Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stinky Grooves 29.04.09 and a Cudi Prefuse, countrified honk sandwich

Sweat Until The Morning (Quiet Village Rmx) - Vagabond
Regalo - Prefuse 73 (Warp)
Can It All Be So Simple - El Michels Affair (Truth & Soul)
Zapatillas Galacticos - El Remolon (ZZK)
Dancehall - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Cumbia Regional - El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
Para Baillar Cumbia (El Hijo De La Cumbia Rmx) -Alika (Soot)
Escape (Dub Version) - El Remolon (ZZK)
Herb Tree - Collie Buddz (Massive B)
Vampire - Chezidek (Massive B)
What U Fighting For - Burro Banton (Massive B)
Bad Man Gonna Cry - Lady Saw (Big Yard)
You're Not The Same - Ken Boothe (Jah Guidance)
Intro Mix - DJ Kentaro (Pressure Sounds)
Diverse Doctrine Version - The Village Bunch (Pressure Sounds)
Doctrine Dub - The Village Bunch (Pressure Sounds)
Hello, Love Brother - Prince Fari & The Arabs (Pressure Sounds)
Big Fight Dub - Prince Fari & The Arabs (Pressure Sounds)
Morning Star - Bullwackies All Stars (Wackies)
Anglo Ethio Suite - Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics (Strut)
Steel Legs 11 _ Julien Dyne (From The Crates)
Gold Splatter - Black Moth Super Rainbow (Memphis Industries)
La La La - The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Lair Of The Grolfax - The Advisory Circle (Lo)
She Came Along - Sharam ft Kid Cudi (Ultra)
Daps & Pounds - Kid Cudi
Higher Up - Kid Cudi
Haterproof - Onra (Favourite)
Verdad - Fedaden (Nacopajaz)
2080 - Subeena (Imminent)
Little Things - Martyyn (3024)
Black Sun - Kode 9 ( (Hyperdub)
2000 - Ghost (Tempa)
Traumatic Times - LD (Hyperdub)
Right? Star! - Martyn (3024)
Dante - Untold (Hot Flush)
Primavera En La Selva - Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Guajira Sicodelico - Los Destellos (Indie Record Store Day)
Genge Genge - Dengue Fever (Barbes)
I Am Very Sorry - Noor Jehan (Indie Record Store Day)
Riff Raff - Clutchy Hopkins (Ubiquity)
Movement 4 - Carl Craig & Moritz Von Oswald (Universal)

Once again a couple of tracks this week, what with it being so predominantly quiet around these parts for various raisins. First up is a right ripper from Scott Herren aka Prefuse 73, which came as a bit of a shock as I'd pretty much lost interest in his releases over the last few years. His new album 'Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian' arrived this afternoon, and this track immediately stood out like the proverbial, well documented, canine parts. There's a definite Spaghetti Western thing going on that gets subtle-a-delic and well wonked out in ways that I find most pleasing. After only a cursory, pre-show listen it sounds like there's a couple more gems amongst the 29 (!!) tracks..... what is it with these weirdbeard hiphop heads and their tiny beaterludes? Four minutes is like a marathon for these soap dodgers! He might have just been knackered or not having a good night, but he struck me as a bit of an overly-sensitive, moody fellow when I played with him at Galatos, I wonder if that has subsequently clouded my feelings about his music. Hanyways this track has got my beguile on big time, and I'm also rating the futuro-kitsch album cover which comes over all 70's sci fi paperbackishness.

Secondly this'uns been a round for a looong minute, but I keep on cropping up on folks who haven't had a chance to fall in love with it  (or hate it, there's no middle ground). I really wanted to play it at the Turnaround on Friday but that was Asterix's night and in all honesty I was keen to squeeze as much of that Jah-blessed voice out of him as I possibly could, so I was happy to save them vocal rekids for another time. Big thanks to anyone reading who was there, that was a very special night - so many old heads tipping it up and unfortunately a fair few folk who couldn't get in because it rammed up early. 
I digress, the crazy Cudi track with the Patsy Cline sample is produced by Sharam, one half of Deep Dish. His 'Get Wild' album isn't really my cup of tea but this one-off, fruity delight is the lapsang souchon in the bonafide bone china. There's something about this that really reminds me of a He Said Omala cut from over a decade ago called 'Troubled Mind' that did wonderful things with a Roy Orbison ('Blue Bayou') sample. I may have to try and dig that out and post it up soon.
you can buy the track proper sounding & ting from iTunes
Get the Kid Cudi - Dat Kid From Cleveland mixtape here

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stinky Grooves 21.04.09 and RSD in Time And Space...

The General - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Liondub International)
Murderation - ? (Love Is The Key)
Jah Rain (RSD Rmx) - Evergreen & Landlord (Ranking)
Rise Up (RSD Rmx) - Henry & Louis (2Kings)
Jerk Pork - Cardopusher (Lo Dubs)
Mind Of Your Own - Assassin (Dawg House)
Flossing Non-Stop - Tornado (Dawg House)
Jamaica Jamaica - Bling Dawg (Dawg House)
Blaze up The Herbs - Busy Signal (Dawg House)
Estan Dead - Scare Dem Fish ft Suppose
Atados - Tommy Real
Ramping Shop Te Quiero - Ruff Dad, Vybz & Spice
Dumpling Shop - Lovindeer & Mama Tia
Tie & Dye Face - Busy Signal (Stainless)
Hussle - Busy Signal (Birch Hill)
Tek Back Yard - Beenie Man (Birch Hill)
Selassie Love We - Vybz Kartel (Birch Hill)
Baddaz - Birch Hill Crew (Birch Hill)
Shy - Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Major Blitzkreig (Depth Charge Remix) - Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Sour 24 Hour - Richard sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood Cuts)
Para Baillar (Rmx) - El Hijo De La Cumbia ft Alika (Soot)
A Traves Del Tiempo - El Hijo de La Cumbia (Soot)
Escape (Dub Version) - El Remolon (ZZK)
Raggasamba - Magic Drum Orchestra
Township Funk (Mark Pritchard Rmx) - DJ Mujava (Warp)
Two - Aardvark (Kindred Spirits)
The General (Noah D Rmx) - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Liondub International)
Traumatic Times - LD (Hyperdub)
2 Far Gone - Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Bunker - DJG (Tube 10)
Boksd - Subeena (Imminent)
Verdad - Fedadaen (Nacopajaz)
The Annual - Mr Hayday
Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise - Black Moth Super Rainbow (Memphis Industries)
Angela - Jarvis Cocker (Rough Trade)
Psychedelic Trip - The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Zeitghost - The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Sea Within A Sea - The Horrors (XL)
Morado (Subeena Rmx) - Pepepe Agosto (Imminent)
Mr Sponges Groovy Oscillations - Amorphous Androgynous (Lo)
Drago (Brennan Green Version) - Smith & Mudd (Claremont 56)
Old Man Rivers Crying (Rope Of Sand Mix) - Full Moon Scientist (Hard Hands)

A tad live and loose, with more than a modicum of mess tonight - you get that from time to time.  Since I've been somewhat slackerating on the blogular vein of late, I'm going to ping a brace of scorchers up, with a very definite guaranteed promise of more action later in the week.

It's about time we offered up a little slice of mightyness from Richard Norris's superb The Time And Space Machine album 'Volume 2'. After the psych-soaked, aural overload of the first edits emission from Norris's  sci-fi hi-fi, I have to confess I was initially a tad underwhelmed by early plays of its succesor...... Now, with the vinyl in hand, I just mutter 'O ye of little faith' and turn it up to speaker cessating, seismic levels. The over familiarity of the vocal samples (which have been banging around on mix tapes since the days when they were actually tapes and called compilations, and the dolby dinosaurs ruled the earth) on this cut 'Psychedelic Circus' switched me off at first... that was before the unrepentant monstrousness of the 'Inna Gada Davida'-esque riff soaked slowly into my brain and I was once again a T&S Machine zombie, fiending for more. Check heem below.
Buy it here, quick smart ..seems to be selling out of its current pressings at a lot of places.

I've been running a whole heap of RSD since Mr Smith blessed the b with a visit, and bought the proverbial 'maison du fromage'* down. Part of  the hefty Smith quota is because he left me with some utterly sterling tunes, the rest is because I've been tracking the ones I was missing down -  like a bloodhound with bass fever. Previewing tracks for 30 second snippets on the computer is never an ideal way to shop, and there's a couple I would probably  have missed out on. This belching, roots-step monster on Ranking Records had slipped under the rhythm radar.... and that would have been a crime. 
Buy  or locally it can be scored through Beat Merchants, Samurai etc

*(I've been on a driving around to Mr Cooper Clarke kick of late, 'Evidently Chickentown' and 'Twat' should be issued as an antidote to road rage!)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stinklinks & the proverbial, ubiqitous ting

I'm not a big fan of the endless re-posting of links malarkey, apart from thems that do it supremely well, but every now and then you've got to share a thing or two. I've got a few more hefty posts planned - right now, here's some bits and places from around the place...............
Taliesin from those titans of tonal terrorism Dutty Artz pinged me a link to his 'Samizdat Mix' ,  which ranges from a bit of messed up dancehall including Busy Signal (and as you know we're partial to that round here) through crucial cumbiafied cuts right up to some right undulating uptempo units and all sorts of messed up magnificence. Have a butchers below.
direct link to the mix
dutty artz has it all naturally
Dutty Artz is showing promising potency at the minute with scorching releases that get out there, but somehow remain criminally under the radar.. at least for now. The Jahdan Blakkamoore EP that dropped last year was ridiculously tight (look forward to hearing Asterix over a couple of beats from that EP on Friday night) and his new 12" The General (nowt to do with the rhythm of the same name) is some totally top ranking, highly decorated business. Produced by Matt Shadetek and LionDub (the label isLionDub International), and touching down on wax last week -  the original is THE joint. The subsonically seismic remixes from Noah D and Marcus Visionary are none too shabby either, as it goes. I'll be running at least one version tomorrow night (if not more), and I can only predict monstrously musically satisfying things from Mr Blakkamoore, and his upcoming album 'Buzzrock Warrior'. No mp3, support the quality and score it already.
Cop a 22 minute slice of Jahdan mixtape business at XLR8R
And while you're trawling a round why not have a squizz at........
BAGnewsNotes is an excellent U.S. news pictures analysis site, check it.... particularly liked this one.

Oftentimes he can be such a nong, and his talent is more often squandered than done justice to, but on a good day Vybz Kartel is almost un-toppable and un-stoppable. It can only have  been a day or two after Sting when he recorded this hilarious broadside at Mavado, 'Last Man Standing'.  At first I was just amused, and then for the last few months I've been severely hooked - on the daily style & fashion. There's finally an official video which, even though it's pretty standard fare, has a certain brusque charm. 
This track below is sending me right now, I would never ever have betted on this mob of fringe-farmers and ghoulish grinders to come up with something so substantial. It's hardly a bundle of originality, but when it sounds this good - who cares. Thus far I've only listened to the full album in an intense reviewing frenzy for a couple of days so I'm curious to get back to it in a relaxed frame, who would have thunked it.  
Finally it's been a bad spell for the curtailment of great minds with the loss of one of the very best, J.G. Ballard and also the razor sharp Clement Freud, we shall not be seeing their like again. I'll leave you with a joke from the latter.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stinky Grooves 14.04.09 & Chancha Via Circuito in training


Helix Dub - Tapes (Jahtari netlabel)
Skankless Tascam - Tapes (Jahtari netlabel)
Two - Aardvark (Kindred Spirits)
Trample - RSD (Love Is The Key)
Dia Libre (Chancha Via Circuito) - Aldo Benitez (ZZK)
Aqui Pincesa (Marcelo Fabian Rmx) - Princesa (Soot)
Cola Lex (Dub Version) - El Remolon (ZZK)
Cumbia Regional - El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
Heurfanito - Los Ovnis
La Cumbia Del Zapatero - Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Our Rights - The Defenders (Red Lion)
Drifter (2006 Dub Mix) - Mudies All Stars (Moods)
You're Not The Same - Ken Boothe (Guidance)
Lucky Man - Courtney John (FiWi)
Vampire - Chezidek (Massive B)
What U Fighting For - Burro Banton (Massive B)
Murderation - RSD, Barrington & Beenie (Love Is The Key)
Jah Rain (RSD Rmx) - Landlord & Evergreen (Ranking)
One - Aardvark (Kindred Spirits)
Strange Glow - Ital Tek (Planet Mu)
Teleportation - Pinch (Planet Mu)
Sweat - Untold (Hot Flush)
Attack Of The Killer Robot Spiders - Pinch (Planet Mu)
Verdad (Ghislain Poirier Rmx) - Verdaden (Narcopajaz)
Sour 24 Hour - Richard Sen & Cazbee (Mixed Blood Cuts)
Sea Within A Sea - The Horrors (XL)
Seven Thousand Pound Bee - Cherrystones (Lo)
Psychedelic Circus - The Time & Space Machine (5D)
For So Long - Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain)
Loose Lips - Wooden Shjips (Sub Pop)
Rett Pa - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas (Eskimo)
Night's - El Hijo De La Cumbia (Soot)
Zorzal - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Para Baillar Cumbia (El Hijo de La Cumbia Rmx) - Alika (Soot)
Villa Diamante - Lil Mama vs Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Elsa (Sonido Martines Rmx ft Fefe) - Los Destellos (Soot)
Elsa - Los Destellos (Barbes)
Popcorn - Chicha Libre (Barbes)
Dancehall - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)

After a show full of Argie-bargie nueva cumbia biz I guess it would be beyond churlish not to furnish this post with a track from the album that has been on repeat play at El Grande Casa Del Stencho over the last week or so. Chancha Via Circuito  is Pedro Canale, a feller with a bit of a serious thing for trains, and a truly unique minimal style that is 100% identifiably his own. 

I've played a lot of his tracks from 12"s and comps on ZZK and Bersa Discos (and t'internets & whatnot), but getting both the genius 'Rodante' album and its scorchio 12" side-dish, in separate orders in the space of a couple of weeks,  has sent me on CVC overload. With the El Remolon six-tracker on wax and Soot's excellent Sonido Martines curated 12" it's been like downtown Buenos Airies round these parts, and there can be no complaint about that! 

Also definitely worth checking out is the 'Freestyle De Ritmos' album from El Hijo De Cumbia which is an accordion laced, cumbionic cruciality that doesn't let up through a dozen, deep and deadly, diverse cuts. It deserves a bit more of a blah than I can give it at this late hour, but the CD is out and it's available digitally all over, including iTunes (in NZ too, as is the Chancha Via Circuito album, muy bien!) and the spot I picked it up from, good old eMusic.
(buy) the 'Rodante' album and 12" or do the right DL thing from the above.
(ZZK) home

 Hasta lluego

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Mighty Asterix - final NZ appearance at The Turnaround

It is with much sadness, and conversely a touch of gladness, that I bring news of the final gig for the Mighty Asterix in NZ before he heads over the ditch - a move that is obviously being made for familial rather than musical motives. 

The sadness comes from the fact that for the last 18 (possibly 19 I'm not so good with dates) years, the diminutive don has been my one and only choice of local MC, something that was apparent from the very first time I heard him bless the mic. The gladness, of course, is that we've managed to squeeze this engagement in (and a little Unitone recording) before he heads off. We've had a couple of gooduns down in Welli this year (with Vital Sounds HiFi at the Cuba St Carnival, and warming up for The Bug & Warrior Queen) but after all this time and what must run into at least a couple of hundred (if not more) gigs together... a proper send off is required. I'm sure The Turnaround will provide just that, and I can't wait to swing in behind Paul for what I can guarantee will be a very, very special set. 

Even though many of our best gigs have been done 'on the fly', I'm going to be flinging him down a disc of fresh versions so that we have some in the bag, as it were. The forecast is for Asterix to be slinging his singjay superbosity over a heaping helping of the most discerning dancehall, some wobble-free dubsteppery, definitely a nip into nuevo cumbia, a bit of ip-oppery, a coupla Unitone HiFi exclusives, who knows what else and no doubt something special and appropriate for the Turnaround crowd. Excuse my drooling all over the keyboard, I can barely wait!!

By way of a little warm-up here's a couple from Asterix that you'll be unlikely to find elsewhere. I've already chucked a track (still up for a mo) from the session we had with the Newtown Sound crew at Ghetto Red Hot last year here, and as a little Easter oeuf here's another from that same gig. This is more end of the night biz, as his Mightyness jumps up on Daseca's 'Jail' instrumental for Busy Signal. It's straight out of the desk so the levels are a bit out of whack, and I'm not sure if Paul had done this one over ever before that night, but it's only a little taster right?!

Also there's a never released Mannaseh remix of 'Guiding Star' that isn't hugely different to the one we chucked on 1996's 'Rewound and Rerubbed' album, though I've always had a soft spot for it as a Stinksclusive anyways. I doubt this will ever be released formally, so grab it while you can. We had a rah about more recent Roots Gardening from the evergreen Mr Rapahel here,  and I strongly suggest you check some of that too.

Can't resist sticking in his strangest contribution to the first Unitone HiFi album - 'Babylon' getting the right regal remix from the late Muslimgauze. We were fortunate enough to apparently be the first people Bryn Jones agreed to remix and he pretty much took apart the whole album and fed it through some mighty distressed machinery. We've given permission and the original recordings of all the Muslimgauze mixes we have (even identifying the songs is tricky as he took parts from tracks and juxtaposed and jammed together like a man possessed, truly possessed!) to a French fanatique, who is purportedly putting them out as a very limited CD. I'll keep you posted on that project as we hear more. For many years afterwards, even after his untimely passing in 1999, I would hear little skanks, drum sounds and more from 'Wickedness Increased' , appearing in Muslimgauze productions, and that was of profound satisfaction and absolutely no irritation to me.

Nowt to buy here (we will get round to making the Unitone HiFi back-cat available at some point in the future, honest) unless you want to be traipsing around Discogs and the like.




Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stinky Grooves 07.04.09 & Hyperdub hotness

Cumbia Bichera ft Pablo Lescano - El Remolon (ZZK)
Vareal Riddim - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
La Misma Moneda (Chancha Via Circuito) - Princesa (Soot)
Zorzal (Instr) - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Husling - Busy Signal (Birchill)
Tek Back Yard - Beenie Man (Birchill)
Selassie Love We - Vybz Kartel (Birchill)
Nah Believe You - Movado (Daseca)
Now Him Believe Mi - Baby Tash
Jamaican John Gotti - Busy Signal
Dirty Money - Assailant (Dawghouse)
Stimulus Plan - Dead Prez (Green Lantern Prodns)
Sgt Peppers - Wafeek
Perfectionist - Asher Roth ft Beanie Sigel & Rock City (UMG)
She Came Along - Sharam ft Kid Cudi
That's Me - Stoupe ft Joel Ortiz
Aqui Princesa (Macelo Fabian Rmx) - Princesa (Soot)
Bolivia - El Remolon (ZZK)
Pa Pa Pare - Zurita (Cabeza!)
Ala Los Manos - El Remolon (ZZK)
Shy - Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Major Blitzkreig - Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Psychedelic Circus - The Time & Space Machine (5D)
Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free - Zombie Zombie (Versatile)
Rothaus (Groove Edit) - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas (Eskimo)
Kunst Or Ars - Meanderthals (Smalltown Supersound)
Black Sun - Kode 9 (Hyperdub)
Ghost Town (DJ G Bootleg Rmx) - The Specials
Jah Rain (RSD Rmx) - Landlord & Evergreen (Ranking)
Digidesign - Joker (Hyperdub)
Private Places (Shackleton & Mordant Music Version) -Vindicatrix
Voices From The Night - Late (Disfigured Dubz)
Mecha Squirrel Pt 1/Pt 2 - Depth Charge (DC Recordings)
Major Blitzkreig (Depth Charge Rmx) - Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Tirsdagsjam (Lang Version) - Lindstrom & Prins Thomas (Eskimo)

So so many mighty and magnificent tunes tonight (and none so-so either), a man is spoilt for choice. I'm feeling, there might have to be a couple of Easteroid posts on the way - to try and unleash some more of the gritty goodness and cumbionics from this week's olfactory experience.
In the meantime I have to present (for the sum of one week), a tune that just seems to further slay with every single play. 'Black Sun' is yet another unfathomably deep transmission from Kode 9, and a worthy addition to the potent Hyperdub catalogue. To be honest, I'm hard pushed to think of a label with a comparable strike rate, especially given the musical span of their output which has really stretched over the  last couple of years. 'Black Sun' with it's discordant pads, technoid tension, frankly foolish helpings of sub-bass and trademark Kode 9 beat ballistics - is anything but a hodge podge, it's deathly direct. Like so many truly, top shelf,  tonal treasures it not only defies categorisation, but takes categorisation out the back for a serious word. This is a majestic tune that deserves volume and clarity, and only a weedy 128kbps empeetree, so the message is bloindingly clear, play, peruse and purchase popkids.... Buy A Copy!!!!
(here) for digital or emusic has it (here)
(here) for fizical waxy type object
(Kode9space) there's a fierce Lee Perry, Samia & Farah track on the player btw
(pictorial review here) don't agree with this at all, but love Earl Boykins style, whatever the music/opinion.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stinksclusive - Unitone HiFi meet Overproof Soundsystem Dub mix

Hokay, I've been holding onto this'un for a while, but now seems like a good time to unleash this wee belter, which is very much a StinkInc vexclusive crisp biscuit. For your downloading delight, here is the unreleased dub of our Unitone HiFi remix of Overproof Soundsystem's 'King Step'. The vocal version of this is just about to drop on 12", alongside the pumping original mix from our G Corp associated Brum chums,  however it's the dub that wins out the day for me. When we originally got the parts for the mix,  the tempo and style  suggested we should perhaps aim for a bit of dubsteppery action, but as is so often the case, where we began and where we ended up... well they're quite different places. Instead of some testosteroned wobbly hoo-ha this turned out as a very mellow little bass bomb, and without blowing our own trumpet too much, I'm really chuffed with the end result. I recently found out this is somewhat of a soundsystem fave in the Midlands, and perhaps we should have borne that in mind (had we known) with our mix... ah well, it is what it is... and sometimes the slow burn can be just as powerful as the flamethrower!

Local yokels can find the 12" though Southbound in the next couple of weeks, elsewhere and globalistically I'm sure it will be havailable through all good record shops (that are still standing!). If you'd like a hi-res version of the dub for playing out/radio etc (the one posted is 192) then please  hit me up in the comments or by email and I'm sure we can oblige, and if you'd like to re-post or link to this, you are more than welcome... but please let us know. Joost and myself (with mastering and mix assistance from the mighty Angus McNaughtonizer) are trodding on towards some more Unitone releasability, and we have some right, hot cross bun-it-ups in the proverbial oven. Next up will be another split 7" with Jefferson Belt (and just wait till you hear his side, oh my good gosh!), to keep the wintery wolves at bay in the coming months. There are still very limited copies  of the last 2008 Unitone HiFi/Jefferson Belt 7" available from various spots, or they can be bought direct from the horses gob, by pinging me a mail and whatnot.

Vox version available digitally and reasonably priced from here or here
(Unitonespace) friend us up, we slack like that.

And being as its my favourite format and no-one likes a birthday to be forgot, make haste to the Beeb ponline and check out a little filmette (of the Vinyl Factory folk who we highly recommend) celebrating the 60th birthday of the 7" right here. Yes indeed the glorious 45 must surely now have access to a free bus pass and the right to complain and grumble about more stuff than yer average young twot on them internets.... Hurrah! An audio anniversary to be proud of (you can stick them digital files where the sun don't shine mister!) Uber and oot.