Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stinky Grooves 28.12.10 & above the table & un-indexed Footsie

Jah Army - Stephen Marley ft Damian Marley & Buju Banton
Just Aint The Same - Damian 'Junior Gong' Marley (Yard Vybz)
Jump Inna D Benz - Vybz Kartel
Good Under Deh - Mr Lexx aka Rockstar (Hot Coffee)
Gucci Store - Mr Lexx (Massive B)
Can't Tek Selassie - Major Mackerel (Massive B)
Baby - Vybz Kartel (Massive B)
Da Eagle Riddim - Massive B (Massive B)
Versjon Wolfenstein - Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
Visual Pollution - Clanky B Tuffins (Round Trip Mars)
Amatuer (Soap & Water Edit) - Unitone HiFi ft Coco Solid (Round Trip Mars)
Cuss Cuss (Footsie Dub) - Footsie (Rastaman Pickney Free EP)
Hold On - Footsie (Rastaman Pickney Free EP)
Restructure 2 Rebuild - Digital Mystikz/Moritz Von Oswald (Honest Jon's)
Simply Beautiful - Al Green vs George Lenton (soundcloud)
Sideshow Viewing - Mycroft Holmes (Round Trip Mars)
Kick In The Kikuchi (J-Boogie Edit) - Greenwood Rhythm Coalition vs Biggie (soundcloud)
Cumbia Kitty (J-Boogie Arepa Edit) - Miramar E-40 (soundcloud)
International Sonideros Anthem (Sonoras Pibe Chorro Blend) - UGK (soundcloud)
Benefit (Scratch 22 Club Mix) - Home Brew
Bille Jean Riddim (Hip Hop Mix) - Irie Ites (Irie Ites)
Furu - Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
Silbando (GRC Rmx) - Los Riberenos (Barbes)
Suave Drink Down (J-Boogie Rmx) - Mr V meets Elvis Crespo (soundcloud)
Nitten Niti - Bjorn Torske (Smalltown Supersound)
Bobby In Phoenix - Gorillaz (EMI)
Aspen Forest - Gorillaz (EMI)
Angels - jj (Sincerely Yours)
New Work - jj (Sincerely Yours)
Skylurking - Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Theres A Hand/Forcefields Of Love - Lonely God (Round Trip Mars)
So Unreal - LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals (Not Not Fun)
I Go To Sleep - Anika (Stones Throw)
Masters Of War (Dub) - Anika (Stones Throw)
American Dreamer - Maxxi & Zeus (International Feel)
To Care (Like You) - James Blake (Universal)
Tang Ngarn Si Nong - Dao Bandon (Soundway)
Me Jom Ka Lon - Dao Bandon (Soundway)
Naffosah - Sami Rageb (Mer)
Liquidator - Leslie Butler (Harry J)
Legalising - Dennis Alcapone (Chalwa)
Calling 1,000 Dreadlocks - Dennis Alcapone (Chalwa)
Six Million Dollar Rock - Skin, Flesh & Bones (Chalwa)
Boxing - Al Campbell (Starlight)

Seasonal greetings/beatings etc etc ......

The days of the pre-Xmas groove glut followed by the New Year negativity for new sounds are long gone, it was only a few years ago that we'd be digging out the best of the year and what have you around these times.

Instead, these days you can't move for fresh, out of the pantry quality gear, much of it legitimately free, plenty more payable for and worthy of every penny. Leading the free charge is of course our own Invaderism which is now available in super high quality from the Round Trip Mars bandcamp.... and it's still free. Same goes for soundcloud where all the Invaderism tracks are up in a natty set and the back cat gems we drew your attention to through December will be downloadable until New Year's day, and then after streaming only. We've had some massive support with Invaderism - on the blog tip Dub Dot Dash, MTC, Digital Diggers and Nerdy Frames all came to the party and then some (know there was more but ... y'know), while Amplifier, Under The Radar, Cheese On Toast etc etc also lent a helping hand (and I'm not going to start linking to radio stations otherwise I'll never get to sleep but b-Nets, Emma and RNZ, Public Address Radio - all large), so much appreciated homeses.

A goodly dose of other quality music on the free tip about for the eagle eyed punters, below I'm alerting you to Footsie's EP 'Rastaman Pickney' which is reggaematical business of an exceptional and grimy nature but also check out jj's new mix CD which is available from Sincerely Yours and solidifies their position in my guilty pleasures Dept.

Sonora's Remezclas Remix album has some SG gems on there, and can be found by scraping around the internet, as can George Lenton's 'Midnight EP' (we played his sensitively done Al Green rub tonight) another free scorcher. Then there's all them soundcloud links, I swear I'm giving away the keys to the kingdom and secret weapons left, right and centre... get busy.

As mentioned, here's a cut from the Rastaman Pickney EP by Newham General's ,Footsie. You can grab the whole thing for free from here, or the Newham Generals site, so treat this as a heartical hors d'oeuvres...or suchlike. It's a tuff lick of 'Cuss Cuss'...you won't be arguing.


Also below is last week's playlist kindly supplied by Pat of Dubhead, and it looks like he did a grand job of standing in. Taken me a while to get this up, with Xmas and everything, but I shall be returning the favour, and the flavour, on the Rhythm Selection in a little under 2 weeks on the 10th of Jan...can't wait!

Stinky Grooves playlist 21.12.10 guest selector Dubhead

Concentration Version 3 - The Crystalites (Move & Groove)
Gunga Din Dub - Rico Rodriguez (Ghetto Rockers)
There Is No Dub - Abyssinians (Clinch)
Carpentry - DEB Players (DEB Music)
Don't Call Me Scarface - DJ Platurn (Bstrd Boots)
Hot Witness - DJ Catalist (Bstrd Boots)
Butterflies - Gappy Ranks (Jazzwad)
Hunt Me Down - Tasonia (Jazzwad)
How Better Ah Go Come - Junior Kelly (Impact)
Crucial Times - Sizzla (VP)
Footstool - Luciano (Maximum Sound)
Where You Belong - Gyptian (VP)
Skull In A Belly - Demarco (Juke Boxx)
Suppose - Kiprich (Juke Boxx)
Man Yuh Nah Deal Wid Love - Elephant Man (Juke Boxx)
Blessing - Capleton (VP)
Walk With Jah - Chezidek (Jahsolidrock)
No Money - Romain Virgo (VP)
World Crisis - Don Carlos & Million Stylez (Ink A Link)
Put The Stereo On - Gappy Ranks (Peckings)
Ethnic Cleansing - Yami Bolo (Maximum Sound)
Blaze It - Burro Banton & Tony Curtis (Greenyard)
Dub Foundation - Dougie Conscious ft The Congos (Black Redemption)
Kingston Tower - Lee Scratch Perry & Adrian Sherwood (On-U Sound)
Kingdom Of Zion - Alborosie (Greensleeves)
Peace Of Mind - Dub Pistols ft Rodney P & Red Star Lion (Sunday Best)
Big Tings Redone - Roots Manuva meets Wrongtom ft Seanie T (Big Dada)
Highest Grade - Elephant Wise ft Deadly Hunta (Das Vibes)
Reggae Testamon Remix - Unity Pacific meets Rajiv Agarwal (A Moving Production)
Come To Me (International Observer Remix) - The Black Seeds (theblackseeds.com)
Fyah Bed (Dub Terminator Remix) - Reality Chant ft Natty King (Reality Chant)
These Words These Sounds These Powers (J-Star's Concrete Breakout Mix) - Sola Rosa ft Spikey Tee (Way Up)
Sing It To Me (Optimus Gryme's Bone Crusher Remix) - Knights Of The Dub Table (Flax Roots)
Call Me - Dub Terminator ft Melloquence (dubterminator.com)
Wellington - Jinetero MC (myspace/jineteromc)
Acker - Mr Hayday (mrhayday.com)
Nothing To See Here - Phelps & Munro (Round Trip Mars)
Chilli Moules - Eru Dangerspiel (Red Bull Studios)
Dub Father - T-Woc (All City)
Favourite Cup (Extended Version) - Juju ft Don Carlos (Narco Hz)
Scream - Mungo's Hi-Fi ft YT (Scotch Bonnet)
Business Lock Remix - Luciano (Fogata Sounds)
Fuss 'n' Fight - Oogun (WAR)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

GO-FARKIN-RILLAZ gig review, 2nd of the year, it's catching on.

Sadly no pictures for this as I would have needed a telephoto lens from where we were seated, but this was definitely one of those 'you had to be there' nights, and a picture won't do that justice (though when the inevitable DVD appears that would be a very distant next best thing).

The fandangle was kicked off admirably with Little Dragon, who acquitted themselves well in the thankless 'opening/folks shuffling in' slot. With their bass, drums, keys and vox, lithe line-up there's no doubt that they would be absolute fire to see in a club scenario doing a full length set, and I can only hope that happens down here and soon. As I've also found with their records its kind of a 50/50 affair for me, the first two tracks were well solid, finishing with Twice was inspired, but the middle.. didn't move me so much. Love the fact that they weren't afraid to let the tunes work up an instrumental head of steam, and every one of their songs had something to love about it at some point. Good band and an ideal choice for the tricky kick-off. (This is why I never write live reviews, I'm starting to feel like I'm a judge on some loathsome TV talent-less contest... anyways.. moving along).

We booked for De La Soul - seen them too many times, not a favourite live act for me (no my hands are not going in the air, and I do not identify with everyone on my side of the cavernous venue) and besides stomachs was rumbling, and Love A Duck was calling.

Returning a little sweeter and sourer, we had just enough time to stand in a needlessly long queue to be served a rip-off bottle of water before it was time for the Gorillastravaganza.

You can find the songs they played and various bits of misinformation (a melodica is NOT a harmonica, not even a very big Gorillaz sized harmonica) elsewhere, but in the broadest terms this was the proverbial, and downright metaphorical, bomb. With Jamie Hewlett on board, and the whole virtual band conceit now sitting in a comfortable position, there's no surprise that the visuals were beyond top notch. Mind you, when you've got Rear Admiral Snoop Dogg welcoming one and all from the get-go on the big screen, and brandishing a telescope to boot...you know this isn't messing about. I'd probably go as far as to say that was the best visual accompaniment I've ever witnessed at a 'big gig', and it was a real juggle between getting caught up in the animation, WWII fighter footage and (genuinely amusing and successful) visi-interludes, and the on-stage palaveration.

The players were outstanding from the 7 piece femme strings section at the back, and sporadic synchronised stage invasions from the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, through to the dynamite double drummers and a raft of keyboard and elsewhere geezers and geezettes. Then there was Mick Jones mincing (in the best possible way) around the stage, and looking like he was having the time of his life, and Paul Simonon vamping with the bass like his very existence depended on it. It's been ... ahem 28 years and change, since I've seen those two gents together on stage, and I never expected to again. Really that would have been enough to do it for me, without the Clash there would be no Stinky Jim (or not as we know it), and Albarn gets my undying respect for doffing the cap back to those times in a genuinely sincere and un-cloying way. Maybe I've got my idealistic Clash goggles on from back in the day, but it really felt like Jones and Simonon were on stage for the right reasons, not some celebrity bullshit - their enjoyment was palpable and the whole way that the star studded nature of the show was dealt with (we'll get to the hugging in a minute) was genuine and humble.

Which brings us to Damon Albarn, the obvious thing would be to say ringleader of the circus or whatever, but that's lazy wank and doesn't do justice to a show that dealt knowingly with, and to, cliches. Even from our seats at the back where binoculars would have been handy, Albarn's personality, and boundless enthusiasm for this bizarre project, that has finally become wilder than even he could have hoped or dreamed, was obvious. As his career goes on, he just becomes more and more of a class act, in every sense.

It was similarly blindingly obvious how much passion has gone into the Gorillaz and putting this show/tour together, and there was a fair deal of emotion, with this being the last night of the tour, and almost undoubtedly the last time all of these people can be bought on one stage in one night. So a few too many man-hugs perhaps but this wasn't the usual series of fake-offs and manufactured gestures, it felt real, it felt honest and those who weren't stirred by that... well as we used to say... long walk/short pier.

My personal highlights were undoubtedly the two most unfeasibly murderous tracks from Plastic Beach (chances are you'll hear me playing 'em at the Minx on Thursday should you be around, they tend to get a run most weeks) that being the title track and To Binge, the gorgeous waltzy duet with Little Dragon's Yukimi. White Flag, had the Syrian Orchestra casting a spell (you could have heard a pin drop) before Bashy & Kano erupted onto the stage, that was pretty much perfect. Mick Jones played the drunk uncle at the bar mitzvah in Golders Green to a tee during the gobsmacking instrumental intro -it could have been cheezy - it could have been culturally insensitive, but like everything else on a very special night, it was sheer delight. Bobby Womack still has it and seeing him on stage really brought home how Damon Albarn is furthering and pushing the interests and possibilities of his 'pop' audience, just like four blokes called The Clash did with idiots like me 30-something years ago.

Elsewhere some parts were refreshingly messy, others very much choreographed, or at least the end product of a 3 month, gentlemanly paced tour. It felt human and proper, able to fall apart or go up another level at any point, and it's hard to imagine anything coming close in terms of combining spectacle with heart and soul and some killer songs.

I take my hat off!

Thanks to Nance for sortings, and all involved for a night none of us will be forgetting in a hurry.

(oh yeah and the Vector still sucks ass in every way imaginable just about, and the sound was pretty shabby - on another night that could have been a major deal breaker)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Invaderism ... the final days

We are nearing the end of the Invaderism drops and preparing for the full album to be available in its entirety on Xmas day. If you haven't been visiting Round Trip Mars or the RTM Soundcloud ... it's not too late, and we've had some stunners up (apart from yesterday which was a bit of a disaster), including the shady debut of the mysterious Clanky B Tuffins which is going up right now. There's still 3 more gems from the back cat, all scrubbed up for 2011 loudness to go up (SJD, James Duncan and Unitone HiFi in case you are wondering) as well as a subcontinental smasher from our NKOTB Scratch 22 which is a bit special really innit.

Do please go check em, play and download... it's unspeakably good music and it's free...apart from listening to it for you (we've already done that) I'm not sure what else we can do... and a big thanks to all the folks who have been checking our webstats are off the bleeding kajizzle!

Xmas Aromatherapy + NO Stinky Grooves from me tonight.. but a treat instead

Yus, as you can see above tis the last Aromatherapy of the year ,and we are coming correct on Thursday with a bumper bag of new and tested crucialities. Hope to see you there, kicking off at 8.30 as per usual (back in the 2nd week of Jan btw)

What is not usual is that I shall be skiving from Stinky Grooves tonight. Takes a lot to do that and the Gorillaz line-up is plenty unusual and worth breaking the habit of a lifetime for. Fortunately the Rt Hon Dubhead has agreed to step in and man the reins, so those unfortunates who will not be braving the Vector should be plenty looked after. A tad bummed I won't get to hear what Pat has for you, but I shall be returning the favour on the Rhythm Selection on January 10th so it's evens shakin' stevens, and I'll be back next week with a double dose of stinks and grooves to help us all through the seasonal sprawl.

All being well I should be chucking up a few words about the Gorillaz gig in the next day or two but if you've been umming and aahing about going .... get it together..tix still available and as far as I'm concerned there will be more worthwhile talent assembled on that stage tonight than the sum total of all the repugnant, low aiming business ventures ... erm festivals that are imminent... Snooze and lose, sleep and weep - this will be the first time I've seen Mick Jones and Paul Simonon on the same stage since July 18, 1982.... and I'm FUCKING EXCITED about that (let alone the rest, the Little Dragons, the HBEs etc etc etc)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Stinky Grooves 14.12.10 Invaderism & Gorillaz gig gear-uppery

Jah Army - Stephen Marley ft Damian Marley
Bill - Tifa
Girls Dem Love Me - Erup (Bread Back)
Stinkin Rich Rmx - Gappy Ranks ft Kibaki (Daseca)
My Sound - Skarra Mucci ft Weedy G Soundforce (Weedy G Soundforce)
Mack Daddy's Girls - Mikey Jarrett (Mercury)
Bullit - Seanie T (suspectpackages.com)
Benefit (Scratch 22 Club Mix) - Homebrew
Int'l Players Anthem (Instro) - UGK ft Outkast (Zomba)
Amatuer - Unitone HiFi ft Coco Solid (Round Trip Mars)
Skylurking - Jefferson Belt (Round Trip Mars)
Sideshow Viewing - Mycroft Holmes (Round Trip Mars)
Plastic Beach - Gorillaz ft Paul Simonon & Mick Jones (EMI)
To Binge Gorillaz ft Little Dragon (EMI)
Twice - 16Bit ft Little Dragon
Phaseone - Rightwrong (Lefse)
Abeng Dub - Scientist vs Kode9 & Spaceape (Tectonic)
Shottas (Camo UFOs Remix) - Munchi
Galang So - Wildlife! ft Major Mackerel (bandcamp)
Revolution Riddim - Ove Naxx (Metro Dub)
Triple Agent - Stinky Jim (Round Trip Mars)
Lam Plearn Toh Lom Nhao - Yenjit Porntawi (Soundway)
Fai Yen - Ream Darano (Soundway)
Cmby'ah - Pwedza (soundcloud)
Desire (Moodymann Rmx) - Jose James (Brownswood)
New York Is Killing Me (Jamie xx Rmx) - Gil Scot Heron (XL)
There's A Hand/Forcefields Of Love - Lonely God (Round Trip Mars)
Young Montana ? Version - Astro Nautico (bandcamp)
How Would U KNow - LA Vampires ft Matrix Metals (Not Not Fun)
Silver Bells - Moon Duo (Holy Mountain)
Mavi Septet - Hayvanlar Alemi (Sublime Frequencies)
Window Rattle - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Queen Of Puddings - Moon Wiring Club (Ghost Box)
The Queen Speaks - Moon Wiring Club (Ghost Box)
Acker - Mr Hayday
Push Am - Banana Clipz (Bersa Discos/Ghetto Bassquake)

All me saying is being said over at roundtripmars.com so head on over Rover. Normal service will be resumed soonish.
Aromatherapy going on this Thursday and on Saturday it's the Minx's Summer Party... biiiiig line-up. Check out the flyer below, I'll be spinning 9-10.30..

Next week, for once I don't think you should be listening to Stinky Grooves if you're a domestic, local AK type person. Instead you should be repairing yourself to the Vector Arena to check out the stagestravaganza that is the Gorillaz live show. The fact that Little Dragon are supporting (as well as featuring later on) should be a major enticement and then when you throw in Mick Jones & Paul Simonon (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble guys, Kano & Bashy, Gruff Rhys, Bobby Womack, Shaun Ryder, National Orchestra for Arabic Music... oh yeah and De La Soul, well it's almost a bit silly.
Got to say my respect for Damon Albarn grows with every project he's involved in and interviewing him and Jamie Hewlitt about their Monkey opera/album/ting for the Listener a couple of years back, was a real privilege.
This will be a stormer, and I strongly suggest you don't miss out and regret it later... a couple of youtubbbery clips should whet the appetite...........

Still rate this tune very highly....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stinky Grooves 07.12.10 & a tip towards fresh K.E.N.-ness


Girls Dem Love Me - Erup (Bread Back)
Galong So - Wildlife! ft Major Mackerel (bandcamp)
Too Much Man - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Stepping Razor - Flexx (Big Ship)
Something Bout Da Whine Deh - Beenie Man (Big Ship)
Winning Riddim - Stephen McGregor (Big Ship)
Talking Drum - Banana Clipz (Bersa Discos/Ghetto Bassquake)
Cumbia De Sal (Melo Re-Drum) - DJ Melo (soundcloud)
Iglesia San Miguel de Canoa - Los Macuanos (soundcloud)
Skull Monkeys - Samuel Demite mas (soundcloud)
Voy Quemando Uno Gigante - Miss Bolivia vs The Binary Orchestra (soundcloud)
Pubelo Muerto - Los Macuanos ft Scout Klas (soundcloud)
There's A Hand/Forcefields Of Love - Lonely God (Round Trip Mars)
Nothing To See Here - Phelps & Munro (Round Trip Mars)
Acker - Mr Hayday
Slumberwick Dreams - Moon Wiring Club (Ghost Box)
Passarinho - Souleance (First Word)
Into The Cosmos (Mr Beatnick Dub) - Architeq (Tirk)
Woodsmoke & Treacle - Moon Wiring Club (Ghost Box)
The Owd Wedding March - Moon Wiring Club (Ghost Box)
Sideshow Viewing - Mycroft Holmes (Round Trip Mars)
Abeng Dub - Scientist vs Kode9 & Spaceape (Tectonic)
After All Dub (ft Prince Jamo) - Scientist vs RSD (Tectonic)
Amateur - Unitone HiFi ft Coco Solid (Round Trip Mars)
Roof Over My Head Dub - Prince Fatty ft Little Roy (Mr Bongo)
Window Rattle - Scratch 22 (Round Trip Mars)
Benefit (Scratch 22 Club Mix) - Home Brew
Shiny Suit Theory - Jay Electronica, Jay Z & The Dream (Universal)
Paid - Lotek (Counter Clockwise)
Last Night's Blurry Memories - Tokimonsta (All City)
The Incident at Mbuji-Mayi - Kassai All Stars vs Bass Clef (Crammed)
Pulso - Dubbel Dutch (SSSSS)
Poison Dart (Scratcha DVA Rmx) - The Bug (Ninja Tune)
Showdown In Chinatown - Becoming Real ft Trim (Not Even)
Phoenix - Hyetal (Orca)
Bastard Spirit - Shackleton (Woe To The Septic Hearts)
Yoshimitzu - Ikonika (Hyperdub)
El Baile Cumbia - Knight Magic (Dutty Artz)
Boys Outside (Andrew Weatherall Rmx 1) - Steve Mason (Double Six)
Two Sevens Clash - Culture (Future Noise)
Baby I've Been Missing You - E.T. Webster (Twinkle)

OK all the giving away of tunes is going on over at roundtripmars.com I'm nearly all given out man! Seriously if you haven't scooted over to the mothership and availed yourself of some free tip-top mp3 action...what are you waiting for?? Going to be a little more generous on the time allowance and keep the Unitone HiFi/Coco Solid can of haterade up for another day or so, as we're only just warming up. Right now there's a brand new Phelps & Munro gem called 'Nothing To See Here' which was pinged up earlier today.... don't sleep!
However I would like to point you in the direction of something quite excellent in the form of our mucker from Miami Kinky Electric Noise's free EP from the eternally wonderful Cabeza! net label. Included are his remix of Unitone HiFi, our remix of his remix and three other gems from K.E.N. cannon.
May I strongly suggest you get thyself to Cabeza quick smart and grab one of these plump digital EPs (and they've got another new'un I havent even had a chance to check yet too....)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Check www.roundtripmars.com for the 1st track from Invaderism - Unitone HiFi versus Coco Solid

It's on.... check the RTM site daily from now till Xmas for brand new exclusives and 'hidden gems' from the back cat - Downloads only available for two days so sleep and weep!
How about that cover??!!! We bow down to the design deadliness of the Besantron!

Any Aucklandateers reading might feel like heading down to Barrio from 4pm today where I'll be spinning a totally Tranquillo set possibly including some of the Invaderism exclusives, definietly featuring a whole heap of good gear!!