Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stinky Grooves 28.06.11 & some wanton Wilmothing

Roll Dat Again - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
Deadly Whine - Timeka Marshall (Kirkledove)
Handle This - Baby Tash (Kirkledove)
Morning A Come - Konshens (Kirkledove)
Man Down - Ri Ri Remix - Rihanna & Wayne Marshall
Street Sweeper - Steely & Clevie (Soul Jazz)
Brandy - John Holt (Gorgon)
Time Is The Master - John Holt (Moodisc)
Righteous Land - Aleas Jube (Pressure Sounds)
I've Got The Dub - George Faith & The Upsetters (Pressure Sounds)
Tenement Yard Version - Inner Circle/Fatmna Riddim Section (E-E-Saw)
Capsize - Dels ft Roots Manuva & Joe Goddard (Big Dada)
Moonshining - Dels (Big Dada)
Chasing The Sun - J-Rocc (Stones Throw)
Mystery Track 06 - J-Rocc (Stones Throw)
Doogoo Dub - Ricky Ranking & Roots Manuva (Soul Jazz)
Watch Me Dance (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Toddla T (Ninja Tune)
Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Locussolus (International Feel)
Wish The Same - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Love Is Nothing - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Murder Song - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
El Botellon (The Jug) - Grupo Naidy (Smithsonian Folkways)
Black But Sweet - Wilmoth Houdini (Essay)
Pluto - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Choice Cuts)
Wash Your Hands - Roaring Lion (Ice)
Bamsee Lambay - Roaring Lion (Ice)
Addis Ababa - Zafari (Truth & Soul)
At The Edge Of The World - Funki Porcini (Ninja Tune)
Le Train Fantome - Jonny Trunk (Ghost Box)
I Want You (Pepepe Rmx) - Joe From Wisconsin (soundcloud)
Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (George Vert Rmx) - The Jellies (Trunk)
Motivation - Sonora (soundcloud)
Scars (Sonic Boom Rmx) - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Fallout (Sonic Boom Rmx) - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Iceblock - She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Format - She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Gorilla - Clams Casino (TriAngle)
Rise Up - Hype Williams (Hyperdub)
Trample - Inga Copleand
Fourtrax - She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Restless - She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Yr Love - Holy Other (TriAngle)

Words are over-rated, lets make this an almost instrumental post.
Below is Wilmoth Houdini's calypso classic that has inspired so many great versions (most notably Sabres Of Paradise and Shantel) and it's entirely great without any versioneering... it's lo-qual, only up for a week, and you're a bad egg if you don't go and buy the album it's from, like this


But wait there's more..no really. On Saturday night I shall be spinning tunes with this fine selection of spinnery geezers (see below) at the Khuja Lounge. It has been a veritable age since I wafted my sounds around that locale, and apparently I shall be doing so at the relatively sober hour of 11 till 12. A mere fiver for a cornucopia of DJ talent (and me), at that price you'd be an ass not to come along....
Failing that there's always the old Aromatherapy on Thursday night. Last weeks soundsystem mis-haps beforehand, resulted in a couple of stonking great speakers to play through ... and in all honesty I wasn't complaining. Neither were the punters and it was past 12 before I could get out... all in all top notch. Who knows what the haps will be this week (hopefully not mis) but they've all been goodun's of late and it would be beyond delightful to see you there.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stinky Grooves 21.06.11 & a ghoullish groove

Tonight's show is going out to Rick...kia kaha

Gal Nuh Worry - Baby Cham (No Rush)
Woman A Trail Me - Bounty Killer (No Rush)
Entertainer - Delly Ranx (No Rush)
Model Mi Gal - Jiggsy King (No Rush)
Informa - Tifa (DJ Frass)
Cruise & Go Round Dem - Assassin (DJ Frass)
Hotta Clappz - DJ Frass(DJ Frass)
Below The Waist - Saadi (Dither Down)
Boom Skeng - G Whizz (Fiwi Music)
Could A Runaway - Gappy Ranks & Delly Ranx (Hot Coffee/VP)
Last Night - Mr Williamz (Necessary Mayhem)
Feel Alright - Skarra Mucci (Weedy G)
Badman Place (Coki Rmx) - Busy Signal ft Movado (Greensleeves)
Concrete Jungle Yardman Riddim - Ballistiq Beats (Blackdown)
Yardman Riddim - Ballitiq Beats (Blackdown)
Bad Man Forward, Badman Pull Up (The Bug Remix) - Ding Dong (Greensleeves)
Bad Man Forward, Badman Pull Up (The Bug Dub Remix) - Ding Dong (Greensleeves)
Throwdown (Harvey Dub) - Locossolus (International Feel)
Farthing Wood Dub - Hype Williams (Hyperdub)
Oh Why - BALAM ACAB (Tri Angle)
Know Where - Holy Other (Tri Angle)
Bleeper - Ghost (Galaxie Junktion)
Sometimes - Samiyam (Brainfeeder)
yyy (Pepepe Rmx) - Lost Mapaches (soundcloud)
Cumbia In Da Ghetto (el Arquitetco) El Meneito Mix - Vetiver Bong (bandcamp)
No Mas Huaska - Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia (soundcloud)
La Ultima Noche - Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia (soundcloud)
Jive Baby On A Saturday Night (Georges Vert Rmx) - The Jellies (Trunk)
Gunship (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Locossolus (International Feel)
Flair - Cuticle (100% Silk)
Fucking Eat Your Face - Xander Harris (Not Not Fun)
Enganami (Broke Remix) - Fredi Michel (Comeme)
Ready Set Loop - SBTRKT (Young Turks)
So Long - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Children - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Georgie's Song - She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Scars (Sonic Boom Rmx) - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Run Around (Cave "Organ Desert Mix") - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Green Pools - Pond (Badminton Bandit)
Making Out - Psychedelic Horseshit (Fat Cat)
Quantum Leap - John Maus (Ribbon)
Fraudian Slip ft Kastro (Uproot Andy Rmx) - AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire (Ghetto Bassquake)
Little Boots (Ft Emperor Machine Full Length) - Locossolus (International Feel)
High Window - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Monster Song - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
Two For One - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)

Gordon Bennet, I truly must be turning into a decrepit old geezer because just doing the show has me plum tuckered tonight... so much good music there's really no need for me to wibble on.
Been meaning to play this new Ghost track and big this comp up for a minute now, it comes from the Galaxie Junktion collection put together by the muy simpatico compardres at Digital Diggers ... what more can I say, follow the link and get to it...

Irresistible ... and no, I don't know what's going on with all this posting of late either

I believe in general there are a lot better things to do in life (and I have lists) than watching giggle fodder on them youtubes... but I indefensibly love this!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Locosollus - out this week and eminently desirable...

Gettin' Next to DJ Harvey from chris cruse on Vimeo.

The term DJ legend is bandied about far too much, in fact the moment I hear it the old bullshit detector (you know the one, it's back in the garage) starts up something fierce. This geezer deserves the term and plenty more. I particularly enjoyed it around 2 minutes in when he identifies one of the worst crimes against DJing in a very succinct and direct manner, there's some quality instrument tackle pon display too.
The filmitito is in celebration of Harvey's just released Locosollus album which I took receipt of today and can hugely, even highly, recommend. To give you an idea of the quality it has three remixes amongst its ten tracks, now usually that's a sure sign of space filling and slackness... but when you can call upon Andrew Weatherall, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas and Emperor Machine (who dispense a 20 minute excellentine epic) - well .. different story. You can guarantee there'll be a tune or three from it on next week's Stinky Grooves but if you want to avoid the pre-amble... then the album is available from Juno right here digitally or on CD. Amongst the albums of the year in my humble, and that's not said lightly...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stinky Grooves 14.06.11 avec un soupcon de JStar as a return gifty type thing

Bye Bye - Busy Signal
Bye Bye (Sabbo Rmx) - Busy Signal (soundcloud)
Jah Army (Ft Damian Marley & Biggie) - Stephen Marley (Ghetto Youths International)
Knocking On My Door - Chris Ellis & Gappy Ranks (Ghetto Youths International)
It Haffi Go Suh - Pressure (Ghetto Youths International)
Dead Mans Shoes - Dead Prez (Ghetto Youths International)
Look Both Ways - Jah Cure (Ghetto Youths International)
Take A Wif - Ward 21(Ghetto Youths International)
Ghetto State Of Mind - Assassin, Bounty Killer & Half Pint (Maximum Sound)
Life - Busy Signal
Stick To The Girls (Remix) - Busy Signal ft D Major (Aston Martin Music)
Welcome The Outlaw - Vybz Kartel
One Life Dub - J*Star (soundcloud)
Swagg Tun Up (Edit) - Busy Signal (Birchill)
Dismiss (Hey Boy) - Tifa (Birchill)
Ready When Yuh Ready - Jordanne Prentice (Birchill)
Shout It Out Loud - Vybz Kartel (Cashflow)
White Liver Instrumental - Cashflow Crew (Cashflow)
Coach Riddim Instrumental - Free Willy Crew (Free Willy)
Nuh Program - New Kidz (Free Willy)
Money Women Want - Shabba Ranks (Free Willy)
La Vietnamita Rfx - TJF Sound - Mykol Orthodox (soundcloud)
Cumbia De La Cantina (Andres Digital Cumbia Mash) - Cocoa Tea, Shaggy, Joey Ramone etc (soundcloud)
Kes Ei Tantsi On Politsei (Los Reyes De La Milanga Rmx) - El Mayonessa (soundcloud)
Caliente - Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia (soundcloud)
La 3ra del Borracho - Damas Gratis
El Baile Official Karamelo Santo (DJ Karim & El Hijo De La Cumbia Rmx) - Damas Gratis (soundcloud)
Que Bonito Amor - Doctor Stereo (Names You Can Trust)
Hava Nagila - Solomon Schwartz et son Orchestra (Essay)
Black But Sweet - Wilmoth Houdini (Essay)
Jewish Times - Kid Zorro (LTJ)
eZoo Kwela - Abia Themba & His Rhythm (LTJ)
Starfighter - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Choice Cuts)
Champion - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Choice Cuts)
Lamento - John Talabot (Young Turks)
Trille Tot Je Doodvall!! - Anti-G (Planet Mu)
Far Nearer - Jamie xx (Numbers)
Streetlight - John Maus (Ribbon)
Cop Killer - John Maus (Ribbon)
Red Rocks Fogg - Forest Swords (No Pain In Pop)
Trust Your Blood - Forest Swords (No Pain In Pop)
Four Trax - She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Restless- She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
Format - She's So Rad (Round Trip Mars)
False Fortress (E*Rock Rmx) - Moon Duo (Sacred Bones)
Making Out - Psychedelic Horseshit (Fat Cat)
Sometimes - Samiyam (Brainfeeder)
Bricks - Samiyam (Brainfeeder)
Monster Song - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
High Window - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
So Long - The Vietnam War (Round Trip Mars)
How Lucky You Are - Delaney Davidson (Awesome Feeling 5)
Dirt - WU LYF (L Y F)
Amsterdam Remnant 2 - Deepchord (Soma)
Farthing Wood Dub - Hype Williams (Hyperdub)
Rise Up - Hype Williams (Hyperdub)
Thru The Tulips - J Rocc (Stones Throw)
Malcolm Was Here (Pts 1 & 2) - J Rocc (Stones Throw)

Before anything else the largest props and thanks have to go out to Gin and Pat for holding it down while I was gallivanting off on the familial tip, I don't have to know what they played to know that you were in safe hands and well looked after.
Was a time when I'd come back from one of them UK trips blessed with the armoury of a small record store, in fact there were a few times where large boxes had to be sent back beforehand as there was no way the airlines were going to put up with that excessive weightage. Now all that has changed. Thankfully there was at least a rather scrumptious Jamie xx and GSH (RIP) box set this time but in the age of files...my hard drive weighs a ton!
Even if the time has been freed up from skulking around record stores and coming out just the right shade of pastie, there has still been a delightful logjam of tunes, and tonight didn't begin to do justice to a whole load of gear that has barely got past the initial listening stages thus far. However good all that is.. and it is.. it simply cannot compare to the Round Trip Mars goodness that is imminent and brewing like crazy. Next out of the barrel is The Vietnam War album which will be dropping on July 4th and it was hard to just restrict myself to 3 tracks this evening, it's frighteningly good. Snapping at its' heels is She's So Rad who are In Circles and awaiting landing permission on August 1st - be prepared to get your shoeglaze on... but wait there's more.. well there is but you will have to wait on news of that, after all I wouldn't want to be responsible for frying your circuits!
Below is a little gem-lette from Mr JStar, there's a version with Roots Manuva atop it also to be found on his soundcloud but as usual .. the version wins the day for me. The album pictured below of NZ suundz was compiled by JStar and his mucker and amongst other things it's the only CD locale for our Unitone HiFi cut 'Up To Eleven'.. so check it.
Back on the virtual decks at the Ginger Minx this week, Aromatherpising from 8.30-11.30, would be lovely to see the Aucklandites amongst you....

One Life Riddim FREE DOWNLOAD by Jstar

Friday, June 10, 2011

Back of the backest and weekenderation on all fronts

has been 3 weeks in the old country with familial fun and much kecthup of other good folks but back we is, and there's plenty on the platter.

Tonight Auckland's ARC are celebrating 3 years of late night shenanigans and it also serves as the (finally) album release gig-lette of Scratch 22's 'Distance From View'- the album that put the smoulder into slow burn. It's all going on at the wonderful Basement Theatre and Rodi will be doing his audio-visual fandangulation around 10.30ish/11 at latest. The line-up is well tight and ARC events are notoriously over-subscribed and popular so if you want to check heem (and having had a little preview last night I suggest you do)..get in early. Find out more at ARC's facebook and see you there.

Tomorrow night The Vietnam War are playing their last Auckland(-ish) assignation at the Leigh Sawmill alongside Smoking Daggers, before their album release which we'll be announcing up here real soon. The album is dropping on July 4th and it is going to blow minds...big time. Best record I've heard this year, with no disrespect to any others... you have been duly warned! This will be the last chance to see TVW before one and all are unmistakably made aware of their brilliance, what a hopportunity... once again, see you there and mine's a pint if I'm not driving.

Sunday sees a fundraiser for our good friends at Hum in Grafton (just over the bridge if you will). Don't know about it?? Well you will soon and this is a great chance to find out, full line-up of largeness including the Rt Hon Scratch 22 and yours truly, let's hope the weather picks up. Flyer below... I'll be spinning outside from 7-9pm and am looking forward to it like a candy encrusted kid on Xmas Eve..

Back to normal service on Stinky Grooves next week, big thanks to Pat and Gin for manning the fort.

Where's my rocket?