Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stinky Grooves 30.11.10 and some Chamberlee bionical dancehall


Tump Mi - Cham ft Timberlee (Mad House)
Enemies - Bounty Killer (Mad House)
Amazing - Pinchers (Mad House)
Flashing Lights - Shana S (Fedda Weight)
Yuh Ukku Tight - Deja Vu (Fedda Weight)
Recession - Zinc Fence (Fedda Weight)
Nah Stop Shine - Tifa (Fedda Weight)
Mento Riddim - Fedda Weight (Fedda Weight)
Stop The Fussing & Fighting (Mykol Orthodox Rmx) - Dennis Brown (soundcloud)
La Union De Nuestros Pueblos (La Cumbia Anti USA) - Chico Ye
La Vecina Me Puso El Dedo (Teswuino ft Dj Linterna Rmx) - Ramon Ayala (soundcloud)
Afro Latino ft Los Rakas - Banana Clipz (Bersa Discos)
Platanitos (Rita Indiana Cover) - Lido Pimienta (Club Fonograma)
Deportes - Chancha Via Circuito (ZZK)
Amateurs - Unitone HiFi ft Coco Solid (Round Trip Mars)
Tune In - The Bug ft Roots Manuva (Ninja Tune)
Sofa (Wrongtom Rmx) - Nextmen ft PupaJim (Nice Up!)
Time Makes Fools Of Us All - Lotek (Counter Clockwise)
Bullit - Seanie T (suspectpackages.com)
Escape From Kurt Russell - Shex (Metro Dub)
Bastard Spirit - Shackleton (Woe To The Septic Heart)
Like Silver - Hyetal (Orca)
Showdown In Chinatown - Becoming Real ft Trim (Not Even)
Gold Tooth Chain - Taz ( Numbers)
Darlin' (John Talabot's Oscuro Baile Remix) - Tahiti 80 (Barclay)
Masikulu Dub - Konono N°1 vs Mark Ernestus (Crammed)
Tried For Your Love(Hudson Mohawke Rmx) - Krystal Klear (All City)
Void 23 - Appleblim & Ramadanman (Aus)
Point Black - I Roy (Third World)
Trust No Shadow After Dark - I Roy (Joe Gibbs)
Black Man Time - I Roy (Virgin)
Mushroom - Johnny Osbourne (Jah Guidance)
Stop The World - Ken Boothe (Aires)
Stop This World Dub - Bullwackies All Stars (Aires)
Odyssey (Dan Lissvik Rmx) - Architeq (Tirk)
Caves (Teebs Rmx) - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Fool Me - Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
Reptillian MIDI Jazz - DNAE Beats (Seclusiasis)
Gold - Darkstar (Hyperdub)
This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Bigdna Edit) - Johanna Billing vs Arthur Russell
Mukuba Special - Kasai Allstars vs Shackleton (Crammed)

Well with sun shining (obviously not right at this late hour) and it feeling ,officially and rather relievingly, summer-esque it was always going to be a bit of cumbia or Jamaican hoohah finding it's way onto the blog for your edification... and hopefully purchaseration. This week our Sud Americano muckers missed out because a new rhythm from Dave Kelly is always reason to rejoice.
Naturally we've been playing you Cham's recent cut with Bounty Killer and Mykal Rose but a whole rhythm, well that's positively Santarific. Curiously Bling Dawg's is the only cut that isn't totally baking my cake currently, but then Kelly rhythms, and sometimes the voicing on 'em, have a ways of sneaking up on you that shouldn't be underestimated. The Pinchers cut is a touch cheezy but irresistible, Bounty seems to be heating up again and both of Cham's are fire. I've plumped towards alerting you to the cut with Timberlee since as part of TNT she has been a scene stealer this year (though not as much as the other T, Tifa!) and it's just a certifiable scorcher.

I don't think there is a buy link for this yet but why not check the recent Kelly/Cham scorcher alongside Bounty and Mr Rose 'Stronger'... buy it here
Check Madhouse Records for the latest and greatest



Don't be forgetting Aromatherapy on Thursday at the Minx and sooper special stinkeration session at Barrio on Sunday (flyer in post below).. hope to see yous Aucklandites out and about.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Barrio Tranquillo - something for the weekend sir?

Coming up, next Sunday... this should be a bit of a superlative Sunday sesh...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Last minute substitution - Playing at The Turnaround tonight

Hold the front page and stop the press.
Shall be running tunes at the Turnaround tonight alongside Cian and Manuel of Bundy from around 12.30-2.30... yeeeeha
(check post below for the flyer and hope to see you there)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Stinky Grooves 23.11.10 and Taz is the Nazz



Sofa (WrongTom Rmx) - Nextmen ft Pupajim (Nice Up!)
Christopher Columbus - Prince Fatty ft Little Roy (Mr Bongo)
Freedom Day - Ken Boothe (LTD)
That Very Night In Dub - Prince Fatty ft Hollie Cook (Mr Bongo)
Lime & Salt - The Flying Lizards (Staubgold)
All Will Be Well In The Garden - Lee Scratch Perry & Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound)
Galang So (Douster Rmx) - Wildlife! (bandcamp)
Wine Up (Nuh Pop Dung) - Busy Signal (Washroom)
Seh Mi Good - Tifa (Washroom)
Gyal Yuh Hot - Mr Lex (Washroom)
Flashing Lights -Shana S (Fedda Weight)
Bad Mind - O'bryan (Fedda Weight)
Pan The Money - Bust Out Crew (Fedda Weight)
Mars Mi Gone - Beenie Man ft Cee Gee (MD Entertainment)
F.Y.I. - Busy Signal (Stainless Music)
Bullit - Seanie T (suspectpackages.com)
International Rudeboy - Lotek (Counter Clockwise)
General - Bounty Killer
Tune In - The Bug ft Roots Manuva (Ninja Tune)
Education - Digital Mystikz (DMZ)
Gold Tooth Grin - Taz (Numbers)
Showdown In Chinatown - Becoming Real ft Trim (Not Even)
Like Me - Becoming Real ft Trim (Not Even)
TS Hoe 09 - DJ Clent
The Announcement - Jay Electronica ft John F Kennedy
Ashin' Kusher - Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Into The Cosmos (Mr Beatnick Dub) - Architeq (Tirk)
The Incident at Mbuji-Mayi - Bass Clef vs Kasai All Stars (Crammed)
Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Dub 2) - Steve Mason (Double Six)
Ghandi (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Le Corps Mince De Francoise (Heavenly)
Darlin' (John Talabot's Oscuro Baile Remix) - Tahiti 80 (Barclay)
The Hammer (Canyons Rmx) - !!! (Warp)
Afro Latino - Banana Clipz ft Los Rakas (Bersa Discos)
Masikulu Dub - Konono N°1 vs Mark Ernestus (Crammed)
Fanpharaoh- Shazalakazoo (soundcloud)
Akiskan Misafirler Iki - Hayvanlar Alemi (Sublime Frequencies)
Ineffable Dresscode - Hayvanlar Alemi (Sublime Frequencies)
Daddy Lolo - Charles "Chick" Ganimian & His Orientals (ATCO)
Halvah - Charles "Chick" Ganimian & His Orientals (ATCO)
Come With Me To The Casbah - Charles "Chick" Ganimian & His Orientals (ATCO)
Lucidity (Pilooski Rmx) - Tame Imapala (Modular)
Let Them - jj (Sincerely Yours)
Swedish Radio Session - jj (Sincerely Yours)

A veritable harvest festival of freshness and crisp biscuitery this week with a vast swathe of ridiculous rhythms and mounted melodies making their way onto the airwaves. As ever, follow the links up above for further enlightenment, free tunage and spots where you might have to place hand in poche... but it will be well worthwhile.
For your eary appreciation this week a track from Taz, for Glasgow's ever over-endowed in the bass department Numbers label. This is actually the first domestic (as in Scottish) release from the label all year, and as far as the title track goes…its' worth the wait. Most often to be found under the Taz Buckfaster alias, much of Taz's (Tarik Cherkaoui) gear is too bombastic for my delicate (?!) tastes, but this track 'Gold Tooth Grin' shows exactly why the likes of Mary Ann Hobbs have been on his jock (sorry there had to be one bad Scottish pun) and labels like Ramp, Rwina and Subway have been flinging his stuff out to the grime encrusted kidlings.
This tune has some sort of seismic, cinematic charm that I find impossible to ignore. Hope you feel the same, if so please support by following this link and whipping out your financial credentials.

Buy them files


(DOH! Forgot to put the track in the post!!!)


And Aucklandateers (and surrounds) folk don't forget the Turnaround is on this Saturday at 1885. Usual trio of miscreants on the decks with Sandringham representing in the form of Recloose flinging down a marathon session of dusty jazz and funk sides in the basement. Poster below (don't know why him so small, too late to be fandangling with photobucket now though).


Also on the way will be doing an afternoon/evening session at Barrio on Sunday December 5th form 4PM-8PM. Going to be pulling out some suitably sublime sounds in a special set for this one, really looking forward to it. Flyer up here soon, and as ever it's Aromatherapy on Thursday at the Ginger Minx, who are having shenanigans to celebrate their 3AM license with the inimitable Andy Beck & guests and a lot of scarily affordable tequila, sounds like a rocking recipe for disaster to me....

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stinky Grooves 16.11.10 & some vintage Flying Lizardry


How Me Function - Bugle (Daseca)
No Way - Mr Vegas (Daseca)
Dweet - Aidonia (Daseca)
Dancehall Again - Serani/Daseca (Daseca)
From When - Future Fambo (Daseca)
Pop Bottles - Future Fambo (Keep Left)
Punk Dem - Bugle (Keep Left)
Gyal Pharm Riddim - Leftside (Keep Left)
U Pt 1 (Scientist Mix) - King Midas Sound (Tectonic)
Hackney Marshes - Shackleton (Tectonic)
City Cycle - Mala (Tectonic)
Abeng - Kode 9 & Spaceape (Tectonic)
After All - RSD ft Prince Jamo (Tectonic)
Shake - The Flying Lizards (Staubgold)
Mute - The Flying Lizards (Staubgold)
Paraiso (Mexicans With Guns Rmx) - Sonora (soundcloud)
Latin No Plastic - El Hijo De La Cumbia (Ya Basta)
Walking Across The Paper Planes - Jairo Mendez (soundcloud)
The Announcement - Jay Electronica & John F Kennedy
REFOREV - Kid Cudi (Motown Universal)
Mojo So Dope - KId Cudi (Motown Universal)
I'm Loaded - Droop-E ft E-40 (BLVCK DIAMOND LIFE)
Odyssey (Dan Lissvik Remix) - Architeq (Tirk)
Rubiscube (GalbE Rmx) - Fulgeance (Musique Large)
Darlin' - James Pants (Stones Throw)
Akisan Misafirler Iki - Hayvanlar Alemi (Sublime Frequencies)
Bugman - Jackdaw With Crowbar (Hybrid Cuts)
End Of The World - Anika (Stones Throw)
Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Dub 2) - Steve Mason (Double Six)
Skin & Stone - The Flying Lizards (Staubgold)
Lucidity (Pilooski Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Carig Machinsky (Original) - Paris Suit Yourself (Big Dada)
Balandji In Bobo - Barney Willen (Saravah)
Bamako Koulikaro - Barney Willen (Saravah)
Africa Freak Out - Barney Willen (Saravah)
Mavi Sepet - Hayvanlar Alemi (Sublime Frequencies)
Night Air (Becoming Real Rmx) - Jamie Woon (Candent Sounds)
The Hammer (Canyons Rmx) - !!! (Warp)
Feat (Dub) - Two Lone Swordsmen (Rotters Golf Club)
Don't Want No (ft Lotek) - Midnight Republic (soundcloud)
Black Christmas - Poly Styrene (RCRDLBL)
I Go To Sleep - Anika (Stones Throw)
SkyFall - James Duncan & Chelsea Jade (bandcamp)
Voiced (Dorian Concept Rmx) - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Why Can't I Dub You - Trinity (Vista)
Danger In Your Eyes - The (Mighty) Diamonds (Gussie 76)

In all honesty a bit fatigued and not up for much comment tonight, so instead here's a blurb from David Cunningham of The Flying Lizards about a very unique record that I rediscovered this week, having already given it a good run on Stinky Grooves back in the mid-90's….

"The source tapes for this LP were recorded in Jamaica by Jah Lloyd (Patrick Francis) as part of a series he made for Virgin Records' Front Line label. The original tapes were not released and were offered to me by Front Line's Jumbo Vanrennen with the suggestion that I should 'remix' the music. I accepted the project, expecting lots of time in one of Virgin's studios to play with the music and the equipment, only to be presented with a mono master tape. So I began to invent (or perhaps re-invent) techniques of editing, looping, filtering and subtraction to deal with unremixable mono material (these were the days before samplers). The subsequent work took a long time: as I thought it might be something of an indulgence, I worked on it at weekends and evenings rather than let it interfere with other projects. The techniques used here expanded my vocabulary of musical electronic (as opposed to electronic music) treatments and appear in a very different form on records made at that time, notably Fourth Wall, my collaboration with Patti Palladin, and my production work on Michael Nyman's records. The original players remain unidentified. Jah Lloyd used various combinations of musicians but did not include who played on which tracks." --David Cunningham, May 1995

BUY it direct on vinyl HERE !!!!! Or as a download type fandangle here … you can't go wrong!



Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stinky Grooves 09.11.10. and a verbal remedy from Jah Cure


Swing & Dine - Melodians (High Note)
Say You - Ken Boothe (High Note)
Say You - Naggo Morris & U Roy (Frontline)
Say You Version - Naggo Morris (Frontline)
MPLA + Dub - Tappa Zukie & King Tubby (Stars)
Like I See It - Jah Cure ft Rick Ross & Mavado (Maybach Music)
Dancehall Again - Daseca (Daseca)
Dancehall Again - Assassin (Daseca)
So Fly - Assassin (Keep Left)
Indian Gyal - Busy Signal (Kamalu/Jus Eazy)
Gonorrhea - Lil Wayne ft Drake (Universal Motown)
I'm Loaded - Droop-E ft E-40 (BLVCK DIAMOND LIFE)
Aneurysm - Offshore (Big Dada)
Chopped & Screwed - Fulgeance (Musique Large)
Caves (Teebs Rmx) - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Gandhi (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Le Corps Mince De Francoise (Heavenly)
Losing Game - Mugwump (Kompakt)
Masters Of War - Anika (Stones Throw)
Lucidity (Pilooski Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
I'm Waiting For Nobody - Francoise Hardy (Philips)
Officer Officer - Anika (Stones Throw)
Blinking Pigs - Little Dragon (Peacefrog)
SkyFall - James Duncan & Chelsea Jade (bandcamp)
Spring's Got Next - Alphabethead (Hip Drop)
Fog (Jamie xx Rmx) - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Over - Fantatsic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
This Year (Pro Plus) - Terror Danjah, D.O.K. Mz Bratt & Griminal (Hyperdub)
African Kids! - Old Money Massive (soundcloud)
Tank - Igor Boxx (Ninja Tune)
Ran Kan Kan - Tito Puente (Fania)
Stick On Bongo - Tito Puente (Fania)
Red For The Sun - Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun)
Bleep!! Maru!! - Samuel Demeitemas (soundcloud)
El Guayacan - Lisandro Meza y Conjunto (Colompilation 4)
Amor Sincero - Calito Ochoa (Colompilation 4)
Feliciana - La Sonora Dinamita (Colompilation 4)
Latin No Plastic - El Hijo De La Cumbia (Ya Basta)
Clik Clik - Sonora (soundcloud)
Pruned - John Roberts (Dial)

A veritable banger of the booming and bapping family this week, featuring a trio of fellers I'm not too sure about. Jah Cure has long fallen in the 50/50 at best basket for my tastes, and that's not even beginning on the things he's been accused and convicted of. Rick Ross… well he does make some undeniable hooha, but he's hardly what you'd call a man of morals or much class - categorically denying that you were formerly a screw, and then being swiftly found out… well it's a touch shabby. And as for Mavado, well he is amongst a fistful of the most talented in JA yet he releases 5 naff tunes for every boomshot, and chats tripe and nonsense most of the time.
So all in all a ropy bunch, but boy do they come correct over a shithouse shaker of a beat from James Beard. Check heem, no links I can find to buy yet ..usual story up for a week
As ever smart money also dictates you check out the link to the soundcloud related material and there were three tracks from the excellent 'Colompilation 4' from the mighty fine Global Grooves blog. That can be downloaded at scrumptious high quality from that link, and I strongly recommend you do (and leave a thanks in the comments at GG) if you have even half an interest in quality vintage cumbia gear. The cover is plenty saucy, but the music is yet saucier!!! Don't sleep and please do peep.



Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is utterly brilliant... take 10 mins

This has made my day. A shade under 10 minutes of brilliance, make yourself a cuppa and enjoy. 'Amazing limp'.
Incidentally the album is pretty darned good, like all of Eno's stuff I'd ask for 6 months of absorption before giving a verdict but I have to say at this stage..I'm impressed.

Aromatherapy is on tonight at the Ginger Minx, doe feel free to come down and enjoy the tunes, drinks and ting.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stinky Grooves 02.11.10 and Ensemble Economique..exactly


Masters Of War (Dub) - Anika (Stones Throw)
Don't Want No - Midnight Republic ft Lotek (soundcloud)
Sad Mood (Gregory Isaacs Tribute) - Lotek ft 1/6 (soundcloud)
Poor Man In Love - Gregory Isaacs (Taxi)
Lonely Lover - Gregory Isaacs (Island)
The Philistines - Gregory Isaacs (Heartbeat)
Tales Of Two Cities - Carlton Livingston (Hit Bound)
Version - The Revolutionaries (Hit Bound)
Stronger - Cham ft Bounty Killer & Mykal Rose (Madhouse)
Cheat Pon Him - Vybz Kartel (Birchill)
Grab & Wine - Busy Signal (Birchill)
50 Kali - Gappy Ranks (Jam 2)
Just Like De Artist - Gappy Ranks (Jam 2)
Next Level - Bling Dawg (Jam 2)
Iron Balloon - Bruk Up (Seanizzle)
Ska Riddim - Jam 2 (Jam 2)
Latin No Plastic - El Hijo De La Cumbia (Ya Basta)
Duran Poco - Quenombre (soundcloud)
Bleep!! Maru!! - Samuel Demite mas (soundcloud)
Platanitos - Lido Pimienta (Club Fonograma)
Pasame A Buca - Rita Indiana & Los Misterios (Sony US Latin)
VCR (Four Tet Rmx) - The xx (Young Turks)
Spiller - Lukid (Werk)
Masters Of War - Anika (Stones Throw)
I Go To Sleep - Anika (Stones Throw)
Red For The Sun - Ensemble Economique (Not Not Fun)
Sort Of Dubolution - Sideshow (Aus)
Fog (Jamie's xx remix) - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Voiced (Dorian Concept Rmx) - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Gandhi (Andrew Weatherall Rmx 1) - Le Corps Mince De Francoise (Heavenly)
And - BGM (Vanity)
Phantom - Computer Jay (All City)
Chopped & Screwed - Fulgeance (Musique Large)
Lego - Lukid (Werk)
Caves (Teebs Rmx) - Nosaj Thing (Alpha Pup)
Yes, Africa Must Be Free Eventually - RNA Organism (Vanity)
Melody From School - Dub Fanatic
SkyFall - James Duncan & Chelsea Jade (bandcamp)
Officer Officer - Anika (Stones Throw)
Springs Got Next - Alphabethead (Hip Drop)
Deadness - Darkstar (Hyperdub)
Gold - Darkstar (Hyperdub)
Rubiscube (GalbE Remix) - Fulgeance (Musique Large)
Four Horsemen - Ghost (Hip Drop)
Minimal Dub - Terror Danjah (Hyperdub)
I'm Feeling U - - Terror Danjah (Hyperdub)

So much exciting stuff on the show tonight - I know I say and think that every week, and in these days of musical overload it's certainly not the battle it used to be, but there was some gear that really spun my wheels as I was preppulating earlier today. I suspect I'm going to be spending a lot of time with the Anika album, the combination of her (impossible to deny) Nico-esque tones and Geoff Barrow's production (ranging from a brilliant post-punk/early On-U Sound aesthetic to threadbare Krautisms and extreme panning exercises) is stunning. The Yoko Ono cover was a handsome tease, and the album is even better. It's not out for a minute so I wont go on too much. And then there was Four Tet remixing The xx, Jamie xx remixing Nosaj Thing, a new Weatherall, cumbia heading into bleepier/nastier territory, time for a little more appreciation of Gregory Isaac's massive legacy and sooooo much more.

We have spoken of LA label, Not Not Fun on these pages before and rightly so, the Zola Jesus meets LA Vampires is one of my doomy treats of the year. There's far too much easy listening out there. Hell… I'm as bad as anyone, a sucker for a jaunty tune and a melody you could stick a worm on and catch your dinner with… but there has to be some balance and Ensemble Economique have definitely got their own nocturnal rainbow going on. 'Red For The Sun' is actually one of the more upful tunes from Psychical, it's certainly not a picnic of a record - yet I've found it to be rather rewarding, and refreshingly challenging.

The always excellent Fact Magazine had it down as 'Shackleton channeling John Carpenter' which is probably pretty accurate, Brian Pyles who is EE (and half of the brilliantly monikered Starving Weirdoes) certainly has Shackleton's innate knack for vocal chops that are untypical and excellent, and as for the Carpenter, well I said it was moody. You can read a little more at the Fact link above but I would listen first and read later, the joy of this album for me was buying it on a whim after hearing this one track, discovering that it was indicative but not really…and then losing myself in the rest. It's a process I'd recommend.
Check out Not Not Fun for more gloom'n'boom