Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stinky Grooves 30.08.11 solomente

Hear What I Say - Busy Signal (Hard Music)
Roll Dat Again - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
Girl Like Me ft Raka Dun - Los Rakas (Soy Raka)
Vengo De Panama - Los Rakas (Soy Raka)
Linda Yolita (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) - Los Titanes vs Sonido Cordobestia (soundcloud)
Ride On - Ital Winston (Vital Food)
Princess Street Skank - Ital Winston (Vital Food)
Ease Up Oppressors - Tony Tuff (Niagara)
Answer The Telephone - Jah Thomas (Niagara)
Love You To Life Dub - Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Well Well Well - Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Ghost Town - Fiend (International Jones)
30 - Danny Brown (Fools Gold)
Stampeding Elephants - Paul White (One Handed Music)
Pretty Girls - Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)
Caspa And Alice - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Springs Got Next - Alphabethead (bandcamp)
Dance Of The Deadbeat - Free The Robots (Alpha Pup)
Rattlesnake - Free The Robots (Alpha Pup)
Romantic Streams (Balam Acab Rmx) - Sleep ∞ Over (Hippos In Tanks)
Juice - Lunice (Numbers)
Profits - Suren Unka (bandcamp)
Water 3 - Bitchin Bajas (Bathetic)
Expect - Balam Acab (Tri Angle)
Mangled Riddim - Walton (Hyperdub)
Ghostlines - Strangeloop (Brainfeeder)
Boys And Diamonds (Atropolis Rmx) - Rainbow Arabia (Kompakt)
Hell Dub - Grace Jones (Wall Of Sound)
Flight - Wooden Shjips (Thrill Jockey)
Solitude Is Bliss (Time & Space Machine Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Is This Power - The Field (Kompakt)
Burned Out - The Field (Kompakt)
Nobody (Scratch 22 Club Mix) - @Peace (soundcloud)

Not a word........

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stinky Grooves 23.08.11 & totally Tourettesishness


Gwane Live Life - Cecile (Creative Noize)
Too Watchy Watchy - Collie Buddz (Upsetta)
Slow Wine - Busy Signal (Dutty Rock)
Dubbing Kingston - Alborosie (BBE)
Orbit Around The Moon (Noia Cumbia Remix) - Joe Meek (soundcloud)
Juanita - Bogote
Troposphere 5000 - Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)
Silbando (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) - Los Riberenos (soundcloud)
Linda Yolita (Los Titanes vs Sonido Cordobestia) - Dengue Dengue Dengue (soundcloud)
Chinito Rulo (Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx)- Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical (soundcloud)
Do It Now - Chong X (soundcloud)
One Of Life's Pleasures - Paul White ft Danny Brown (One Handed Music)
A Weird Day - Paul White ft Homeboy Sandman (One Handed Music)
Indigo Glow (Instrumental) - Paul White (One Handed Music)
So Happy - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Let It Rain - Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)
UFO! UFO! UFO! - Alphabethead (Breakin Wreckwordz)
Everybody Loves Tourettes - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Rotten Apples - Paul White (One Handed Music)
Mark Ernestus Meets BBC - Mark Ernestus (Honest Jon's)
I See U - Lunice (Numbers)
Dickie Domecon - Faceplant (Bathetic)
The Day (Prins Thomas Rmx) - Mark E (Spectral)
San Dominico - Haunted Love (Round Trip Mars)
Motion - Balam Acab (Tri Angle)
Solitude Is Bliss (Time & Space Machine Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Black Wing - Clingtone (Clingtone)
Consciousness 1 - Bitchin Bajas (Bathetic)
Sweet Slow Baby - The Field (Kompakt)
A Woman Is A Woman - LA Vampires Meets Ital (Not Not Fun)
Sunporch (Holy Other Rmx) - Walls (Kompakt)
Tesla (Omar Souleyman Rmx) - Bjork (One Little Indian)
Vostok - Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)
Impluvium - Sun Araw (Drag City)
Water 3 - Bitchin Bajas (Bathetic)
Spider Man Dub - Errol T & The Matador (BBE)

Now that it has reached the point of errands to run after the show I may as well just even give up the pretense of writing anything more than the playlist for this blog.
Ah well...
By way of an apology, have a gander at the latest Tourettes viral vid (it's all the rage as you'll see) and even a free tune from Tiger Belly (but get onto it sharpish as it's only free til the weekend!!)
I'm out

Free tune from Tiger Belly innit

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stinky Grooves 16.08.11 & bonus AHC ruffage

A Little Love aka That's All I Want From You - Mr Vegas (Steelie & Clevie)
Hard Drugs - Busy Signal (VP)
Storm - Lukie D (VP)
Strictly Dub - Prince Jammy (Pressure Sounds)
Earth A Kill Ya (Mala Rmx) - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Dragon Stout - Lukid (Glum)
Concept - Trim (Related Music)
Raise Your Standard - Durrty Goodz (Durrty Goodz)
Radio Song - Danny Brown (Fools Gold)
Valentines For Vampires - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Daydreams - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Jealousy - Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)
UFO! UFO! UFO! - Alphabethead (Breakin Wreckwordz)
Park It Low - Lukid (Glum)
Solitude Is Bliss (The Time & Space Machine Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Our Trip To The Moon - Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)
Gambari, Signifie L'Herbe Vertes - L'Orchestre Kanaga De Mopti (Kindred Spirits)
Good Things - African Head Charge (On-U Sound)
Yukoma (Popolous Rmx) - Saroos (Alien Transistor)
Benefactress - Botany (Western Vinyl)
Motion - Balam Acab (Tri Angle)
San Dominico - Haunted Love (Round Trip Mars)
The Day (Prins Thomas Rmx) - Mark E (Spectral)
World War 3 - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Sat At The Beach - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
So Happy - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Pac Blood - Danny Brown (Fools Gold)
A Woman Is A Woman - La Vampires goes Ital (Not Not Fun)
Beat Imperial - Kelpe (Project Mooncircle)
Eninde Sonunda - Gokben (Bouzouki Joe Records)
Tamammi - Gulcan Opel (Bouzouki Joe Records)
Troposphere 5000 - Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)
Mannenberg - The Movers (Generation Stereo)
Dickie Domecon - Faceplant (Bathetic)
Streetwise - LA Vampires Goes Ital (Not Not Fun)

There is so much muchness going on right now in the RTMosphere that inevitably the worlds are spilling over and merging rather wonderfully. So this week another batch of tunes from Tiger Belly, I reckon I've premiered very track over the last few weeks which means all that remains is to unleash that beastie, light the blue touch paper and set it off! That will be happening on August 29th with an official spot of going out type recognition on the following Friday at Whammy alongside turntable torturer Alphabethead and Breakin Wreck' geezer Jay Roacher, more on that next week...will be large.
But really that's only part of the story because tonight we also got to smash the bottle of slightly suspect champagne against the keel and officially wet the rudder of the upcoming Haunted Love album 'Spirit Revival'.... talk about blessed. 'San Dominico' is just one facet of a album that is so untypically RTM ...well it's typically RTM, as someone said.. Respect The Unexpected (and get ready for your respectin's on September 19th)
Loads more tonight, two songs using ESG's UFO, that always aaaaaaa-ite by me, lots of moody biz of a discerning nature and another slice of Melbournian cumbionic flavours from our muckers the Cumbia Cosmonauts. Would love to fling you a track from that but actually would far rather that you followed the link (in the playlist above) and headed off to bandcamp and showed 'em a little of your love in a monetary style & fashion.

This weeks tune is an uncovered gem from the On-U Sound back cat, up lo qual for a week only. This track is a bonus on Off The Beaten Track, one of several African Head Charge albums that could only be considered as thoroughly essential in my book. My memories of AHC are somewhat delightfully tainted by the time we got Bonjo up for, I believe it was a guest spot on Tranquility Bass, back in the days (daze?) when bFM was a considerably more liberal joint....if you know what I mean. Mr Head Charge so enjoyed the liberal joint(s) he rendered himself unable to speak. Lovely bloke but frankly, like many overseas guests before and after him, his eyes were bigger than his lungs and his Rizzlas were writing cheques his faculties couldn't cash. Bless!


and this just in #2 in the videos running up to Tourettes Tiger Belly release.... check it

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Call To Arms - Your Help Is Needed Now

Below is a list of the labels who have been affected, many of them possibly terminally, by the fire which has completely destroyed the Sony DADC warhouse in Enfield as a result of the riots in the UK. As a bloke who runs an independent record label himself, I don't really feel I have the words to describe how utterly fucking terrible this is... it's beyond words, and it's not exactly like it's been easy going for anyone trying to run an indie in recent times anyways.
The Quietus (where I pinched this list from) has an excellent article that goes deeper and has some specific positive suggestions as to what YOU can do to help. They've done it better and I'm not going to crib anymore but please - if you give the slightest damn about quality music, musicians and the people who help bring it to your ears - if you want to continue to have the chance to make a difference and allow others to .. then dig in your pockets and buy something, hell somethings from the labels below, digitally NOW.
You can buy physical product too, that will help as well, but right now that's a finite supply; there aren't enough pressing plants to begin to make up what has been lost in the right now, and as anyone from Christchurch will likely attest, waiting for insurance to come through is a b*tch and there's no guarantees. Many of these labels probably won't make it, all of them are under the heaviest of heavy manners, this situation is unimaginably fucked up. Please I urge you to spare a few coins, go without something you don't really need anyway, and help a brother out - you're going to end up with some wicked music and you'll be helping to continue quality gear to be made and released. If you want to go the extra mile then do it from somewhere like Boomkat or any of the labels that sell direct, indie shops are going to feel the pain too and there's really no need to put any more pingers in Mr Jobs already overstuffed poche (but that's cool too if you gotta).

[PIAS] Recordings, [PIAS] Recordings Belgium, 4AD, A Camp, Absynthe Minded, Accidental, AEI Music, Air Recordings, ALC Music, Alsation, Ambush Reality, Ancient & Modern, Angular Recording Corporation, Arcady Records, Ark Recordings, Asthmatic Kitty Records, Atlantic Jaxx Recordings, Bad Magic, Balling The Jack, Banquet Records, Battered Ornaments Records, Beggars Banquet, Best Before, Big Brother, Big Dada, Bird Records, blackmaps, Bloody Chamber, Blowout Music, Blue Chopsticks, Border Community, Borstal Beats, Boysnoize Records, BPM, Brainfeeder, Brassland, Bright Star Recordings, Brille, Broken Sound Music, Bronzerat, Brothers and Sisters, Brownswood Recordings, Buzzin' Fly, Cache Cache, Cadenza Records, Celluloid Records, Chalkmark / IE, Chemikal Underground Records, Cocoon, Control Tower, Counter Records, Dance To The Radio, Dead Oceans, Deceptive, Defenders Ent UK, DESOLAT, Dessous, Different, Dirtee Stank, Divine Comedy Records, Domino Records, Double Six Records, Drag City, Dreambrother, Drive Thru Records, Drowned In Sound, Dummy Records, Duophonic, Eat Sleep Records, Fabric Worldwide, Fake Diamonds, FantasyTrashcan, Fatcat Records, Fence, Feraltone, Finders Keepers Records, Flock Music, Flying Circus, Freerange Records, Friends Vs Records, Full Pupp, Full Time Hobby, Gang Of Four Recordings, Geographic, Ghost Ship, Glaze Recordings, Groenland Records, G-Unit, Hardly Art, Hassle Records, Helpless, Hem Hem Records, HFN Music, Immune, Independiente, Infant, Infectious, Jagjaguwar, Kartel, Kitchenware, Kitsune, KMS Records / Fabric, Laughing Stock, Lex Records, Lipservice, Little Sister Recordings, LO-MAX Records, Loose Music, Lovepump United, Low life Records, Lucky Number Music, Lucky Seven Records, Mantra, Matador, Memphis Industries, Merok, Metric Music International, Metroline Limited, Model Citizen, Moikai, Motion Audio, MyMajorLabel Ltd, Nation, Ninja Tune, No Quarter, NovaMute, Nusic Sounds, One Four Seven Records Ltd, One Little Indian, Organs, Outcaste, OVNI, P.I.L., Peartree Records, PeMa, People In The Sky, People Tree, Pirates Blend Records Inc, Planet Function, Play It Again Sam, Playlouder, Poker Flat, Polyvinyl Records, Poseidon Records, Post Present, Pschent, Raw Canvas, Red Cord Records, REK'D, Rekids, Rekords Rekords, Renaissance, Reveal Records, Riverman Records, Rock Action Records, Roots Records, Rough Trade Records, Rubyworks, Sea Note, Search and Destroy, Secretly Canadian, Setanta, Shape, SideOneDummy Records, Silva Screen, Slam Dunk Records, Smekkleysa, Soma, Sonic Cathedral, Soul Jazz Records, South Paw, Southern Fried Records, Stereo Bang Media, Stolen Recordings, Stranger Records, Streamline, Sub Pop, Suicide Squeeze, Sunday Best, Thrill Jockey, Tirk, Too Pure, Torque Records, Touch & Go Records, Transmission Recordings, Tri Tone, Trouble Records, True Panther, Try Harder, Turnstile, Twisted Nerve Recordings, Universal Sound, Victory Records, Wagram, Wall of Sound, WARP, Watergate, We Love You, Wiiija, Willkommen Records Ltd, Wonderfulsound, XL, Xtra Mile Recordings, Yaala Yaala, Young Turks

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stinky Grooves 09.08.11 & some rogered Ranil

Class of 69 & Dub - Carlton Livingston (Tad's)
Teaching - Barry Brown (Tad's)
Hammer (Extended) - Peter Tosh (Columbia)
Border - Duane Stephenson (VP)
Hard Drugs - Busy Signal (VP)
Hard Drugs - Dean Frazer (VP)
Our Journey To The Moon - Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)
Sonido Amazonico (Self Evident Chop & Screw) - DJ Jus (soundcloud)
Comida, Ron y Muje - Pedro Ramaya Beltran (Tropical Bass)
Chinito Rulo ( Dengue Dengue Dengue Rmx) - Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical (soundcloud)
Vostok- Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)
Troposphere 5000 - Cumbia Cosmonauts (bandcamp)
Born Blessed - Durrty Goodz (Durrty Goodz)
Childhood - Durrty Goodz (Durrty Goodz)
Concept - Trim (Related Music)
Jealousy - Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)
Drug Problem - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Everybody Loves Tourettes - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Dna(SpliceMix) 2 - Shafiq (All City)
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - Nina Simone (RCA)
Crystalline (Omar Souleyman Rmx) - Bjork (One Little Indian)
Tesla (Omar Souleyman Rmx) - Bjork (One Little Indian)
Goodbye Girl (Kuedo Rmx) - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Pinheiro -LDFD (Magical Properties)
Caspa And Alice - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Godot - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Maden Dagi - Afet Serenay (Bouzouki Joe Records)
Bari Bari - Gulcan Opel (Bouzouki Joe Records)
Syncopy - Beastie Respond (Teal)
Syncopy (Blawans Trechter Mechanica) - Beastie Respond (Teal)
Soul To Soul - Rod Taylor (Tad's)
Whip Them - Ranking Barnabas (Tad's)
Let The Wicked Repent - Max Romeo (Prophet)
Repent Version - Max Romeo (Prophet)
Mangled Riddim - Walton (Hyperdub)
808 Vybzin - Walton (Hyperdub)

Man what a joy it has been having the music enthused positive powers of Snr CheeseOnToast warming up the airwaves prior to Stinky Grooves, it's like a breath of fresh air and I can't help thinking it's reflected in my three hours of relentless renkification. Lots to tell this week but really it's best done in the way of vids, pictures and embedded embers.

So to begin with you may have noticed a whole heap of Tourettes tracks over the last week or two. Reason being the next Round Trip Mars release is Tiger Belly by aforementioned potty mouther. It's a blinder and it shall be heralded with a few vids, viral? you say... positively inspiral say I, never mind the carpets ...here's the first...

And if you're feeling that then you should head on over to the Tourettes bandcamp and you can pick up that excellent track for a squiddling piddling amount, it's a better investment than any or yer stocks & shares pal...

Meanwhile we never know when to say stop, actually we never do..so videos for CD-only bonus tracks from albums a a couple of years old, yes we got them..that's us. Reject Pain was one of 5 tunes only obtainable on the CD versh of James Duncan's 'Hello-Fi' (begone digital duckers they aint yours) and now it's been immortalised, possibly even immoralized, on digi-film by Joe Fish. Feast yer luvvelys on the below, check you on the other side.

James is always a busy bwoy and he's just dropped the Punches album Etheria featuring him and Kelley Sherrod making beautiful and sometimes slightly sinister music together, on Arch Hill. Go hither and buy several, check their new vid too, it's good.

A tune you say??? Have a slice of chicha don Ranil getting a mix-up from the seemingly on perma-point Dengue Dengue Dengue... just below bro, and keep on reading.

Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical - Chinito Rulo (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Cumbiaton Refix) by Dengue Dengue Dengue!

Finally after all that you'll be needing a cup of tea and a lie down, and then after a bout of spiritual recuperation you'll probably be about ready to face the week again by... hmmm.. let's see .. say Saturday. Well then have I got news for you, The Vietnam War have kicked the metaphorical ass of the Kings Arms twice in the last month or so, too much of a good thing doesn't exist in their book, so they are back on Saturday night for another round. If you've got any sense and a pair of ears you should be too. Details below, don't delay.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Stinky Grooves 02.08.11 & the goods...the Durrty Goodz

Champion Sound (DJ Avatar Rmx) - Colin Roach & The Beatnuts (soundcloud)
Oslo Sole Solution - Copia Doble Systema & Boya (soundcloud)
Cumbiarus Dialect Trio Version - Piper St Sound (soundcloud)
Gisela (sandro Delapedro & Luisao Rmx) - El Dante (Cabeza!)
Mueve El Bote - DJ Dice (Cabeza!)
Dem Hoes - DJ Dice (Cabeza!)
Rebelion (Den5hion Rmx) - Joe Arroyo (soundcloud)
Kumbia Dembow - DJ Dice (Cabeza!)
Tesla (Omar Souleyman Rmx) - Bjork (One Little Indian)
Outtacontrol (Daedelus Rmx) - LDFD (Magical Properties)
Thunder Bay - Hudson Mohawke (Warp)
All Your Love - Hudson Mohawke (Warp)
The One - Durrty Goodz (Durrty Goodz)
Jealousy - Jay Roacher (Breakin Wreckwordz)
Inside My Head - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Tonight - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Daydreams - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Raise Your Standard - Durrty Goodz (Durrty Goodz)
Rapper - Trim (Related Music)
It's Nothing I'm Cool - Trim (Related Music)
Dna(SpliceMix) 3 - Shafiq (All City)
Dna(SpliceMix) 2 - Shafiq (All City)
내일부터 (Starting Tomorrow) - Youn Youn Sun (Rythmon)
생각납니다 (Will Think) - Youn Youn Sun (Rythmon)
Crystaline (Omar Souleyman Rmx) - Bjork (One Little Indian)
Mucho Mango - LDFD (Magical Properties)
Profits - Suren Unka (bandcamp)
Earth A Kill Ya (Mala Rmx) - King Midas Sound (Hyperdub)
Feeling Today - Botany (Western Vinyl)
Bennefactress - Botany (Western Vinyl)
Silly Thoughts (Balam Acab Rmx) - Mathieu Santos (Barsuk)
Enforced Peace - Death In Vegas (Drone)
Tilt Shift (Julio Bashmore Rmx) - Mosca (Fat City)
Mawal (Omar Souleyman Rmx) - Bjork (One Little Indian)
Ghostlines - Strangeloop (Brainfeeder)
Merlin - Suren Unka (bandcamp)
Caspa And Alice - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)
Ain't No Sunshine - Stone Coal White (Cali-Tex)
Yeah Yeah - Blackrock (Select Hits)
Wheezin' - York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six (Now Again)
Top Secret - Winston Wright (Techniques)
A Happy Dub - Upsetters (Black Rose)
K.G.'s Halfway Tree Dub - Augustus Pablo & The Simplicity People (Sanctuary)
Mr Bojangles - Frankie Zhivago (Superfly)
Drive Her Home - U Roy (Virgin)
Rainy Night In Portland - Watty Burnett (Black Ark)

Once again I'm flinging up the white flag and confessing that I'm plum tuckered and most definitely not up to even a semi-decent bit of postology. It's a shame because tonight's was another ripper, which frankly is a bit against the odds on a week when sleep has been relegated down the priority list, we've chucked a storming debut from She's So Rad out on the label and I've had to resign my booty to civic duty with a spot of jury service.
So the essential facts of the week are .....
SHE'S SO RAD release shindig for the excellent IN CIRCLES album (get it now.... seriously...or then) at WHAMMY on FRIDAY 5th with support from THE VIETNAM WAR, Dictaphone Blues & Roundboy 80. It's only a tenner, that's like generosity on a stick..see you there.

Also take note The Vietnam War will be playing down at the Tank Farm at the bottom of town at 1pm on Saturday. They've been on fire of late, 4 piece/5 piece...it makes no odds, they ripped the Kings Arms up (again) with a very different crowd on Sunday...notice is served and all that..its free!!!

I'll be whafting the shite fantastique at the Ginger Minx for Aromatherapy on Thursday, 8.30 on you know the score......
Here have a track from Durrty Goodz new mixtape/album thing, it IS a mixed bag to be brutally frank, but the good gear is the goodz for real, and all it takes is an email address (and between you and me it can be any old made up address) and the link is just upstairs in the playlist.