down the KA for a touch of the R Kelly's (an after party that is (no cupboards) (no golden showers)).... bracket overload, over and out.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stinky Grooves 26.04.11 & a little bubble from the only royalty we deal with


Pot Still Haffi Bubble - Queen Ifrica (Creative Noize)
Gwaan Live Life - Cecile(Creative Noize)
Don't Fret Too Much - Tony Rebel (Creative Noize)
Pursue Riddim - Creative Noize Crew (Creative Noize)
El Alto de la Paz - Lagartijeando ft Boogat (soundcloud)
Rusetron - Den5hion (Latino Resiste: AZTLAN)
Asi Papi - Papi Perez (Latino Resiste: AZTLAN)
Del Puente A La Alameda (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) - Lizandro Meza (soundcloud)
La Pava Congona - Afrosound (Nascente)
Cumbia Del Monje - Tulo Enrique Leon (Gamma)
La Gozadera - Alex Acosta y su Orquesta (Soundway)
Cumbia De Los Aires - Anibal Velazquez (AMS)
Pasion Oriental - Los Destellos (Odeon)
Easy Action - The Alps (Mexican Summer)
9ine - MRR-ADM (Now Again)
2wo - MRR-ADM (Now Again)
Silent - Blu (Nature Sounds)
Since - Blu (Nature Sounds)
Accorde Don - dEbruit (Civil)
Run - Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation)
Possessions - Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation)
Grand National - Julio Bashmore (3024)
Fountains Of Paradise - Appleblim & October (Schmorgasbord)
Kryon ft Fling Lotus - Kode9 & Spaceape (Hyperdub)
Black Smoke ft Cha Cha - Kode9 & Spaceape (Hyperdub)
Bangin Beauty - Sidecar Tommy (bandcamp)
For Isabel - The Alps (Mexican Summer)
Medicine Man Revisited - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
For Walking Faces - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Journalist Writer - S Bacgan (Disposable Music)
Sleeping Samurai - Kluger/Vangarde (Disposable Music)
Crime Sound #8 - The Crime Sound Orchestra (Disposable Music)
Una Spiaggia a Mezzogiorno - Ennio Morricone (Fin De Siecle Media)
Je T'aime Moi Non Plus - Serge Fontane (Amusement)
Beat My Time - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Rider In The Sky (Live) - Dan Bau Vietnam (Trikont)
Yeh Aaj Mujh Ko - Tafo Bros (Disposable Music)
Albatross - John Kpiaye (Kickin)
Hurtin' - Dennis Bovell & Brown Sugar (Kickin)
I'm In Love With A Dreadlocks - Brown Sugar (Kickin)
Sweet Home - Willi Williams (Dug Out)
Mr Bossman - Pupajim (Stand High)
New York Minute - Ray Darwin (Joe Frasier)
Run Run Run - Tinga Stewart (Joe Frasier)
Bullring Boogie - Pama Intl meets Wrongtom (soundcloud)
12welve - MRR-ADM (Now Again)
7even ft Gonjasufi - MRR-ADM (Now Again)
10en - MRR-ADM (Now Again)

Hokay tonight's show was a special livication to two of Auckland's original and unique ladies who have passed in the last wee while, so Barbie and K R'd Margaret...I salute you, we certainly shall not see their like again and I think the world is a less colourful place for that.

Plenty of music that blew me away tonight, but the highlight undoubtedly was finally dropping a tune from the Vietnam War album which has run things on our stereo with all the subtlety of a despotic dictator, since greasy paws met with it a month or two ago. I won't go on too much.... but this album is going to fry some circuits and blow some minds, it's unspeakably good and will be out on RTM July 4th. It's also just a portion, a particularly plump one it has to be said, but just a portion of what is coming up on Round Trip Mars - notice is served and smart folk will be scurrying along to a record shop to buy a Scratch 22 album just to get in our good books (and to give themselves an earful of the very finest too!)

Once again I ramble so let me shut up and fling out this weeks little tip-lette. Queen Ifrica is invariably on point and this latest on the Pursue rhythm from Creative Noize is no exception.... get to it.



and as you may have heard several times tonight, this Friday there's shenagians and capers galore at Tabac when I will have the honour of spinning alongside Coco Solid and Extravagangsta, two of my favouritest non-RTM acts in the whole goldurned shire, should be a corker, check the flyer below only $5/$10 on the door in the words of Son Of Bazerk, what could be better bitch?!


if that doesn't mow your lawn and tune up your engine sufficiently (then I suggest a trip to the doctor) or simply aint your bag-ette then why not check out the Vietnam War and Heart Attack Alley for free at Lucha Lounge... details below and btw you're sooooo spoilt!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stinky Grooves 19.04.11 & un peu de mas Bash



Bull Ring Boogie (Wrongtom Rmx) - Pama Intl (soundcloud)
When We Kill - Skarra Mucci ft Ken Boothe (Soul Force)
New York Minute - Ray Darwin (Joe Frasier)
Run Run Run - Tinga Stewart (Joe Frasier)
Mustang (J Rocc Rmx) - Blundetto (Heavenly Sweetness)
Downpressor - Michael Rose (Undisputed)
Big Machine - Mr Lexx (Undisputed)
Wuker - Kncky Cordner (soundcloud)
Money - Sheba (TJ)
Life - Vybz Kartel (TJ)
Sabor A Gaita - DJ Negro (Bersa Discos)
Luna Lunera (DJ Krack Rmx) - Revelacion Colombiana (soundcloud)
津波神風ーTsunami Kamikaze - Dolomites (soundcloud)
Danger Up & Down - Dolomites (soundcloud)
Pacmanimals Cumbia - SDP vs Mr Sakitumi (Generation Bass)
Bullet Against Bone - Kode9 & Spaceape (Hyperdub)
Turkisk-Ish - Debruit (Civil Music)
Easy Action - The Alps (Mexican Summer)
Communication - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
333DIRT - 333 (Parallel Thought)
Chasing The Sun - J Rocc (Stones Throw)
C&S Mixtape - Micachu & The Shapes (Rough Trade)
Low Dogg - Micachu & The Shapes (Rough Trade)
Hollow Bone - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Supercollider - Radiohead (XL)
For Isabel - The Alps (Mexican Summer)
Romantic Attitude - John Fitch (Beacon Records)
This Songs For You - El Michels Affair (Truth & Soul)
Go Outside (The 2Bears Rmx) - Cults (Sony)
Spray - The Alps (Mexican Summer)
Grand National - Julio Bashmore (3024)
Magnetic Devil ft Afrika Bambaata - Black Devil Disco Club (Lo)
Graffiti Girls - Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation)
Puertas Adentro (Pepepe Rmx) (Pueblo Nuevo)
Blossom Quarter - Lone (R&S)
Ribble To Amazon - Julio Bashmore (3024)
Green Sun - Kode9 & Spaceape (Hyperdub)
Falkenberg (Pilooski Edit) - Discodeine (Dirty)
Wolebe ("My Dear" Sung for the Bride) - Lema G/Hiwot
Yebete Zemedu (We'll See How The Relatives Play) - Lema G/Hiwot
Soyle Beni - Grazia (Koliphone)
Palaces Of Monetzuma (Barry Adamson Rmx) - Grinderman (Mute)
Bebaskan Aku (You Keep Me Hanging On) - Ismail Haron & The Guys (EMI Singapore)
Hole In Your Boat - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Fallout - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Goners - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)

Apologies for last week's playlist going up the best part of a day late, pure oversight I'm afraid. I primped and preened the playlist to a pertinent point, and as is invariably the case when I flt it was done I pretty much immediately stuck the headphones on and got to making yet another foolish theraputic stinking tune.. it's what I do. Unfortunately I did everything but press 'publish' and didnt discover that till the next day when I bucked up on the tab underneath several layers of digital detritus on my desktop.. oops!

Bristol's Julio Bashmore has been popping out some fine tunes for a West Country minute, and I'm quite surprised that he hasn't popped up on Stinky Grooves more -though that's probably due to the overall doofiness of most of his gear. It's an intelligent doof (or an oracle-like oonst if you prefer) and with track titles like 'Um Bongo's Revenge' (surely a reference to the dodgily marketed, gruesome British fizzy drink of the 70's) and 'Grand National' - the man also has room for a bit of wit in his shit.
Love this tune (as my better half points out.. this tune has a sizable whiff of classic Pal Joey to it, no complaints round chez stink about that!), equally (almost) love 'Ribble To Amazon' from the same EP, so we're talking keeper type material. This'uns a digital extra so don't be content with the paltry 192 I'm offering up for your perusal for one week the bloodclaat things here ....go onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stinky Grooves 12.04.11 & more from the QV CV


Smiley Culture Tribute - YT & Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Drink N Merry - Assassin (Boardhouse)
Give It To Me Proper - Tifa (DJ Frass)
Bam Bam The Sequel Riddim - (Clifford Ray Music)
Cyaan Stop Yuh - Mr Lexx (Clifford Ray Music)
Black & Proud - Mr Vegas (Clifford Ray Music)
Yea Yea - Gyptian (Clifford Ray Music)
Bam Bam The Sequel Riddim - CR Crew (Clifford Ray Music)
Sweet Home - Willi Williams (Dug Out)
Melody Maker - Keith Hudson (Summit)
The Tribulation With Dubulation - Earl Sixteen (Dread At The Controls)
Why Did You Leave Lover - Barbara Jones (GG's)
Pretty Looks Isn't All - The Heptones (Studio One)
A House Is Not A Home - Soul Vendors (Studio One)
Del Puente A La Alameda (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) - Lizandro Meza (soundcloud)
津波神風ーTsunami Kamikaze - Dolomites (soundcloud)
Clandestino (The Peronists Hippie Bass Rmx) - Mano Negra
Di Que No (den5hion Rmx) - Pedro Infame (soundcloud)
Los Poderes (Atrolpolis Rmx) - Rita Indiana (Sony)
Ani Riddim ft Mumdance - Toy Selectah (Mad Decent)
The Goddess (Quiet Village Rmx) - Bubble Club (International Feel)
Cold Hands - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Medicine Man Revisited - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
In The Sun (Purling Hiss Remix) - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Fredag - Dungen (Subliminal Sounds)
Falkenberg (Pilooski Edit) - Discodeine (Dirty)
Graffiti Girls - Parallel Dance Ensemble (Permanent Vacation)
Magnetic Devil ft Afrika Bambaata - Black Devil Disco Club (Lo)
Distrust ft Faris Badwan - Black Devil Disco Club (Lo)
The Biro Pen - Cornershop (Ample Play)
Lima Blues - Bronx River Parkway (Truth & Soul)
Nora Se Va - Bronx River Parkway (Truth & Soul)
Hung Up On My Baby - El Michels Affair (Truth & Soul)
Cocktel Margarita - Los Pancho 5 Hippie
El Alegron - Rosendo Martinez y Su Orquesta (Soundway)
Orchestra Of Spheres (Caribou Edit) - Orchestra Of Spheres (Sound Explorers)
Closer (Pictureplane's No Body Rmx) - Becoming Real (Cold World Industries)
Ribble To Amazon - Julio Bashmore (3024)
Surfer's Hymn (Actress Rmx) - Panda Bear (Paw Tracks)
Casual Diamond (Lauel Halo Rmx) - Sleep ∞ Over (Hippos In Tanks)
Does Frankie Ever Call My Name - Tyrone Ashley's Funky Music Machine (Truth & Soul)

There was a time, just a few years ago when a Stinky Grooves show could barely be considered complete without at least one ludicrously elongated and highly percussive Quiet Village mix of something or other. Then that activity slowed down as they headed towards their Silent Movie album, which seemed like the utter business when it came out, but somehow hasn't proven itself so well in the long run. Still good and all, captures a moment, but not a shade on their distinctive and downright deadly remix style.
So this little gem on Uruguay's invariably on point Interational Feel is welcome relief. It's QV back at their luxurious best, soaking in an extended hot bath of bubbling effects, sub aqua rhythms and a natural ring of subtle sonic dirt. You know the M.O., up for a week lo-fi but you' be doing us all a favour if you just visited Juno and sprung for a copy, like I did, by following this link....



Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stinky Grooves 05.04.11 & a bit of Rodney Basil Price is right


Wine Fi Di General - Bounty Killer (Skatta Productions)
Fi Di Gyal Dem - Chino (Skatta Productions)
Calling - Elephant Man (Skatta Productions)
It's On - Lukie D (Skatta Productions)
Baddis - Mr Vegas (Skatta Productions)
Bar Mitzvah Riddim - Skatta (Skatta Productions)
Tuk In Yuh Belly (Murlo Rmx) - Leftside & Esco (soundcloud)
Buss A Blank - Delly Ranx (Madd Sniper Productions)
Not Selling My Soul - Gappy Ranks (Madd Sniper Productions)
Turn It Up - Tarnachyla (Madd Sniper Productions)
Buena Persona (den5hion rmx) - Lido Pimienta (soundcloud)
Gritona Atravida - Calle Yeah (soundcloud)
Clandestino (The Peronists Rmx) - Mano Negra
Sopetran - Calavera y La Popular Independentiente
Calypso (Sonora Rmx) - Round Table Knights (soundcloud)
Buenas Noches, Te Amo - Den5hion (soundcloud)
Accorde Don - Debruit (Civil)
Lil Zurna - Debruit (Civil)
Top Knot - Cornershop (Ample Play)
Evolve - Pharoahe Monch (Duck Down)
TANGOLF - Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats
My Chain (Jonwayne's Basement Mix) - Gucci Mane
Flashing Before Your Eyes - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Hollow Bone - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Espanolo Kolo - A Hawk & AHacksaw (L.M. Duplication)
The Loser (Xeftilis) - A Hawk & AHacksaw (L.M. Duplication)
NYC - Burial (Hyperdub)
Surfer's Hymn (Actress Primitive Patterns Rmx) - Panda Bear (Paw Tracks)
Ghosten - Kyle Hall (Third Ear)
Welt Am Draht (Die Vogel Version) - Pantha Du Prince (Rough Trade)
Medicine Man - The DHDFD's (Round Trip Mars)
Run Around - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
In The Sun (Purling Hiss Rmx) - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
No Llores Mas - Morena y Clara (Hundergrum)
A Meter El Gol - Bambino (Hundergrum)
Montecarlo Beach - Adolfo Waitzman Orquesta (Hundergrum)
Pantum Lana - Murry (Now Again)
El Hombre de Hoy - Greg Segura y su Orquesta (Hundergrum)
Amb Aquells Ulls Tan Blaus - Fernando Orteu (Hundergrum)
Hyperspheres (Caribou Edit) - Orchestra of Spheres (Sound Explorers)
See Through You - The Oscillation (All Time Low)
Maxwell's O (The Horrors' Tom Furse Speed Up Slow Down Rmx) - CLOUT! (RCRDLBL)
The Biro Pen - Cornershop (Ample Play)
Who Snatched The Baby? - The Band Of Holy Joy (Flim Flam)
At The Vulturul Negru - A Hawk & A Hacksaw (LM Duplication)
Communication - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Key To The Kingdom - Emerald City (Banished From The Universe)

Ah the worlds collide, what a wonderful thing that is. Cordel 'Skatta' Burrell knows a bit of that having made his name with the still sizzling 'Coolie Dance' rhythm back in 2004, his combo of yard bashment pressure and sub-continent strains broke out from JA to the upper echelons of the hip hop world, and beyond. His new'un 'Bar Mitzvah' is pretty self-explanatory - getting hefty on the hava nagilas and matching the sidelock with the dreadlock. It's a ripper and I reckon that's reflected in the vocal cuts, which are a cut above the current standard Kingston fare.
It might possibly be a bit too fruity to blow up like 'Coolie Dance', but then again that may well be the making of it. My full support is guaranteed, like last year's The Caribbean Girl' rhythm from Bambino & Juss Buss it's a welcome reminder about how much fun dancehall can be, and how dull the regulation JA gear really is right now.
Out of the first round of artists there's worthwhile cuts from Chino, Lukie D and Elephant Man as well as this scorcher from the Warlord…. Bounty Killer. Enjoy.....