Saturday, October 31, 2009

Joe Fish On The Podium & Wonderfulness From Parallel Dance Ensemble

And in news not just in. Well, just in to me anyway, as I've only just found out but our man Joe Fish, a director so elongated I'm surprised that they don't require him to wear a flashing light hat to avoid aviation imperilment, WON the Best Editing category in this year's Handle The Jandal Awards down in Wellytown. The video in question is of course the stunning 'A Obvious' from James Duncan's impossibly wonderful 'Hello-Fi' album. If you haven't already, you can check it here without even having to put your internet coat on, and leave the StinkInc web premises. Suitably mentally unhinged props to Joe and of course Mr Duncan, without whom etc.
Almost as monstrously massive news, and a very deserved winner of the goldenest and grandest of all Jandals is our mucker Coco Solid (look for her guesting on an RTM release next year) who took out the top a top spot with her Parallel Dance Ensemble scorcher Weight Watchers. Parallel Dance Ensemble is her collabo with Robin Hannibal of Owusu & Hannibal fame, their first release 'Turtle Pizza Cadillac' was good but now I'm just fiending for more.
This song has been on serious rotate round our gaff (and I will be playing it tomorrow night fer sure) but the video is just brilliant too, Lisa Dunn has done an amazing job and it's great to see it getting justifiably recognised.

You can buy the 12" from Juno, and actually I must. Whole 5 track EP downloadable too from them too here. Don't really feel the Yam Who remixes add much though.

Last Minute Larrikinification - Playing at the Pons Social Club tomorrow night

This is truly last minute biz, it only cropped up last night at The Turnaround, where the ladies were positively on fire (especially MHK of course), and a rocking evening was had by one and all. Tomorrow evening I will be joining my fellow Club Sandwichees, Geezer Guy & Cian, from 5.30-11.30ish at the Ponsonby Social Club for a spot of sonic clarification and a sunday power-tune purge. Guy will be heading off to do his Greatest Show On Earth for a couple of hours across the road but I'm sure Cian and myself will be able to manage.
Not only will it be a certifiable treat for the lugs, the mince pies will also be well accounted for as the fine folk of Cut Collective will be showing some of their wonderful works, that's kicking off at 3.30pm. I rate this mob highly, and strongly suggest your check out their web action if you're not familiar.
Spy them out right here
or on the old murdoKKKspace
and maybe/hopefully see some of yous Aucklandites (amongst the cosmopolitan readers of StinkInc) there hopefully.

And having written this in the interminable breaks during the regulation dismantlement of the Deanis's Wobblys (am the only one missing the speedy crucial games of the ELVs compared to the dull penalty fest that the game has returned to?) That will definitely do as a warm-up for the Northern tour, and delightful to see a bench-warming George Smith getting the don't argue he always deserves, in the final minute.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stinky Grooves 27.10.09 - Sensacional Sonido & Undulating Universildo


Uniform Bad Bwoy - Busy Signal (Maximum Sound)
Good Meditation - Fantan Mojah & Zareb (Maximum Sound)
Help Me Praise Jahovia - Mr Vegas & Konshens (Maximum Sound)
Dem Mad - Busy Signal (Lifeline)
Columbian Drop Version - Columbian (Lifeline)
Coffee & Tea (ft Johnny Osbourne) - Marcus Visionary & Liondub (Liondub)
Shanti Riddim - Gemmy (Planet Mu)
King Of Kong - LD (Dub Police)
Plimsoul - Fantastic Mr Fox & Richie Rich (Hemlock)
Untitled 2 - Aardvarck (Bloom 3)
Llave Materna - Universildo (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Dime Luna (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Remix) - Anciento Molina ft Ghostface Killer
So Krispy (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Remix) - Kinfolk Kiashine
Esperma Y Ron - Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros (Discos Fuentes)
Cumbia del Caribe - Orquestra De Edmundo Arias (Discos Fuentes)
Gotta Be Fresh (GRC's Electro Cumbia Rmx) - Kidkanevil (First Word)
Danza Macabra - DJ Taz (Soot)
En Mis Suenos - Chico Sonido (Kin Kon)
Flight Of The Feathered Serpent - Fuck Buttons (ATP)
Test#10 Seed Bit - T++ (Monolake/Imblance Computer Music)
Himmelbau - Riechmann (Bureau B)
Shadazz - The Horrors (Blast First)
Children Of The Sun - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Sniper Sniper - A Cutty Ranks Tale (Markus Kienzl Rmx) - Talen (Mouthwatering Records)
Spanish Fly (Noiz In Zion Rmx) - Sabbo ft MC Zulu (Botanika)
Radio Freedom - Mark Stewart (Crippled Dicks Hot Wax)
Untitled 1 - Aardvarck (Bloom 3)
International Roots (LD Rmx) - Mungos HiFi ft Earl Sixteen (Dub Police)
Wata Down Sound - Gemmy (Planet Mu)
Natty Goat Ride - Ealzee
Fat Bird Dub - Ealzee
Camina - Universildo (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Dansa Danza - Fantasma (Soot)
Los Duenos del Pabellon - Damas Gratis (Soot)
A La Onda - Chico Sonido (Kin Kon)
This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Bogdan Edit) - Arthur Russell
Privately Electrified - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Major Heavy - Shafiq Husayn ft Count Bass D & Sonny Coates (Plug Research)

Before I launch into the regular weekly (weakly?!) late-night ramble pre-amble can I introduce to you to something that will enrich your day and ignite your night?!
Thought so... While perambulating around the usual blog subscription conniption corral recently, I bucked upon the excellent Hipi Duki Muzik. I think I may have been directed there through the connection with the also excellentine Doma Tornadoes feller who has made a sizable SG impact with their sultry and stunning 'Borracho Y Despeinao' track this year, and/or the persistently perky Generation Bass blog. Hanyways a net label based in both my old haunt Barcelona, and the home of much of my favourite Latin direction over the last couple of years - Buenos Airies,... this was worth some hmmmming (with several m's) about I reckoned. Verifying the Doma Tornadoes link and several other dead cert signifiers, I got my Bloglines on and subbed in a jiffy. What a smart move, if I say so myself, because this week they unleashed the debut free 5 track EP by Universildo, which I'd already heard healthy whisper of. Not fussing with the words (come back later if the correct senses are suitably stimulated by the music is my general mode, otherwise I'd never get anything else done) I hit that link and added it to a seismic swag of fresh music for this weeks show that was already ridnkulously overstuffed.
Had I'd taken 30 seconds to read, I would have sussed it was a side project (and WHAT a side) of Pedro Canale, the genius geez behind Chancha Via Circuito (he is also Verda Kiri). Decidedly ambient but with enough cumbia laced hoo-ha to possibly make it .... 'cumbient' (oh stop me), at least on the two stunning tunes I played tonight - which are the beatiest of the bunch, and stupendous in a very subtle and minimal fashion. The other three tracks are also initial mellow magic that I suspect will become incrementally charming, and the sublime use of negative space suggests it will become an accompaniment to the album that has barely left the turntable/CD player & Traktor/iPod/iTunes playlists since our trip, that being The xx (which I've enthusiastically blathered on about in this week's The Listener).
In the words of Clay Davis 'sheeeeeeeeeeeeeit', this was supposed to be a quick word before the main event, done already - check him.

Cop 'Luces Del Air' by Universlido at Hipi Duki Muzik for nix

Keeping on a not completely, dis-similar bent LA based, Mexican DJ Chico Sonides' name has popped up in a few places but he's throughly stuck his head above the parapet, and got his antenna out, with his self titled debut on Kin Kon. Call me a sentimental old buffoon (though possibly not to my face, if you know what's good for you) but I miss good quality, honest, made with a sampler and the fruits of some grown-man, dirty digging (ie. not an E-Bay spunking for a silver spooner) albums.
Perhaps it's a blessing that the rabble are all churning out 'wonky' two and a half minute, witless homages to Flying Lotus and deity Dilla, in a manner so sheepish that it's just a deluge of blabstract flock-knocking-beats (in my humble onion). In that sort of a climate - wonky wankyness to the extreme, and invariably the same usual suspects and just a fistful of others making the pace - a straight up and down, well executed, beats joint stands right out. And this is certainly such a beast, can't help but love it.

Buy the Download , CD I presume soon come
His website has the mixes for your fixes etc


And don't be forgetting this Friday it's the tres femme 'bewitched' Turnaround, check the flyer below (MIHK on at 12 btw..a-ok)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Bank Holiday Business - Lazy Long Weekending


It's a long weekend treatathon round here at StinkInc acres, with a coupla clips I've been meaning to postulate and some mixes and tracks that have been burning a hole in my ...err hard drive, I guess.

To kick off, I've been meaning to post the competition trouncing clip for James Duncan's 'The Cupboard's Bare' for a coupla weeks now, my procrastination knows no bounds. Without any assistance vid clip wise we have gone guerilla with his exceedingly excellent 'Hello-Fi' album enlisting talented, willing and frankly slightly susceptible folk to come up with eye magic beyond compare. For this track James suggested a step further, and we opened it up competition style and fashion. David O Gifford of Fielding, who came up with this brilliant interpretation, was a unanimous winner for his dusty, stop animation delight.

The best advice with me and Busy Signal is basically... don't start me. His duff tunes still rate higher than many of his contemps best, and as this video medley amply demonstrates he's not prepared to limit his talent stylewise. Seven cuts, several of which have featured up hear in the last year, flash past in record time and since the mark of VP is on this perhaps it means a follow up to 'Loaded' is imminent. Predictably the VP website reveals a fat load of fuck all, fingers crossed then. Enjoy.

In general I like to keep the nearest thing Stinky Grooves has to a vague rule type thing - if possible, why bother going through the same door as everyone else, when there are so many others to choose from - running on StinkInc. The exception is of course the exceptional, them things that shine so outrageously that to not play, post or draw attention to them would be downright foolish and self-defeating. So like the Busy vid above these next couple of bitses are well present elsewhere around the internets but more than worthy of a prod with the pongy pointer.

Some noise, in fact some riotously uproarious noise needs to be made about Sonido Martines's 'Nueva Cumbia Argentina' compilation for DJ/rupture's constantly probing Soot label. I first cropped up on this while searching for digital delights at Juno Downloads a few weeks ago, and having been fully primed by the utterly essential 12" that pre-empted it a few months ago, had no hesitation in snaffling all of the tracks that I hadn't already got my grubby mitts on, instantaneously. In fact you can find one of those already unleashed on wax, Mr Martines's own stunning retool of Los Destellos, on 'Stinkbombs 808 - Heavyweight Honking', which can still be absorbed and what have you via this post (couple of the DL links are dead but there's a few still standing).

Hanyways Sonido Martines has had quite an effect on Stinky Grooves over the last wee while, with gear like his incredible Chicha mixtape, and the crazy Cumbia Rebajadas mixtape that required something a little stronger than Robotussin, to fully appreciate. It's pretty fair to say that if you see his name involved, then you're in for a quality ride, and you're going to be unlocking some gear that would probably be impossible to access otherwise. This album has many gems that have wafted their way across the Stinky Grooves airwaves including one of the veritable plethora of standout's from El Hijo De Cumbia's 'Freestyle De Ritmo' album (also on Soot, purchase without of the best albums of the year period), all four tracks from the aforementioned 'lady's on the mic/gents on the mixing board' teaser 12", a non-album track from Chancha Via Circuito (ditto on his breathtaking mini-mellow-mal album 'Rodante') and some gear that hadn't reached me yet like DJ Taz's borderline brilliant/dreadful 'Danza Macabra' and finally something from the very very promising Fantasma (we've run their Jerry Dammers approved 'Ghost Town' cover on SG) that isn't un-usable 128kbps biz.

Basically it's a bobby dazzler, a crucial compile an exceptional excess essential item. They've accommodatingly made two tracks available for blogger type action and those are presented for you below. Then it is your duty to your own ears and sanity to follow the links, and support these marvelous machinations with some of your pristine pennies or pesos, ching chinging cents or durrty dollars..
Buy from Juno DL, available at plenty of other places too. CD on way I guess.
Mr Martines
Los Destellos ... still going
El Hijo De La Cumbia .... the don!
Not the usual DIV embedded malarkey, control click etc

Before we leave the cumbia circuit you simply HAVE to check this free mental mix from Zurita. The geezer got some well deserved shine here for his brave and brilliant nuevo cumbia transpant of Suicide's 'Ghost Rider' so no big rants but his new mix 'The Great Cumbia Swindle' is simply stunning. Anyone messing with the acapella of Screechy Dan's 'Give It To Me', one of the many Kenny Dope productions that is grafted into the heart of any and every worthwhile DJ who was dishing out the damage 15 or so years ago, is potentially doodling in the sacred texts in my metaphorical book - but dang if Zurita doesn't absolutely slay it. The whole mix is an insane chop shop of Sud Amerikan flavour getting a vigorous workout courtesy of everything from Primal Scream to Daddy Freddy and all points inbetween. It ends with a Boredoms track fer chrissakes, this is gold. DO NOT DELAY YOUR DL. (ay?!) Is free.
320 here, 71 Megs you need in your life

It is to my perpetual chagrin, that we never managed to make it to the dance that Heatwave were holding after Sunday's Carnival exertions. However - DJ gigs the two nights before, jetlag and a most excellent and different day of Carnivalising with the fam, put paid to the kind of energy I'd need to get my senses properly singed by the Heatwave crew. I had hoped to find some more inroads into the appeal or hype of UK Funky at Carnival, but that didn't really happen and short of pinching Kode 9's record box (not a bad idea really, he had gear that was intergalactic dark funk(y) genuinely on another level ) I remain a slightly bewildered observer to the whole malarkey. This 'Funky Bashment' set (commissioned by the ultra checkworthy XLR8R site) goes straight to the heart of the matter, with the most raggacentric slant you could possibly wish to find. True to form it's put together blindingly, undoubtedly mixed to buggery but still giving the tracks enough room, a heap of of un-inspiring net DJ folk could learn a lot from Heatwave. Funkywise I remain on the fence at best, naturally there's some downright charming shit on the mix and a few real standouts, but those happy hardcore-esque riffs and sounds and the un-challenging nature of most of it just doesn't reach me. Make your own mind up, enough of my wibbling.
Tracklisting etc roight 'ere guvnor at the excellent Heatwave site
Heatwave mob on smile duty

This was intended as a quick couple ootubes and a shifty song on a quiet Friday night, and I was also intending to big up James Duncan's first live appearance, with a group rather than a laptop, for company. Well, by now, that was last night, and what a treat it was to hear the songs from 'Hello-Fi' resplendent in on-stageness. It began brilliantly, if a touch tentatively, with an intoxicating take on 'A Obvious' and concluded with a blissblitzathon '...Of Everyone Around You' rendition, with the band getting well open, dolloping out shards of mesmeric massiveness with scant regard for public safety, and unustainable amounts of jaw-droppery and chin-strokery, from a crowd that really seemed to catch the JD vibes. Top props to James, Sean, Chris, Chelsea and Finn alongside SP Cartier, Nick Rough'un and Paul McK for making that event happen. Watch it grow.

Finally on a straight track tip here's a couple to keep the wolf from the door and hopefully initiate some power of suggestion type shop-alopping arrangement. I'm (marginally) forgoing the usual lengthy meaningless ramble and links (you can all Google better than me no doubt) in order to not turn this post into a Monday, or worse, affair and to avoid epic postulatory proportions.

The most agreeable entry into the world of Traktor, and the ongoing dilemmas of how much space music takes up, has led me into going through the shelves of CDs and identifying those that demand entry into the NI klub/those that have only one decent track that can be siphoned off and sold/those that will be ulitmate keepers. As a result I can forsee a few joyful re-discoveries popping up on StinkInc, and to begin with here's a smidgen of indubstrial inspiration from Coil in 1990. I'm so chuffed that I located the CD as my 12" seems to have disappeared amongst the rabble, this psych-dub bellathon is still so fresh, and has got me looking forward to dragging some more Coil bits out of the CD boxes. As far as I can make out this is no longer available and even the CD goes for a decent price (hmmmm) so it's up at 192 but if you want a 320 (the production is so good, every single sound is pristine and perfectly placed... you owe it to yourself) drop me a line or hail up in the much neglected comments and we'll get it sauteed.


Expect more odd delights from the past in the weeks and months, to come, in fact expect a fair bit as we are about to hit post #100 and not long after that StinkInc will be 1 whole year old. Usual scenario... you get the presents - I'll be writing them posts and uploading that hooha. Next up one of the many Japanese DJ's who I have a lot of time for, DJ Baku. It was a right delight to play alongside him a couple of years back, and like his buddy Kentaro he is a man who is mercifully free of herd like behaviour, choosing to find his own angle. He also doesn't do the English but managed to express plenty with bows, grins and gestures (especially when presented with little local vegetable matter to see him through his trip.... his eyes were like the Blackpool Illuminations!) Baku's records are another thing again and alonsgide the heavy-hop d'n'b metalising that laces his DJ sets, there always seems to be out of place, but spot-on, stuff like 'Satya Dream' - the track that really sent me from his 'Dharma Dance' album. In fact letting that album run, while I've been writing and musing and whatnot, has me fiending for his new'un '12 Japs' which looks a bit mighty, expect more on that soon. This track is very Sunday arvo really, enjoy, and hinvestigate.
Buy Dharma Dance, it will make your brain delightfully soggy
Good Baku interview here


Turnaround this Friday with Maiden Hong Kong getting amongst it on the decks, flyer and fandangle soon come up here. Don't mess and don't miss.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stinky Grooves 20.10.09 & The Weatherall Times pt 1


Get Carter - Jah Wobble (Pressure Sounds)
Rhythm Collision (RSD Rmx) - Ruts DC (Echo Beach)
Natty Goat Rider - Ealzee
Fat Bird Dub - Ealzee
Freedom - Moody Boyz (Studio Rockers)
Kuff Kumbia - Sabo & Cassady (Bersa Discos)
Dime Luna (Kinky Electric Noise Cumbia Nativo Rmx) - Ancineto Molina ft Ghostface
Gota (El Hijo De La Cumbia Rmx) - Sekreto
La 3ra De Los Toquesitos - Sonido Kumbia
Colas-La - Claude Rolcin Et Le West Indian Combo (Soundway)
Oriza - King (Soundway)
Escape From Prism - Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls (Ubiquity)
High Together - Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Don't Block The Box - Runaway (Clone)
The Indian - Pollyester (Permanent Vacation)
Through The Strata - Etienne Jaumet (Versatile)
Least Favourite Rapper (Anti-Pop Consortium Rmx) - Busdriver (Epitaph)
Kiss The Ring - Raekwon ft Inspectah Deck (Koch)
KunteKinteTarDiss - Juice Aleem (Big Dada)
Hard Rain (Messengers Rmx) - J.Period & K'naan
Alive (Nightmare) - Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Volcano (Four Tet Rmx) - Anti-Pop Consortium (Big Dada)
Fall - Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Tonewash - Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Sister James - Dompteur Mooner (Super Tahoe Edits)
Nights Off - Siriusmo (Monkey Town)
Direct Action - Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Direct Action (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Fail We May, Sail We Must - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Fail We May, Dub We Must - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Major Heavy -Shafiq Husayn (Plug Research)
Caution Site - Kelpe (DC Recordings)
This Is How We walk On The Moon (Bogdan Edit) - Johanna Billing vs Arthur Russell
The Creeping Tings Of The Earth - Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Herb Tree (Remix) - Collie Buddz
Get Carter (Cliff Brumby Rmx) - Jah Wobble (Pressure Sounds)
Creation Dubwise - Itopia (Basic Replay/Wackies)
Whiskey Dub - Jahmiga (Jahtari)
Villa Crespo - Dale Duro (Soot)
Evil Man - Shafiq Husayn (Plug Research)
Come With Me - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)

I'm not entirely sure we have made enough of a fuss about the bountiful amounts of Weatherall that are flowering in abundance right now. Though I didn't manage to play a track from it this week, the new Fuck Buttons album 'Tarot Sport' is a total mindbender, and it's also something like only the second album (not his own) that he's produced in the last 14 years or something riddiculous. If I were a doctor I would suggest that you need to visit your local crucial chemist or online supplier of beaty baked goods and get yourself a dose of that right nowest, repeat daily for as long as it takes.
Then there's the 'Andrew Weatherall Vs The Boardroom Vol 2' compilation on the man himself's Rotters Golf Club label, which includes 'Brother Johnston's Travelling Disco Consultancy' (oh for a huge PA and open eared crowd to lay that on) and several other Slough-stained epistles, as well as some spineful technoid contributions from the various Boardroom banditos.
The really big one is 'A Pox On The Pioneers', the first album to appear under his own name, with a fair bit of vocal malarkey and lyrical largesse from Andrew (no longer Andy) himshelf. It's a change-up, and a far more succesful one than his last vocal forays, for my money. The whole thing has a ring of 'Sandanista' era-Clash about it amongst many other flavours, not in a slavish way, in a way that puts a huge grin on my boat when driving around to it. That is a good thing.
I'm not going to wibble on about it too much - it's a love it or can't be bothered it with it scenario I reckons, and I'm personally down with anyone releasing a record that pushes out the borderlines on a two decade plus career and which forces folks to make a decision. I won't lie, the music is so wickedly evocative and heartfelt that I'd dearly love to hear an instrumental version, but that is in no way demeaning the vocal content because I reckon he's found his right spot amongst it, and some of the lyrics are straight out blinding, none of them are wasted. So with that in mind I'm going to post one of the wordy tracks, my suggestion is give it a few plays and don't jump to quick conclusions. My other suggestion is buy all of the above and get in touch with your inner Rotter, your cerebral Swordsman and/or your pertinently placed Paradisical Sabre, You know it makes sense.
Keep this frequency open, I'm threatening a bit of inter-show posting, don't really have the time right now but I'm just going to make it..because it must be done.. blah de blah.

Buy zee album direct or digitalis from Juno , no wax yet - boo hiss
Rottersweb (good podcast up at the mo, check heem)
Sterling Weatherall piece in the uniformly excellent Fact

The tashtacular Andrew looking ready to start a revolution.. an industrial revolution. Hang on... someone already did that.


Think we may have to do posts on them other releases, so consider this a gentle engine starter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stinky Grooves 13.10.09 .. Red Bin/Blue Daisy


Recession - John Clarke (Wackies)
Dance Pon De Corner - Clive Field Marshall (Wackies)
Jam Love Dub - Prince Douglas (Wackies)
Fat Bird Dub - Ealzee
Spanish Fly (Noiz In Zion Rmx) - Sabbo (Botanika)
She Told Me - Noble Society ft 77Klash (Lustre Kings)
She Said - Jahdan Blakkamoore ft 77Klash (Gold Dust)
Columbian Drop - Lifeline Crew/Columbia (Lifeline)
Dem Mad - Busy Signal (Lifeline)
Low Di Trees - Tarrus Riley & Aidonia (Russian)
Stinkin Rich (Stefski Rmx) - Gappy Ranks
Black Belt (Sabbo Rmx) - Busy Signal
Hand To Mouth - Assassin (Heart Of Love)
Love Dem - Vybz Kartel (Heart Of Love)
House Cleaning - Mavado (Heart Of Love)
Mirror - Bugle (Heart Of Love)
World Premiere Rhythm - Chimney Crew (Chimney)
Kuff Kumbia - Sabo & Cassady (Bersa Discos)
Gota (El Hijo De la Cumbia Rmx) - Sekreto
Cumbia Frikera - Frikstailers (Soot)
Crank Two - Jonny Trunk (Trunk)
Multiplication - Jonny Trunk (Trunk)
Dilbar Dilbara - M Ashraf (Finders Keepers)
The Author (Instr) - Flying Lotus (Fat City)
Fall - Blue Daisy (Black Acre)
Direct Action (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Unfaithful - KZA (Libyus)
Bicycle (Horrors Rmx) - Memory Tapes (Rough Trade)
New Crossbow - Fuck Buttons (ATP)
Analyse - Subeena (Planet Mu)
Plimsoul - Fantastic Mr Fox & Richie Reason (Hemlock)
Seamonkey (Untold Rmx) - Moderat (Bpitch Control)
(No More) Negative Thoughts - Shackleton (Perlon)
Twistclip Loop - Hudson Mohawke (Warp)
Fruit Touch - Hudson Mohawke (Warp)
Volcano (Four Tet Rmx Instr) - Anti-Pop Consortium (Big Dada)
Himmelblau - Riechmann (Bureau B)
Contact - Wooden Shjips (Holy Mountain)
(I Know A Girl Called) Jonny - Rowland S. Howard (Passport)
Eat My Beat - Air (Virgin)
March Down Babylon - Prince Douglas (Wackies)
Pretender - Matumbi (Harvest)
Cottage In Negril Dub - Tyron Taylor (Love & Unity)

This week's burnt offering to you dear reader, is somewhat of a mystery package. Released in July on Black Acre, Blue Daisy's debut 10" has been growing on me like some supercharged moss in an awfully damp climate. I do remember checking the A-side, which has atmos to spare, but was tarnished a tad (for me), by the female vox of Frenchie chanteliser LaNote. I have little tolerance for un-necessary vocals in general, and wafty female ones especially get my goat, even after excess amounts of promiscuous processing. However, I've been so knocked out by the flip 'Fall' that I fear I may have to retrace my steps and re-investigate. There's a possibility I may be berating myself over not picking it up back then, but like I say certain foibles aint to be messed with, and filtering through a certifiably foolish tunes a week, let alone sifting a similar amount of 30 second streamed snippets which offer less of a taste, more of a whiff... well.. some gems are going to slip through the cracks.
This is undoubtedly a total gem. The Camden beat distresser was originally cottoned onto by the venerable Mary Anne Hobbs, and subsequently slid into the Black Acre empire. He has a myspace, twatter account, a blurry photograph ...and not much else. So for biographical brouhaha seek elsewhere. For a tune that will sink it's hooks into you and gently blow your mind in a couple of plays (3 or 4 max) ... you're in the right place. There's so much of this skippy/wonk/Burial-esque/ermwhatever gear doing the rounds at the minute, but I still can't escape the feeling of deja vu. It's scarily similar to the period when all sorts of folks just aped Pole or Prefuse 73's steez, sucking the palette of sounds and feels dry in no time with little real movement forwards... it's mildly entertaining, sporadically inspired but ultimately... frustrating. Outside of the big names (and digressing I have to say on a cursory listen the Hudosn Mohawke album is a bit of a belter, better than I expected) there does seem to be an increasing amount of no-names (..yet) springing up with a decidedly unique slant. Hopefully former 'gnawing on the raw bones of a fistful of innovators and/or poplularisers' can be swapped out for something more edifying and genuinely progressive, or at least interesting and fucked up.
I'm not a feller for making rash anticipatory predictions (I do that stuff privately and tediously), based on one track and some tinny muhspayce slices, but I suspect Blue Daisy could be a keeper.
Buy the 10" vinyl piece from Boomkat, or they can assist you with a download.. suits you sir
BlackAcrespace (a few new/other bits and radio rips up there)



Bah! I'm shit at this blogging game, just discovered info pictures and allsorts on Blue Daisy ...he's no mystery. That's what happens when you decide on the drive home from the show what is going to go up on StinkInc. Which is generally how I ... err roll, badly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

From BK To BZZRK, The Warrior Speaks - Exclusive Jahdan Blakkamoore interview


Anyone keeping an eye on the playlists here, or on ye olde myspace, will have seen the name Jahdan Blakkamoore popping up with increasing regularity. The Brooklyn based, Guayanese originated singjay has actually been around for a while, but his career hit new heights in 2006 with 'Brooklyn Anthem' when he combined with 77Klash and Matt Shadetek to devastating effect. When Shadetek went on to ally himself with yet another recidivist Stinky Grooves offender, DJ/Rupture, under the Dutty Artz banner, Jahdan was instant fam and the seeds were sown for Buzzrock Warrior. It’s a dizzying album, definitely too much to take in on initial listens (it has severely grown on me since I reviewed it for Mixed Messages in the next Real Groove) with production from the Dutty Artz dons, Chancha Via Circuito, Liondub, Modeslektor, Maga Bo and long time spar 77Klash. I had a natter to Mr Blakkamoore on the blower last week and he was a right delight, our 25 minutes became 45 as we both wanked on about the splendour of Busy Signal like a couple of fanboys. Here’s some of what he had, to say..un-edited and au natural like

On music being his living now -
“Yeah pretty much man this is what I do now. I’m trying to make a living from music, trying to keep my head above water. It’s still struggle mad tribulations and trials and tings like that, just with the day to day you know. This is going to be my springboard for everything else so I’m going to put my all into this, all my sacrifices is for this
My team - everyone I work with is focused on this, this is what’s going to be my springboard not many other things but its strictly music now I got to keep my booking up, keep my head above water, stay away from police, stay away from the cops, stay away from jail and prison. I’m not trying to be out there doing any illegal activity out there because I don’t like the police, they don’t like me, I don’t like them I don’t like their system so I don’t deal with them...just music.”

On album standout ‘Come With Me’ he talks about his background, immigration business and what not, what’s his status?
“That was then and that’s in the past they can’t do nothing about that now, the dirt was already done. It’s many years ago and it’s before I even knew it was dirt you know. I’ve got my passport, I’m looking to get other passports from other nations, other countries - looking to have international status and be able to move like a diplomat around the planet you know. Might even be leaving this planet too, go to another planet, might go back to where I came from which is Mars.”
I’m obliged to inform him that he’s in the right place - talking to the man from Round Trip Mars.
“I'll probably be linking with you, and get my Martian passport, and then I’m out of this place.”

On working with Dj/Rupture and what a stupendous filterer of music he is –
“He’s a connoisseur, that’s one of the main reason. I know it’s a very good that we linked up, because I was kind of getting fed up with what the propaganda machine is pushing out there. So I was looking for some other way to attack and this is it and I’m going to continue to be a genre bender as much as I can.”

Not quite sure (without going back to the tape) what prompted this wee ramble, he does like a rant, which is fine by me. But it’s a good answer, whatever the question.
“The mediahype propoganda machine they want to use music to sell hamburger and Nike and fuckery. They want to sell bullshit, they want to use your music to sell these things. But the real thing already happened, the origination of this music already happened already. It came now so obviously this thing has to go forward now. What we’re left with is what they give us. They give us the different choices and we pick from it. But the streets know what… the streets still listen to Nas, to KRS One there’s still some people going to listen to X Clan. Still tuning into some Tonto Irie, Charlie Chaplin and Brigadier Jerry and Papa San. Those are the kind of things I grow up on, that’s my frame of reference for this whole thing. So when they talk about dubstep to me, they aint talking about dubstep. You have to talk about Augustus Pablo, that’s dub step. The music has got to progress somewhere, and the youths only catch on from where they’re born, when their eyes open up. So somebody has to say ‘remember this?!’ That’s why the retro thing catch on so, because someone said ‘Hey remember this!’”


With contribution from grime demi-God Durrty Goodz, Berlin spicy synth superintendents Modeselektor and some all-over-the-modern-shop rhythms it is refreshing to hear a record that pushes it, but avoids the usual predictable pitfalls and limp lunges at crossover.
“I really focus on it man, I’m trying my best to tap into what my source of inspiration is. I want to be different and I don’t want to ft in. You’re going to see, when you look at what I do with my group Noble Society, everything that you see coming out is going to get more mad, stranger and stranger, more different. Because that’s my avenue when I work with Noble Society, that’s the source we tap into, that’s the realm we tap into. We want to be eclectic, we want people to go ‘wow what the hell is this?’ I though this was a reggae band’ That’s my crew of people that I resonate with, so even when I go off and I do a 'Buzzrock Warrior', or a 'Babylon Nightmare' (his long awaited one drop project, 'it will be ready when it's done' ..he says), its still going to be with that edge is what I’m coming with. I don’t feel its about fitting in, I feel its about fitting out. Staying out!”

Talking of 'fitting out' somewhat inevitably leads me to provoke a Busy Signal fanfest!
“Busy is my artist right now. Nobody not talking to Busy. You’d think that like he’d start taking the lead, and he is taking the lead, he is mastering his agenda. He’s really tapping into something, and saying something. You can hear it with his flow, you can hear he’s not coming with the norm. He was trained, he was schooled, he was bought up in the same schoolroom, you can detect it. Because you cant stray too far out, you can’t go too far. They’re going to tell you to get back, well you hope they’re going to tell you. Especially in the arena, in the dancehall arena, you’ve go to fit in - otherwise they wont notice.”

Below a track from Noble Society (his other band who made a big splash on iTunes last year with their album, havailable locally and internationally through aforementioned digital big bwoss) and a remix of 'General' featuring General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun. You know the original of that track made a big impression on me as it kicked off the last Stinkmix (hokay for those that have enquired and requested, another Stinkmix on the way... soonest), that slot is not for the fainthearted or any dibbi-dibbi type behavior! As ever the music is only at 192kbps and limited time - buy the discs or DLs and support an original artist making his way, progressive style and fashion.

Check the Full Hundred Jahdan Blakkamoore and Matt Shadetek mixtape fer free (the first tatse always is..) at XLR8R 22 minutes mix-up madnesseration
The Noble Society's latest album, has some winners, check the catalogue too. Buy from Juno or iTunes
This EP is still available, the CD also has the highly desirable versions. Buy from Boomkat
But don't sleep on the wax, is hot and available for purchase here
And this is the album you should be looking for, in shops next week EnZed style & fashion so no links ...yet.


There may well be a Part Two to this in a few weeks, depending on whether I can inveigle someone to take the hint and get it in print.... hold tight..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

London Hauling Part Two - Bees, Larks and Muscleheads (and HH)


Yes indeed... blog fever going on, too much tumbleweed and cobwebs round these parts. Next after this will be the interview with Jahdan Blakkamoore which is just requiring a little tidy up and assembly but in the meantime - between time, here's another couple from the shelves of Albion.
A little bit of a dub inflected shape to these two from a couple of reliable soldiers in the music wars. Both releases have been around for a minute but the things is good tunes don't fade, in fact if anything they do quite the opposite.
I ordered The Bees remix of 'Hatbox' by Lark from a couple of shops a looong time ago and managed to miss out both times, the perils of mail order I guess, as it was probably back in stock the day after my order was winging its way EnZedward. The decidedly laid back, Isle of Wight, six piece are always guaranteed to give good remix, and this hazy little smoke bomb is no exception. Had a most enjoyable interview with bass player Aaron Fletcher after their last album came out, and man knew his tunes, in fact from memory it was a series of enthusiastic diversions with very little chat about the band or the album they just released. Probably not my greatest feature then, but a tip top band nonetheless.
Lark are a London outfit who have their debut album out on Care In The Community. They remind me an awful lot of a whole heap of bands I used to see in the early 80's, and I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. As with The Horrors and a few other recent outfits they will have to break through the initial overpowering 'not sure about them vocals' scenario, but they are a good way down the track with instrumentals like 'Tardis' (up on their moispazz pagelette) which bakes my cake big time. There's also a Brendan Lynch mix of that track that is predictably excellent, and I must haul that 7" in too, unfortunately nowhere I can find to link with a legal DL that, or their album. I'm investigatulating, keep you posted if there's anything worthwhile to report.

Buy the 7" from Turntable Lab

The Bees


Previously I couldn't resist this slice of dubwise electroid future skank from the Emperor Machine, taking Higamos Hogamos's 'Infinity Plus One' to a strange and wonderful place that could actually be the earbuds of a William Gibson cyberdread type character. Any of the four tracks on this 12" are worthy of posting, the Higamos Hogamos original 'The Creeper' is a twist and kraut korker, the other mixes of 'Infinity Plus One' from a more typically positioned Emperor Machine and an utterly on feu Muscleheads, also dish out the damage in JCB style amounts. I'm going to plump for the latter, having got halfway through this and realised I've already posted the Emp Mach dub six months ago, oops. Never mind with lashings of slap reverb and eerie sounds a plenty on top of a well plump beat the Muscleheads mix is a right charmer, and one of three revelations that were just icing on a well fruity cake when I copped the 12" in Phonica. DC run things once again.

Buy from Phonica or from DC Recordings direct
EmperorMachinespace (thats him below)


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stinky Grooves 06.10.09 and a Crooked Kardiac Hammondising

Pic courtesy of Jason Burgess (Stipe Rd maybe?)

Plead My Cause - Bitty McLean (Silent River/Taxi)
Feels Like - Beres Hammond, Flourgon (Fat Eyes)
You Don't Get It - Tanya Stephens (Fat Eyes)
Take A Sip - Luciano & Tony Rebel (Fat Eyes)
Uniform Bad Boy - Busy Signal (Maximum Sound)
Help Me Praise Jahovia - Mr Vegas ft Konshens (Maximum Sound)
Good Meditation - Fantan Mojah ft Zareb (Maximum Sound)
Jahovia Version - Frenchie (Maximum Sound)
Put Your Hands On (Hudson Mohawke Rmx) - Crookers ft Kardinal Offishall (Southern Fried)
Round One - Gucci Mane vs SALEM
Pursuit Of Happiness - Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Come With Me - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)
She Said ft 77Klash - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)
The General (Instr) - Liondub (Liondub)
Let's Go - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)
La Cumbia del Moonrra - Moonrra y su Batallion (Crammed)
Cloak And Dagger Empire (SDP Rmx) - Suckafish P
L.F.O. - Luke Vibert (Warp)
Volcano (Four Tet Instrumental Rmx) - Anti-Pop Consortium (Big Dada)
The Lisbon Maru - Fuck Butttons (ATP)
Intro - The XX (Young Turks/XL)
The Author (Instrumental) - Flying Lotus (Fat City)
Direct Action (Andrew Weatherall Remix) - Radical Majik (Rotters Golf Club)
Sister James - Dompteur Mooner (Super Tahoe Edits)
The Indian (Mock & Toof Rmx) - Pollyester (Permanent Vacation)
I Just Might (Nuno Dos Santos Rmx) - Neonbelle
You Can Tell It To Everybody - Air (Virgin)
Wunderbar - Wolfgang Reichmann (Bureau B)
Birds Of Dub - Architeq (Tirk)
Salt Water Version - Welders (Bopaganda)
This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Bogdan Edit) - Johanna Billing vs Arthur Russell (Apparent Extent)
Krakatoa - Architeq (Tirk)
Run Em Out (Dub) - Breakage ft Roots Manuva (Digital Soundboy)
Nuh Go Round - Busy Signal
Treasure - Assassin (Chimney)
She Beat Him - Mavado (Chimney)
All Me A Pree - Bugle (Chimney)
Story Of My Life - Vybz Kartel (Chimney)
World Premier Rhythm - Chimney Crew (Chimney)
Olympians - Fuck Buttons (ATP)
nl - Aardvarck (Eat Concrete)
You've Got The Love (The XX remix) - Florence & The Machine
Mega Drive Generation - Martyn (Hyperdub)

Off on a few ones tonight. To be honest I was submerged, nay enveloped, maybe even suffocated.. with music this week. The Paypal account has been making like Piccadilly Circus in the busyness stakes when it come to the digi-DLing, there's been a few rekids in and well coming at me from all sides basically. Sooo corralling those into some kind of semblance of ordah took priority and the show became a wondrous journey of discovery and kinky turns.
The Feel Like rhythm had to get a run -that's been on the cards ever since parking up outside Gladdy Wax on Carnival Monday when they tore it up with a Beres set that had me swaying, shuffling, head nodding and on the verge of even letting off a stenching skank or two. I sincerely hope I never turn into one of the many whose Jamaican musical experience has a sell-by date or cut-off point. I've witnessed it many times and I give major thanks that there are still current, new school artists and producers knocking me off my feet with tracks like Busy's stupendous 'Black Belt' or Assassin's 'Treasure' fresh out the Chimney.
However at this years Carnival there was no contest between being shouted at over trancehall/fidget/funky/whatever hipsterosisishness versus hearing quality killer tunes that simultaneously slay you with substantial lyrics, and demolish you with the rhythm. So Gladdy's won out for a good while us, and the local Red Stripe binman caught my patronage and what have you, and subsequently I've refound my inner Beres fan. Here's one of the tunes that catalyzed the re-epiphany, hopefully the big bad wolves of the reggae business don't pull this one down.
Below some more Jason Burgess pics (that means copyright Jason Burgess, kindly allowed to be used stinksclusively on StinkInc) from our ventures in the early-mid 90's. Beres and a young Buju at Sunsplash 'Movie Star'.... place going mental..brilliant. I particularly love the body symmetry of the 2nd pic. I may have tape of it the shed... one day....
Can't find anywhere to cop this track except for dodgy joints, and I aint linking to them. You can find it if you need to, but I'd gladly pay for a 320 of this whole rhythm if I knew the pingers were going back to Fat Eyes etc ..


Alright a bonus for long suffering neglected readers, I honestly thought the UK would be a blogging bonanza from me but endless broadband issues (resulting in a bit of driving around to scab an open connection from the street) and other things put paid to that. So there should be a few more non-show posts and tunes coming down the pipe, before the end of the year listeratorlyness sets upon us (it actually already has).
I reckon Kardinal Offishall has to be a geezer who has got the luck, good choice and talent axis all messed up. He can kill/slaughter/murder any kind of rhythm and probably take it to the undertakers and have it six foot underground before anyone else has even noticed. Yet frustratingly his mixtapes raise the anticipation, then his albums disappoint (but always have some blazing tunes to remind you what you're missing with the crossover cack) and he also seems to have really bad luck .
This has been going on for a couple of decades, and it's just wrong, so many witless buffoons with all the breaks - and this bloke who can and does rings around 'em stuck on duff tracks that try just too hard, with the best often never getting beyond white label 12"s and mixtapes. Ah well ... love Kardinal to bits, he did give us the Stinky Grooves Bang Bang promo/special after all, and whenever he's on some solid rhythm I'll be first in line.
The original and other mixes of this are so not my thing it's beyond humour, but this Hudson Mohawke remix has been a bit overlooked. Why I do not know's brilliant and guaranteed to get an airing at Club Sandwich on Saturday night, which is going to be a bit of a ripper methinks.
This is the lo-qual, you can cop a 256 from iTunes or better still a 12" from Juno



More soon, and a Jahdan Blakkamoore interview exclusive to this blog coming up!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Seven Sleeps To Club Sandwich

I kneeeeeew there was something I was forgetting, and that is of course Club Sandwich which is a slice under a week away. The last and premier edition was a scorcher and I'm expecting to move into some sort beyond scorchulation business with next weeks run out of ye olde English duffers. I'm looking forward to running tunes with Cian and Geezer Guy no end, so if you're an Aucklandateer StinkInc absorbing type do please come along for terrific tunage from early out to last drop. Fiver for the pre-midnighters and a tenner thereafter, it's at Rakino's 35 Hight Street etc etc.......