Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stinky Grooves 31.08.10 & some jellied Ealzee


Dik - Aardvarck (Eat Concrete)
Awake - Ealzee ft Janaka Selekta (free at bandcamp)
Catch A Fire - The Bug (Ninja Tune)
Hydration (Dub) - DJG (Warm Communication)
Nonantzin - Nahuatl Sound System (free at bandcamp)
Chocolate Box Riddim - Hot Coffee Crew (Hot Coffee)
Pumpkin Belly - Gappy Ranks (Greensleeves)
Pistol Boy - Militant Barry (Manic Records)
Old Time Somethin' - Ealzee ft Solo Banton (free at bandcamp)
Son Of Bodda - Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom (Big Dada)
Diss Ya Bogle - Wrongtom Meeets Silvah Bullet (soundcloud)
Healthy Body -Pamputae (Flava Squad)
Come Touch Me Nuh - Beenie Man (Flav Squad)
Back It Up - Delly Ranks (Flava Squad)
Dem Nuh Like Yo - CP Ink (Flava Squad)
Hold Yuh Version - Gyptian (VP)
Caminos - Lido Pimienta (Ku Da Te)
Como Entran Los Rakas - Los Rakas vs Damian Marley & Nas (souncloud)
Pata Pata (Z-Funkster Regroove) - Z-Funkster (Latino Resiste)
Media Pesadill (Los Tetas vs Chcio Trujillo) - Don Conejo (soundcloud)
ARoRo (Nate Mars Rmx) - Petrona Martinez (Latino Resiste)
Collegia - DJ Quien (soundcloud)
You & I (Bjorn Torske Dub) _ Scott Hardkiss (God Within)
You Don't Wash (Actress's Negril Mix Dub) - Kode9 (K7)
The Forest - Zomby (Ninja Tune)
Her Tears Taste Like Pears - Dorian Concept (Ninja Tune)
Primary Colours At The Back Of My Mind - Solar Bears (Planet Mu)
Soft Vision - Tropics (Planet Mu)
Photograph - NUMan (Planet Mu)
Dawn (featuring Tame Imapala & Gembala) - Gilbere Forte (bandcamp)
Heathen Child (Weatherall Rmx) - Grinderman (Mute)
Losing Sleep (Instro) - Edwyn Collins (Domino)
Dream Out - Balam Acab (Tri Angle)
Big Boy - Balam Acab (Tri Angle)
Gold Day (Pepepe Rmx) - Jovenes y Sexys & joiejoiejoie (soundcloud)
Gooey Gum Drops (Monster Rally Rmx) - DOOM (free at bandcamp)
Massau - Monster Rally (free at bandcamp)
A Voice -Monster Rally (free at bandcamp)
Linstead Market - The Jolly Boys (Lyrichord)
Tungalala (El Sapo) - Son Palenque (Latino Resiste)
Esto Es Candela - Sexeto Tabla de Palenque (Latino Resiste)
Pari Ruu - Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics (Strut)
Lloyd Lets Loose - Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics (Strut)
Impression Of Bhairava Raga - Lloyd Miller (East West)

This week here's a track I've been wanting to dish out for a good long wee while now. I can't quite remember when I first heard Bristolian beat bandito (in my world every West Country wobbling woofer worrier from Bristol is a beat bandito - I got the alliteration disease bad Doc!!) Ealzee, and his ripping dubstepped take on Ranking Dread's 'Fatty Boom' ... but it sure got me going. I've always been big fan of the original (and even had my nicked 12" restored, when Greensleeves re-issued it a couple of years back) and subsequent version like the cracker that came out on Nervous or one of its sub labels back in the early 90's. Hanyways I only had access to a lo-qual version so I hit mr Ealzee up for a file and he was kind enough to sort me out. At that point he was hoping to press it up on wax but there was an obstacle or two in the way of that so it's ended up appearing on his 'Remixes' album which is available for free at his bancamp, check the link below to get your grubby mitts on that. I have whanged a copy up on DIVshare below but I strongly suggest you check out the whole fandangele and if you like that there's plenty more of his DJ mixes on soundcloud too. Get stinking, get linking and if it's your cup of char then why not drop him a line and say ta, I'm sure it would be appreciated. As ever I shall be Aromatherapising this Thursday at the Minx , would be simply delightful if you felt like getting in touch with your olfactory auditory senses too… free from 8.30ishish…. And ayo, there's some soundcloud and bandcamp links to some right good shit in the playlist, as the legendary philosopher, bad haircut and sartorially suspect sage Sean Paul once said...get busy.

Check his soundcloud and even Murdokkkspaz and Bookface if so inclined



Next up, part 1 of the Lido Pimienta interview. The print version will be in the September Real Groove which is out Monday I believe, so I'll aim for around then but you know how it goes, I promise nothing (well I will promise that the interview is a really solid read) - laters....

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stinky Grooves 24.08.10 & some Nordicnavian nirvana


Coka Kohle (Bjorn Torske Rmx Pt 1) - Laylow & Big Robot (Nordisc)
You & I (Bjorn Torske Outer Space Rmx) - Scott Hardkiss (God Within)
Tsunami Riddim Instrumental - Hot Coffee Crew (Hot Coffee)
Cannon - Gappy Ranks (Hot Coffee)
We Know We Friends - Bugle (Hot Coffee)
Whine - Vybz Kartel (Federation)
Nuh Fraid A Dem - Mavado (DJ Frass)
Guide Us - Kibaki (DJ Frass)
Wa Do Dem - Mavado & Wailing Souls (Al Fingers)
Put The Stereo On - Gappy Ranks (Greensleeves)
Thy Shall Love - Gappy Ranks (Greensleeves)
50 Pound Riddim Dub Mix - Mafia Mckoy tha Blaqk Sheep (Loud Disturbance)
King Of Cumbia - DRXL (soundcloud)
solo tu (Cero 39 Rmx) - Matia Bazar (Cero39)
La Revancha de Chancha - Chancha Via Circuito ft Fauna (ZZK)
Mo Fyah - Mr Ioso (Cocobass)
Hang On (Remix Of The Remix) - Unitone HiFi/Kinky Electric Noise (Round Trip Mars)
Celso Pina/Bunny General Mash - Sergent Garcia (soundcloud)
Como Entran Los Rakas - Los Rakas vs Damian Marley ft Nas
El Baile del Guevatronik - Pernett ft Fangafrika (soundcloud)
Destination - Wrongtom (soundcloud)
Train Song (Derailed) - Wrongtom (Myuzyk)
Proper Tings Juggled - Roots Manuva meets Wrongtom (Big Dada)
Catch A Fire - The Bug (Ninja Tune)
A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix) - Andreya Triana (Ninja Tune)
You Don't Wash - Kode9 & Spaceape (K7)
Phat Si - Cooly G (Hyperdub)
The Forest - Zomby (Ninja Tune)
Heaven (Prins Thomas Discomiks) - Kasper Bjorke (HFN Music)
Weird Science - Allez Allez (RVNG Intl)
Heathen Child (Weatherall Mix) - Grinderman (Mute)
Dama Dam Mast Walander - Ahmed Rushdi (B Music)
Ana Kuni - Scratch 22 (Wax On)
You Can't Hold A Torch - J Dilla (Stones Throw)
Vessel (Four Tet Rmx) - Jon Hopkins (Domino)
Gold Day (Pepepe Rmx) - Jovenes y Sexys & joiejoiejoie (soundcloud)
Losing Sleep (Instrumental) - Edwyn Collins (Domino)
The Beirut-Wigan Express (ISE8 7" Mix) - IS Contracctors, E8
Don't Let Go - Mala (Soul Jazz)
Man In A Garage (King Jammy Dub) - Coldcut (Ninja Tune)

Ahoy landlubbers (not entirely sure where that came from, I'm not at sea, but it felt right)… well another week has gone by and I didn't even manage to squeeze another extra post in ..poor form I know. However I have been doing much writing - of the working sort, and the making a racket sort- and plenty of other things so sadly I have to say it hasn't all been loafery..More's the pity.

For your amusement and hopefully encitement to purchase this week here's a bit of a favorite of recent times. This scores on a number of levels for me - firstly it's a well done cover of a Rollling Stones song, a latter period one at that - that in itself is no mean feat. Secondly Prins Thomas the viking of kosmykrauty vibes has done a right number on it remix wise, in all honesty the Kasper Bjorke version is well good in itself yet the Norwegian knob twiddler has par excellenced it into a different stratosphere. I know nowt about Mr Bjorke, he hasn't pinged on my radar much prior to this but maybe more investigation is afoot. There's a spark in this that's been missing from a lot of the beardy biz this year, hurrah!
Buy it dondigitally here (can't seem to find the waxy material)



Now don't be forgetting Thursday is Aromatherapy day and that means severe stinkeration on all fronts (bar the olfactory, you know it's not a personal hygene thing!) from around about 8.30, Mt Eden mount up because Valley Road has the vibes. Also on Friday the Turnaround is at the Casino, it takes a fair bit to get me in that place (the last time was for a meet with John Rowles... ) but the Turnaround is a fair bit and then some. Lose it on the dancefloor, not the evil tables. It's FREE, so you've saved 15 bucks from the moment you walk in, and kick off is 10pm. I'm not going to search it out now as I have a tune that is demanding to be written, but I'll try to remember to whang the flyer up if things don't go too hectic tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

... and another thing..Palenque Punch & Barranquilla Boom from Latino Resiste & ting

ayo, just a quick one to tie up a loose end. I played a few tracks from the Latino Resiste Presents Latin Africa comp on Stinky Grooves this week but couldn't track down a link to put in the playlist for the life of me at stupid o' clock Wednesday morning.
This time around Caballo has focussed on the riotous rhythms of northern Colombia enlisting expertorama Lucas Silva to highlight old and new gear where the African influence that harks back to the slave trade and the roots of so much astounding Colombian music, dominates. There's some exceptional stuff on there (and to be fair, some not so my cup of proverbial), the bitrates vary and my mild audio nana-ism means that there's some tracks I won't be playing on the radio - but it's definitely worth a DL for the gems in hifi, especially if you haven't familiarised yourself with this kind of gear before.

Check it for free at the excellente Radio canahl blog (and there's an excellent Frente Cumbiero interview up there too, that just needs a touch of Translate for non-Frenchy speakers)

The Palenque Palenque comp on Soundway is something else again but also essential, and that has really been growing on me over recent weeks. I keep thinking I must play more on the radio, but inevitably the newness keeps jumping the queue...such is life. Combine that with some of the artists Lido Pimienta refered to in my recent interview with her (which will be appearing in the September Real Groove as a 2 page feature, and split up to a couple of posts on stinkinc, transcript style & fashion, in the next month) and it's been a right old northern Colombian jamoboree round at the renking gates, and I've got no argument with that.

Also on the interview tip, this very morning I had an extended and illuminating conversation with Oriental jazz legend and ethonomusicographer par excellence, Lloyd Miller. Well, when I say conversation it was largely one sided, and delightfully so, I reckon I got about 3 of my prepared questions in over the best part of an hour. I don't want to go too deep into this now because I will be doing so, properly, up here in the near(ish) future. I'm not sure he can match Lido's seven (yes, seven!) pages of brilliant responses in terms of numbers, but it's not far off, and the man has a mind that should be marveled at. It's got me all inspired in a number of directions and feeling like shrugging off the afternoon's remaining work to create something in an unusual scale and time signature... but that may have to wait for another day. Musically and philosophically I don't expect the venerable Mr Miller to be everyones cup of proverbial, I'm sure he would retract in horror at 98% of the music I play, let alone release or make - but informed dissenting voices, especially ones that can back it up with personal experience, astonishing knowledge, history and depth are all too rare in this day and age. Aside from a Herculean transcribing job I'm really looking forward to sharing that phone call with y'all... keep 'em peeled and we'll have a word about that album he's done with Heliocentrics for Strut/K7 real soon.
There's more but I really need to get some of the tunage that has dropped in the inbox since Tuesday primed and primped for Aromatherapy tonight..hasta lluego.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Stinky Grooves 17.08.10 and some alphabetacised audio from Balam Acab


Pumpkin Belly - Gappy Ranks (Greensleeves)
Happiest Day Of My Life - Gappy Ranks (Greensleeves)
Heavy Load - Gappy Ranks - (Maximum Sound)
Rebel With A Cause - Johnny Clarke & Fantan Mojah (Maximum Sound)
Poverty Nuh Inna Fashion - Tarrus Riley (Maximum Sound)
Teach Dem - Chezidek ft U-Roy (Maximum Sound)
Rebellion 2010 - Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators (Maximum Sound)
Wine Fi Mi Nuh - Vybz Kartel
Nuh Fraid A Dem - Mavado (DJ Frass)
There For You - Bugle (DJ Frass)
Wuckup 'Find A Gyal' - Beenie Man
Suavamente - Busy Signal & Elvis Crespo (VP)
ARoRo (NateMarrs Rmx) - Petrona Martinez (LR presents latinAfrica)
Tungala (El Sapo) - Son Palenque (LR presents latinAfrica)
Esto Es Candela - Sexteo Tabala de Palenque (LR presents latinAfrica)
Guajira Contestacion (Guajira Soul) _ Henri Guedon (Disques Comet)
Echate Palla - Quantic Presents Flowering Inferno (Tru Thoughts)
You & I (Bjorn Torske in Outer Space Rmx) - Scott Hardkiss (God Within)
Evening Glow - SBTRKT & Sampha (R&S)
A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Rmx) - Andreya Triana (Ninja Tune)
Man In A Garage (King Jammy Dub) - Coldcut (Ninja Tune)
Skeng (Autechre Rmx) - The Bug (Ninja Tune)
Regret Making Mistakes - Balam Acab (Tri Angle)
AM System (Hudson Mohawk Rmx) - American Men (Lucky Me)
Too Ney Kaha - Nahid Akhtar (Finders Keepers)
Sound Way - Wrinkars Experience (Soundway)
Dread At The Control - Michael Campbell (Trojan)
Home Guard - Michael Campbell (Trojan)
Three Times Three - King Tubby (Trojan)
Eye Of The Empress (Higamos Hogamos Rmx) - Muscleheads
Felt Sui - Factory Floor (One of One)
Good Po-lice - American Men (Lucky Me)
Vessell (Four Tet Rmx) - Jon Hopkins (Domino)
Coka Kohle (Bjorn Torkse Rmx) - Big Robot (Nordisc)
Mountain Top - Gappy Ranks (Greensleeves)
Family - Hey-O-Hansen (Pingipung)
Porque (Version) - Jahmiga (Jahmiga)
Icci Occi Acci - Covo Bryce (MYOR)
Star Contoller - Artek (MYOR)
Chrome Optimism - Dubblestandart ft David Lynch (Subatomic)
Hang On (Remix Of The Remix) - Unitone HiFi/Kinky Electric Noise (Round Trip Mars)
Me Gusto ft Chico Mann (Toy Selectah Rmx) - Mexicans With Guns (Innovative Leisure)
El Abuelo Is Dead - Prepare To Meet Thy Broom (Cocobass)

Scarily behind tonight, and all day so there was much discovery for me throughout tonight's broadcastery amongst some that have been getting a vigorous thrashing this week (particularly loving Bjorn Torske's latest remixes, picked them up from a place called Traxource, had a couple of issues but got exemplary service - so do check them for gear on the doofier tip, they get a renking recommendation). There's plenty more I could whaffle on about... but maybe another day. Before I forget Aromatherapy will be pleasantly percolating at the Ginger Minx on Thursday from the regular 8.30ish, and also tomorrow night Favella On Blast is showing at the Khuja Lounge details at Mr Mclennan's top notch Dub dot dash or at ThisCulture. Hoping to make it, verk permitting but if in doubt you definitely should, have heard good things.

This week a taste of the depth charge of a debut from Balam Acab for 20JazzFunkGreats associated and soon to be prominent Tri Angle label. Have been enjoying his gear from the first smergey notes floating around the internet some time ago. Typically it's another shy looking 19 year old, this time from upstate New York, making smudged out, moody gear that I fall for in all sorts of ways.
Usual scenario lo qual, up for a week, there's a 12".. you can buy it here.



Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mexicans With Guns....with guns! Shots fired.

Love this video for Mexicans With Guns 'Dame Lo', what can I say ...ay papi..
It's probably, ok definitely, NSFW (I think that may be the first time I've ever used that term on stinkinc, how grown-up) if you earn your quids in an uptight environment.
However for my money this is an all too rare example of using violence, sex and what have you in a really good, non-titillatery way. What's more the storyline moves like Bolt on crack without a bad back, the use of colour is exemplary and it completes the song (which is actually the one I've probably played least from the EP - I no wobble so much these days) in a way that only very best clips can. I raise my Kangol aloft to director Duey FM from System D-128 and the man behind the mask Ernest Gonzales aka Mexicans With Guns, job well done.
It was actually the mellow, odd and undoubtedly brilliant remix of Oy's Snake with it's threatening bassline and enveloping keys, that first fully shivered my timbers on the M.W.G. tip, but I found plenty of perverse pleasure on the 'Me Gusto' 12" (which also includes Chico Mann and Ghosts On Tape, a couple of names you can trust) which can be found waxically and digitalnomously at this dusty cupboard in the Stones Throw empire here.

Rey of the remix Toy Selectah got his grubby mitts on 'Me Gusto' from the EP of the same name and it's a right corker, XLR8R have the handle on the download link for that. There's a stonking and fruity Sonora remix floating around too, and he's another crucial contender and Stinky Grooves play recidivist too. Actually it's here (with only 8 free downloads left before it reaches its limit...as I type) and check out the rest of his tracks while you're there too, there's some belters.

Dame Lo - Mexicans With Guns from System D-128 on Vimeo.

Three posts in 15 hours, time for a cup of tea and a lie down.

Nurse..the screens.

Stinky Grooves 10.08.10


Be Kind, Be Foolish, Be Happy - Chuxk Barrister & The Voices Of Darkness (Soundway)
Nwantinti/Die Die - Ify Jerry Krusade (Soundway)
Life's Gone Down Low - The Lijadu Sisters (Soundway)
Rough Rider - The Hyegrades (Soundway)
Muzic - Manusa Feat Messengers (Soot)
J'reste Une Hard - Nasty (Soot)
Epikstar Riddim - Babylon Residence (Soot)
Black Chukka (feat Raak) - Gilbere Forte
Dawn (ft Tame Impala & Gembala) - Gilbere Forte
Save My Soul The Cudi Confession - Kid Cudi
Window Seat (Remix) - Erykah Badu & Rick Ross (Universal Motown)
Looking For Alien Love - Yelawolf
Lose It (In The End) - Mark Ronson ft Ghostface Killah
You Can't Hold A Torch (Busta Instrumental) - J Dilla (Stones Throw)
Nah Stop Shine - Tifa (Fedda Weight)
Wuckup Yuhself (Find A Gyal) - Beenie Man
Prosper - Busy Signal (DJ Karim)
Quint & Kotch - Busy Signal (DJ Karim)
Dutty Badmind - Da Professor (DJ Karim)
Teqila Riddim - DJ Karim (DJ Karim)
Heaven (Prins Thomas Discomiks) - Kaspar Bjoerke (HFN Music)
Future Echo - The Oscillation (All Time Low)
Tomame - Iszen (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Death By Disco - Tokimonsta (Listen Up/Art Union)
It's Madness (Nosaj Thing Rmx) - Daedelus
Buzz In (Nosaj Thing Rmx) - Boris
Girls Dream - Maximillion Dunbar (Ramp)
USD - Blue Daisy vs Tokimonsta (Ramp)
Meanstreak (In 3 Parts) - El-P (Gold Dust)
Ana Kuni - Scratch 22 (Wax On)
Esperanza L'aranesa (Canahl Rmx) - Canahl/Andre Minvielle (free at bandcamp)
La Revancha de Chancha - Chancha Via Circuito ft Fauna (ZZK)
El Baile del Guevatronik ft Fangafrika - Pernett
Solo Tu (Cero 39) - Matia Bazar (soundcloud)
Butterfly Crab Walk ft Riddla - Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom (Big Dada)
Coco Macca - Upsetters (Upsetters)
Labrish - Vin Gordon (Upsetters)
Dubstep Demon - G Corp (G Corp Music)
Don't Let Me Go - Mala (Soul Jazz)
Art & Cash (SBTRKT Rmx) - Modeselektor (50 Weapons)
Untitled (Siriusmo Rmx) - Modeselektor (50 Weapons)
See Into My Eyes - DJ Nate (Planet Mu)
Back Down - DJ Nate (Planet Mu)
C-Beams - Pariah (R&S)
East River Float - El-P (El-P)
Bars & Twists - J Dilla (Stones Throw)
The Struggle - Maxxi Zeus (International Feel)

I'm shaggered and shitty tonight so no blabbery it's all below in the Chancha Via Circuito/Tremor/ZZK story..Enjoy ... and don't forget Aromatherapy on Thursday at the Ginger Minx, I have a bunch of hotness that I'm not able to broadcast yet so treats aplenty.
Will get at you with a post on dj /rupture's CIAfrica comp which we gave a mild rinsing to tonight..and more ..real soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chancha Via Circuito, Tremor & DJ Nim - excess interview material for your consumption...


I had intended for this to go a bit wider than the two artists featured but no-one wants to read a novel and there’s more than enough here to whet the appetite, so we’ll have a more extensive new/digal/whateveryouwanttocallit cumbia and related hooha post in the future. Next up for the interview transcript biz after this is Lido Pimienta and it's a monster in every single aspect.
Hanyways this is a supplement to ‘The Irresistible Shuffle’ feature which appears in the August edition of Real Groove (out now for NZ folk), and basically contains all the interview gear that won’t appear in print. So if it feels like there’s a chunk missing here or there.. well there probably is.

Buy links and more at the bottom so get thy purchase on and support these artistes and this ridiculously on point label, the Chancha Via Circuito ‘Rio Arriba’ album will almost undoubtedly be in my Top Ten Of The Year.
For some reason that I cannot fathom Real Groove decided to run a full page picture of El Remolon next to my piece on Tremor and Chancha Via Circuito, it beggars belief. The pictures below are correct.

DJ Nim (on left above) is one of the founding trio of the ZZK parties alongside El G and Villa Diamante and subsequent label/movement. He kindly stepped in last minute to help make sure I was getting my facts straight while I was putting the feature together as El G was off touring outernationally and flying the ZZK flag with gusto elsewhere.
Nim describes his current role as mainly an audio engineer and artistic production, and it was a real privilege to get the guff from the horses mouth as it were, I wish I’d had the time to pick his brains further.

What would really be helpful would be a timeline for digital cumbia (I know that folks like DJ Taz and Dick El Demasiado were pioneers for example but am unsure of dates) and also when the Zizek parties and label came into play?
“In the timeline of digital cumbia I would add as pioneers Fauna, Marcelo Fabian and El Hijo de la Cumbia, although the latter prefers to call his sound "Cumbia New Roots". They mostly didn’t know each other at the time, they appear to have "came from the void" at the same time. Then like a cross pollination bee appears Villa Diamante, beginning to collect and play this music in his sets all over Buenos Aires along with his own cumbia-driven mashups, Marcelo Fabián and a small collective around him (DJ´s Pedigree) started to do the same, and of course a big impulse was received in the digital cumbia proto-scene by a few but hot "Festicumex" parties, headed by Dick el Demasiado and Sonidos Martines (kind of a Deep-Roots-Cumbia-DJ), and featuring Axel Krigier, Marcelo Fabian, Fantasma among others. ORO 11 and his crazy productions and mashups should be mentioned also, inspired directly from cumbia villera sound, clashing with his Hip Hop - Baltimore - Dancehall background that came in his bag from San Francisco.

Zizek parties emerged from all that in October of 2006, giving this new sound a weekly place, where al the artists began to know each other and the "scene" began to build. As recent outcomers (you may call it the "second wave") from this sound should be mentioned El Remolón, Chancha Via Circuíto, King Coya (all of whom in fact started from and within Zizek club nights!) Also The Peronists, El Trip Selector, etc. And now there is what you may call it (maybe too soon, but useful for the thinking process) a third wave, with some brand new artists nurturing the future and expanding the horizon of this sound, as Lagartijeando, Sonido del Principe, Superguachin, Uproot Andy, Douster...
Zizek Parties where ambitious from the beginning, and from its very name in fact! We tried to produce a quality party, with quality flyers and communication (comprehensive newsletters with bio and photo from the artists, a full featured web page, etc), photoshooting, rotating VJ´s..... from the very beginning it aimed high. Add a very unique and talented underground and you have the recipe.”



Can you tell me a little about your background and how you came into producing music and the Zizek/ZZK axis?
“I started playing bass in a band with classmates in primary school, then I got a guitar and began to compose my own songs. I’ve played in all sorts of bands with very different styles. I started making music on my PC ten years ago using fruity loops, which I continue to use. It´s awesome. When Zizek parties began, I was invited to play, so I started to experiment with danceable music. At that time, I was listening to a lot of different kinds of cumbia and dub, and this is how I started composing my first dance songs, And Zizek was the place for play them. Zizek club worked as a place where we had the opportunity to experiment on the dancefloor.”

There is a very distinct CVC sound, it reminds me a lot of Ennio Morricone with the use of minimal instruments to create drama and atmosphere, is that intentional?
“I never have any idea of what I want to create beforehand, so, if my songs create drama- excellent! I like Ennio Morricone, and that you find something in common between us.”

Your sound (for me) has a very modern flavour but there are many elements that ground it historically in South American traditions/musical foundations, is that what you are deliberately trying to do?
“Nothing is deliberate when I play. This is the result of a personal search, which is always changing.”

“All kind of genres. I love music in general, but nowadays I´m listening to a lot of South American rhythms and folkore from the Andes.”

How is your music received by 'traditional' cumbia' musicians or cumbia villera musicians? Is there much or any dialogue between the older, more traditional artists and this new school? Your Jose Larralde remix for example is a track that bridges the gap between old and new for me.
“The reality is that there isn´t much dialogue between us. We know some artists who play cumbia villera and we respect each other, but I don´t know how it´s received by "traditional cumbia musicians". I met José Larralde once and gave him a CD with my remix, but I never received his feedback.”

I share your love of tympani and big beautiful tuned drums, where did this come from?
“I don’t know why I love percussion, or where it comes from, but it’s definitely a fact.”

How do you go playing your music out, the tempos are often quite low but they are almost impossible not to move to! Is there a big difference between the audiences in Argentina (and South America) and playing the US etc?
“I tend to play at the beginnings of parties, or not so late, because of the tempo in my music. But my set works well in general, and makes people dance everywhere.”

What are you currently working on (and any remixes etc I should be looking out for/hunting down)?
“I just finished my last album ‘Rio Arriba’ that will be released in three weeks, and I’m also preparing a new mixtape for XL8TR (LINK) music magazine (USA), and a new set for the North American tour with ZZK records, which starts at the end of July.”



Can you tell me a little about your background and how you came into producing music? I hear you are from a musical background can you tell us a little about that and how it has obviously affected the retro-modern unique style of Tremor.
“My first instrument was the drums, when I was at school. But I didn’t realize I wanted to be a musician 'till I was 17 years old. I have different backgrounds regarding my music preparation. I've been in the conservatory, I've studied jazz, folkloric windwoods, composition, I play guitar, charango, ronrocco, bombo leguero, and some other stuff.
I also love technology. My first approach to sequencers and samplers was like 17 years ago. I had many musical projects during the years, but I never had a "plan", or an intention of "conquering" something. I can't help making music; I need it to stay balanced. So, I'm really happy about the way things are happening with Tremor, it is like a natural flow, with constant surprises.”

Influences? (Argentinean, South American and elsewhere)
“I have many influences. For example, Jaivas (from Chile) and Arco Iris (first Santaolalla's band). Both bands are pioneers on exploring the fusion of South American folklore during the 70s. Also experimental music like Stockhausen, John Cage, Electronic music like Matmos or Aphex Twin.”

On a few tracks the remix album seems to reflect a more club-aware sound, is that a deliberate move or just a reflection of the remixy nature of it? I'm also curious if that is a result of playing more live shows etc
“‘Para Armar’, the album we are releasing right now, is a compilation of different remixes I’ve made during the last years. On one hand, it is like you say, it has some influence of our live experiences during the shows. I thought it was cool to show another aspect of the Tremor sound, more relaxed and groovie. But, the third album of Tremor, won't go into that direction. In fact, we are gonna bring a lot of new elements to the Tremor sound, I think we are gonna surprise some of our old time listeners.”

How did you find the remix competition process (the good, the bad and the ugly?)? I know from personal experience that hearing mixes of your own gear that you don't care for can be quite upsetting.
“It was very fun to hear all those mixes. I was really surprise also, by the global response. In fact, if you check the winners, you'll see remixers from different places around the globe. (Australia, Colombia, India!, Berlin, etc) The amazing thing, was hearing all that people dealing with a charango and Saya for the first time! Or dealing with a bombo leguero, and it malambo groove.
It is curious how many interpretations of the same music you can find.”

I have read about your quest for new (old) instruments (and the incredible Sachaguitarra!! will that be featuring on your 3d album?) Do you feel a sense that this is a little like protecting endangered species - ie .. if you don't document and utilize them they may disappear in a generation?
“Yes! Absolutely! But also, Tremor is about not having prejudices, but most of all, I'm a very curious guy, I don't think everything, it is more curiosity, and the adrenaline of trying new things which keeps pushing Tremor forward.” (There’s a good chunk of this answer in the Real Groove print version if it seems a bit stilted btw)

What can we expect from the next Tremor album and when can we expect it?
“We have like the 70 % of the album made. We'll release it on the beginning of 2011. I'm very excited, it's gonna be our best album! We are evolving, a new Tremor sound is appearing which I like, because I don't want us to repeat ourselves. It’s gonna be emotional, but very powerful. Up-tempo music with a lot of passion. Lot of new toys and sounds coming out of it. Stay tuned!”

Tremor’s ‘Para Armar’ is out well soon - being a remix and odd&sods collection it lacks the cohesive overwhelmingness of ‘Viajante’ but it’s an excellent pick’n’dip record, and a solid snack before the arrival of the next full-length Tremor truffles alluded to in the last response.
In the meantime check Viajante his stunning ZZK debut, to help you on the way to that the label have kindly allowed us to post a track for the week.

Chancha Via Circuito’s sophomore scorcherator ‘Rio Arriba’ is soon to be rippling around in retail and whatnot and I simply can’t say enough good things about this record. His remix of Ruby Sun’s ‘Cinco’ took a couple of plays for me but that was all... SOLD! Below is a track from 'Rodante' which remains a benchmark album for progressive Latin American tackle.
I'll update this post when I know more about when these albums will be available for your hungry ears.

Chancha Via Circuito
‘Rodante’ (ZZK) Buy digital direct from label here, or here..or pon disc acqui


‘Rio Arriba’ (ZZK) upcoming


Tremor ‘Viajante’ (ZZK) Buy digital here or here


'Para Armar’ (ZZK) upcoming


Muchos gracias to Chancha, Tremor, Nim, Grant, Derek and all of the fine folk at, or linked to, ZZK/Zizek. Hard to recall a nicer bunch of people to deal with, especially through the stiff medium of interview email, and with them kindly returning the answers in English and supplying all that was needed etc. It's always pleasant and rewarding, to confirm that artists and music that you have been championing are all that.. and then some.
Buy some of their music (the ZZK site is a good place to start and iTunes have the handle also) so they can keep on, keepin' on. Here's a wee vid of their current exploits conquering America.

ZZK TV EPISODE ONE - ZZK NYC from ZZK Records on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stinky Grooves 03.08.10 & a tipple with Tokimonsta and some mas mighty fine Hipi Duki hoo-ha


Wine Fi Mi Nuh - Vybz Kartel (Don Corleon)
Low We - Da Professor (Don Corleon)
Neatest - Savage (Don Corleon)
Nah Stop Shine - Tifa (Fedda Weight)
Reject - Tifa (Ward 21 Music)
See It Yah - Spragga Benz (Ward 21 Music)
So Di Ting Set - Million Stylez (Ward 21 Music)
Dem A Pree - Mr Lexx (Ward 21 Music)
Cosa Nostra Rhythm - Ward 21 Crew (Ward 21 Music)
Don't Let Me Go - Mala (Soul Jazz)
Black Vomit - Dokkebi Q (3QREQ)
I Can't Spell His Name - Dokkebi Q (3QREQ)
Searching - LA Vampires Meets Zola Jesus (Not Not Fun)
Hjurt - Forest Swords (No Pain In Pop)
Primary Colours At The Back Of My MInd - Solar Bears (Planet Mu)
Trans Waterfall - Solar Bears (Planet Mu)
André Minvielle - Esperanza l'aranesa - Canalh RMX - Canahl (free at bandcamp)
La Revancha de Chancha - Chancha Via Circuito ft Fauna (ZZK)
La Colorada (Super Guachin Rmx) - Pibes Chorros (soundcloud)
Esperanca Berimbau - Canalh (free at bandcamp)
Funky Tamazula (Cumbia Cosmonauts Rmx) - Clorofilla (Nortec Collective) (Scattermish)
Progreso - Lido Pimienta (BUY from her myspace)
Almost Famous - NSM PSM Remix - Rosa Pastel (soundcloud)
Up In Smoke - Coco Solid (free at Coco Solid blog)
It's Madness (Nosaj Thing Rmx) - Daedelus (Alphapup)
Nothing To See - Four Tet (Soul Jazz)
Prophecy - Burial vs El-B (Ghost Records)
Evening Glow - SBTRKT & Sampha (Ramp)
My Friends Will Always Say - Falty DL (Planet Mu)
Felt Suit - Factory Floor (One Of One)
Bottle Kids - Tjutjuna (Fire Talk)
Sing Song - Jackdaw With Crowbar (Hybrid Cuts)
O Deo - Higamos Hogamos (All Time Low)
Buzz In (Nosaj Tjing Rmx) - Boris (A/V)
Traffik - Iszen (free at Hipi Duki Muzik)
Liquid Dub - Iszen (free at Hipi Duki Muzik)
Tomame - Iszen (free at Hipi Duki Muzik)
The Congregation of Disclaced Clerks - Mugwump (Kompakt)
Dubby Struts In Trenchtown (RIFS #2) - Tom Recchion (Birdlands)
Fake Off (Eero Johannes Rmx) - Jean Jaques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket (InVitro Records)
Six Froots Under (Kelpe Rmx) - Jean Jaques Perrey & Cosmic Pocket (InVitro Records)
Free Dem - Blue Daisy vs Tokimonsta (Team Acre)
Gamble - Tokimonsta (Listen Up/Art Union)
Bready Soul - Tokimonsta (Listen Up/Art Union)
Ingredients - Ikonika (Hyperdub)

Bear with me and a short scanty post this week as to be honest I'm all written out on the print tip... and it aint over yet.
Do head on over to Hipi Duki Muzik where they have unleashed their latest free and flipping fabulous EP by Buenos Airies artiste Iszen. This is some messed up tropical bass brouhaha and I can't recommend it enough for adventurous ears (and I trust thats the only kind at StinkInc). Get to it, links are above in playlist or for the terminally lazy ...right here!


Track for the week is following a feminine theme I'm finding most refreshing, with Tifa last week and Hitomi from the wonderful Dokkebi Q the week before (and that's a post that has definitely stirred up some interest and follow-up, which is as great news, as is the 'Hardcore Cherry Bob Bon' album). So Tokimonsta has been around for a minute, lurking amongst the Brainfeeders and generally equipping herself admirably. Her debut album, 'Midnight Menu' is out now, and from the quick listens I've managed thus far it's got some legs. Her showdown with the excellent Blue Daisy on Team Acre is also well worthy of a snoot too.
You know the scenario, track up lo-fi for one week - but the real deal and the heavenly (ok, slightly less celestial) rewards come to those who support the artist, labels and distributors and enrich their collections with files or discs or somesuch tackle..... links below, do us all proud.
Buy in file style at iTunes or (soon) in a materially melodic fashion at Piccadilly.
Tokimonsta blog