Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stinky Grooves and a seasonal surplus with Cutty, Sanchez and Mr Leub..boo and yah!

Music Is In My Soul - Sizzla (John John)
Rudie Don't Fear - Alborosie (John John)
Sweet Jamaica - Tarrus Riley (John John)
Zion Gate Version - John John (John John)
Trust In Me - Sanchez (John John)
Water Pumping Riddim - John John (John John)
Pay Down - Macka Diamond (Massive B)
Step Up In Dem Face - Burro Banton (Massive B)
Bap Bap - Junior Cat (Massive B)
Heavy Weed - Khari Kill (Massive B)
210 Computer Riddim - Massive B (Massive B)
Clarks Again - Vybz Kartel (Head Concussion)
The General - Timberlee (Ward 21)
Reject - Tifa (Ward 21)
Me A Go Fe Mine - Agent Sasco (Ward 21)
Dem A Pree - Mr Lexx (Ward 21)
Controversy Sells - Gappy Ranks (Greensleeves)
Pon Pause (Mr Leub Pass Out Rmx) - Cutty Ranks
Pass Out - Tinie Tempah (EMI)
Pass Out Instro - Tinie Tempah (EMI)
Pass Out (Wrongtom's Resucitation) - Tinie Tempah
Fake Patois - Das Racist
Tubby's & Rock 92 Street - Sound Iration (Year Zero)
Doble Troble Master - Copia Doble System (Urban World)
Gabriela - DJ Rost con Mamacita
Progreso - Lido Pimienta
Antiguos Duen Os Del Skunk - Doma Tornadoes (Hipi Duki Muzik)
Triangle Walks (Un Mono Azul Rmx) - Fever Ray
Beat - SDP vs R Kelly
Cumbia Colegiala (Mezcla De Soleo Rmx) - Copia Doble System (Urban World)
Maneteo En Menor (Tremor Rmx) - Radiokijada (March Music)
Aqui Conmigo - Lido Pimienta
Cumbiandero - Super Gauchin (Cabeza!)
Pega La Gilda - Super Gauchin (Cabeza!)
Counteraction - J:Kenzo (Argon)
Orpheus - Pariah (R&S)
Kaychunk - Kyle Hall (Hyperdub)
Tumble - Ramadanman (Hessle Audio)
Maybes (James Blake Rmx) - Mount Kimbie (Hotflush)
Darkness (The Welcome Stranger Retold) - Grevious Angel
Raga Lalit - Charanjit Singh (Bombay Connection)
Red Marker Pens (Good Ending) - Ikonika (Hyperdub)
Gunship - Locossolus (International Feel)
Disco Umpty Number Six - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
Quiere Bailar La Musasha (Orig) - Nino Herrero
Cumbioso - DJ Dus
La Rata - Lido Pimienta
Pack Man Cumbia 2 - Jpshuk
Fantasia Tropical - Pernett

A whole heap of very special stuff on the show this week. My semi permanent online state of lurking around the sifty corners of Soundcloud where the people peddling that good good cumbia (and other remarkable musics) frequent, has led to many mails from my end offering to pay or somehow purloin the really standout tracks that aren't downloadable at the level I like to adhere to for Stinky Grooves. More than anything that's the reason so many of the tracks on playlist don't have a label bracketed, if you want to investigate any of them tracks further and be smart about it then I suggest add name + soundcloud and get yer googular on, a world of rhythmic riches and sonic surprises awaits you, just don't blame me if you lose hours or even days following your nose from there. Most notably tonight's show featured a couple of gems from Copenhagen's monstrously endowed in the bass department outfit Copia Doble System's new 'Cumbia Colegiala' EP which is available from the link below (so Im not posting a track from it...buy it goddamnit). Asmund from CDS was kind enough to furnish me with the parts of their stonking EP I wasn't able to reach elsewhere (it's only just actually emerged on Juno) and this one has got it all - from infectious new cumbia crucialities, a percussive punch down, Maga Bo masterphonics, Chico Mann taking it on safari ... you name it they seem to have snaffled it with aplomb.
Check em out on their soundcloud page and check
Buy the full flaming fandangle from Juno, you won't be disappointed!!


Maybe even pipping them at the post in the 'how bleeding excited can you get about music stakes' are Lido Pimienta and Pernett who have delivered a jumbo package of Columbian originated goodness to my internet shack and real deal physical mailbox this week. I have a post coming up hexculsively about those two vital talents very soon, so I wont say too much now but Lido's 'Color' EP is my release of the year thus far by a country mile (Pernett's was last year so I'm copping my L pass and the 5th for good measure, on that one) and can be bought from her myspace page right now.

Couple of gems to drop on you this week. First up John John the same named son of the great King Jammy, has just dropped a couple of revive style top rankers which buck the trend by being good rhythms with (arguably) not enough vocal cuts. How often do you get to say that, instead of the opposite (crap rhythms/too many slaverage vocalists with nothing to say)? Both the 'Water Pumping' (as in the Johnny Osbourne dancehall classic) and 'Zion Gate' (need I say more) are freely available on them internets, so get your digi digging on if you want to check the top class cuts from Sizzla, Tarrus Riley, Alaborosie and our romancing semi-vet Sanchez riding the latter. From the former here's the only cut thus far which is Sanchez again with a swoonsome croon that it would take a chilly soul not to be pleasantly troubled by. Seeing Sanchez perform in JA and the effect he has on the ladies is quite something else, he could sing the phone book and there'd still be excess perspiration and serious shouting from the JA females



Yer little Easter egg bonus is a relick of the UK #1 single 'Pass Out' by Tinie Tempah which is pop grime brilliance in my book. It got more of a wash cycle than the full rinse tonight with the scorcher below featuring Cutty Ranks, Wrongtom's masterful re-rhythm which finds him basically slenging his teng but in an creative and refreshing way (you can hear it streaming here, I was unsullied enough to cop a playable one from the Righttom himself) as well as the original and that mighty mighty instrumental. When I first spied the chronically overblended Cutty Ranks on this I was a touch reticent, but the Frankfurt vibesmeister (and erm... student) who is all over quality locales like Generation Bass and Dutty Artz has dressed this up nice and done right by the beat butcher. Enjoy and check the original which is all up in yer iTunes and whatnot, they've even got the instrumental up there, hope to hear some local yokel MCs wrapping their tonsils round this for mixtape business in the near future.



hope to have something up over Easter if I can wrassle myself away from me Maschine. Happy holidays and all that tat.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Last Minute Larrikins for this eve - Block Party & Turnaround

Alrighty, busy old night around town tonight and one that demands a bit of the 'off the couchness' and maybe a touch of the 'on the brewness'.
Of course Block Party is kicking things off right at the Ginger Minx (117, Valley Road, pretty much corner of Dominion Road) from 4pm, when bFM will be doing their Friday Drive live and direct. At 7pm myself, Dave Seeka, and Scratch 22 will be taking over proceedings and running revolving 45/30 minute sets (in that order so I'll be playing 7 ish and 9.15ish before it all hopefully descends into a final fling of free-for-allness around 11ish) out in the alley on the Jagermesiter bus/hummer type arrangement. This should be fun...no excuses..see you there.

After a warm-up like that you know theres got to be more, and indeed there will be at the Turnaround who are maxxing their international status by following Gilles Peterson's exclusive visit last month with the truly brilliant DJ Kentaro tonight. If you missed him at Tiger Translate (or the heat and excessive strobes took the shine off) this will be unmissable. Its very very rare that a DJ has the terrifying turntabilist skills with the sensitivity of selector -this man does all that....
and then some!
Do not miss....seriously! flyer below and as a spesh Friday treat a limited, 192 DL of him rubbing some reggae up the wrong (right!) way from his excellent mixdown for Pressure Sounds 'Tuff Cuts'.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stinky Grooves 23.03.10 and a beat from Cardopusher

Noche De Estrellas - La Sonora Del Caribe (Disco Fuentes)
La Subienda - Gabriel Romero (Disco Fuentes)
Amore De Fantasia - Los Pakines
El Sonido Del Silencio - Los Quantos
Perso Fra I Mesquites - Grupo Fantasma (Fantasma)
Continue? - Ikonika (Hyperdub)
They Are Losing The War - Ikonika (Hyperdub)
Citizens Dub - Bok Bok ft Bubbz (Blunted Robots)
Carajo Colombia - Orion
Pure De Tetrix (Original Mix) - Nino Herrero
Nightmare (Mensah Rmx) - Badness ft Skepta & Lil Nasty (No Hats no Hoods)
Resaleable Friendship (Slugabed Rmx) - Rudi Zygadio (Planet Mu)
Oceans - Vex'd (Planet Mu)
Psychedelic Baby - Fubura Sikibo (Soundway)
Take Off - Tempo All Stars (Stones Throw)
Aki Special - Prince Nico Mbarga (Rounder)
DstryPrfts (Shackleton Remix feat Vengeance Tenfold) - Badawi (The Index)
See Birds - BALAM ACAB (Tri Angle)
Cartesian Space 4D Mix - Suizen (dub45.bandcamp.com)
Take Us To Africa - Lewis Can Cut (Congo Tardis)
Most Wanted - Cults (cults.bandcamp.com)
To Binge - Gorillaz ft Little Dragon (EMI)
Turkish Voodoo - Free The Robots (Alpha Pup)
Afrika (Bullion Rmx) - Oborne (Ghostly Intl)
Pernett El Protegido - Pernett
Bakers Dozen - Simon Sound (Project Blue Book)
In The Dark Of The Night - Michoacan (DFA)
Paradise Rings - 1000names (Team Acre)
Discoko - Falty DL (Rush Hour)
Disco Umpty NumberSix - Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club)
41 Mojitos (Canyons Poolside Dub) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Maze - Actress (Werk)
10000 CCs - Don Froth
Schematic Blocks - Cardopusher (On The Edge)
Beacon - LV & Untold (Hemlock)
Yoshimiyshu - Ikonika (Hyperdub)
Automating - Darkstar
Taken For A Ride - Cardopusher (On The Edge)

As you can probably tell it's a bit bleeding giggy round these parts of late. After last weeks Aromatherapoid and Tiger Translate on Saturday (which was a gas) this week it's predictably another waft of the Aromatherapy on Thursday followed by Block Party on Friday which promises pungent power of unspeakable proportions. Inside the Minx me old mucker Roger Perry will be playing with Ben Wah while outside A.D.A.M. will be presenting his Friday drive show for 95bFM from 4-7 and then Scratch 22, Dave Seeka and myself will be sending out the shots (sonically) from the Jagermesiter bus/hummer type thing down the alley. The Minx will be sectioned off and there will be an outdoor bar and allsorts, as ever it's free - so all those people who whinge and whine about paying the equivalent of a beer or two as a cover charge..NO EXCUSES! Tightwads and them living large are all welcome, see you there.

This week have a gander at this track from the new EP by Venezuelan vibes vandal Cardopusher. While he's best known for his impressive but often merciless drill'n'bass-step kind of maneuvers, and frankly his gear is a cut above almost anyone in that scene, there is always a discernible sense of sophistication and a suggestion of something less abrasive than the mob in his hoo-ha. Schematic Blocks his latest for On The Edge realizes that potential and leaves any pavlovian wobble tricks in the cupboard... it's very very good. Have a listen to this slink number and see if you're not hooked, then follow the links to purchassification gratification and you are officially away.
Buy vinyl or download from Boomkat


And don't forget... Aromatherapy -- Thursday...you know it makes scents!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stinky Grooves 16.03.10 and that pack of Cults


Colour Barrier - LeRoy Brown (Makasound)
No Dub Like Dis Ya Dub - Selassie I Rockers (Makasound)
Take Us To Africa (Lewis Can Cut Edit) - Lewis Can Cut (Congo Tardis)
Top Ranking - Knight Magic
Fiesta en el 32 - Territorio Comanche (Cambuche)
Linda Mariposa - Sonido De La Frontera
Mariposa Dub - Sonido De La Frontera
Bombon Asesino - La Repandilla (Leader)
Cumbia de los Barrios - Grupo Sonador (Loudes 68 Urban)
La Venganza de los Nerds - Los Humanoides
Cuando Lo Negro Sea Bello - DJ Dus
Himno De Cucumelo (SDP Edit) - El Chavez
Cumbia Colegiala (Maga Bo Rmx) - Copia Doble Systema (Urban World)
Soy Yo! - DJ Dus
Cartesian Space Dub Mix - Suizen (dub45.bandcamp.com)
Beacon (Mount Kimbie Rmx) - L.V. & Untold (Hemlock)
Soundboy Shift - SBTRKT (The Young Turks)
Venus Project - Ruckspin (Transistor)
Police Ar Come Run - Rossi B & Luca (Planet Mu)
Nightmare (Mensah Rmx) - Badness ft Skepta & Lil Nasty
Citizen Dubs - Bok Bok (Ft Bubbz)
Bakers Dozen - Simon Sound (Project Blue Book)
Plastic Beach - Gorillaz (EMI)
Most Wanted - Cults
Go Outside - Cults
Motorcycle I Love You - Moon Duo (Woodsist)
Heisse Lippen - Cluster & Eno (Soul Jazz)
Geradewohl - Roedelius (Soul Jazz)
10000 CCs - Don Froth
41 Mosqitos (Canyons 41 Mojitos Poolside Dub) - Tame Impala (Modular)
Peap Svm I Hsm I - Hrdvsion (Living Records)
La Estereofonica - Afrosound (Discos Fuentes)
Perso Fra I Mesquites - Grupo Fantasma (Fantasma)
Al Caribe Volveré o La Canción del Náufrago - Pernett
Maneto En Menor (Tremor Rmx) - Radiokijada (March Music)
Mi Vida (Carlito Headset Rmx) - Manu Chao
Baby (Architeq Dub) - Phenomenal Handclap Band (Tummy Touch)
Chinatown (Architeq Acid mix) - Cruisin' Gang (Tirk)
Wax The Van (Jon's Dub) - Lola (Strut)
Paradise Rings - 1000names (Team Acre)
Lose My Fuse - Muhsina & Flying Lotus (All City)
To Binge - Gorillaz & Little Dragon (EMI)

Many many things worth following up from this weeks show but please do check out the bandcamp address next to the Suizen track. Tim Prebble is a long time friend of the Stinky Grooves radio show, Round Trip Mars and people with a pair of dicerning ears and it's real swell to hear his music again, peruse and purchase popkids. He's going to be flinging up a couple of new tracks every month up at his bandcamp page until he has an album looming, sounds like a stroke of geniusy to me.
However I aint posting that because there should be some wallet separation involved with any listening to that brace of gems. None is required for checking out New York based, San Diego outfit Cults who have three tracks available for the sharp eyed penniless punter at their bandcamp page. You can read about 'em at Pitchfork here if you need some kind of hipster re-assurance but on the strength of their tonetastic trio of tunes, it shouldn't be necessary. While we've had a a lifetimesworth of male/female duos and I think we're going to be hearing a lot of bandwaggonists talking about drag and dreampop this year, I reckon this pair have potential beyond the usual attention span and stylistic hotspots. So there.
Cults on bandcamp .. 3 free tracks bro, so the one here is 320



Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Stinky Grooves 09.03.10 & a touch of Persian perfection

Dem Call The Police - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
From Nuh Wey - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
Overall - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
I Miss U - Karl Morrison (Kirkledove)
Badmine People - Mr Vegas (Kirkledove)
Wey Yu Come From - Degree (Kirkledove)
Rude Boy Remix - Rihanna ft Agent Sasco
Jehovia (Watch Over Me) - Aidonia (Big Ship)
House Top - Mavado (Rose Gold)
Move Dem Up Instro - Jam2 (Jam2)
Rub A Dub Style - Alborosie (Greensleeves)
I Don't Want To Lose You - Paul Whiteman (Pressure Sounds)
Should'nt Say No - Prince Jazzbo (Pressure Sounds)
Columbo - Augustus Pablo (Pressure Sounds)
Rock And Come On Ya - Johnny Osbourne & Papa Tullo (Soul Jazz)
Trenchtown School - Johnny Osbourne (Soul Jazz)
Fiesta En El 23 - Territorio Comanche (Cambuche)
Half Columbian Half Mexican Bandit 2 - Toy Selectah
Saturday Night (Linstead Market) - Carlito Headset
Mi Camino - SDP vs DJ Lengua
Agua E Nieve (Cumbia Cosmonauts Rmx) - Radiokijada (March Music)
Cumbia Colegiala - Copia Doble Systema
Manetro En Menor (Tremor Rmx) - Radiokijada (March Music)
Al Caribe Volveré o La Canción del Náufrago - Pernett
Darker Billy - The Maximalist
Multidial - Starkey (Planet Mu)
Going Down - MRK1 (Studio Rockers)
Wet Wipe Riddim - Ginz & Kool Money Kwame (Earwax)
Out Of Control - The Bug ft Hitomi (Swamp 81)
Resealable Friendship (Slugabed Rmx) Rudi Zygadlo (Planet Mu)
E10 Riddim - Rossi B & Luca (Planet Mu)
Police a Come Run - Rossi B & Luca (Planet Mu)
E10 Riddim - Rossi B & Luca (Planet Mu)
Contact - Wooden Shjips (Sick Thirst)
Escapee - Moon Duo (Woodsist)
Dino - Harmonia (Soul Jazz)
Filmmuzik - E.M.A.K. (Soul Jazz)
The Big Search - George Garanian with The Melodiya Jazz Ensemble (Stones Throw)
Lindo Sonho Delirante - Fabio (Stones Throw)
Biya Bar-e Safar Bandim - Mohammad Nouri (Finders Keepers)
Trip Sideways - The Time & Space Machine (Tirk)
Paradise Rings - 1000 Names (Team Acre)
Discoko - Falty DL (Rush Hour)
White Flag - Gorillaz ft Kano, Bashy etc (EMI)
Plastic Beach - Gorillaz (EMI)
41 Mosqitos (Canyons Rmx) - Tame Impala (Modular)
10000 CCs - Don Froth
See Birds - Balam Acab (TriAngle)
DstryPrfts (Shackleton remix feat Vengeance Tenfold) - Badawi (The Index)

It is a gigantuan week of gigs this week as you can probably tell as this here blog becomes literally littered with fancy flyers exhorting you to come hither and make merry with the finest tunes in your ears.
In short - Thursday is Aromatherapy at the Minx. I missed doing this one last week, even though I did nip in for a swifty on the way home from work and Geezer Guy was doing a most excellent job, as one would expect. Sooo I'll be back on Thursday with tunes a plenty, a double week bonanza of excess freshness, can hardly wait.
Friday is round two with the long awaited return of Bubble Up at Tabac. Star studded line up for this one with Maiden Hong Kong, Gwaan Gal, Jahred and FJ. Expect lashings of JA biz with a side dish of Cumbionic crucialities... delicious.
Saturday ramps up the heat with a double header kicking off with San Francisco's mightiest Wooden Shjips alongside The Expressive Men at Whammy Bar, all being well I'll be wanging down some light footed yet thoroughly leaden gat blazers inbetweens. Expect the best band of psychkrautrocking West Coasters imaginable, at the very least. Will be pranging up the full interview I did with them last year on StinkInc in the next day or two... promise.
Finally the Solid Steel endorsed duo of Boom Monk Ben and DJ Cheeba will be dispensing some A/V THC at Zen, also on Saturday. My good mucker Geezer Guy will also be spinulating as well as Mr Randomplay... should be swell, flyer below.
Will try to drop a post with set times as and when I have 'em.

So all of this prevarication leads me to the track from tonight's show, which in all honesty I know next to nothing about. I do know that Mohammad Nouri is a big cheese in Iranian music, in fact his was just about the only name I had the slightest clue about on the mind bogglingly brilliant Pomegranates on Andy Votel and pals Finders Keepers label. Unless you've got a fully rabid case of diggermylitis I'm sure your jaw will drop, as mine did, at how unmitigatedly groovy and western psych/pop influenced these cuts from Shah-era Iran are. There isn't a duff track on the entire comp and it comes with the highest recommendation I could possibly give. As ever the 192 below is up for a week and the strong suggestion, or possibly implied threat is... this album MUST be bought and perused, it's beyond essential.


and it goes on ...Ninja Tune niceness on Saturday

Saturday is a bussssy one. We'll be having some action about the Wooden Shjips at Whammy up here real soon, but also going and on-ing is this, which should be ripperatious at the very least. Read about the gents below, with commendations from folks who are considered totally top shelf at StinkInc like Kev Food and His Majestery Steinski. I'll let you know on set times etc as it comes to hand, so gird your loins and summon up your strength because this is going to be a fearsome weekend requiring full match fitness.

Boom Monk Ben (Solid Steel / Mixed Bizness)
Armed with Serato, two quick hands and the most diverse crate of dance floor fillers you’ve heard, the Boom Monk has developed a sound and style that is undoubtedly his own. Having cemented his position as one of Glasgow’s most popular DJs, his Mixed Bizness club nights attract crowds of 800 people to the Glasgow Art School every week and continue to lead the way in one of the most vibrant and productive club scenes on the planet. As well as rocking his native Glasgow on the regular, Ben has caught the attention of clubs nationwide and further with appearances at the best clubs in Montreal, Cape Town, Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Zagreb, London, Vienna, Ljubjlana, Liverpool, Belfast, Bristol, Edinburgh and loads more exotic locations as well as the best festivals on the calendar including Rockness, The Big Chill, Bestival, Hydro-Connect, Copenhagen’s Public Service Festival and the Montreal’s Piknik Elektronik.

A frenzied fanatic of all things bass, the Boom Monk leaves no stone unturned and no sound unheard in his quest for dancefloor devastation. From hip hop, dancehall, funk and break beats to house, funky, electro, dubstep and drum and bass, as long as it makes him, us and you move on the floor then it will get put the through the blender in his inimitable style.

The mighty Ninja Tune saw fit to approach Ben to record a series of ‘Boom Monk Zen’ mixes for their world famous Solid Steel radio show, which is broadcast in 30 countries world wide. They were suitably impressed with the results and as part of Ninja Tune’s 20th Anniversary the label and their Solid Steel DJ crew approached Ben to join their official ranks alongside Coldcut, DJ Food, DK, Kentaro, Hexstatic and other new recruits Cheeba and DJ Moneyshot. You can check his fidgety fingers on the regular by tuning into Solid Steel.

Cheeba (Solid Steel / Detectives of Perspective)
Peel back your ears, stick matchsticks in your eyes, set your jaw to ‘drop’… Bristol’s, Detective of Perspective, DJ Cheeba is plugged in and here to turn the tables. With his trademark slick blend of classic breaks, hip-hop, electronica, rock, kid’s records, d&b, and in fact everything in between and beyond, Cheeba has the unrivaled technical ability, knowledge and humour to pull it all together like no one else. He’s on a one-man mission to cut and paste anything and everything you’ve ever seen, heard or imagined. Prepare for mind melt… Cheeba is certainly not your standard disc jockey.

In 2008 Cheeba won the coveted ‘Solid Steel Mix of The Year’ with his, highly regarded, genre twisting mixtape ‘The Case of The missing Records’ and has since been invited to officially join the Solid Steel family alongside Ninja Tune legends such as Coldcut and DJ Food. Using this platform, Cheeba has quickly gained fans world wide and has been everywhere and anywhere doing his thing often out shining his peers and heroes with intricate sets of undeniable creativity. You can certainly expect the unexpected though, Cheeba digs deeper than most and will take you on a trip of long forgotten beats, breaks and videotapes.

Following a string of high profile shows performing various parts of his mixtapes live on three decks, two laptops and mixers, Cheeba is now pushing boundaries even further and often well out of sight. Using standard turntables and Serato Video SL to enable video controlled by real vinyl records, Cheeba now has brought scratching and juggling both sounds and pictures into the mix with additional camera feeds and special FX for stunning live results. Original films, remixes and music videos made by Cheeba and, on stage partner, James Reed (Thousand Thousand Points of Light) all blend seamlessly with inspired video mash ups, unusual animations and a wealth of wonderful and often bizarre visual sources. Its a video show unlike any other… Every track is remixed or re-edited, every video is custom made, concealed meanings make you think twice, movie clips cross reference the songs and subliminal messaging all add to this weird and wonderful brew of unique audio visual entertainment.

“Cheeba’s attention to musical detail is as meticulous as his cuts, he leaves no stone or style unturned in his search” – DJ Food
”Cheeba – the new Director General at Flip-Flop-Trip-Hop AV-TV” – Hexstatic
“yo, that av set is amazing!!!” – DJ Yoda
“I absolutely loved what I heard” – Steinski

Imminent Fire - The Return oF Bubble Up this Friday!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stinky Grooves 02.03.10 & not much else.. got me a sick note


Poor Man In Love - Gregory Isaacs (Taxi)
Food Fi The Pot - Busy Signal (Penthouse)
Guilty Mouth - Mr G (Penthouse)
Overall - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
Dem Call The Police - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
From Nuh Wey - Busy Signal (Kirkledove)
Can't Stop Now (Instro) - Major Lazers (Mad Decent)
Cause - Cham (Big Ship)
Take It Outside - Cham (Big Ship)
Bigger Heads - Busy Signal (Big Ship)
Gyal A Mad Ova - Mavado (Big Ship)
House Top - Mavado (Rose Gold)
Mi Camino - Sonido del Principe vs DJ Lengua
Cumbia Dub Murder - Carlito Headset
Saturday Night (Linstead Market) - Carlito Headset
Dos Pa Ti - DJ Orion (Raw Word)
El Sabor Del Control - NSM PSM
Cumbia Rockers 9 - El Sonidero Quilombo
Kalima Shop Titi (Uproot Andy Rmx) - Ghislain Poirier (ZZK)
Cumbiar - Knight Magic
Cumbia A Mujer Bonita - DJ Avatar
Afrika (Bullion Rmx) - Osborne (Ghostly Intl)
Keep Runnin' - Mr Dibaise (Fat City)
Orion's Belt Buckle - Free The Robots (Alpha Pup)
Starfox - Kuedo (Planet Mu)
Bills Bills Bills - Harmonimix (Harmonimix)
Buzzard & Kestrel - James Blake (Hemlock)
Out Of Control - The Bug ft Hitomi (Swamp 81)
Run - The Bug ft Flowdan (Swamp 81)
Control Dub - The Bug (Swamp 81)
Gol-e Yakh - Hourosh Yaghmaie (Finders Keepers)
Helelyos - Zia (Finders Keepers)
Kuya Hanjwa - S Piliso & His Super Seven (Strut)
Wenzani Umoya - The Big Four (Strut)
I Faram Gami I Faram - Mulatu Astatke (K7)
Stumbling 22nd Street - Moon Duo (Woodsist)
Contact - Wooden Shjips (Sick Thirst)
Nibiru - Chateau Marmont (Institubes)
There (Lukid Rmx) - Osborne (Ghostly Intl)
Agua e Nieve (Cumbia Cosmonauts Rmx) - Radiokijada (March Music)
Darker Billy - The Maximalist
Timekeeper (Dave Aju Rmx) - Clouds (Ramp)

Bare bones this week as I'm a bit under the proverbial weather so I'll prang a track up in the next day or two when I'm elfy rather than illing, and there's a bit of time.
DONT FORGET - The ever excellent Geezer Guy will be handling the Aromatherapy instruction at the Ginger Minx this Thursday while I'm doing Late At The Museum (flyer below)

Monday, March 1, 2010

LATE at the Museum & Geezer Guy off the bench

Sincerest apologies to anyone who showed up at Khuja expecting to get an olfactory dose alongside Mystro on Saturday night. Unfortunately I was beaten down by a most unpleasant cold/flu type scenario, which is ongoing, and forced me to have to pull out of that one. Big thanks to Mys and Mikki Dee for being so understanding, and going out of their way to find renking ring-ins, I hope it went well. I can't actually remember the last time sickness made me cry off a gig but it's a looooong time ago and was probably when I had pneumonia so this wasn't something taken lightly.
All being well I should be up to match fitness for tomorrow night's show and also this Thursday when I shall be forgoing Aromatherapy for a week in order to play at the Museum as part of their LATE series. I'll be joined by Emerald City displaying their whirledymusic wares and presumably a higher standard of conversation and whatnot than you get slanging the tunes out in any old bar. The Ginger Minx isn't any old bar, it's a lot better than that, and they're also the official Stinky Grooves sponsor, so I've lined up the indomitable Geezer Guy to play tunes and make merry on Thursday night in my place.. if you can't make the Museum or don't have $20 to spare then the Minx is free and you know that Geez has the handle on the tunes. Check him, I know I will be doing just that on the way home if times allow etc...