Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Stinky Grooves 21.08.12

Bolt - Stylo G (Red Square)
Stinkin' Rich (Thornato remix) -  Gappy Ranks (soundcloud)
Faardaa (Agitated By Ross Orton & Pipes) - Toddla T (Ninja Tune)
Hot Girl Sitt'n - Tifa (Fresh Air Prodns)
Ready Fi Dem - Konshens (Fresh Air Prodns)
Eva Ready Hot Girl - Agent Sasco (Fresh Air Prodns)
Satta Massa Cumbia - Los Miticos Del Ritmo (Soundway)
Lluvia - Bigote (soundcloud)
Danza Petrolero Dub - DJ Chakruna (soundcloud)
La Danza de la Tortuga (Chakruna's shit) DJ Chakruna (soundcloud)
La Zenaida (Los Reyes de la Milanga Remix) Armando Hernandez (cassetteblog)
El Negrito De La Salsa - Radio Cumbia Edit - Oralestyle - Frijoleroryddim  (soundcloud)
Ycoro Palenquera (master) Rompermayo (Pedro Ojeda) (soundcloud)
Gov'nor - Jj Doom (Lex)
Bite The Thong - Jj Doom (Lex)
Full Spectrum 2 (L'Orange Rmx) - Zilla Rocca ft Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle
Rover - Jeremiah Jae (Brainfeeder)
The Great Escape - Jeremiah Jae (Brainfeeder)
Cat Fight - Jeremiah Jae (Brainfeeder)
The Black Brad Pitt - Evil Nine ft Danny Brown (Bromance)
UpperCut City 2.0 - Jane Deezy ft Koder & Grafics (soundcloud)
Paradoxi - Satellites (Kid Without Radio)
Psychicato - Satellites (Kid Without Radio)
Dead & Gone (Andrew Weatherall Rmx) - Toy (Heavenly)
Smell Like Gasoline - Mungolian Jetset (Smalltown Supersound)
Cira, Regina e Nana (A  JD Twitch Optimo mix) - Lucas Santtana (free from Mais UmDiscos)
Morituri Te Salutant (Rmx) - Tussle (Smalltown Superound)
4AM On The Local 83 - Afterhours (Not Not Fun)
Cabbages - Devonwho ft Swarvy (XLR8R)
Holding - Old Apparatus (Sullen Tone) - Lucas Santtana (free from Mais UmDiscos)
Swimming Upstream (Gab Demo 4) - DJ Shadow (
7 Years of Bad Luck For Fun - Gaslamp Killer ft Dimlite (Brainfeeder)
Sleepwalker - Afterhours (Not Not Fun)
Mega Miss Out - Coyote Clean Up (soundcloud)
Generations - Chrome Canyon (Stones Throw)
Ca Pra no S (Burnt Friedman Rmx) - Lucas Santtana (free from Mais UmDiscos)
Hail Bop (Jealov Rmx) - Django Django (Because Music)
White Math - Blanck Mass (Software Industries)
Popcorn - OktoRed (soundcloud)


  1. What was that song you played just before 10? Sounded like Tourettes? About Alice & Casper?
    Chur, Ian

  2. Hey Ian
    Thanks for the mail (and the ears). It was indeed a Tourettes tunes hurriedly put on to mask a technological background. The track is Caspa & Alice from the album Tiger Belly. It's available in shops and on bandcamp (and iTunes) etc or you can buy one directly from me/Round Trip Mars.
    Points and prizes for your exceptional taste