Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stinky Grooves 29.09.09 and some semi-seasonal Bobbing


Turn Away - LV (Hyperdub)
Meltdown - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
We Could Be Ikons - Ikonika (Planet Mu)
Level 9 - Mala (Hyperdub)
Pretension/Repulsion (Four Tet Rmx) - Manic Street Preachers (Sony BMG)
Couchi Dub (Wascal Refix) - Niney The Observer
Hill And Gully Dub - Niney The Observer & Soul Syndicate (Jamaican)
Money - Alborosie
August Town - Etana
Put The Stereo On - Gappy Ranks (Peckings)
Heaven In Your Eyes - Gappy Ranks (Peckings)
Come With Me - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)
Go Go Club Instrumental - Russian
Brother Johnston's Travelling Disco Consultancy - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Dancing On Silk - Canyons (DFA)
Fail We May, Dub We Must - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
The Indian (Mock & Toof Rmx) - Pollyester (Permanent Vacation)
Enter Galactic (Love Connection Pt 1) - Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Go Round Payloa - Jahdan Blakkamoore (Gold Dust)
Payola Riddim - Matt Shadetek (Dutty Artz)
Trocitos (DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek Rmx) - La Yegros (Dutty Artz)
Horario De Verano - Sonido Del Principe
Conjoined - Demdike Stare (Demdike Stare)
Black Belt - Busy Signal (KirkleDove/Jukeboxx)
Run Weh - Mr Vegas
Sometimes In Autumn (Shackleton Rmx) - Harmonia & Eno 76 (Gronland Records)
Virginia State Epilecptic Society (Fuck Buttons Rmx) - Manic Street Preachers (Sony BMG)
Surf Solar (7" Edit) - Fuck Buttons (All Tomorrows Parties)
Fostercare - Burial (Hyperdub)
Aidy's Girl's A Computer - Dark Star (Hyperdub)
Videotape - Darkstar (Planet Mu)
Wonder Man's Flask - Take (Dublab)
Krakatoa - Architeq (Tirk)
Countryman - Kowton (Keysound)
Thriller (Extended) - Peter Pozerek
Peeled Apples (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Manic Street Preachers (Sony BMG)
4th Time Around (The Messengers Rmx) - J Period & K'naan
Foil Epee Sabre - Cougar (Counter)
Calculator - Micachu (Rough Trade)
Children Of The Sun - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Be Quiet - Jean Jaques Dexter (Dirty/Born Bad)

And a right on-song pong it was tonight. All a bit of a voyage of discovery at the moment as I learn my way around the practicalities of the mighty fine Faderfox MIDI mixer, and the ludicrous possibilities of Traktor Pro... but what a gas it all is.
More importantly the tunes are coming through thick, treacly and excess essential at the minute - I can see there will be stuff from England that I will probably never get to play on the show, maybe an opportunity for a couple of mass postings.
As for England, they got this all wrong..
The noxious odours were spreading from further south - deep in the Pacific, and their origins were considerably more musical in nature.
Hanyways, a fair chunk of writing currently on the go, so maybe I'll wang out a non-radio show post (finally!) as light relief in the next few days. To tide things over - have to run a tune from what is undoubtedly one of the mixtapes of the year. Basically.... Somalian superstar in the making - K'naan, and discerning DJ Don-ito J.Period do over a bunch of Bob Dylan, Fela Kuti and Bob Marley over 3 sessions - all exquisitely dealt to with utterly essential interludes and a proper sense of proper. For my money (and I know I'm not alone on this) it's really all about the Dylan, this is the sort of thing that could come off so very very wrong, and yet it doesn't, at least for my money.. and I'm not generally well disposed towards folk mussing with some of my favourite songs.
Enough of my yakking, you can DL the whole thing for freeee here so don't take my word for it, or do - and check it out. You can even cop the Deluxe edition which has the trio and a couple of extra tunes, all fer nix.

4th Time Around - J.Period & K'naan/Bob Dylan

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stinky Grooves 25.09.09 & some Canyon fandom

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly - Papa Keeble (Carousel)
Pretender - Matumbi (EMI)
Put The Stereo On - Gappy Ranks (Peckings)
Bring Back The Reggae - Konshens
Come Down (Instrumental) - Da Grynch (Necessary Mayhem)
Bandelero - Pinchers (Necessary Mayhem)
Tippa Pon De Mic - Tippa Irie (Necessary Mayhem)
Young Gunz - Million Stylez & Joey Fever (Necessary Mayhem)
Speed Rappin - Papa Levi (Necessary Mayhem)
Hustlin Hard - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Black Belt - Busy Signal (Jukeboxx/ Kirkle Dove)
Fat Bird Dub - Ealzee
Freedom - Moody Boyz (Studio Rockers)
Jump Up - Caper (10 Against One)
Dub4U - EVS (Studio Rockers)
Flashback - 2562 (Planet Mu)
Rusty Nails (Shackleton Rmx) - Moderat (50 Weapons)
New Crossbow - Fuck Buttons (ATP)
Janissary - Demdike Stare (Demdike Stare)
Soundtrack 2 My Life - Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Kiss The Ring - Raekwon ft Inspectah Deck & Masta Killa (Koch)
Don't Think Twice (Messengers Remix) - J.Period & K'naan
Volcano (Four Tet Rmx) - Anti-Pop Consortium (Big Dada)
H.f.g.w. (Canyons Drunken Rage ) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Yesterday The Dog - Canyons (Hole In The Sky)
Infinity Plus One (Emperor Machine Remix) - Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
Dig Up Stupid - Kelpe (DC Recordings)
Me Myself Good (Quiet village Rmx) - Ronny & Renzo (King Kung Foo)
Trocitos (DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek Rmx) - La Yegros (Dutty Artz)
Cloak & Dagger Empire (SDP Rmx) - Suckafish P
Lisa Bonet - Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program
Basic Space (Pariah Rmx) - The XX (XL)
Hatbox (Bees Rmx) - Lark (Care In The Community)
Whiskey Dub - Jahmiga (Jahtari)
Infinity Plus One (Emperor Machine Dub) - Higamos Hogamos (DC Recordings)
The General (Rmx) - Jahdan Blakkamoore ft General Steele (Dutty Artz)
Relationships Lay (Messengers Rmx) - J.Period & K'naan
Pursuit Of Happiness (Nightmare) - Kid Cudi (Universal Motown)
Le Hameau - Rob (Unsunned)

So many tunes to play, a few tales to tell but right now the consideration is getting back to match fitness and catching up on the massive Stinky Grooves/Stinky Jim/Round Trip Mars backlog so just a quick ed's oop and we'll get to some postings of the recent Englandular fever soonest.
These two oustanding Orstraylians The Canyons are playing at Cassette #9 this Saturday as part of a Modular melange type shindig and I'm predicting it's going to be well worthy of a poke around. Now signed to DFA (with a first 12" which I kept meaning to buy in UK records shops, then deciding I could get it here soon just as easy or download for cash from some suitably smart file purveyor.. so bought something that didn't apply to.. instead) it was their remixes of the indescribably excellent Perth outfit Tame Impala which really blew my circuits and had me paying attention like a freshly beaten school-lad. That delightful discovery was led to, by a standout video for 'Half Glass Full Of Wine' which I much later discovered was may by the very special pals that are Special Problems, small world and maybe I didn't check out their website regularly enough - as they pointed out.
The EP this is from is just genius, it has everything I love about worthwhile remixes that take material to another place altogether while maintaining full respect. Anyone who's produced the three tracks they have on this gets my tick, thumbprint and moody presence on the edge of the dancefloor for sure. If their 'Blue Snakes' cut for Comso Vitelli's latest I'm A Cliche comp and 'Big City Lights' on Milky Disco 2, alongside their deviant discoid 12" on their own Hole In The Sky label are anything to go on, the Cassette is a safe bet on Saturday night.
As it goes Tame Impala are ridonkulously groovy in themselves and I recommend all of their gear unreservedly, they've been recording albloom business in some shack down south from Perth apparently...... my breath is suitably baited.
Guff awaits your gaze below and as ever.. this is the ONLY time I ever reduce the sound quality of files to 192kbps because the idea is to point your paying finger at the links and score the whole kit and caboodle at a much more lascivious and frankly necessary bitrate whilest doing your bit for supporting quality artists and shops in the process....purlease.
Buy the hi-qualitative DL from the totally terrific Turntable Lab, vinyl - i no so sure, keep 'em peeled

them Canyons geezer stocking up before they come to NZ
Tame Impala..sound like they look, kinda..but better
The poster, I dont know why it's so small, its late, I blame Photobucket, I tried rejigging and reloading..just go to the gig right..
The record or digi-DL thumbnail type thangular

H.g.f.w. (Canyons Drunken Rage) - Tame Imapala (BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Back with an ultimate amount of backness - SJ on SG tonightest

Hapologies for the silence on the airwaves and blogwaves, we'll get to that. Fer right now the important thing is that Stinky Grooves will be on-air and in full effect tonight from 9..Ive just loaded 190 possible tracks into tonight's playlist on Traktor...and then there is the vinyl....oh lawd ..the vinyl!!
Don't say I didn't warn you..ring the alarm!!!