Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stinky Grooves 27.03.12

Stop Show Off - Busy Signal (Dalton)
Mama Sey - Romain Virgo (Dalton)
Leave Me Herbs - Exco Levi (Dalton)
Word, Sound & Power - Torch (Dalton)
Rock & Come Een Version - Dalton Leith Crew (Dalton)
Back Way - Cham ft O (Mad House/Cash Flow)
Tun Up - Cham (First Name)
Bubble Gal - Bling Dawg (First Name)
Body Great - Spice (First Name)
Fisketorvet Riddim (Soom T Dubplate) - Copia Doble Systema (soundcloud)
Cumbia de la Cuesta del Ñero - GFlux Remix (Feat. Boogat) - Sonido Desconocido 2 (soundcloud)
Mentirosa (Cafe de Calaveras edit) - Pastor Lopez (soundcloud)
Cumbia Calling (TBCO Remix) - Maria Sonora (Cabeza!)
Marimba - Bleepolar (Latino Resiste)
Escobas Trapeadores - Mama Julia y Los Sonidos Ambulantes (Latino Resiste)
Tropical Fiction - Pulpa (soundcloud)
Steve Wynn - Action Bronson & Party Supplies (Complex)
No Downtime - Ka (Iron Works)
Thug Love Story 2012- Action Bronson & Party Supplies (Complex)
White Electric (Shabazz Palaces Rmx) - Battles (Warp)
Grown Up - Danny Brown (Scion)
The Don - Nas (Def Jam)
Lautinus - Dexter (Melting Pot Music)
Nightmares III - Open Mike Eagle feat. Illogic and MarQ Spekt (free)
Nothing - Scalper (Like Water)
Covet - Scalper (Like Water)
A Tale Of Life Pt 1 - Ghost (bandcamp)
A Tale Of Life Pt 2 - Ghost (bandcamp)
Sex (Daedelus Rmx) - Slugabed (Ninja Tune)
Kush - Walton (Hyperdub)
Twenty'93 - Young Montana? (soundcloud)
Hiver Normand - Fulgeance (Melting Pot)
Nova - Burial & Four Tet (Text)
Mini Culcha - Mo Kolours (One Handed Music)
Polo (Extended Mix) - Maxmillion Dunbar (Live At Robert Johnson)
Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Rmx) - Shlohmo (Friends Of Friends)
Something Old (Daedelus's Pacifically Juked) - Domu (soundcloud)
Eye Pattern Blindness - Pond (Modular)
Thawed Ice - Doug Jerebine (Imperial)
L'ours Paresseux - Jean Claude Vannier (Finders Keepers)
Bashful - Kwes (Warp)
Red Car Go - Congopunq (Underdog)
JS8 - My Panda Shall Fly & Benjamin Jackson (Five Easy Pieces)
Fuckin' Country - Sporto Kantes (Green United Music)
Crossing Remix (Andrew Weatherall Remix) - Wooden Shjips (Thrill Jockey)
The Phone Is Ringing - Tourettes (Round Trip Mars)

This week Maiden Hong Kong, Scratch 22 and myself will be manning the decks (virtual and physical) at Barrio on Ponsonby Road from 9. It's free to get in, is bound to be a gas and a half and we'd love to see you...so why not, eh?!!!

Please do check out the release below from Ghost at bandcamp - it's musically top notch but also by showing your support you can do some good for a more than worthwhile cause. No one likes being preached to so I won't lay it on thick .... so just do it.

and thanks to Gin for stepping up and stepping in last week..choice!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stinky Grooves 13.03.12

Tun Up - Cham (First Name Music)
Hot - Agent Sasco (First Name Music)
Body Great - Spice (First Name Music)
Bubble Gal - Bling Dawg (First Name Music)
Tun Up Riddim Instrumental - Dave Kelly (First Name Music)
Drop It (Like U Doin It) - Cham (Coppershot)
Real Spenders (DJ Theory Rmx) - Busy Signal (soundcloud)
Royal Night - Busy Signal (VP)
Nuh Dead - Lady G (Joe Frasier)
Every Way - Courtney John (Joe Frasier)
School Days - Gappy Ranks (Joe Frasier)
In My Arms - Beres Hammond (Fat Eyes)
Di Cheese - Mungo's HiFi ft Skweeka Mouse (soundcloud)
Brest Bay - Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Midnight Walkers - Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Fanfaria (El Barba Dub Rmx) - Circo Vulkano (free)
Copenhagen (Trentmoller Rmx/Copia Doble Systema Cumbia Fix) - Sods (soundcloud)
Un Pirata Soy (El Timbe Rmx) - Super Gauchin (soundcloud)
A Tale Of Life Pt 3 - Ghost (bandcamp) released Monday March 19th
Nightmares III - Open Mike Eagle ft Illogic & MarQ Spekt (free)
Auntie Maria's Crib (The Neapolitan Remix) - Nitty Scott, MC feat. Action Bronson & The Kid Daytona (Just The Way I Was Raised Music)
Sh*t Got Crazy - A.Dd+ (soundcloud)
The Full Retard - El-P (Fat Possum)
Shorty Swing My Way (BALAM ACAB Remix) - K.P. & Envyi (Fader)
MARS - Cormega ft Action Bronson, Roc Marciano & Saigon (Clockwork)
The Microphone - The Alchemist (Decon Inc)
The Radcliffe (King Britt's Smoke Out Rmx) - Mulatu Astatke (Mochilla)
The Chase - Fhloston Paradigm (Hyperdub)
Jumping Balls - Klaus Weiss (Fat City)
Metrotopy - Mouse On Mars (Monkeytown)
Unforgotten Town - Belbury Poly (Ghost Box)
Supreme Architecture - Double Helix (Keysound)
Rising Below - Dirty Three (Drag City)
Ashen Snow - Dirty Three (Drag City)
Memory Band - Rotary Connection (Cadet)
The Salt Of The Earth - Rotary Connection (Cadet)
Moonlight Mile - Lee Fields & The Expressions (Truth & Soul)
Country Song - The Men (Sacred Bones)
Hole In My Hand - Doug Jerebine (Drag City)
I Don't Like - Lee Jung Hwa/Shin Joong Hyun (Light In The Attic)
Light Stakeout Pt1 - New York Trouble (Tummy Touch)
Apache - Rod Hunter (Fat City)
Splot - Karl Jenkins & Soft Machine (Fat City)
Baustellenmusik - Bruno Spoerri (Fat City)
JS8 - My Panda Shall Fly & Benjamin Jackson (Five Easy Pieces)
Syncropticians - Mouse On Mars (Monkeytown)
Candy - The Men (Sacred Bones)

Well as you may have detected - somewhat excited about the prospect of Dirty Three and Endless Boogie tomorrow night at the Powerstation. This one is as they say a no brainer!! Shame that Doug Jerebine's free gig is on at the Kings Arms on the same night but... such is life and as wicked as his finally released album is the action on Mount Eden Road promises much muchness..Hurrah!! see you on the headnod floor.
Next week Gin takes the controls as I'll be away...... you're in safe hands.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stinky Grooves 06.03.12

Anywhere You Go - Busy Signal (Stainless)
Naah Talk - Busy Signal (Stainless)
Must Get Rich - Da Professor (Stainless)
Tweet Hard - Liquid (Stainless)
#Tweet #Tweet Riddim - DJ Karim (Stainless)
Oliver Twist - D'Banj (Mo Hits)
More Ganja (Oliver Twist Yard Lick) - Stylo G ft Warning (Circle House)
Kill Another Sound - Bounty Killer & Lukie D
The Bar - Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
The Big Tree - Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Boat People - Stand High Patrol (Stand High)
Peanut Butter - Hallelujah Picassos (Fruity Loop)
Homegirl - Hallelujah Picassos (Fruity Loop)
Te Ves Buena - Grupo Mayor (Musart)
Te Ves Bien Buena - Banda Vallarta Show (Fonovisa)
Cumbia de los Pajaritos - Grupo Fantasma (Aire Sol)
Purunrunas (Chong X Edit) - Wayanay De Los Andes (soundcloud)
El Tren (Chong X Rmx) - Vocal Sampling (soundcloud)
Saya De San Benito [Chong X Remix] - Torito Bandito (soundcloud)
Whoopin The Booze - Psychemagik (soundcloud)
Her Favourite Organ - (soundcloud)
Dirt, Money & Friends - BLKHRTS (bandcamp)
Gangster Shit (Part 2) - The Alchemist (Decon Inc)
Perfection - The Alchemist (Decon Inc)
Get Got - Death Grips (Epic)
Decisions - Ka (Iron Works)
No Downtime - Ka (Iron Works)
Swervin - Clams Casino (available from Fader & everywhere)
Rained The Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Rmx) - Shlohmo (Friends Of Friends)
The Chase - Fhloston Paradigm (Hyperdub)
Hype Williams Meets Shangaan Electro - Hype Williams (Honest Jons)
Supreme Architecture - Double Helix (Keysound)
Banana Wine - Mo Kolours (soundcloud)
Sometimes I Forget You've Gone - Dirty Three (Drag City)
GLK Jack - Thavius Beck (soundcloud)
Polaroyced - Mouse On Mars (MonkeyTown)
Metrotopy - Mouse On Mars (MonkeyTown)
Chasing Rainbows - Fhloston Paradigm (Hyperdub)
Lilloos Seduction - Fhloston Paradigm (Hyperdub)
Stereotype - Mark Stewart (Future Noise)
Baby Bourgeois - Mark Stewart (Future Noise)
General Generations - A Tribe Called Red (soundcloud)
The Numerologist - The 13th Tribe (soundcloud)
Wondrous Place (Mojo Filter ReEdit) - Billy Fury (soundcloud)
PPPoney (Fabien Dalzin I Love Ponies Rmx) - Kid A (soundcloud)
It Goes On Without You - Tropics (bandcamp)

See you at the Summer Series on Saturday Aucklandites (I'll be the between band space filling thing) but don't turn up at Albert Park because heem no longer there..The rest..see you next week...aroha by the tonne..