Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stinky Grooves 22.02.11 & nowt else but love & thoughts to folks in Chch

Run Come Rally - Dadawah (Dug Out)
Jah Guide - Big Joe (Atra)
Slave Driver - Dennis Brown (Laser)
Dub Driver - Dennis Brown (Laser)
Me Wan Some Grades - Vybz Kartel (Rootical)
Burn Disgrace - I-Wayne (Rootical)
Special Lover - Franz Job (Necessary Mayhem)
Tommy Ranks - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Man A Yardie - Lukie D & Busy Signal (One Family)
Fully Loaded - Buggy (Kubiyashi)
Clarks - Kenyatta (Kubiyashi)
Jonesin (New Dance) - Peter Ram (Kubiyashi)
6'7 (Remix) - Vybz Kartel & Lil Wayne
Kalle - Los Rakas (bandcamp)
Gold Tooth Grin - Taz (Numbers)
Yonkers - Tyler, The Creator (XL)
Especial - Young Black Preachers (bandcamp)
Gray Stone$ - Young Black Preachers (bandcamp)
Homecoming (Return) - Kadence (feat The Abolitionists) vs Samiyam (bandcamp)
Bad Idea - Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Deadman (Crackle Remix) - Shackleton (Honest Jons)
Fireworks - Shackleton (Honest Jons)
Deadman - Shackleton (Honest Jons)
Up Down Up Down - Koreless (bandcamp)
Ur Soul And Mine - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx (XL)
Puzzled By People (Zoo Kid Rmx) - The Streets (679)
Supersymmetry (Physical Therapy 3-Step) - Laurel Halo (Hippos In Tanks)
Businessline - Hype Williams (Hippos In Tanks)
Humano (Gameboy Rmx) - Lido Pimienta (Cabeza!)
Mexican Grand Prix - Mogwai (Sub Pop)
Mazes - Moon Duo (Souterrain Transmissions)
Bug In The Bassbin (Kyle Hall Rmx) - The Dirtbombs (Scion)
Book'em One (The Jerk Man Rmx) - Drumcunt (soundcloud)
Lovers Start (Drumcunt Refix) - How To Dress Well (soundcloud)
Deadman (Death Dub Rmx) - Shackleton (Honest Jons)
Where Have You Been? (Anenon Drone Mix) - Ana Caravelle (Non Projects)
Mr Boss Man - Linval Thompson & Trevor Ranking (Strong Like Sampson)
Four Point Plan - Restriction (Bristol Archive Collection)
Sata - Noel Brown & Mighty Threes (April)
Crisis In Dub - Israel Vibration ft Augustus Pablo (Positive Vibes)
Watchman Dub - King Tubbys (Black & White)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stinky Grooves playlist 15.02.11 & Vybz on the grades


Me Wan Some Grades - Vybz Kartel (Rootical)
Burn Disgrace - I-Wayne (Rootical)
Right Now - Busy Signal (Penthouse)
Bleach - Exco Levi (Penthouse)
Dem Would A Love It - Daville (Penthouse)
OMG Riddim - Shane Brown/Penthouse Crew (Penthouse)
Clarks - Kenyatta (Kubiyashi)
Fully Loaded - Buggy (Kubiyashi)
Jonesin - Peter Ram (Kubiyashi)
Hello Bad Mind - Chan Dizzy (Head Concussion)
Mad Mi - Busy Signal
Tommy Ranks - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Soon As I Get Home - Kasi ft Tippa Irie (Necessary Mayhem)
Special Lover - Franz Job (Necessary Mayhem)
It Haffi Bun - Benny Page & Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Pass The Kouchie Instro - Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
La Cumbia De Gary!! - Third World Orchestra (soundcloud)
Since My Love Died - Cumbia Cosmonauts (Scattermish)
Ritmo de Amor - Los Macuanos (soundcloud)
El Dub Del Mr. Yuka (Dr's Sin Pitch Edit) - Dr Ruddz (soundcloud)
Move Me - DCB aka Dany F (Cabeza!)
Bug In The Bassbin - The Dirtbombs (Scion)
Red Skin Girl (ATCR Remix) - A Tribe Called Red (soundcloud)
Blitzkreig Boogaloo - Los Ramones vs Pte Terrace (Acuzah Selectak)
Mazes - Moon Duo (Souterrain Transmissions)
Perfect Life - Belong (Kranky)
She's So Up - The Knux (Interscope)
Levels (Instrumental) - Bilal (Plug Research)
Hip Hop - Richie Rakas (bandcamp)
I'll Take Care Of You - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx (XL)
Camelo Cello (rhythmic) - Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair (Magicabus)
Marchaleco - Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair (Magicabus)
The Climax Bootleg - Carl Craig (Planet E)
Ur Soul And Mine - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie xx (XL)
Arbol2011 - Pernett (soundcloud)
Cafe Loco - Jean-Charles Capon & Daniel Humair (Magicabus)
Kaleidoscope - 1000Names (Black Acre)
Hometown - Squid Boat Lights (soundcloud)
Cumbajo - Gameboy (Cabeza!) (soundcloud)
La Pollera Rebaja - Cumbia Cosmonauts (Scattermish)
Cumbia De La Melochita - Camacho y Cano (Tropical)
Cumbia Del Monje - Tulo Enrique Leon (Gamma)
Afinando Los Trombones (Sonolux)
Negra Chunga - Rufo Garrido (Philips)
La Ardilla - Los Hermanos Martinez De Allende (Discos Dominante)
Mass - Virtual Boy (Brainfeeder)
Ruffer & Tuffer (Dub) - Alpha Steppa
Versjon Wolfenstein _ Bjorn Toske (Smalltown Supersound)

Has been a good long while since we've had any Vybz up here and now seems like a good time to rectify that. Remarking on the lyrical inconsistencies of Jamaican artists is no new topic, most seem able to flit between preacher and certified badman in all of the improper arts, at the drop of a hat. However Vybz really works the span with the ability to wallow sub-gutter, sewer style and fashion when he deems it prudent or to be the 'butter wouldn't melt in his mouth' gent when so inclined.
This'un is somewhere in the middle, it's considerably tougher than all of the other averagely voiced tracks on the Cruising Altitude rhythm... but it's hardly rough. Hanyways me likes it (the I-Wayne cut is the other one worth a listen in my rumble opinion), and I particularly dig the 'In Gaza' female sample - so many of Vybz' tracks have extra little hooks or foolish palaver that I suspect he must suggest them himself, whatever... it works.
Big tune for the puffers, no less necessary audio for the abstainers, get to it...woh!
I'll be spinning some tunes early and late at Aloe Blacc's AK return tomorrow night, I didn't check the first show as we were ensconced in wonderful (s)Mellbourne but apparently the blind could see, the deaf were on the i-pod and the dumb were neither dumbfounded nor dumbstruck .. ie, peoples said he was good. I interviewed him last year, just as 'I Need A Dollar' was blowing up and aside from being very switched on, he was fercoiously accommodating and genuinely keen to make the interview happen despite trying travel situations and a rammed schedule.. that's far too rare these days and I'm hoping he follows through pon stage.
Also doing Aromatherapy as-per on Thursday, 8.30 kick orf, no retreat - no surrender!

The bleach is making Vybz look weird these days, love the track on the OMG riddim I played on that subject tonight ' thunderball in the bleaching shop'... yes indeed. JA cartoon view of the strangely desired whitening of Kartel below.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stinky Grooves 08.02.11, Dubhead's fillings-in and a bit of agit racket from DJ 0.000001

Let Me Down - Dennis Brown (Necessary Mayhem)
Let Me Down (Dub) - Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
Ghetto Warrior - Brinsley Forde (Necessary Mayhem)
Ghetto Warrior Dub - Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
Feel It - Jah Cure (Yard Vybz)
Murder Shot - Sizzla (Yard Vybz)
Soul Grabber - Tarrus Riley (Yard Vybz)
Captain - Wayne Marshall (Yard Vybz)
Gangster - Barrington Levy ft Vybz Kartel & Khago
Ruffa & Tuffa (Dub Cut) - Alpha Steppa (Steppas)
Haibo (Alpha & Omega Rmx) - Alpha Steppa (Steppas)
Kayagum (Alpha & Omega Rmx) - Alpha Steppa (Steppas)
Mules Don't Like People Laughing - Cumbia Cosmonauts (Scattermish)
Jungle Chichaton - Cumbia Cosmonauts (Scattermish)
La Cumbia de Gary!!! - Third World Orchestra (soundcloud)
Yo Estoy Loko - Latin Crew ft Julio Voltio (Live Music)
Bam Bam - The Seed Organisation Meets Big Toe's Hi Fi (Balanced Records)
Gray Stone$ - Young Black Preachers (bandcamp)
Jazz Interlude - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX (XL)
The Crutch - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX (XL)
Bug In The Bassbin (Kyle Hall Rmx) - The Dirtbombs (Scion)
Holy Fucking Shit - DJ 0.000001 (bandcamp)
Masterpiece - The Roots Radics & Steely (Dread At The Controls)
Jah Jah Is The Master - Earl Sixteen (Dread At The Controls)
Far East Special - Ansell Collins (Angen)
Negril Sea Sunset - Negril (Klik)
Kosok Tee Det - Plearn Promdan (Finders Keepers)
Klug Tum La - Jalwal, Annie & Geerasak (Finders Keepers)
Bang Bang - Betty Chung (Stoned Circus)
Hamko Tumpe Pyar Aaya - Balba & His Orchestra (Balba)
Candy Rain - Amen Ra (Keysound)
Home - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX (XL)
I'm New Here - Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX (XL)
New World Order - Scratcha DVA (DVA Music)
Bass 2 Dark - Double Helix (Keysound)
Arbol 2011 - Pernett (soundcloud)
Comenzando - ?? (?? can anyone help? it's a wicked tune)
Humano (Gameboy Rmx) - Lido Pimienta (free from Cabeza! netlabel)
El Dub Del Mr. Yuka (Dr's Sin Pitch Edit) - Dr Ruddz (soundcloud)
Cumbia Disco - Cumbia Cosmonauts (Scattermish)
Justify Donna - Madonna RDDZ (soundcloud)
Hometown - Squid Boat Lights (soundcloud)
El Manequero - Victoria Santa Cruz (Producciones IEMPA)
Carterita de Nylon - Los Hermanos Martinez de Allende (Discos Dominante)
La Ardilla
- Los Hermanos Martinez de Allende (Discos Dominante)
La Paloma - Rufo Garrido (Peerless)
Cumbia de Rosita - Oscar Araunjo (Smith)

Ay, ay, ay it's been a while, 3 weeks to be exact and tonight was fitting to burst. Not sure how it was out there in radio/t'internet land but up in the bfm crows nest that felt splendiferous to say the very least. Surprisingly so given the circumstances.
Lots to tell and we'll get to that at some point, suffice to say that loafing, getting to play a set alongside Cumbia Cosmonauts, checking Primal Scream in a proper venue with a killer encore, art noodling.. and all the rest was well worth it.
This week a little topical tune from DJ One Millionth or 0.000001 if you prefer. The video below is something else you can download 2 versions of the track and a link to the vid for free from here....

Most massive of thanks to Dubhead who took the Stinky Grooves reins last week once again (playlist below...cheers Pat) and Geezer Guy who looked after the aromatherapy bubbling contraptions at the Ginger Minx last Thursday..I'll be back on the Aromatherapy tip on Thursday from 8.30, would be lovely to see any of your shining faces available for a bit of superlative song liberations and libations.

Stinky Grooves playlist 01.02.11, hosted by Dubhea

Cedric Im Brooks – Silent Force
Soul Syndicate – Zimbabwe (extended mix)
Prince Fatty – Roof Over My Head Dub
Nicodemus – Dog Better Than Gun
Shabba Ranks – Respect
Gappy Ranks – Heavy Load
Gyptian – Leave Us Alone
Cocoa Tea & Daddy Rings – Herb Fi Bun
Dub Terminator vs Reality Chant ft Melloquence & Hua – Uniting
Tosca – Birthday (Grant Phabao Version)
Sola Rosa ft Bajka– Lady Love (Richie Phoe Remix)
Roots Manuva meets Wrongtom – Big Tings Redone
Deadly Hunta – Valley Of Death
Major Lazer ft Busy Signal & MIA – Sound Of Siren
Funkystepz – Hurricane Riddim
Soul Vybez Crew – Sunshine Dub
Oogun – Version For Version
Dennis Brown – Slave Driver Remix
Adam Prescott – Dennis
Morgan Zarate – Hookid
Aurelio – Laru Beya
Dub Colossus – Azmari Dub
Daby Toure & Skip McDonald – Sinners
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – Musow
Los Hijos De La Nina Luz– Dejala Corres
The Funkees – Breakthrough
The Apples ft Fred Wesley – Howlin' With Fred
The Snugs – Trying (Tal M Klein Remix)
Mood Unit – Hat Trap
Benny Tones ft Joe Dukie – Home
Lewis McCallum ft Francis Kora – First Date
Julien Dyne ft Mara TK – Layer
The Roots – Web 20/20
Mos Def ft Slick Rick – Auditorium
Talib Kweli – Gutter Rainbows
Raekwon – Shaolin vs Wu-Tang
Beans ft Tunde Adebimpe – Mellow You Out
Mr Hayday – Acker
Phelps & Munro – Nothing To See Here
Rat vs Possum – Binti Jua (Faux Pas Remix)
Spacecave ft Scalper – The Sky Is Mine
Flying Lotus – A Decade Of (mixtape)

more soooooooooon.. hopefully..thanks for your ears and eyes..